50 Warm & Cozy Gifts for the Best Snuggles

Best Warm & Cozy Gifts

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

If you know someone who craves and adores snuggly warmth, then you know that warm and cozy gifts are the way to go for any gift-giving occasion.

You know how it goes… Cool weather swoops in with a crisp frost. Hot cider steams from a fall-themed mug. Fluffy socks are pulled out from the back of the drawer and onto waiting feet. The meet-cute holiday movie is queued up.

If this is your snuggle bunny’s idea of the perfect birthday (or Christmas… or Thanksgiving… or Tuesday…) then read on for the very best warm & cozy gift ideas.

10 Best Warm & Cozy Gifts

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1. Giving Shawl

Giving Shawl - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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You can tell just by looking how crazy soft and cozy this shawl is! It practically begs you to take an afternoon siesta, or go for a stroll down a leaf-covered street.

Anyone else feel like a mysterious widow who mourns her lost love when they wrap themselves in a shawl? Or is that just me?

2. Cozy Scented Warming Coaster

Cozy Scented Warming Coasters - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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Not only does the cozy scented warming coaster keep your brew from leaving rings or getting chilly too quickly, it also releases the most delicious scent into the air at the same time.

These adorable coasters are such a sweet and thoughtful gift for the homebody in your life.

And if that homebody is you… well, I won’t tell.

3. Chenille Comfort Box

Chenille Comfort Box - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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There isn’t anything softer on the planet than chenille, and this Comfort Box is the cat’s meow! (Yep, your warmth-loving cozy person is no doubt snuggling with their kitty right now.)

It includes the coziest of grey chenille throws, a matching pair of uber-soft slipper-socks, and a yummy scented lotion that is made from sea-fresh ingredients. This is a great unisex gift as well, with a stylish color and not-overly perfume-y lotion.

4. Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot Chocolate On a Stick - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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These are so fun for family night! Can’t you just see the kiddos and the adults alike loving these magical hot chocolate on a stick stirring sticks?!

Each one is a little different – just like your family members – and vary from peppermint to milk chocolate to Oreo flavored and all the flavors in between. Great for a winter birthday party as well. Cheers!

5. Large Family Blanket

Custom Photo Family Blanket
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A great gift idea for new empty-nesters, or grandparents, this giant photo collage blanket is a delight. You can totally customize it, of course, with all of your favorite new and old photographs of your loved ones.

The back is a cozy, soft, “nubby” fabric, which is just perfect for snuggling during any activity: while watching old family videos, going through photo albums, or just taking a nap on the couch.

6. Bowl Cozies

Bowl Cozies - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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Colorful and boho-inspired, these soft bowl cozies are great for literally snuggling your hot dishes! Whether it’s your bowl of soup, oatmeal, lava cake, or spaghetti, sometimes us slow eaters who want to take our time end up with cold food.

That won’t happen with these great bowl holders. So three cheers for hot chili during the football game!

Plus, they just make eating more fun and cute.

7. Travel-Inspired Candles

Travel Inspired Candles
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On cold, blustery winter nights, there isn’t much better than lighting a candle and getting out your favorite book. Nothing is as cozy as candlelight reading!

These travel-inspired candles from Fernweh boast scents meant to remind you of exotic places around the world. In fact, the aromas are so delicious and intoxicating you’ll be transported into the travels of your dreams. You’re going to want one in each style, so pace yourself…

Ah, who are we kidding? It saves on shipping if you purchase a big batch all at once. You’re welcome.

8. Giving Bear

Giving Bear - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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There’s someone in your life who really needs a hug right about now, isn’t there? Enter in this adorable and oh-so soft bear. He’s stuffed just the right amount for high-quality squeezes, and comes with a special bookmark inscribed with an encouraging message of hope.

Whether it’s for a child or an adult in need of comfort, this bear delivers.

Plus, some of the proceeds benefit the Children’s Mercy Hospital, so this is a purchase you can feel soooooo good about.

