100 Sensational Gift Ideas for Men That Every Guy Wants

Men are tough. Tough as in impossible, difficult, troublesome, confusing, enigmatic… Yet we’re also wonderful, delightful, and you really can’t live without us.

More to the point, we are tough in the sense that, “it’s tough to find gifts for men.” I should know, my wife tells me this every Christmas and birthday.

And on our anniversary.

And Father’s Day.

Most men don’t like to make wish lists or talk about what they want for a birthday gift or what have you. We think of ourselves as simple souls with simple needs. But the reality is that we can be confusing.

So this list of the best gifts for men is here to be your go-to guide. In it, we’ll cover all types of gifts for men including birthdays, Christmas, husband, boyfriend, unique, unusual, romantic gifts, and more.

Ever googled, “Gifts for the impossible man”? Admit it. You know you have at least once or twice. Well, read on and you’ll find some great inspiration for your man so you can beat the frustration this time ‘round.

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Best Gift Ideas for Men 

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? The following is a gift guide for you, from us to him. Okay, that seemed simpler in my head… 

But in all honesty, and without further ado, let’s get to it! 

1. Engraved Sampler Flight Set

Personalized Beer Connoisseur Gifts
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These nifty sampler flight sets include custom engraving so you can personalize the glasses with initials or spell a word (consider: “B” + “E” + “E” + “R”). It’s the perfect beer connoisseur gift for someone who likes to try ’em all.

2. Keychain Photo Album

thoughtful keepsake gifts for men
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For that special man, you cannot go wrong with this charming and pretty dang romantic keychain photo album

It’s functional and practical (guys love those qualities), but also might just bring a tear to his baby blues. So thoughtful! 

3. Enjoy the Wood Wall Art

enjoy the wood wall art
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The incredible, 3D wooden world maps from Enjoy the Wood make such incredible focal pieces for the home or office. Meticulously crafted for accuracy, quality and beauty, they make perfect gifts for the man who has *almost* everything.

4. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

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Maple syrup is generally delicious every which way it’s served no matter what season it is. But not all maple syrups are created equal, and sometimes it’s fun to branch out and try something new and exciting.

Whether your husband is already a big breakfast guy or just likes sweet stuff every now and then (he married you, didn’t he?), chances are he’ll find this sugary gift from you a real treat.

What makes this syrup different is the fact that it’s been aged in barrels, just like bourbon is, giving it a distinct oak flavoring.

When you give it to him, maybe whip up some pancakes or waffles to go with it.

5. Northern Lights Necklace

Unique Gifts for Men
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Here is a piece of stunning jewelry that will have him peering at it closely and staring in amazement.

This beautiful pendant, inspired by the colorful auroras of the storied northern lights, is a work of art unto itself, and will leave all his friends impressed, too!

You choose the chain length, as well as main opal color and pendant diameter.

6. Custom Waffle Robe

cozy birthday gifts for him
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Soft and cozy and big enough to wrap you inside, too, this custom waffle robe is so sophisticated! He’ll love having his initials monogrammed right on the front. 

This robe is perfect for Sunday brunch with you, lazing around on the couch on a rainy afternoon, or watching television at night. 

7. Custom Settlers of Catan Board Game

Board Game Gift Ideas for Boyfriend
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The Board Game Genius makes custom and handcrafted versions of everyone’s favorite board game: Settlers of Catan.

If your man has even a hint of nerdiness in him, chances are he’s into Settlers. So why not blow his mind – and allow him to impress his fellow game geeks – with a completely unique board made from exotic hardwoods?

This set has interlocking tiles with spaces to keep the value markers in place, and you can even personalize it!

8. Ember Smart Mug

Sophisticated design meets top-notch functionality with this awesome, heated coffee cup from Ember. Pair this smart mug with the Ember app on your phone and you can control your brew temp down to the last degree! Now that’s some pretty cool tech.

9. Personalized Beer Tap Handle

Any true beer lover will have, at least on occasion, a keg. Let them tap that bad boy in style with their own personalized and custom engraved tap handle.

10. Engraved Rings

Since we’re on the topic of cool things, let’s talk about rings. After all, classy and timeless rings ain’t just for the ladies. A shiny, high-quality ring can really kick up the cool factor on even the already coolest of guys, granted it’s the right one.

These custom-engraved men’s rings can be extra special with the personalization that you choose. Think his name, a favorite quote, coordinates to a place special to him, Roman numerals or an important date… Whatever you go with, he’s going to love it.

11. Custom Headphone Stand

As you’ve seen, the most unique gifts for men are often also personalized.

It’s no different with a super-unique custom headphone stand from Etsy.

Perfect for the gamer in your life, this nifty wooden headphone stand comes personalized with his name, as well as in his favorite color.

12. Hidden Message Bracelet

If you’re looking for a gift that’s more on the romantic side but still uncommon, consider this hidden message bracelet.

