70th Birthday Gifts That Are Meaningful & Memorable

70 is a milestone if we’ve ever heard one! You’re young enough to still want to ride the rides at Disney Land, but old enough that everyone leaves you alone and lets you nap through dinner.

When your special someone is turning 70, what do you give them? We’ve got some great ideas for the perfect 70th birthday gift.

We’ll do our top 10 favorite gifts first, followed by 10 great 70th birthday gifts for women, then 10 more for men.

10 Best 70th Birthday Gifts

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1. Custom House Portrait Painting

Whether they’ve lived in the same house all their life, just bought their dream retirement home, or have a precious photograph of their childhood dwelling, this custom house portrait painting is literally the gift that keeps on giving:

Every time they walk by the wall where it’s hung, they’ll be reminded of all the sweet memories of home.

For a more affordable alternative, get a plaque engraved with a photo of their favorite house.

2. History By Mail

Everyone loves getting mail, especially when there’s something in the mailbox besides a new bill.

Or something unintelligible about changes to their Medicaid plan.

For your history buff, this subscription is just the ticket. They’ll be whisked away each month with intriguing reproductions of historical documents, and will always have something new and interesting to talk about at the next family gathering.

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3. A Course for Their Favorite Hobby

Maybe she’s always wanted to learn photography (and Photoshop). Perhaps he’s always wanted to get into aquaponics or homebrewing.

Well, help them out with the perfect 70th birthday gift! Udemy is an amazing online learning center, with thousands of easy online courses for anything anyone might ever want to learn.

Go here, find a course they’ll love, then hit the “gift this course” button and you’re done.

4. Personalized Family Tree Canvas

Preserve your family history before it’s gone with this personalized family tree gift.

This canvas photo collage print will become the ultimate conversation starter at the 70th birthday party, and will be the most nostalgic (without being sappy) of gifts.

5. Plant a Tree in Their Name

Ask a 70 year old what they want for their birthday and you’re sure to get the same answer: “Oh, I don’t need anything.”

For the person that is exceptionally hard to shop for, look no further. Just plant a tree in their name. They’ll get an attractive certificate, and will be pleased knowing that their gift is helping to restore National Forest areas affected by wildfire.

It’s a 70th birthday gift that will live for (practically) forever, and is sure to bring a smile to their face.

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6. Personalized Puzzle

Who likes puzzles more than retirees? Well, maybe their great-grandchildren.

Personalizing a puzzle is a fun way to branch out of their hobby. Instead of putting together a random picture of someone else’s vision, why not piece together your own family/pet/house?

Don’t forget to add some puzzle-saver stickers and a frame for when they’re finished putting it together.

7. Gift of Flowers

They’re beautiful, they’re odiferous, they’re the perfect gift for a 70 year old.

After all, when was the last time they received a flower delivery? Make sure to find out their favorites ahead of time and fill out a card with something sentimental (or funny).

8. Personalized Life Story Comic

You just can’t live 70 years without having a favorite real life story you tell over and over again!

Make it come alive with this personalized comic, and you’ll surprise and charm them with this one-of-a-kind gift.

9. Miniature House Building Model Kit

Retired and finally able to take up hobbies again, these miniature house building model kits are perfect for a handy 70 year old.

With sturdy, well-built pieces and themes for every imaginable type of room, this creative gift for septuagenarians will provide hours of concentration and yet relaxation all at once.

10. Personalized Keepsake Box for All the Memories

Everyone has precious and priceless items that need their own space. This personalized keepsake box is just the thing for those mementoes!

Whether you add in some of your own before gifting, or let them fill it up with whatever they like, they’ll be enchanted with this stunning gift.

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10 Best 70th Birthday Gifts for Women

Thoughtful and interesting gifts designed specifically for women.

1. Thinking of You Care Package Gift

Here’s a fun idea that you can personalize infinitely by her hobbies and likes.

You can create a DIY gift basket: From the Arts and Crafts (knitting needles, glitter, glue gun, jewelry making, gift card to JoAnne’s) to the Baking Basket (a cookbook, utensils, cookie mix, hot pads, apron) to the Handy (tool set, tape measure, coveralls, utility belt) to the Relaxing (popcorn, DVDs, chocolate, bottle of wine), the possibilities are endless and so personal.