9. Book of Comfort Food

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Comfort food is the best food, and anyone tells you different is obviously selling you something (probably gross diet food or some weird protein powder).

With over 475 recipes of pure comfort noshing, this Taste of Home Ultimate Comfort Food cookbook has all of those wonderful recipes your tummy craves. Sheesh, just the cover photo has me drooling on the keyboard!

Each recipe is written by normal home cooks like you, not an intimidating chef who will insist on “elevating” what doesn’t need to be elevated. Keep your truffle oil and caviar out of our noodles, and just give us the good stuff.

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10. Snuggle Up Blanket

Snuggle Up Blanket
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Sherpa-lined and in a soft grey, this snuggle up blanket takes napping and snuggling to the next level! Level Comfort Supreme, that is.

With its furry pockets and scrumptious hood, you’ll never want to leave this amazing invention. For the overtired college student, the nightshift nurse, or the new mom, this is a great gift that they will love.

Warm Gifts for Cold People

Let’s talk about gift ideas that will warm your special cold person on the inside – because it will literally heat them up on the outside!

11. Electric Feet Warmer

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Some of us – who shall remain nameless – just have a problem in life: our feet are always sooooooo cold. We’re talking frigid, iceberg, shiver-inducing, yelping when touched under the covers, kind of problem.

But no worries now! Not when you have one of these ultra soft and fast electric feet warmers. With different settings depending on whether you like your feet medium rare or well done (haha), this is a gift that not only THEY will appreciate, but so will their spouse.

12. Turtle Neck Sweaters

Turtle Neck Sweaters
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Hey, they’re backkkkkk! Turtlenecks aren’t just for posers, artists, or lovelorn poets anymore. They’re for you and me!

And that person who is always cold whom you need to buy a gift for. Yes, that person too! They will love a good quality, cozy, and rather posh turtleneck sweater like these.

If they start writing sonnets or performing in coffee houses, well, that’s just a bonus.

13. Micro Fleece Velvet Sheet Set

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I’ve heard of cotton sheets, 400+ thread count sheets, flannel sheets, even satin sheets, but when did someone invent micro fleece velvet sheets, and why wasn’t I told?! Must try these out immediately. For, you know, um research. Yes, research.

Did I mention they are available in a bunch of different colors, both solids and prints? What’s not to love?!!

14. Towel Warmer

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Isn’t it a weird paradox how quickly you can get cold just stepping out of a hot shower or bath? Why is that? Is the universe that hateful?

Well, whatever the reason, this towel heater is perfect. It will warm up your bath towel to the most comfy of degrees, so that it’s ready and waiting for your goose-bumped body to snuggle up with!

It won’t take up too much room in your bathroom and will make you feel like a posh millionaire. Next up, those heated tiles we’ve heard about so our feet can stay warm.

15. Quilted Premium Down Jacket

Quilted Down Jacket for Her
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A good quality and timelessly styled down jacket will last nearly a lifetime. This one is no exception. It’s long enough to cover your backside (don’t pretend derrières don’t get chilly!), has a nice, big hood, deep pockets, and warmth for days.

Need to take the sled dogs out for a run? Made the mistake of moving to the Pacific Northwest when you were raised in Texas? Determined to walk daily even in January? This coat is for you.

16. USB Heated Gloves

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Fingerless (hello, texting), these amazing heated gloves are brought to life with a simple USB cord! Why didn’t I think of that?! They’re knitted to look so adorable and old-fashioned, but they are hiding a high-tech secret: toasty goodness.

For the dog walker in your life, these are perfect. Not to mention someone undergoing chemo, someone who has to scrape their car windows down each frosty morning, or the landscape designer who works year ’round.

Or, you know, anybody really.

17. Adult Onesies

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They’re not just for babies anymore! Ha! These hilarious (but kinda useful) adult sized onesies are a great gift for that always cold friend in your life. Or buy two for a totally cute wedding present!

I mean, you thought the Snuggie wouldn’t catch on, but look at you. Wearing it until it fell apart… I see you. Time to upgrade.

