25 Best DIY Birthday Gifts (Easy, Simple, & Fun)

DIY Birthday Gifts - Feature Image

DIY birthday gifts — what’s so great about them?

Everyone loves receiving gifts that someone has made for them. When you take the time to make high-quality, handmade gifts for family members and friends, it’s a way to show them how much you care.

And, in a way, you are giving a piece of yourself; something that will always remind them of you.

“That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”

― Aimee Bender, The Color Master: Stories

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Easy DIY Romantic Scavenger Hunt for Date Night

Easy DIY Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a fun and easy DIY date night idea: Create a romantic scavenger hunt.

All it takes is a little time and thought, plus some paper or something for clues. You’ll also want to have something special at the end – we’ll get to that.

You know how scavenger hunts work, so we won’t bore you with detailed explanations of every point.

Let’s dive in with our simple do-it-yourself date night scavenger hunt ideas!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Sons & Daughters (ALLOWANCE-FRIENDLY)

Father's Day Gifts from Kids

Looking for some Father’s Day gifts from kids? The kinds they can actually afford? Good news, you’re in the right place. 

No shade to those other lists out there, but most kids can’t swing a custom-engraved grill master set or a wireless photo printer. 

That doesn’t change the fact that every kid who loves their dad wants to give him a great gift of their very own for Father’s Day.

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