This leather bracelet hides a sweet message just for him underneath the wristband (you can also choose to customize the top). You can also personalize the red copper clasp with a date and initials.

13. Personalized Cuff Links

Every man needs a good pair of cuff links. Maybe he uses them only once and then ‘keepsakes’ them, or he’s a white-collar who needs cuff links on the daily.

Either way, he’s sure to treasure this personalized set because they’ll have your handwriting engraved on them.

Needless to say, you choose the personalization you want included on these precious cuff links. Also choose between circle and square shapes, and whether or not you want to add a logo.

14. Beef Jerky Bouquet

Get him what he really wants. No, really! This beef jerky bouquet will kick his love for you right into overdrive. 

Tasty and high-quality, it brings a dash of romance to his empty belly. You know what they say about men: the way to their heart is through their tummies. 

15. Personalized Wallet

This wallet won’t fall apart in a year like his others have! It’s made of high-quality leather that will keep all of his essentials perfectly organized and safe. 

Plus, it’s personalized with his initials, making it look even more distinguished. 

16. Camping Stoves

Is your man a manly man who loves the great outdoors? Then a camping stove is just right

Easy to tote along on all of his many adventures, he’ll be able to warm his toes, cook a meal, and snuggle up with you easily. 

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17. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether he puts in hundreds of miles flying for work, works out in a noisy gym, or simply likes to listen to a podcast or music in peace, these noise-canceling headphones may be all he wants for Christmas this year.

Each pair comes enabled with Bluetooth and Alexa, as well as three degrees of noise cancellation. Choose between black, silver, and rose gold.

18. YETI Tundra cooler

There’s nothing better than camping and picnicking with your man! From now on, don’t worry about running out of frosty cold beverages, whether you’re on the boat, in the RV, or just hitting the trails. This YETI Tundra cooler will have you made in the shade! 

19. Bump Pencil Holder for Offices

Tired of your pens, pencils, and other tools rolling around (and off) your desk? Well, no more with the Bump! This sleek, visually appealing organizer tool keeps your writing tools where they’re supposed to be — where you put them!

Carved and crafted from solid hardwood, it’s made to last, too. Who knew something so beautiful could be so useful? Well, now we know.

20. Vintage Vinyl Record Player

Taking a look back in time can really help you in your search for unique gifts for men.

Take this Victrola vinyl record player, for instance. While it may look like it time traveled from the 1900s, this wood record player has all the necessary elements of a modern sound system.

Besides the record player with a 3-speed turntable, your loved one will enjoy Bluetooth and USB connectivity, RCA output, FM radio, and CD and cassette (yes, cassette) players. Choose from several different colors.

21. Sabrage Sword Sonoma Edition

Made by skilled carpenters, these Sonoma edition swords are a tribute to the wine country! 

So gorgeous to look at, they’re practically works of art. Weapons enthusiasts, wine lovers, and artists alike will adore this beautiful Sabrage sword. 

22. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

When looking for unique gifts for men, you can’t go wrong with unique (um, unusual, we mean) books.

If he enjoys trivia and likes to read, The Book of Unusual Knowledge really takes the cake.

Filled to the brim with all kinds of informational tidbits, this 704-page volume includes illustrations and insights on everything from pop culture to crime.

23. Personalized Growler

Every beer connoisseur needs a growler so they can enjoy their favorite brews on tap. This one holds a solid 64 ounces and includes personalization, with options for a complete gift set with matching glasses.

24. Blue Agate Geode Coasters

This stunning geode coaster set would make a wonderful stocking stuffer or stand-alone gift. The set consists of four Brazilian blue agate coasters that have been hand-painted with silver leafing on the edges. Each coaster also includes bumpers on the bottom to protect furniture from the natural stone.

If you want something a little more personal, check out these custom laser-etched wooden coasters which include personalization.

25. Black Hunter Archery Bow

So maybe this gift idea is something James Dean would’ve used as an actor rather than in real life, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless.

With this black hunter archery bow, your loved one can improve his aiming and coordination skills while still having a ton of fun.

This archery bow is for right-handed dudes and has an overall measurement of 60″. Includes bowstring, bolts, and hex key.

He’ll also need a few accessories to be able to go out and start shooting:

26. Tabletop Terrarium

Some guys just have a thing for plants – they come by it naturally. Their thumb is intrinsically green and they just can’t help accumulating tons of plant “babies” to decorate their home. And no, that’s not weird, it’s endearing, okay?

If you know a guy like that and are also in the market to get him a gift soon, we’ve found just what you’re looking for: this adorable tabletop terrarium.

It’s just what he needs to keep his newest plant baby in. The glass sphere (which comes with a metal stand) will create a modern look in which to house the plant of his choosing…or you can surprise him by also gifting him some brand new succulents.

27. Thermal French Press Coffee Maker

When coffee is a part of his daily routine, this thermal French press coffee maker will steal the show each and every morning. 