18. Warm Winter Eco-Friendly Bamboo Socks

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Socks
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Ugh, cold feet, is there anything worse? You need a pair (or six) of these fabulous bamboo, eco-friendly socks! They come in a variety of prints, but they’re all pretty and unique.

Whether worn under boots, around the house, going snow-shoeing, with sneakers, or (heaven-forbid) with your trusty Birkenstocks, these socks are made to last. You won’t want to wear anything else from your sock drawer ever again!

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19. Ceramic Space Heater

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It’s so mod and sophisticated you might feel a little silly warming up your backside, but we won’t tell. This efficient bedroom (or any room) electric heater has endless possibilities.

There’s always one room in your house that just doesn’t heat properly, right? The baby’s room, the attic, the office, the basement, that haunted room where someone obviously died a mysterious death… just kidding.

But if you do have that problem, get yourself one of these great (and great-looking) heaters!

20. Heatable Plushie

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I mean, I didn’t know I needed a microwavable heating pad in the shape of an avocado, but I see now my tragic mistake. BECAUSE I NEED A MICROWAVABLE HEATING PAD IN THE SHAPE OF AN AVOCADO! Like, now.

Made to snuggle up with, you just can’t be unhappy when you have a smiley avocado to hug. This is a great “warm and cozy gift” for kids, for someone who has just had surgery, or for anyone else on God’s green earth.

Cozy Gifts for Snuggly People

Here we’ve targeted cozy gifts for people who, yes, like warmth, but mostly love the experience of snuggles, cuddles, and heartwarming closeness.

21. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Table Top Glass Fireplace
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A little fire to rub your cold hands over? Why, don’t mind if we do! But it’s not always prudent to start a fire in your living room, you little pyro, you.

So try one of these table top fireplaces! Instantly, your coffee table, or nightstand, or dining room, will be transformed into a romantic room, full of ambiance and promise. We’re talking waggling eyebrows of passion, secret hand-holding, bottom lip biting, and the most important of all…

S’MORES. On your back patio. Winning!

22. Cuddle Weather Pillows

Cuddle Weather Pillow - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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Mmm, there’s no better weather than cuddle weather! Unless it’s taco weather… but that’s just another way of saying “all weather.”


These super cute and soft pillows give a clear message: get over here and snuggle! Whether tossed on the bed or the couch, they will look adorable and fresh, are perfect for napping, and matching any existing décor.

23. Cuddle Mugs Set

Cuddle Mug Set - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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Cuddle mugs! I love that! The only thing you need after purchasing one – or several – of these adorable designs is a batch of your world famous hot cocoa, a fresh pot of coffee, a “cuppa,” or heck, a hot toddy.

It doesn’t matter what you add into it, this mug will be right up their alley and is sure to be a hit.

24. Himalayan Salt Oil Diffuser

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They cast a glow of ambiance, and look amazing while doing it.

These Himalayan salt humidifiers do it all: release aromatherapy in the form of your favorite essential oil, brighten up a dark room, releases negative ions, hydrates your dry skin, and all with its own remote control so you can adjust any of its features from the comfort of your cozy chair.

These make great housewarming gifts!

25. Cuddle Snacks – Popcorn

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Is there another food that makes you want to snuggle up more than popcorn? I don’t think so. This gourmet popcorn tin is a movie lover’s dream!

Enough to share and share alike, the flavors are out of this world. All you need now is a yummy beverage and the remote control!

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26. Personalized Robes

Personalized Robes for Couples
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So plush and soft, these matching his-and-hers robes are a dream! Thick and velvety to the touch, anyone would be ecstatic to wrap themselves in one of these.

They come with two pockets (gotta have somewhere to stash your midnight snack), a wrap-around belt, and can be totally monogrammed and personalized. Not to mention, there are several colors to choose from.

These are so great for a wedding or anniversary gift!

27. Cup Cozy Pillow

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When you’re setting in for all of the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Indiana Jones movies (or Twilight… I’m looking at you, Amber), you need to get serious with your organization skills.

