Lego Architecture: The Complete List of Every Single Set Ever Made

Lego Architecture sets are incredible gift ideas for just about anyone.

Young kids with moderate building skills all the way up to adult professionals and retired hobbyists will get hours of fun out of building these famous architectural models.

The intricacy of the designs, the beauty of the structures, and the fun of Lego all combine to make the ideal hobby for so many people of all ages and interests.

To help you find the best gift for an architect or Lego-savvy kid, here is the complete list of every single Lego Architecture set ever made.

This includes the Architect series proper as well as the Landmark and Skyline series. All of these lines are typically listed and included under the Lego Architecture brand.

All Lego Architecture Sets: The Complete List

This list includes every single Architecture Series set released by LEGO including the Skyline Series, the Famous Landmarks Series, Limited Edition Sets (often only given to LEGO employees), and retired LEGO Architecture sets.

This list doesn’t, however, include the Creator Series, as it is its own separate series.

While the Creator Series does include various buildings and structures, the Architecture Series focuses solely on recreating famous architectural accomplishments simply and beautifully.

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Set: #21000

Name: LEGO Architecture Sears Tower, aka Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Year: 2008, reissued 2011 as Willis Tower; Retired

Pieces: 69

Find at: AmazonEbay

The original LEGO Architecture release, 69 pieces assembled with beautiful simplicity.

This set is retired so it is difficult to come by, but you can usually find a marked-up set listed on major reseller sites like Ebay.


Set: #21001

Name: LEGO Architecture John Hancock Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Year: 2008; Retired

Pieces: 69

Find at: AmazonEbay

The second of two sets from the Architecture Series’ initial 2008 year, the John Hancock Center is also retired. The original building is now known as 360 Chicago.

Note that both the John Hancock Center and the Sears Tower are featured in the Chicago Skyline set (#21033).

The Skyline set is far superior and each tower boasts more realistic detail. Unless you are a collector, skip these first two sets in favor of the Chicago Skyline piece.


Set: #21002

Name: LEGO Architecture Empire State Building, New York City, New York, USA

Year: 2009; Retired

Pieces: 77

Find at: AmazonEbay

LEGO’s original run simply wasn’t great. Here the Empire State Building looks flat and lifeless, like the buildings in both 2008 sets.

As with landmark buildings in those sets, the Empire State gets a proper revision in the New York City Skyline set (#21028).

The Skyline also features the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, and One World Trade Center, along with a small representation of the Statue of Liberty.


Set: #21003

Name: LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle, Seattle, Washington, USA

Year: 2009; Retired

Pieces: 57

Find at: AmazonEbay

Here we have the first great Lego Architecture set. With 2009’s Space Needle, you can see the designers actually accomplish what they must have been trying to do.

That is, namely, to represent a great architectural work with simplicity and grace. Using just 57 pieces, the tiny replica of Seattle’s famous landmark works perfectly.


Set: #21004

Name: LEGO Architecture Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, New York, USA

Year: 2009; Retired

Pieces: 208

Find at: AmazonEbay

With the Guggenheim it appeared that the Lego Architecture Series found its stride.

A good reproduction of the famed New York City museum, this 2009 official “Architect” set has about three times as many pieces as the previous “Landmark” sets and does a solid service as a replica model.

Still, Lego’s decision to revisit the Guggenheim in 2017 with a 744 piece set (#21035) was a wise decision, and a far superior set. See below.


Set: #21005

Name: LEGO Architecture Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

Year: 2009; Retired

Pieces: 811

Find at: AmazonEbay

Here we see Lego begin to realize the potential of the Architect series. 

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater is perhaps the famous architect’s most iconic work. Lego presents an admirable tribute using over 800 bricks.


Set: #21006

Name: LEGO Architecture The White House, Washington, D.C., USA

Year: 2010; Retired

Pieces: 560

Find at: AmazonEbay

There was only one addition to the Lego Architecture series in 2010, but it is an iconic choice. At 560 pieces, we see that the Architecture sets continue to realize that bigger and more detailed is better.


Set: #21007

Name: LEGO Architecture Rockefeller Center, New York City, New York, USA

Year: 2011; Retired

Pieces: 240

Find at: AmazonEbay

The Rockefeller Center unfortunately finds Lego falling back to the earlier 2008 standards.

A more complex model, this set by default requires more pieces than those 70 piece duds. Still, at just 240 pieces this version barely scratches the surface of what could have been.