Pop them all in a basket or tote and they’ll be charmed by your thoughtfulness!

Or, to make it even easier, curate a gorgeous care package through Here for You, filled with creative self-care gifts made in small batches by local artisans.

2. The Best is Yet to Come Personalized Cutting Board

A kitchen gift will make them think of you every time they use it… which is going to be daily!

With its reminder that life only gets better as time goes on, this custom engraved bamboo cutting board is both inspiring and useful. Two things every gift should be!

3. Handcrafted Recycled Steel Rose Sculpture

This will catch her eye and her fancy. Not only handcrafted but made from recycled steel, this gorgeous rose sculpture will look amazing on her bookshelf, coffee table, or at her bedside.

Plus, we just about guarantee she doesn’t already have one!

4. Wine Month Club

Who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of this gift? The wine month club where wine is delivered to her very doorstep? Uh, yes please.

Sign yourself up while you’re at it, and then you can connect each month over your love of vino and maybe find your own favorites!

5. Personalized Handcrafted Plaque with Psalm 23

A gentle reminder of God’s love, this personalized Psalm 23 plaque will brighten up her wall with handcrafted style.

She may have to remove a treasured photograph of a grandchild to hang this in the spot of honor, but we have a feeling she’ll be up to the task!

6. Carved Swallow Walking Stick

It’s more important than ever to stay healthy at the amazing age of 70, so why not do it in style with this carved swallow walking stick?

The only downside is that she’ll have to get used to being asked day in and day out, “Where did you get that?”

7. Personalized Blanket of Their Pet

Whether their favorite pet is with them in life or long gone, they can be forever immortalized in a clever custom (and cozy) blanket. The snuggles never felt so heartwarming!

That’s our pup! Read our review here: Pet Portrait Blanket from Fur Baby Prints (Review & Unboxing)

8. Tablet Holder Lap Pillow

If you’re going to surf the net, might as well be comfortable!

This lap pillow is the perfect gift for someone who loves to read books on their tablet, check in on the grandkids on social media, or browse Craigslist for their next home improvement project or yard sale route.

9. Birth Flower Necklace

Show her not only do you remember her birthday, but you even know which birth flower is hers with this pretty necklace.

She’ll never want to take it off! And of course, she will always think of you whenever she puts it on.

10. Cute Mug & Warmer

It doesn’t matter whether she’s a coffee guzzler or a tea sipper, this cute mug will be her new favorite! Bonus brownie points: put her favorite brew or tea or gift card to her favorite beverage shop inside the mug.

If she’s the type who is constantly putting down her drink, only to remember it hours later and going to microwave (and who isn’t that type really?), a mug warmer is the answer. With different settings depending on how hot she likes her beverage, it will be perfect plugged in next to the laptop or on the kitchen counter.

10 Best 70th Birthday Gifts for Men

1. Comfortable Wool Cardigan

The ability to stay warm is a form of septuagenarian currency. But if you can help him keep toasty and in style, then that is a birthday gift he’ll love every single day. Check out this incredibly comfortable wool cardigan from Gentle Herd.

Crafted from sustainably and ethically produced wool, this is a fashion statement that will never get worn out.

2. Personalized Leather Journal

This classic style of leather journal is made even more “his” by being personalized by you.

Whether he’s the doodler type, the artist, the dreamer, or the poet, or just the list-making type, this journal might just be his constant companion. He might fill it up posthaste, so order two!

3. Plant a Tree in His Name

For the nature lover, gardener, arborist in your life, planting a tree in his name will be the perfect gift.

It’s thoughtful, practical, and caring all at the same time, and it would never be considered a “waste of money” by anyone because it helps restore the forests and care for the earth.

4. Flashlight Gloves

It’s the gift he never knew he wanted because he didn’t know existed!

These clever flashlight gloves will get way more use than even the most practical of us can come up with. From evening strolls with the dog, to stacking firewood on a winter’s night, to covering up the plants in the garden during a frost, to scraping the ice off the windshield on a brisk morning, these are so ingenious.

Even though it’s totally an “old person gift,” you just might want to buy a pair for yourself. I know you’re thinking about it.

5. Best Dad Personalized Bird Feeder

Even if he is the strong, silent type who won’t admit it, he loves being told (and having everyone else read) that’s he’s the best dad ever! Sure, you could say it in a card, but why not engrave it on this personalized bird feeder?

