55 Approved Retirement Messages For Your Favorite Coworker

retirement message to coworker - feat image

It’s a sad time when your favorite coworker decides to leave! How selfish of them! Did they not think of the hole they’d leave behind? You may have originally thought of some sweet retirement messages for your coworker, but now you may just give them an earful!

All kidding aside, you want to have some heart-felt (or funny) sentiments and messages for that special person. Just signing your name to a group card? No way! Totally gauche. You’re better than that, and they deserve more.

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21 Awesome Employee Gifts For Your Small Business

Amazing Employee Gift Ideas for Your Small Business

Looking for some awesome employee gifts for your small business staff?

You know you could always go with cheesy printed frisbees, t-shirts, or beverage koozies. Those are ok gifts for your employees, but hardly awesome.

If you’re looking for something super-duper cheap, just do a web search for “logo printed plastic water bottles,” or “gifts that no one really wants,” or “I’m a terrible employer,” or “Why do all my employees keep quitting?” Any of those searches will provide you with some helpful information.

But you’re not that type of small business owner. You’re looking for next-level stuff – something that your crew will actually use and appreciate. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 21 awesome employee gifts for your small business.

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7 Best Office Warming Gifts for New Business Owners

Office Warming Gifts

When someone important in your life launches a new business, you want to celebrate their new endeavor with them.

Especially if it is their passion, a true life calling, or the fruit of many years of planning, education, training, or anticipation.

So give them an office-warming gift! Something special, something unique, and something that fits their new working environment.

There’s a million ideas out there, but we’ve worked through the options and have some terrifically original things in store for you.

For large or small businesses, whether a brand new medical practice or an online mom-and-pop crochet store, here are seven thoughtful office warming gifts for a new business owner.

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11 Retirement Gifts for Coworkers (Budget-Friendly)

Retirement Gifts for About $25

These retirement gifts for coworkers won’t set you back much more than a Benjamin or two. We’ve scoured the web for the best coworker retirement gift ideas, and have a wide assortment of classy, funny, personalized, sentimental, and meaningful gifts. Each of these gift ideas honor a longtime employee or coworker in a way that … Read more