Overall the work has a nice aesthetic, and does an adequate job as a faithful representation of the original. Ultimately this set is only for collectors.


Set: #21008

Name: LEGO Architecture Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Year: 2011, Retired

Pieces: 208

Find at: AmazonEbay

Finally, in its fourth year, Lego Architecture leaves the United States. The famous Burj Khalifa of Dubai gets the minimalist treatment, using mostly small rounds to replicate the world’s tallest building.

A fun, simple set, ideal for collectors and younger kids. Lego revamped their design with a re-release in 2016 that uses 333 pieces, resulting in a far superior build. See below.


Set: #21009

Name: LEGO Architecture Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois, USA

Year: 2011, Retired

Pieces: 546

Find at: AmazonEbay

Lego’s take on this minimalist masterpiece is one of the Architect series’ top early achievements.

Plenty of pieces and detail without becoming overwhelming for children, this is a model that can be built and enjoyed by old and young alike.


Set: #21010

Name: LEGO Architecture Robie House, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Year: 2011, retired

Pieces: 2276

Find at: AmazonEbay

Another Frank Lloyd Wright classic, this one gets the royal treatment with an incredible 2276 Lego bricks.


Set: #21011

Name: LEGO Architecture Brandenburg Gate, Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

Year: 2011, retired

Pieces: 363

Find at: AmazonEbay

The famed 18th-century neoclassical monument Brandenburger Tor from Berlin gets a royal treatment from Lego Architecture.

With just 363 pieces, this set is not as intricate as many others, but it as a representation of the Brandenburg Gate it is spot on while using an economy of bricks – an architect’s goal realized.


Set: #21012

Name: LEGO Architecture Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Year: 2012, retired

Pieces: 270

Find at: AmazonEbay

Not to be confused with 2013’s massive 2,989-piece Lego Creator version of the Sydney Opera House, this initial set of 270 pieces is solidly interesting if not quite brilliant.

2012: BIG BEN

Set: #21013

Name: LEGO Architecture Big Ben, London, Great Britain

Year: 2012

Pieces: 346

Find at: AmazonEbay

This 2012 LEGO Architecture set of London’s famous landmark clock presents an attractive design with minimal pieces.

It does good service to Big Ben, yet it doesn’t feel too minimal. An ideal set to get young ones into the series.


Set: #21014

Name: LEGO Architecture Villa Savoye, Poissy, France

Year: 2012

Pieces: 660

Find at: AmazonEbay

Finished in 1931 from a design by Swiss architects Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, the Villa Savoye is a paragon of architectural modernism.

And that is precisely what makes it perfect for a LEGO set. The 2012 version of this villa totals 660 pieces in a brilliant reconstruction that closes in on perfection.


Set: #21016

Name: LEGO Architecture Sungnyemun Gate, Seoul, South Korea

Year: 2012

Pieces: 325

Find at: AmazonEbay

Sungnyemun Gate (숭례문 in Hangul), commonly known as the Namdaemun Gate, is one of the Eight Gates in Seoul’s Fortress Wall.

The 2012 LEGO Architecture version doesn’t quite capture it for me, and reports are common of the set being rather boring to create — it’s just layers of small bricks. This one might need a remake at some point.


Set: #21015

Name: LEGO Architecture The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Torre pendente di Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Year: 2013

Pieces: 345

Find at: AmazonEbay

Who wouldn’t want to own the Leaning Tower of Pisa in LEGO form? The tilting tower is one of the world’s most recognizable and fascinating buildings.

The set here is simple and I would have preferred a little more detail, but it does the job. A nice addition to any LEGO Architecture enthusiast’s collection.


Set: #21017

Name: LEGO Architecture The Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Year: 2013

Pieces: 1188

Find at: AmazonEbay

Simply a stunning set. A beautiful representation of the iconic Tokyo hotel, this set is delightful to look at and will keep you busy with nearly twelve hundred pieces.


Set: #21018

Name: The United Nations Headquarters

Year: 2013

Pieces: 597

Find at: AmazonEbay

I love the UN Headquarters; it always makes me think of North by Northwest.

With 597 tiny pieces intricately placed in a medium-smallish replication of the famous international landmark, LEGO did a fine job and the result is a desirable, interesting set.


Set: #21050

Name: Lego Architecture Studio Set

Year: 2013

Pieces: 1210

Find at: AmazonEbay

Lego decided to go a little different route with the Studio set. It’s from 2013, but the number is not sequential – notice that we are skipping from 21018 to this and then on to 21019.

