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Interesting gifts by interest, for interesting people in your life. Or maybe not-so-interesting people that you’re just plain stumped as you’re trying to find the perfect gift. Whatever your need, you can browse gift ideas according to niche and interest, including occupations, hobbies, personalities, and quirky stuff like gag gifts.

Gift Ideas for Your Child's Ballet Teacher

21 Lovely Ballet Teacher Gifts that are On Pointe

Looking for ballet teacher gifts that are srsly on pointe? Welcome to All Gifts Considered, Ballet Edition! Ballet teachers teach their art anywhere from a couple classes per week to the rough equivalent of a full time job (or more). Add in those rehearsals with sweaty children and teenagers, and they deserve a great gift, …

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10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Math Lovers

Plotting the 10 Best Gifts for Statisticians

Statisticians are professionals that apply statistical methods and models to practical problems. They gather, analyze, and interpret data to aid in many business decision-making processes. Whew! That sounds like a rough job. Don’t you think the statistician in your life could use an “I appreciate you” gift? Well, luck is on your side because we have …

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Physician Assistant Gift Guide

15 Best Physician Assistant Gifts for All Occasions

Physician assistants can be tough to shop for, especially if you’re trying to find that perfect PA gift. Your physician assistant is a qualified medical provider – highly trained, competent, professional. A PA can diagnose illnesses, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and serve as a primary healthcare provider. Not to be mistaken for …

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Best Gifts for Travelers

Best Gifts for Travelers, Globetrotters, and Wayfaring Wanderers

Travelers, wanderer, nomad, wanderlust, tourist, trek, wayfaring, itinerant, roadie, explorer, rover/roving, vagabond, hodophile, travel buff, travel lover, travel enthusiast, gadabout, peripatetic: call them what you will, but when it comes to gifts, these globe trotters (oooh, there’s another) need something special. Here are some of our favorite gifts for travelers!