Pair with the perfect mug or a bag of freshly ground beans, and he will be showering you in kisses after he receives this gift! 

28. Personalized Dopp Kit

When in doubt, go with a gift that is classy and timeless.

Consider an Italian full-grain leather dopp kit personalized with his name or initials. He can keep all his toiletries in one place, ready for travel, and the genuine leather presents a rustic yet elegant look that he’ll love.

29. Cobra Phone Stand

Looking for something completely unique and unusual? Look no further than this Cobra phone stand

It’s part work of art, part sculpture, and part functional phone holder, so he’s sure to be impressed by its functionality. 

Extremely handsome and eye-catching, it will really add some sophistication to his office or living room. 

30. His Choice of Beer

Give Your Choice of Beer

You may think that the last thing the beer connoisseur wants is more beer, but it’s patently not so. People who love beer just love beer.

A friend of mine runs a growler fill shop and he’s constantly trying new brews and trading out taps. He mentioned that he loves getting beer as a gift because it’s something that he didn’t pick, but was chosen for him.

So don’t be afraid to buy beer as a gift for the beer connoisseur – take a bit of care to pick out something good, and they’ll love it!

31. Safe – T Fire Extinguisher

In your search for the most thoughtful gifts for men, it can help to think about what he may need. The first thing that comes to mind may not be a fire extinguisher, but when you really consider it, everyone could use one, right?

Safety, including at home, is a must. Fires can happen way too easily (leaving a stove burner on, forgetting to blow out a candle, an unforeseen electrical issue… the list goes on). It’s best to be prepared and you can help him do that by giving him a – you guessed it – fire extinguisher.

This ain’t any old extinguisher, however. It’s a Safe-T fire extinguisher. Meeting EN 3-8 technical standards and boasting a CE 0029-approved tank, this apparatus also has quite a unique “whiskey” design.

32. Surround Sound System

Does he have a favorite sports team? Then he needs this surround sound system to really do that team justice! 

He’ll love the high-quality craftsmanship that this system provides. And the sound? Flawless! His buddies might be jealous of how awesome you are at picking out gifts after this one. 

33. Puffin Drinkware

For a practical item that will also make him chuckle, go for a Puffin drinkware gift

These always make me smile and they’re totally useful, too. Awesome for tailgating, picnics, camping, and backyard BBQs. 

34. Cigar Infusion Humidor Barrel

How cool are these cigar infusion humidor barrels? These great barrels can be personalized in so many ways — from the name engraving to the custom flavor infusion.

With twenty-six unique flavors to choose from, even their most prized cigars can be taken to the next level. Humidors are standard fare for the tobacco enthusiast, but we guarantee they don’t have one like this!

35. Vintage Beer Connoisseur Plaque

What could be a better gift for a beer connoisseur than a custom vintage plaque that says they’re exactly that?!

This old-school-style beer decor sign is made in the USA, is custom silkscreened, and boasts an awesome personalized hanging name board.

36. Paracord Emergency Survival Kit

This mini survival kit is wrapped up in the shape of a grenade! It unwraps when you pull the grenade’s “pin” to give you 45 ft of paracord plus a compass, flashlight, multi-tool pocket knife, flint, fishing line and hooks, can opener, waterproof matches, and much more.

Cool, nerdy, and actually rather useful, this is a great gift idea for any guy.

37. Teas of the Boston Party

Here’s a ridiculously cool gift for the tea-sipping history buff in your life: A set of specialty teas of the same variety that were thrown overboard during the infamous Boston Tea Party of 1773. 

For any enthusiast of the American Revolution, this will be a gift they’ll enjoy using, reading about, and remembering long after the last cup has been drained. Just don’t tell them whether you paid any tax on your purchase….

38. Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger

In this day and age, our cell phones are a necessity. But they collect so many germs throughout the day, and it’s hard to remember to wipe them down as much as we should.

Because health is also a necessity, this holiday season, help your loved one stay feeling great with this ultra-cool UV smartphone sanitizer from PhoneSoap.

Not only will this device sanitize his phone using germicidal UV-C light, but it will also charge it during the process. Pretty sweet!

39. Electric Scooter

Indulge his inner boy with an electric scooter! They’re so fun and easy to learn, and he’ll love zooming around the ‘hood. 

Park that gas-guzzling car and have a blast getting from point A to point B in a super fun and entertaining way. 

40. Walnut Wood Watch Box

It’s the finer things in life, don’t you think, that makes his world go ‘round? He’ll love this gorgeous walnut wood watch box for his watch collection. 

It will keep them organized, safe, and free of the nightstand drawer where they always get lost or forgotten. A handsome gift for a handsome man! 

41. Beer Subscription

One of the best subscription boxes out there? This beer subscription! When he reaches for a cold brewski at the end of the long work week, he’ll be delighted with the selection. 