Rather than choosing a specific building, this set is all about inspiring the imaginations of the next generation of architects.

The set includes over a thousand pieces, sorting trays, and a massive 272 page booklet filled with architectural tips and building techniques. It’s a winner in my book.


Set: #21019

Name: The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Year: 2014

Pieces: 321

Find at: AmazonEbay

My son and I built this one together. I found it was a moderately difficult build for just 321 pieces. Looks just like the real deal, and it was easy enough to hold my 6-year-old’s interest while tough enough to require my help, making it a great father-son activity.

Anyone who sees it instantly knows what it is, and the relatively low piece-count kept the cost down and made it more affordable than some of the other Lego Architecture sets on this list. A real winner.


Set: #21020

Name: The Trevi Fountain, Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

Year: 2014

Pieces: 731

Find at: AmazonEbay

Most Lego enthusiasts seem to like this set, but I find that it doesn’t quite convey the intricate details that make the real Trevi Fountain so appealing. You just can’t do justice to the massive and perfectly rendered sculptures with, like, 3 round Lego bricks.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone gave this to me I would totally enjoy building it. It’s just not the best choice for the Lego Architecture series.


Set: #21021

Name: Marina Bay Sands, Republic of Singapore

Year: 2014

Pieces: 602

Find at: AmazonEbay

I like the Marina Bay Sands resort, but only in the kitschy way that New York fans must like the Yankees. This Lego Architecture set gets it.


Set: #21022

Name: The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., USA

Year: 2014

Pieces: 274

Find at: AmazonEbay

Beauty in simplicity. That’s the source of the power of the Lincoln Memorial, just on a massive scale.

This lovely 2014 set does the same thing, but in miniature. A great addition to your collection.


Set: #21023

Name: Flatiron Building, New York City, NY, USA

Year: 2015

Pieces: 471

Find at: AmazonEbay

Who wouldn’t want the Lego version of this oddly iconic triangular office building? I know I do.

This is what the Lego Architecture series is all about, and they nail it on this one.

2015: LOUVRE

Set: #21024

Name: The Louvre, Paris, France

Year: 2015

Pieces: 695

Find at: AmazonEbay

Unlike the Trevi Fountain (see above), which requires detail to give the full effect, the world’s most famous art museum works perfectly in Lego form.

Both the classical building and the modernist glass Pyramid are easily identified and look great in this fine set.


Set: #21026

Name: Venice, Italy

Year: 2016

Pieces: 212

Find at: AmazonEbay

Lego kicked off the “Skyline” series under the Architecture label with this simple edition of the Venice’s most notable landmarks.

As with the first few Architecture sets from the early ‘oughts, this one does the job, looks nice, and doesn’t use too many pieces.


Set: #21027

Name: Berlin, Germany

Year: 2016

Pieces: 289

Find at: AmazonEbay

Berlin, Germany as depicted by the Lego Architecture Skyline series. Light, tight, and cool. An easy build and a nice addition to any collection.


Set: #21028

Name: LEGO Architecture New York City, New York, USA

Year: 2016

Pieces: 598

Find at: AmazonEbay

This stunning Skyline set includes the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Flatiron Building, and One World Trade Center all together.

A masterpiece of iconic visuals with an economy of bricks. This is one of the few Skyline sets I truly love.


Set: #21029

Name: LEGO Architecture Buckingham Palace, London, Great Britain

Year: 2016

Pieces: 780

Find at: AmazonEbay

Slightly toyish in appearance, if you can accept that (LEGO is a toy, after all) then I think you will agree that the Architecture version of Buckingham Palace is another masterpiece in the collection.

It even has a little red tourist trolley driving by!


Set: #21030

Name: LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., USA

Year: 2016

Pieces: 1032

Find at: AmazonEbay

I don’t see how anyone could not love this set. With just over a thousand bricks, there are plenty of pieces to provide the detail needed to capture the look and feel of the Capitol building.


Set: #21031

Name: LEGO Architecture Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Year: 2016

Pieces: 333

Find at: AmazonEbay

A perfect, streamlined representation of the world’s tallest building. This set hearkens back to the simplicity of the early skyscraper designs in the LEGO Architecture series, but with a little more detail.

The end result captures the beautifully unique design of the Burj Khalifa almost perfectly.