Enter in this amazing cup cozy pillow. You can easily balance your food and drinks, remote control, phone, whatever else you need to get all the way to Mordor and back.

28. Custom Matching Penguin Pjs

Custom Matching Penguin PJs - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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It’s always the right season for a cute pair of couple pajamas! The couple who matches pjs together stays together. Who could argue? And these ones, with their adorable penguins (did you know penguins mate for life? Of course you did) are simply the best.

Add in your initials or full names and you have the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Or Christmas photo card for next year!

29. Heated Fur Blanket

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When you’re cold-blooded and can never seem to get warm, a regular fur blanket just won’t do. You need a fur blanket that is heated! Through and through, your icy limbs will finally melt into a blissful sort of heaven on earth.

These are so great for someone who lives in a drafty house, your grandmother, a mom who is up half the night with her baby, or anyone else who needs a warm, soft hug.

30. Electric Gooseneck Kettle

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Tea lovers, rejoice! No more waiting for the kettle to boil (over) when you have this great electric gooseneck stainless kettle. It does the job so quickly and efficiently, and looks so sophisticated doing so.

Check out this article for more amazing gifts for tea lovers!

Cozy Gifts for Her

31. Plush Eye Mask

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For recovering after a long weekend, after studying into the night, or just for a quick winter’s nap, these cute and functional plush eye-masks are just the thing.

They’ll shut out the tiresome light of day and help her get a quick forty winks in no time. She’ll be wondering how she ever got along without these. (Hint: That’s the sign that you’ve chosen the perfect gift for her.)

32. Mermaid Blanket

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Get warm and cozy all while looking like your dream fantasy come true: a mermaid! Perfect for snuggling up while watching a good film (like Splash), or reading (The Mermaid Chair, by Sue Monk Kidd).

33. Coziest. Wife. Ever. Tumbler

Coziest Wife Ever Tumbler
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Leave no doubt with this cute tumbler! Inscribed (to perfection) by you, Ultimate Gift Giver and Stud Husband, these tumblers are vacuum sealed, meaning they’re going to stay hot for a long, long time.

Plus they’re available in all her favorite colors, so it can look as pretty as she does while she’s on the go.

34. Leggings, Leaves, & Lattes Please

Best Fall and Winter Sweaters
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It’s really all we need in life! This happy shirt just makes you feel warm and cozy as you read it: leggings, leaves, and lattes. Not to mention that cute pumpkin.

It’ll be her new favorite shirt all through autumn, into winter. Perfect for layering!

35. Coffee Cozy

Coffee Cozies - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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If she nurses her coffee all throughout the day, she needs one of these sweet coffee cozies to keep her brew hot!

Those cardboard ones are for disposal, making them bad for the environment (sad face). But these knitted and crocheted ones will warm her heart, as well as her Pumpkin Spice Latte (happy face!!).

36. Giving Heart Weighted Pillow

Giving Heart Weighted Pillow - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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I had one of these after a surgery so I can attest to how much they help when you’re bedridden or need some warm pressure applied to a sore spot!

While not recommended for microwave use (I learned this the hard way. Ahem.) the weight and soft fabric of this heart pillow make you feel like you’re on the receiving end of a loving hug.

37. C.C Knit Earmuffs

Knit Earmuffs - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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Is there anything that ruin a chilly autumnal walk than cold ears? Well, maybe cold noses.

With these totally cute knit earmuffs, cold ears are a thing of the past! Now you can stroll through the leaves to your heart’s content when you have one of these in each color.

38. Teddy Bag

Teddy Bags
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This cute, plush teddy bag is so unique and adorable. If she is a bear lover (and who isn’t?) this is just the thing.

It’s perfect for stashing her latest beach read, eyeglasses, snacks, keys, and phone. Also, a cute small diaper bag for a mom on the go!

39. Personalized Cashmere Scarf

Personalized Cashmere Scarf
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Cashmere never goes out of style, and neither do scarves! Enter this ombre cashmere scarf that is warm, cozy, and personalized, too. It instantly dresses up any outfit, and provides a stylish layer of warmth!