Not just the common old grocery store picks here — no, sir! He’ll love finding new favorites and sharing them with you. 

42. State Beer Cap Map

Collections are cool. Beer is cool. Beer cap collections are uber cool.

If your loved one has a vast collection of beer caps, but nowhere worthy to display them, consider surprising him with this wooden state beer cap map.

Whether he collects caps only from the state he’s from, or owns several different ones from places all over the globe, he’s really going to appreciate this gift.

Choose the state you want! The cap map pictured above (in the shape of Oregon) holds up to 84 beer caps, which can easily be snapped into place. This particular map measures an impressive 20″ x 15″ and comes with nails for easy wall mounting.

43. Picnic Time Brand Caddy

Keep your favorite six-pack brew chilled to perfection with this sweet cooler caddy. Whether it’s picnic time, game day, or fun at the beach, this versatile cooler is both fashionable and functional.

Made from sturdy canvas and a removable insulated liner, your brew stays cool for hours.

44. WiFi Front Doorbell Camera

For practical gifts, there are tools, kitchen accessories, and just about anything that goes in the backyard. Then there’s something for the Modern Man: A wifi-enabled front doorbell camera that connects to his smartphone.

Whether at work, upstairs, or out back (or just chillin’ on the couch), he’ll be able to see and even talk to anyone who approaches the front door with a simple notification. This is a great gift for peace of mind, and

45. DIY Mini Coffee Shop Kit

Your man loves his coffee. Like, loves loves his coffee. Loves it as in he may prefer it fixed up with some creamer and what-not, but he’d drink it black any old morning, too, if he had to.

And what’s that? It just so happens he likes to build stuff, too? Well, you don’t say!

If this case, he may love this adorable mini coffee shop kit that the two of you can build together. And just think, he can display it on that one shelf right next to all his favorite coffee mugs! It comes with everything he’ll need to create the 3-D wood puzzle display you see in the picture above.

46. Adirondack Lawn Chairs

Adirondack lawn chairs are classic for a reason! They never go out of style, are comfortable for lounging in, and will blend in seamlessly with any outdoor decor. 

This one is made to last a long, long time, and is sure to be his new favorite place to sit from the get-go. 

47. Stainless Steel Grilling Kit

A grilling kit may seem like the stereotypical Christmas gift for men. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving him one if grilling is his thing!

This stellar stainless steel BBQ set comes complete with 23 pieces, including a meat thermometer, basting brushes, corn holders, and more. All of the implements come set snugly in a durable storage case, and all are dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

48. Rustic 6-Pack Carrying Case with Bottle Opener

Or maybe go old-school with a tradish 6-pack, fitted into this rustic carrying case complete with bottle opener and custom engraved personalization.

49. Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hydrometer

This is not his average humidor. No, Sir-ee. Top-of-the-line technology meets classic styling in this fantastic digital humidor. With its beautiful wood finish and glass top, it will effortlessly compliment any interior.

The patent pending design stores anywhere from 30-50 cigars at an optimum humidity range of 65%-72% with little to no maintenance year-round, and the great accessory tray below keeps everything they need

50. Chess Sets

A luxury gift that he’ll use again and again, this is not your father’s chess set! It is carefully crafted and lovingly made, and he’s sure to treasure it. 

He’ll likely be passing it down to the next generation, as well. 

Best Father’s Day Gifts

Dad’s are the best and they deserve the best products! We’ve rounded up some of our top favorites for you so you don’t have to guess, question, and rethink: they’re all fabulous options! 

Oh, and don’t forget about Grandpa! 

51. Katana Handmade Sword

In a similar vein as the archery bow (gift #2 above), we present to you this handmade Katana.

We’ll admit that this sword is more samurai than James Dean, but you have to admit that it’s the total opposite of Spock*, which means it’s a super cool gift idea for your man.

*Apologies to all our Spock-loving Trekkie friends.

This handmade, Japanese-style sword is the real deal. The full-length blade measures approximately 28.5″, with the overall sword length being about 40.9″. Choose from a variety of hilt designs and styles.

52. Restaurant Grade Propane Grill

For the grill master in your life (Oh, hey, Dad!) this restaurant-grade propane grill is going to be a big hit! 

And if you think about it, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for everyone in the household, because you all get to eat the delicious end results every weekend…

53. Beer of the Week Plaque

This round “beer of the week” plaque is personalized with a custom name across the top and includes a chalkboard for your beer-loving friend to list this week’s selection of craft beer.

Fun and contemporary, this is a great gift for beer lovers who keep a constant rotation going in the fridge.

54. Personalized Bottle Opener

No matter the event or occasion you are planning on celebrating your man – be it birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, or just because – a bottle opener makes a great gift idea.

And of course, as with anything you want to last a long time, when shopping for bottle openers you already know that it’s best to go with a high-quality option as opposed to your everyday store-bought options.