Handcrafted in the USA, there are plenty more styles and designs available here.

6. Whiskey Glass Gift Box

If there’s anything more timeless, classic, and classy than a good whiskey, it’s him. Remind him of that fact with this whiskey glass gift box and watch him become the new George Clooney.

7. Olive Wood Chess Set

Even if he doesn’t live anywhere near enough to the city to whittle away his days playing Old Man Chess in the Park, he can still play chess at home and do it in style.

This is gorgeous and made to last (in case it’s time for him to teach his grandchildren the game).

8. A Fun Fire Extinguisher

You have to have one in the house, why not make it a fun one? This decorative fire extinguisher will make him smile and also make him feel just a little safer at the same time.

9. Personalized Society Vintage Plaque

For golfers who drink (and don’t they all?!) this vintage-style Personalized Golfer’s Drinking Society Plaque is a delightful birthday gift.

The sign is custom made from furniture-grade wood right here in the USA and can include the optional hanging nameboard to make this a uniquely custom gift.

10. Gentleman Jon Wet Shave Kit

A good shave is a new man! Keep him smooth as a baby’s bottom with this gentleman’s shave kit.

Sure, striking a match on his stubble is a cool trick, but he can be soft and supple too.

11 Creative 70th Birthday Party Ideas

As we all know, 70 year olds love to have fun. Try and keep up with one of these fabulous birthday bash ideas!

Host a ’70s party

The seventies were a swinging good time and it’s time for a comeback. Have your guests dress in ’70s fashion (bell bottoms and polyester), give prizes for Best Dressed, play ’70s music, and have a hippy-style, tie-dye cake.

The point is, we’re celebrating all things ’70s.

Have a reunion

Whether it’s family or friends or both, 70 is a monumental milestone and deserves an epic party with plenty of pre-planning!

Secure a large house or rent some RVs for your guests. Whether it’s at the gym of their old high school, or at a destination location, it’s time for nostalgia and memories.

Don’t forget a slideshow of photographs!

Have a Black & White party

The best movies aren’t even in color so go with that theme. Think Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Suits and ties, little black dresses. Finger foods, and cocktails. It’s time to get swanky and sophisticated!

Celebrate their heritage and ethnicity

Serve food from the region they were born in (bonus if you have family recipes you can recreate), play music from their country, have photos and décor that bring to mind their place of birth.

Include a few words or expressions on the invitations in their native language as well!

Throw a party with a theme from the year of their birth

Research what was big in the ’50s since that’s likely when your newly 70 year old was born, and go with that theme.

Roller skates and poodle skirts, hair pomade and fast cars, Jello molds and milkshakes, this is one party for the ages!

Have a luau

If your 70 year old loves all things Hawaiian, just go with that love!

Drape your guests with flower necklaces and decorate with Hawaiian decorations (typically found easily at the Dollar Store). Have drinks served in coconuts, maybe even look into roasting a pig!

Have a destination retirement party

Whether they’re retired or not, chances are they’ve dreamed about a destination to put their feet up at. And so have all of their guests!

Pick Florida and have pink flamingo yard ornaments, socks with sandals, and a round of mini golf, or pick an island local, complete with Bermuda shorts, tropical drinks, and conch shells for the guests to take home.

Have a Las Vegas party

Let’s face it: senior citizens know how to party! Go all out with a poker table, craps table, official (looking) blackjack dealers, cocktail waitresses, and some jazzy entertainment in the form of a band or singer.

Gone fishin’ party

Host at a nearby campground or day park so there really can be some actual fishing involved, plus folding chairs, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and of course, a big fish fry to round out the evening.

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Have a tea party

After so many years of meh birthday parties, go all out with an English themed tea party.

Have tiny appetizers like cucumber sandwiches, petit fours, and scones, and of course, don’t forget all sorts of tea selections. Dress up. Don’t forget the hats!

Host a prom!

Okay, your party guests may not own their original prom dresses and suits from back in the day, but like they said, everything old is new again, so you’d be surprised at how easily you can find your fashions coming back at the thrift shops.

Make sure to research ahead of time what songs were #1 in the year of their high school prom and make a swingin’ playlist for everyone to dance the night away.

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