It’s available in a bunch of different colors, all in ombre, and can be monogrammed with initials, or a sweet little heartfelt message.

40. Ugg Slippers

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For someone who works at home (which is so many of us these days), a set of plush, warm slippers is a must-have! Well, actually, they’re a must-have for those who leave the house and come home with aching feet, too… Well, I guess these are a must-have for anyone!

Made by Ugg, who as everyone knows, are the bee’s knees when it comes to ultimate foot comfort, these are amazing for anyone in your life that you want to spoil.

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Cozy Gifts for Him

41. Handmade Argentinian Artisan Poncho

Argentinian Artisan Poncho - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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This Argentinian poncho is a show stopper. Not only does it keep him warm and cozy on cool nights, but he’ll look good at the same time.

Made from sheep’s wool and cotton, and handmade on a real loom in Argentina, it’s absolutely perfect for travel. The reviews are great, and the shipping is free! What more could you need?

42. Personalized Signature Beanie

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The only problem with hats is you tend to take it off and leave it somewhere, never to be seen again.

Not so with these personalized beanies: not only will he never want to take it off period, even if he does, it will be returned posthaste since his name is right there on the front. It’s a great “warm gift” for teens, too!

43. Breakfast Making Kit

Breakfast Making Kit- Warm & Cozy Gifts
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If breakfast is his jam (along with toast, of course), he’ll love this deliciously practical gift set! Talk about early a.m. comfort food all at his fingertips. Nothing beats piping hot bacon, eggs, and waffles.

And it’s a win-win for you, because someone has to help him taste-test all those yummy artisan syrups…

44. Warm Corn Bag

Warm Corn Bag
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Whether used hot or cold (we love that they go both ways), these corn bags are so perfect for sore muscles, arthritis, cramps, or any other ailment that needs some therapy! Plus, they are timelessly good-looking, in their red and beige flannel checks.

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45. Microfiber Suede Slippers

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Gotta love a good pair of slippers and these are a good pair of slippers! Made by Dearfoam, these are like walking on a cloud. A warm, plush, cozy cloud!

They’re stylish enough to use as indoor/outdoor too: no embarrassment needed if you forget to change them while walking to the mailbox.

46. Beer Mittens

Beer Mittens - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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I mean, come on: your hands get cold when laced around a frosty mug of beer. Not to worry, we have solved this problem for you, with these slightly hilarious but envy-inducing pair of beer mittens.

His pals will be green with jealousy, so maybe order a few pairs for the holidays.

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47. Cigar Club

Cigar Club - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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He’ll feel so swanky and posh when he’s enrolled in a cigar club like this one! Your guy will get to enjoy different flavors and scents and become a real cigar connoisseur with each month’s special delivery.

Now all he needs is a velvet robe, some good slippers (see above), a loyal dog, and a newspaper! Oh, and maybe a roaring fire at a ski chalet.

48. Can Cozies

Can Cozies - Warm & Cozy Gifts
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Make him laugh and then make him wonder how he ever got along with one of these funny and useful can cozies. If your man is a flannel loving, craft brew drinking, man-bun sporting, type, he’ll get a real kick out of these.

But so will the country music loving, lumberjack, outdoorsman… So, you could say any man in your life would love a set!

49. Tapered Cashmere Joggers

Tapered Cashmere Joggers
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Joggers put jeans to shame! No more stiff denim, bye-bye to noisy corduroy, no thanks to bulky sweatpants, he needs a pair of good quality, stylish, comfortable joggers.

They go with just about any top and shoes, and trust us when we say, he’ll never want to wear any other type of leg clothes again.

50. Sweet Spot Gift Basket

Sweet Spot Gift Basket Ideas

Here’s a DIY warm and cozy gift idea for you crafty types: fill a basket with sweet treats such as cookies, pies, cocoa and more! Include some other cozy items he will love like new mittens, warm socks, and his favorite tea or coffee.

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