This bottle opener takes the cake. Handcrafted in Oregon, this Northwest Gifts original is made from contrasting walnut and maple woods. It comes with personalization as well as the laser engraving you see in the picture above. Or, if you think your man would enjoy a different design/logo/theme, just let the shop know and they’ll get it taken care of for you.

His new opener comes with the hardware to mount it to a permanent fixture. Or it’s small enough that your husband can carry it around wherever he goes, as a portable opener. Measures 8.75″ x 5.25″ x 1″.

Check out our many other themed bottle openers here.

55. Unusual Dress Ties

From pocket squares to bow ties and everything in between, this site is delightful! It’ll be just as much fun picking out something tie-related for Dad as it is for him to open it and wear it. 

These are one-of-a-kind items, not just something you can pick up at a store, making them extra thoughtful and special. 

56. Hammock with Stand

Let him put his feet up after a long, hard day! It’s Father’s Day, after all. 

This hammock comes with its own stand, making it perfect for yards that don’t have those perfectly spaced trees (so, like, 99% of yards). He’ll love soaking up the sun and taking forty winks in one of these! 

57. Monthly Cigars

Need a last-minute idea for a great Father’s Day gift? Then this monthly cigar subscription is just the ticket! 

He’ll feel oh-so-sophisticated when the first shipment arrives, and more fun is coming each and every month. A great way for him to find some new favorite cigars that he never would have found before. 

58. Custom Bamboo Coaster Set

Is he a neat freak? Loves his living room or man cave to be just so? Then he needs these great, custom bamboo coasters

No more pesky water rings from condensation or drips from the wine glass, no, sir! They look as great as they function. 

59. Personalized Beer Can Glasses

A glassware shaped like a beer can? With custom engraving in a “craft brew” logo design? Yes, please!

60. Man Crates

No wimpy gift bags or baskets for your special guy. What a man needs is a crate. A crate full of man stuff. In other words, a Man Crate.

These Man Crate Gift Boxes come in a nailed-shut crate that he has to open (with the included crowbar) to reveal… well, anything you choose. They have tons of options, including jerky or bacon, beer or whiskey, hot sauce making kits, “make your own knife” kits, and lots more.

You can hear his grunt of approval already, can’t

Thoughtful Gifts for Men to Make His Day

Searching for a gift that is more personal than an Apple Watch? 

The practical gifts and one-of-a-kind unique finds you’ll see here all have one thing in common — they’re super thoughtful and will make him smile! Warm up his heart with one of these wonderful options. 

61. Photo on Wood

Framed photos are so yesterday.

The new way to display photos is to take old-world style and give it a modern twist. This stunning wood photo gift is a wonderful example of how it’s done.

Your husband will love seeing your wedding photo, first date photo, or any other fave pic of the two of you together featured on a slab of round basswood. It makes the perfect decor piece for pretty much any room in the house!

All you have to do is send the creator the photo you want printed on the wood, and they will take care of the rest. Measures anywhere between 9″ and 12″.

62. Custom Leather Bible Case

Celebrating the birth of Christ is one of the great joys we have as His followers. The reason we give gifts to one another on Christmas is in celebration of Him, Who was and is the greatest Gift of all.

If the special guy in your life cherishes his Bible more than any other possession, this year on Christ’s birthday consider giving him a beautiful case in which to protect it.

This particular personalized leather Bible case is 100% customizable to whatever text you choose, whether it be a verse, song lyrics, or a poem you wrote yourself.

The best part is that the seller will apply the text in your own handwriting to give it that extra-special meaning.

63. Love Letters Gift Set

This fun set of blank love letters includes prompts and cute envelopes to help you write special letters for him to open throughout the year. It’s advertised as “a paper time capsule,” and rightly so – you write down your thoughts and feelings for him, hopes for the future, memories of the past, and more.

Choose a date for him to open each letter, and watch your romance rekindle each time as he learns something new about you and how you see your relationship.

The set includes 12 letters and envelopes, and each starts with a prompt like, “When we first met…” or “It’s the little things, like when…” You just need to write down your thoughts, and you create a special and romantic personalized gift for him!

My wife has done this for me twice over the years, making her own notes and letters. Once she did a set of 7 envelopes like this, and another time she wrote tons of tiny encouraging notes on colorful scraps of paper. I still treasure them!

64. Car Trunk Organizer

I don’t know how it is in your driveway, but my car stays pretty tidy for the most part. It drives me nuts when I let it go for too long and junk starts to pile up everywhere.

My husband’s car, on the other hand…let’s just say it stays bedraggled year-round. Pretty sure I’m going to get him one of these car organizers for Christmas this year (don’t tell him!)

Just look at this handy device. It comes with enough compartments/pockets/dividers to keep everything currently laying under the floorboards (tools, work stuff, pens, dirty clothes, trash) organized. Or he can get really fancy and stash groceries in there, too.

