50 Best Military Gifts [for Professional Heroes]

military gifts - feature image

Not all heroes wear capes… some wear uniforms and helmets! For those unwavering patriots who protect us each and every day, we have some marvelous ideas for military gifts. 

As a daughter-in-law to a Vietnam Navy vet, a granddaughter to an Army soldier who served in Korea, and a mother to a military man stationed currently in Georgia, these gifts really hit home!

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What to Give for a Baptism Gift (50 Best Ideas)

baptism gifts - feature image

Baptism is a wonderful occasion filled with faith, love, family (both physical and spiritual) and joyous celebration. When that relative or special person in your life follows the Lord in believer’s baptism, it’s an excellent opportunity to give them some thoughtful and meaningful baptism gifts. Customary even!

But what do you give for baptism gifts? Whether it’s a small token of faith, or a great big, lovely surprise — it’s totally up to you! 

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55+ Greatest Gifts for Coffee Lovers and Baristas

gifts for coffee lovers - feature image

…which is, like, most of us. Finding the perfect gifts for your favorite coffee lovers shouldn’t be that hard since we’re sorta everywhere, right? We certainly think so. There may be a few oddballs out there (possibly with a screw or two loose) who don’t like a rich cuppa Joe, but they are few and far between. 

We aren’t so sure they deserve gifts, either… Just kidding. Maybe. 

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10 Great Whiskey Barrel Tables You Can Buy or DIY

Tables made from a whiskey barrel

If you want to have the ultimate home bar, you’re going to need to think about whiskey barrel tables. The right table is something that says you mean business, and that you sure do love your whiskey.

But more than that, a great table says you are ready to gather around with friends and family, and share good times, great conversation, and plenty of drinks.

So check out these ten great whiskey barrel tables that you can either buy or make, DIY-style.

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25 Best Gifts for Data Scientists, Data Analysts, & Data Nerds

gifts for data scientists - feature image

Finding the perfect gift for your data scientist friends shouldn’t have to be, well, a science. At least not on your end.

When it comes to this concrete-thinking, evidence-based bunch of data scientists, analysts, and loveable nerds, they can be a quirky and surprisingly hard-to-please bunch!

So how are you supposed to nail down that gift? Talk about a well-defined niche, right? Well, we searched far and wide in our databases to pinpoint 25 of the most amazing data-themed gifts for data scientists, data analysts, and data nerds. Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

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21 Meaningful Gifts for Midwives, Doulas, & Birthing Coaches

gifts for midwives - feat image

If anyone deserves and has earned a great gift, it’s all those beautiful midwives, doulas, and birthing coaches!

They’ve been up all night with a woman in labor, stayed calm, and literally helped bring new life into the world. We’d say that is reason enough for a wonderful present!

But what to get your special helper? You might want something thoughtful or funny, or lovely and deeply meaningful. We’ve got some of everything below in our guide to the best gifts for birth helpers.

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The Massive List of Family-Friendly Movies That Grownups Love Too

Clean Movie Guide

Are you tired of entertainment that is either smutty and TV-MA, or slapstick cartoons? Aren’t there clean, family-friendly movies that aren’t geared only for little kids (with innuendo thrown in for the adults as “humor”)?

Are you looking for a fun or thoughtful flick to watch with just you and your spouse, or perhaps with a family that includes older kids and teens?

Oh, and I take it that you’ve seen all the good “Christian” movies, and don’t want to waste your time with something that is corny and poorly made just because it has a “G” rating.

Let’s see… can’t be cheesy, poorly made, full of gratuitous innuendo or sensuality, minimal or no swearing, and should actually be engaging for grownups and teens. That’s quite a list of demands!

Thankfully, this type of movie does exist. And we’ve put as many as we can find together on this list of great family-friendly movies that grownups love too.

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50 Gardening Gifts for Gardeners & Plant Lovers

How can you tell the special gardener in your life “Thank you!”? Or, “We love you!” Or even, “Keep giving me all your excess organic vegetables!”

Answer: With a gift. Duh.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of gifts for you. Go ahead and enjoy shopping for your loved one.

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50 Fun Vintage Gifts for a Retro Aesthetic

Vintage Gifts - Pin It Image

Vintage gifts are just the thing for the person in your life who lives and breathes a countercultural retro aesthetic. But giving something that is old-school is a little… different.

After all, it’s traditional to give a gift that is new, contemporary in style, and still in the shrink wrap. But some of us just simply adore all things old-fashioned.

For this type, the idea of getting Target’s latest home accent just doesn’t make any sense – after walking through the beaded curtain into their kitchen, that farmhouse cake display is going to go where, exactly? 

Nowhere, that’s where. Less Joanna Gaines and more geometric wallpaper, please.

If the words trendy, modern, or of-the-moment definitely do NOT apply to your friend’s retro aesthetic beauty, you know it can be tricky to find the perfect vintage gift.

Fret not, we have done the legwork for you! When it comes to all things throwback and groovy, we’ve compiled a list to make their old-fashioned heart smile. Here are our favorite gifts that hearken back to the 60s all the way up to the early aughts.

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