20 Traditional Engagement Gifts to Begin a Lifetime of Love

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Love is in the air! When someone you adore finds that special person to spend their life with, it’s time for some really wonderful, traditional engagement gifts. It’s also time to ask some important questions to help find the most perfect of presents. For instance:

  • Are you able to deliver your gift locally, or do they live far away from you?
  • Have they been together a long time, or a short while?
  • Have they already set up house, or are they youngsters who barely own a set of forks between the two of them?
  • Are they religious, or would they prefer something a bit more secular?
  • Do they have children and/or pets?

Once you’ve established the kind of gift your friends (or your own fiancé!) would like the most, it’s time to get shopping! Don’t worry, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Read on for 20 traditional engagement gifts that they will adore almost as much as they adore one another. Awwww!

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50 Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Glowing Bride-to-Be

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Finding the best bridal shower gift is so much fun! But it can also be a little intimidating. What is the bride-to-be going to want or like? What kind of bridal gift is everyone else bringing?

I mean, you don’t want to bring a copy of the same gift, but at the same time you don’t want it to be wildly different.

True story: I once attended a bridal shower and, no joke, every other guest brought kitchen items while I brought lingerie… Read the invite! That there is a helpful hint from me to you.

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Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 55 Best Proposal Boxes & Ideas

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Bridesmaid proposal boxes are totally in right now.

Of all the trends that have popped up over the last few years, some are better than others. But “proposing” to your bridal party? We kinda love that.

How wonderful to make your favorite people feel special and valued like that! So, when you’re ready to pop the question to your bridesmaids-to-be, here are our 55 best proposal boxes and ideas to get you started.

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65+ Best Bridesmaid Gifts for the Bridal Party

Bridesmaid Gifts - Feat Image

Bridesmaid gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation for your bridal party. After all, dearest and most beautiful of brides, your bridal party has likely done so much for you.

Sure, the wedding is your day, but before that day comes, your bridesmaids put a lot in to make it happen. Even if all they do is show up, their support means a lot and you want to show your gratitude with a lovely and memorable present.

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101 Best Wedding Wishes, Messages & Congratulations

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Who doesn’t love a wedding? The memories, the dress, the music, the romance, the CAKE! 

When it comes to weddings, well, we all come to weddings. But the wedding wishes and card messages can be so trite, because everyone is saying the same thing. You want your wishes to stand out and convey something meaningful. So, take the time to think about and plan out what you want to say.

Here are over 100 ways to bless the new couple in ways that don’t sound too canned or forced. We invite you to be inspired by these wedding wishes, messages, and congratulations!

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50 Best Wedding Gifts for No Registry (or Off-Registry Magic!)

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Wedding gifts are so important to the bride and groom – especially if they’re just now setting up house! That’s why most wedding invitations include a gift registry where you can pick out the perfect gift for the two lovebirds.

But what’s a guest to do about a wedding gift when there’s no registry? Or maybe you want to give something extra-special to show how much they mean to you, and nothing on the superstore’s shelves sings to you. What’s the way to give a gift that is more personal than an Instant Pot?

Here are some fabulous gift ideas for the beaming couple – whether or not they filled out a registry as a guideline.

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21 Best Gifts for Couples

Best Gift Ideas for Couples

Today we’ll be celebrating the absolute best gifts for couples.

Here you’ll find best wedding, anniversary, neighbor, holiday, and birthday gifts for couples. Plus more!

From the best experience gifts to most romantic gifts, from the funniest gifts for couples to the best housewarming gifts, from things you expect to things you don’t, we’ve got it all covered.

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These Handmade Engagement Rings Will Take Your Relationship to Eleven

Handmade engagement rings celebrate the unique love you share in a special way.

As you bend down on one knee to ask for your beloved’s hand, you want to offer a ring that expresses just how much value you place on your unique, intimate, and treasured relationship. You want something that will ensure that your relationship goes to the next step. You want to take it up to eleven.

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