65. Personalized Backpack Cooler Chair

So, the mini fridge above is a bit much. BUT you like the concept of a small cooler to keep beverages fresh. In this case, this next idea may be the gift you end up surprising your hubby with.

This personalized backpack cooler from Love and Luxe Handmade is more than just a cooler. It’s also a chair! So no matter where the two of you are headed together – a sporting event, a tailgate party, a concert, a romantic picnic, or any outdoor event of any kind — all he has to do is grab this cooler. And when y’all get there, at least one of you will have a nice seat to relax in! So maybe you should get two…?

Special order his cooler with his initials, too, to make it a one-of-a-kind gift.

66. Super Easy DIY Love Note Heart

The best thoughtful gifts for men may be ones that come straight from the heart. AKA the gift you make him yourself.

You know, DIY!

This love note heart is a thoughtful gift idea that’s both super adorable, super easy, AND costs barely anything (assuming you need to buy sticky notes). The important thing is you make it yourself, meaning you put in the time and effort to show your loved one just how much he means to you.

Now that’s thoughtful.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but basically you write something sweet or something you love about him on a bunch of sticky notes. Then shape them into a heart and stick them wherever you know he’ll see them: the bathroom mirror, the front door, the TV or computer screen, a window.

He’s going to love this thoughtful surprise.

BONUS: More DIY Gift Ideas

  • A burger or steak rub. My husband makes one of the best burger rubs around a blend of brown sugar, brown sugar bourbon seasoning, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper. Super easy! Just pack it in a Mason jar and tie it with a bow. And here’s another tried-and-true recipe.
  • A wood puzzle cube. If you’re good with shop tools, this would be a really cool idea. Here’s some instructions.
  • A handkerchief. Not necessarily the kind you blow your nose with. We mean the more romantic kind, like the kind you stick in a suit pocket. If you’re good with a needle and thread, you can sew in your initials, or spray some of your perfume on it just for him to enjoy. Here’s a tutorial.
  • Some mittens or a scarf, sewn from an old sweater.
  • A book of love notes. Just like the paper heart above, only in book form. All you need is a notebook and your own thoughtful self.

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67. Tree Planted in Their name

For a man with a kind heart who loves nature, planting a tree in his name is just perfect! 

He’ll love knowing out there somewhere is a thriving tree because of him. How cool is that? Conservationists and outdoorsmen alike will love this gift. 

An especially great option for the hard to shop for man.

68. Light-Up Basketball

If he loves shooting hoops with the guys or the kids, then this light-up basketball will make his day! 

Fun and unique, it’ll be the hit of the cül de sac for sure. Indulge his inner child today and challenge him to a game after sunset. 

69. Engraved Leather Journal

You can have a special message engraved in this gorgeous and manly journal so that a great gift becomes a perfect gift! 

Wonderful for the dudes who love to sketch, make lists, write, doodle, or pen poems. 

70. An Experience Gift Box

Adventure awaits with this next gift idea.

An experience voucher sounds like something super small, right? Well, the memories made with a Giftory gift may be larger than life, and certainly remembered for a lifetime.

How it works: You give him the voucher… he gets to choose where the two of you travel to. Sounds cool right?!

Driving Corvette Stingray? A tour of New York by helicopter? Mixology in LA? Indoor skydiving (or the real thing)? His call!

With so many options, be sure to check out all of their hand-picked experience gift ideas!

Best Birthday Gifts for Men

It rolls around once a year whether we’re ready for it or not. His birthday, that is! 

This year, put some real thought into a great gift for your man. We’ve made it easy for you, so bookmark this site, because like we said already: it’s coming around again in a year! 

71. Personalized Oak Aging Barrel

For a great birthday gift idea, consider giving your man a personalized oak aging barrel so he can age his own whiskey at home.

This is a real barrel that will actually hold whiskey, bourbon, tequila, or anything else he would like to barrel-age. It’s a fun and easy way to take a cheap bottle of booze and turn it into something that tastes like it came from the top shelf. Plus, it’s personalized!

72. Custom Engraved Tumbler Mug

He’ll love sipping his favorite drink — whatever that may be — out of this awesome tumbler. It’s custom engraved however you like, from something witty, to his nickname, to his life’s mantra. 

The sky’s the limit on how you decide to personalize it! 

73. Wooden Guitar Pick Cufflinks

For the rockstar who is young at heart, these wooden guitar pick cufflinks are rad! Totally unusual in all the best ways, they will pull his outfit together like nothing else. 

A great touch of rock and roll for his date night.

74. Death Star Waffle Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we know he loves a good waffle. Who doesn’t? 

This Death Star waffle maker will be the star of the kitchen. A true Star Wars fan will adore this gift. Someone pass the butter and syrup already! 

