Gifts for People Who Hate Stuff

gifts for people who hate stuff

Today we’re looking at gifts for people who hate stuff.

You know who they are. They may even know who they are (and feel bad about it).

Whether it’s your best friend, a family member, or even a distant relative you’re thinking of, each time their birthday or the holiday season rolls around you end up spending a lot of time wracking your brain for what would actually make a good gift for them. 

Sometimes you just go for it and hope to Heaven you nail it. Other times you end up with a gift card.* 

I get it. I have two of these individuals in my circle. They dedicate their free time to making life as streamlined as possible, and their home looks like an IKEA showroom. 

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Gifts for Alternative Girls – Your 2024 Idea Guide

15 Gifts for Alternative Girls

Skate, Hypebeast, Techwear, Dark Academia, Punk-core. Need we say more? This is your definitive guide to gifts for alternative girls.

When your favorite gal is a little more Wednesday Addams and a little less Elle Woods, she deserves that perfect gift that speaks to her unique tastes. 

There’s no place for pink ribbons, bright colors, or stilettos in her alternative fashion closet, no ma’am. So what do you get for your not-so-average girlie when her birthday or the holiday season rolls around?

That might seem like a tough question but never fear. We’ve put together a list of the perfect alternative gifts that she’s sure not to roll her eyes at. 

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The 10 Clean Action Movies You Need to Stream Right Now

clean action movies - feature image

If you’re anything like me, action is your genre. 

Why sit through an hour and a half of predictable romantic fluff? I’d much rather transport back in history amidst legendary heroes and masked vigilantes, or go hunting for treasure in the far reaches of the earth.

Despite our passion for an epic battle or a thrilling romp in pursuit of treasure, we can’t deny that there’s a lot of other “stuff” that likes to creep in and ruin our cinematic experience unnecessarily.

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100 Incredible Gifts That Start With I

gift ideas that start with i - feature image

Are you searching for the perfect gift? Something thoughtful with a sense of personal touch? I know that’s what I’m usually on the hunt for, anyway.

Then why not venture into the world of idyllic gift ideas that start with ‘I’? 

It’s more than just wordplay, we assure you. Instead, it’s an original way to let the person you’re buying for know just how much consideration you have for them!

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50 Best Whiskey Gift Ideas for Whiskey Aficionados

whiskey gift ideas - feature image

Searching for the perfect whiskey gift ideas for the discerning aficionado in your life? Well, look no further.

For some, whiskey is not just a preference; it’s a passion. At least that’s the case if they’re anything like me!

The more you learn about it, the more you realize that whiskey has a rich history and culture all its own. It’s no wonder that your friend or loved one (or you, our dear reader) is a bit obsessed.

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100 Terrific Gift Ideas That Start with T

gift ideas that start with t - feature image

Having a party with a specific theme is such a fun way to bring some creativity to the game, and letters are great theme material! So why not shoot for gift ideas that start with T?

Whether it’s Tammy’s birthday, Tina and Tom’s anniversary, or your whole sibling squad starts with the letter T, these gifts are not only terrific — they’re tantalizing, tasty, thrilling, and truly a treat! 

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100 Surprisingly Strong Gifts That Start with S

gift ideas that start with s - feature image

If you’re on the hunt for a list of gift ideas that start with “S,” you’ve come to the right place! 

Whether it’s the holiday season or another special occasion that is approaching, you’ll need the best gift ideas for family members, friends, or coworkers whose names start with the letter S.

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