What to Put on Your Christmas List

Are you asking, “What should I put on my Christmas list?”

Your family and friends have been bugging you, but you have no idea what to tell them.

Well, guess what? You’re not alone!

There are plenty of people who have no idea what to put on their Christmas lists. I’m one of them.

You’re maybe a little like me in some way. Perhaps you have very few things that you really want. Maybe you regularly experience buyer’s remorse, or second-guess every possible purchase.

Well, worry no longer. I’ve got you covered.

What to Put on Your Christmas List

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Here’s what we have for you, sorted roughly into the following categories:

  • Practical things to put on your Christmas list
  • Active things to put on your Christmas list
  • Entertaining things to put on your Christmas list
  • Sophisticated things to put on your Christmas list
  • Delicious things to put on your Christmas list
  • Ridiculous things to put on your Christmas list
  • Stuff you didn’t know you could put on your Christmas list

Practical Things to Put on Your Christmas List

This is the stuff that you may not have but could really use. Nice little accessories that make life easier, or quality products that you can rely on for years to come.

Cleaning Gel for Your Car

  • Robot vacuum – your floors will always need cleaning
  • Vacuum sealer – to learn why we think this is one of the best gifts ever, see here
  • Air compressor – if you have a car, bicycle, or anything inflatable
  • Vehicle jump starter – you’ll be glad to have this someday
  • Journal – journaling is great for promoting a healthy mind
  • Laptop – everybody needs one in the Internet Age
  • Laptop bag – see above
  • Label maker – heck yes you know you want one now that I’ve said it, so practical
  • Good quality luggage – whether you travel abroad or couch surf, you need a place to put your stuff
  • Multi-tool – everything you need, plus bonus points for being personalized
  • Door security camera – peace of mind, fun tech, and useful for visitors and package deliveries

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Active Things to Put on Your Christmas List

If you like (or want) to keep active, here are some terrific ideas. From straight up exercise equipment to goofy outdoor fun and games, use your imagination and you’ll find some stuff you really want.

Can Jam Frisbee Game

  • Treadmill – stay fit while listening to audiobooks & podcasts
  • Personalized tumbler – drink those smoothies on the go
  • Sports gear – for your favorite sport, activity, or hobby
  • Hoverboard scooter – unsure whether to put this in “active” or “just plain fun” list
  • Tent – because camping is fun
  • Sleeping bag – see above, but also you never know when you’re going to need one
  • Yard games – giant Jenga, corn hole, ring toss, Slammo, ladder toss
  • Kayak – perfect for the river, the lake, or the ocean
  • Ski or snowboard equipment – be sure to ask for a season pass to the local ski slopes!
  • Antler ring toss – cheap holiday fun for the whole family
  • Can Jam – a frisbee and two cans, trust me it’s awesome
  • Basketball hoop – portable, wall-mounted, or mini for inside

Entertaining Things to Put on Your Christmas List

Sometimes you just want to relax and have a little fun. Here are some great ideas for personal and family entertainment.

Vintage-Style Record Player (+Bluetooth, Cassette, CD, Radio)

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Sophisticated Things to Put on Your Christmas List

If you’re looking to class up your life a little, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Delicious Things to Put on Your Christmas List

If you love to eat… scratch that. You love to eat. Everybody does. Maybe you love to cook or bake or grill as well. Maybe you’re a foodie or a connoisseur of coffee, wine, tea, seasonings, or a thousand other edible things. Here are some ideas for your list.

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Ridiculous Things to Put on Your Christmas List

Funny, crazy, expensive, and off-the-beaten-path gift ideas you just might find will be the perfect fit.

Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places Calendar

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Stuff You Didn’t Know You Could Put on Your Christmas List

Ok, I’m sure you realize you can put whatever you want on your list. But here are some things you might have never thought about before.

Murder Mystery Games

  • Personalized oak aging barrel – age your own wine and spirits at home, in a real oak barrel
  • Plant a tree in your name – instead of stuff, have a tree planted in your name to help restore devastated areas of our National Forests. You’ll get a certificate and maps/photos/info on your tree(s)
  • Charitable gifts – the link will take you to Compassion International’s gift catalog, which includes much-needed support for things in tough communities like a baby’s medical care, emergency food and water, fruit trees, goats/chickens/cows, music lessons, scholarships, mosquito netting, and much more
  • Personalized sound wave merch – have wedding vows, baby’s first words, a quote, or your favorite song put into sound waves and printed or engraved for unique framed art, bracelets, and more
  • Folding photo cube – personalized with your favorite photos, each fold-over reveals a new image
  • “Unsolved Case Files” Murder mystery game – for all you Agatha Christie and Sherlock fans
  • Massage chair – the ultimate way to relax and decompress at home
  • A tailored suit
  • A pet – cat, dog, fish, horse (you can dream!)
  • Car, truck, motorcycle, RV
  • Art – originals, commissioned, or replicas of famous works
  • Autographed memorabilia – baseball cards, movie posters, books

More Fun Stuff

To wrap things up, here are a few more random gift ideas we think will merit a place on your list.

Pop-A-Shot Basketball Game

I was surprised at how relatively affordable this thing is. Loads of fun for your game room!

Firefly Light Sconces

Cute, rustic, fun, affordable.

Best Ever Personalized Tumbler

Custom engraved tumbler with your choice of color, size, and personalized text.

Luxury Edition of Clue Board Game

The classic murder mystery game just got better. Burled wood sides, foil-stamped board, and a 3-dimensional view of every room.

Personalized Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Handcrafted in Oregon from solid wood, includes personalization. Many more designs available here.

Millennium Falcon Toy Model Kit

A simple yet fun replica of the most famous spaceship in sci-fi that you can build yourself.

Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

Feed the birds with a personalized touch.

A Useless Box That Turns Itself Off Every Time You Turn It On

Yes, that’s really what this is.

Big Stuffed Animals

This 2-1/2 foot long whale is something every stuffed animal fan needs. They also make octopuses, manatees, belugas, sea stars, and more.

Personalized Decanter Set

Classy glass decanter? Check. Personalized laser etching? Check. Matching lowball glasses? Check. Amazing rustic heirloom box? You know it.

Bounce House

For the kids, you’ll say.

Whiskey Aging Barrel (Personalized)

Age your own whiskey (or bourbon, rum, etc) at home in an authentic oak barrel. It’s personalized, too.

Archery Bow

Archery is a great low-impact outdoor activity, and super fun. This is the best starter set out there, the standard for most school archery teams. Our family has two and they are awesome.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Boxing Robots

The original fighting red and blue robots are back.

Electric Neck & Back Massager

Because adulting is hard, but having a back massager makes it a little easier.

What to Put on Your Christmas List for Various Types & Interests

For further inspiration, I’ll link to some great gift idea articles based on hobbies, occupations, interests, demographics, and more.

Christmas Wish List Ideas

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