75. Beer Books

Some beer connoisseurs love to read about beer. From guides to making and tasting beer to fun histories and children’s book parodies, here is our “Top Ten” list of the best beer books for gifting:

76. Inflatable Kayak

For the outdoors enthusiast, this inflatable kayak is going to be a real hit! 

Easy to inflate and deflate, it’s a breeze to store, so this is a great option for someone with limited space like an apartment dweller. 

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77. Ice Cream Delivered

Men and ice cream! They just go together, am I right? This yummy company delivers his favorite frozen treat right to his door — how can you beat that? 

He’ll love the delicious flavor combos and all of the fun labels. 

78. Custom Engraved Pint Glass

Now onto one of the more classy gifts featured on our list of gifts for husband.

Northwest Gifts offers a collection of high-quality glassware, including this beautiful Libby pint glass. The cool thing about this pilsner glass is that is can be laser-engraved (frost-style) to read any text – or to feature any logo – that your husband would most enjoy.

Makes a great addition to any home bar or man cave. Made in the USA.

79. Inflatable Hot Tub

Heat this inflatable hot tub to the perfect, bubbly temperature and watch his stress and anxieties just melt away. Along with his sore muscles! 

Great for men of any age, this hot tub will get a ton of use and is bound to be his favorite gift this year. 

80. Mini Fridge (with 120-can capacity)

There’s just something so super about a mini fridge. The fact that you can set one in virtually any room in your home, for easy access to refreshments, is just, well – uber cool.

This mini refrigerator with built-in LED display lights will provide him with the convenience he needs and the ambiance he wants (go ahead, spoil him a little).

His new fridge is just over 33″ tall, just under 19″ wide, and has a 17.3″ depth. Basically, that means that it can fit nicely just about anywhere. It also features a high-tech thermostat, auto defrosting, and space for up to 120 cans of whatever he likes to drink.

So, does your husband have his own man cave or game room? Or maybe he simply claims a certain recliner in the living room as his and his alone. Well, just set this mini fridge in his favorite room — or right next to his chair — and he’ll be in hog heaven, ready to settle in and relax without the need to get up for pop or beer whenever he wants some.

Best Christmas Gifts for Men

During the holiday season it can be agonizing to find that just-right gift, can’t it? 

These Christmas gifts for men are sure to please even the pickiest of the bunch! From the witty to the funny to the thoughtful, there’s sure to be something on this list to make him smile. 

81. Old-Fashion Engraved Pocket Knife

What could be more manly than this old-fashioned rosewood handle pocket knife? It’s custom laser etched, so you can create a truly personal Christmas gift.

Ideal as a stocking stuffer, you might also consider getting one for each member of the family so you can all have matching knives.

82. SNES Nintendo Classic Mini

Did your man love Nintendo growing up? Is he an avid gamer or simply loves to reminisce about the good ol’ days? Then give him the gift of nostalgia this Christmas with this brilliant “throwback” gaming system of the SNES.

The device is much smaller and has been modernized for today (HDMI and USB), but is still designed to look and feel like the original Nintendo beloved by countless kids of the ’90s. It comes with two controllers and is already preloaded with 21 classic games.

83. Jumbo Dice Yard Game

Get outside and have some fun together with this unique gift idea from Tailgating Pros. This giant dice set will allow him to play all his old favorites: Bunco, Craps, Snake Eyes, Mexico…any classic dice game. Only in super-size form!

Each set comes with six die, each measuring 3.5″ around. Constructed from 100% pine wood, allowing for lightweight game play. Drawstring carry tote included.

84. Personalized Wine Making Kit

Has he always had a jonesin’ for wine making? Maybe it’s a hobby he never knew he’d love? 

This personalized wine making kit will get him started, and maybe even a little bit obsessed! Plus, you get to help him sip on the fruits of his labor — that’s a win-win! 

85. Personalized Vintage-Style Garage Clock

This handsome clock will spruce up and transform any old garage into something special! Or even put it in your living room, perhaps? 

It has a vintage appeal and old-school vibe that men of any age will find totally cool. 

86. Freudian Slippers

After a tough therapy session, it’s important to sit back and relax and ruminate on what you’ve learned. Now he can do that in a pair of Freudian slippers

A funny gift that the philosopher in your life will adore. Talk about starting a fashion trend… 

87. Scorpion Bottle Opener

This scorpion bottle opener will wow him! Just any old bottle opener won’t do for your guy: this one is something special, just like he is. 

Good looking and unusual, this is a fun gift that can slip right into his Christmas stocking. 

88. Homeowner’s Tool Kit

With its compact design, home improvement projects are going to be a breeze, thanks to this homeowner’s tool kit

Totally functional and useful, he’ll wonder how he ever got along without it. It comes with all the basics, all neatly organized in one handy-dandy spot. 

89. Portable Campfire

Does your man love to go camping? Probably. And if he especially loves camping in cooler weather, this reusable portable campfire would make a lovely, practical Christmas gift for him.

