12 Amazingly Clean Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Family Friendly Films That Adults Love

I love a good movie, but I don’t want to be assaulted by negativity, crass language, demented violence, or sexual innuendo and visuals that should be kept private.

Instead, I prefer films that build towards something meaningful – overcoming an obstacle, creating an accurate depiction of the human condition, showcasing elements of truth, grace, and dignity.

So here are some of my favorite films. Below you’ll find 12 amazing (and amazingly clean) movies you’ve probably never seen. Maybe you’ve never even heard of these.

All the better, because you’re in for a treat!

These are mature, grown-up films for true movie aficionados that just simply don’t have any obscene content. Win-win. Some are even family-friendly and will be appreciated by youngsters.

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100 Best Non-Animated Family Movies You Need to Watch

best non animated family movies - feature image

There’s a long list of animated movies that are fine for the littles, but you’re looking for the very best non-animated family movies to watch on your next family movie night.

You know how it goes: finding a good movie that the entire family will enjoy (from Grandma to the kindergartener) can be an exercise in frustration! By the time you’ve scrolled for an hour, everyone is arguing and half the family has left the room.

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21 Popcorn Lover Gifts That Are Tantalizingly Great

popcorn lover gifts - feature image

I like my popcorn like I like my friends — extra salty! Popcorn lovers are, quite frankly, an absolute hoot to shop for. And popcorn lover gifts are out there in more abundance than you might think, actually.

From quirky poppers to adorable plushies, there’s a li’l something for everyone.

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21 Traditional & Beautiful Christening Gifts

christening gifts - feature image

A christening is a beautiful and special time in a little one’s life — even if they won’t actually remember it later on! And christening gifts are the perfect way to celebrate both them and their family.

Yes, although the babe in arms won’t recall anything, their parents, grandparents, and godparents will certainly remember the day with a lot of fond memories. And the christening gifts the infant receives will become treasured heirlooms.

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50 Best Gifts For Veterans to Honor Their Service

Gifts for Veterans - feature image

Today we’re going to take a look at the 50 best gifts for veterans.

When it comes to our veterans, I’m pretty passionate (as I’m sure you are, too)! With two grandfathers who served, multiple uncles, and now a son stationed in Georgia, they are — as Willie Nelson would say — always on my mind. Something you can probably relate to!

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40 Best Graduation Gifts for Medical School Graduates

gifts for medical school graduates - feature image

Graduating from medical college is a huge deal! In fact, I can’t quite put myself in their active recovery/standing-all-day shoes.

They’ve studied and apprenticed, and studied, and shadowed, and studied, and cried, and studied, and… You get the idea. The bottom line is that they’ve worked really, really hard, and put in more than a few late nights and early mornings to earn this special graduation day.

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