Compact enough for easy travel, but large enough to keep warm, the Radiate Portable Campfire is made from soy wax and contains at least three hours of burn time.

90. Themed Monopoly Board Game

For the Pokemon enthusiast who also enjoys the classic game Monopoly, this fun Pokemon-themed board game will make a great Christmas gift.

This version adopts the same concept as the original Monopoly game; however, the Pokemon edition uses its own themed properties and pieces. It includes speed rules for fast play and also comes with instructions detailing all the differences between it and the original Monopoly board game.

Pokemon is just one of many themes and styles you can choose for Monopoly. Here are some more fun versions:

Unique Gift Ideas That Are Just for Him

In this list, we’ve come up with terribly (and by terribly, we mean wonderfully) unique gifts for him that are sure to knock his socks off.

Let the scrolling commence!

91. Personalized Oak Barrel Head Sign

It really does seem impossible to find a great gift for some guys. That’s why our barrel head signs are so popular – because, like him, they’re not quite like anything else around. Old school, personalized, and well crafted, it’s the perfect gift for the impossible man.

And these don’t just come in bar themes. We have tons of designs to suit any man’s taste: Golf, pilots/aviation, BBQ, shop/garage, home theater, pizzeria, ice cream parlor, coffee house, man cave, and more.

92. Outdoor Pizza Oven

First up on our list of unique gifts for men is this outdoor pizza oven from Napoli.

If your husband, boyfriend, dad, or grandpa is a pizza lover (like, they’d pick a delicious handmade pizza over a steak any day), this is the gift for them.

This pizza oven is unique in that it’s compatible with charcoal, wood, or gas. With a cooking surface of over 12″ wide and 13″ deep, it’s perfect for baking authentic brick oven-style pizzas.

Pizza stone is included!

93. Mini Bar

With its sleek design, this mini bar is going to look fabulous in his man cave, den, or office. 

Heck, it’s so cute you won’t mind if he puts it right smack dab in the middle of your living room! Great for keeping his sodas, beers, or snacks handy. 

94. Sweethearts Personalized Bird Feeder

Featured first on our list of gifts for husbands is this gorgeous cedar wood bird feeder. Handcrafted by Northwest Gifts right here in the USA, this ain’t your everyday, average, run-of-the-mill bird feeder.

The defining point of this feeder is the fact that it can be customized to feature pretty much any text and/or design you’d like. You can have the heart design with both of your initials engraved on the front acrylic panel (as shown above), or you can choose your own theme and just run with it.

Custom engraving is available on the back panel, as well. Measures 7″ x 4.75″ x 10.5″.

95. Vintage Candy

Awesome for movie nights at home, this vintage candy collection is perfect for the man with a sweet tooth! 

He’ll love finding old favorites that he hasn’t seen in years, and sharing them with the kids or grandkids will be his new favorite pastime. 

96. 20lbs Weighted Blanket

For the colder months, he needs this great weighted blanket

Talk about being warm and secure — we can feel the love from here! This manly blanket will keep him in bed long after he hits the snooze button, so be warned. 

97. LEGO Architecture- San Francisco

For years, LEGO kits have made fun Christmas gifts for kids of all ages. Now, those same kids can continue their passion for LEGO as adults with the brand’s Architecture series.

Make the special guy in your life feel like a kid again with this LEGO Architecture model of the San Francisco skyline. This kit consists of 565 bricks and when complete, will stand 6″ high and 11″ wide.

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98. Polarized Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

First up on our list of cool gifts for men is this pair of always-stylish, semi-rimless sunglasses. These shades are polarized (meaning sun glare is reduced), and they also block 100% of UV rays.

A microfiber cleaning cloth, protection pouch, and polarization test card are all included. Available in a variety of lens and frame colors, you can pick the style your loved one would most enjoy.

James himself might be caught wearing these.

99. Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Bonsai trees are unique in that they look like mini versions of big trees, but are small enough to display on a shelf or desk.

If you know someone who’s into gardening or likes to be outside, but has to work in an office setting or otherwise be indoors most of the time, this bonsai tree seed kit may be a fun gift for him to tend to in his spare time.

The kit includes four types of tree seeds (Brazilian Rosewood, Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Spruce and Flame Tree), soil pods, grow bags, plant markers, and more.

100. Indoor S’mores Fire Pit

If the man in your life loves gathering around the fire and roasting things (and really, what guy doesn’t love that?!), he’ll adore this Indoor S’mores Fire Pit. Whether you live in a 12th floor apartment or want to enjoy S’mores during a 102-degree heat wave, there’s plenty of ways to utilize this specialty fire pit any day of the year. 

You like what you’ve seen so far, but don’t want our unique gift list to stop!

Well, we’ve come up with a few more one-of-a-kind suggestions just for you (DIY gifts included):

We sincerely hope you were able to find the perfect gift(s) for the special man in your life. Happy Gifting!

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