Set: #21032

Name: LEGO Architecture Sydney Skyline

Year: 2017

Pieces: 361

Find at: AmazonEbay

The Sydney Skyline set is clever, simple, and elegant. I love the way they pulled off the Opera House. The look and “balance” of the set’s composition is also very attractive.


Set: #21033

Name: LEGO Architecture Chicago Skyline

Year: 2017

Pieces: 444

Find at: AmazonEbay

While Chicago’s skyscrapers don’t quite enjoy the fame of those of New York, the Windy City still presents an attractive and unique skyline.

In this set, Willis Tower, John Hancock Center, Cloud Gate, DuSable Bridge, Wrigley Building and the Big Red all get their due.

Each building is well-represented with simple and effective brick designs.


Set: #21034

Name: LEGO Architecture London Skyline

Year: 2017

Pieces: 468

Find at: AmazonEbay

The London Skyline set might be my favorite of the Skyline series. The buildings are iconic and easily recognized.

Big Ben? London Bridge? Yes, and yes. Plus the set includes more “yes” to the tune of Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery.

But more than that there is a masterful sense of balance provided by the colors (a consistent beige and white) and shapes (pointed towers in the foreground offset by the London Eye observation wheel in the background).

It’s a great set, perfect for play or as an addition to your collection.


Set: #21035

Name: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, USA

Year: 2017

Pieces: 744

Find at: AmazonEbay

Simply brilliant. Art, architecture, and Lego in perfect harmony. I think this is one of the best in the entire series.


Set: #21036

Name: Arc De Triomphe, Paris, France

Year: 2017

Pieces: 386

Find at: AmazonEbay

The Arc De Triomphe is a beautiful memorial structure, and the Lego Architecture version does it justice.

This set uses the right combination to capture the look and feel of the monument without using too many or too few pieces.


List of all Lego Architecture sets

Set: #21037

Name: LEGO Architecture Lego House, Billund, Denmark

Year: 2017 (limited edition)


Find on: Ebay

The Lego House is a rare find, ideal for true and avid collectors.

It is not available on Lego’s website, and can only be purchased at the LEGO House gift shop in Billund, Denmark (though you can find it, sometimes, on Ebay).


Lego Architecture Set 21047

Set: #21047

Name: Las Vegas Skyline

Year: 2018

Pieces: 501

Find at: AmazonEbay

Las Vegas is one of my least favorite places I’ve ever been. But still… The Skyline version of LV is pretty cool.

Each building or structure is immediately recognizable, and the set as a whole captures that Vegas vibe.


Set: #21039

Name: LEGO Architecture Shanghai Skyline

Year: 2018

Pieces: 597

Find at: AmazonEbay

It seems to me like the Skyline Series is a bit hit and miss. This addition to the LEGO Skyline sets is definitely a hit, though.

The set captures the Chenghuang Miao Temple, Longhua Temple and Pagoda, Radisson Blu Hotel, Bund area, Oriental Pearl, World Financial Center and the Shanghai Tower in ascending glory.

Each building is instantly identifiable yet they were designed with just a handful of pieces each. Brilliant.


Set: #21041

Name: LEGO Architecture Great Wall of China

Year: 2018

Pieces: 551

Find at: AmazonEbay

I love the rolling flow of the Lego Architecture Great Wall of China. It’s perfect.

Without having the squares and rectangles of so many of the other iconic landmarks, the designers pulled this one off with flair and style. The contrasting tan and green bricks cause the wall to truly stand out.


Set: #21042

Name: LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

Year: 2018

Pieces: 1685

Find at: AmazonEbay

A towering rendition of the iconic symbol of the United States of America. The detail of this Lego Architecture set is incredible, using just the right balance of pieces.


Set: #21043

Name: LEGO Architecture San Francisco Skyline

Year: 2019

Pieces: 565

Find at: AmazonEbay

I love what the creators of the San Francisco Skyline did with this set.

The rolling green hills add just the right touch, giving the set a sense of warmth and earthiness that many of the other Architecture models lack. Well done!


Set: #21044

Name: LEGO Architecture

Year: 2019

Pieces: 649

Find at: AmazonEbay

The Paris Skyline is nice when you take in the whole picture. But looking at each individual structure, I get the feeling that something is lacking. Personally, I’d go with the solo version of the Eiffel Tower (#21019 from 2014).

Still, they did manage to pack in six recognizable Parisian elements, plus some splashes of green in the grass and trees.

Ultimately, it’s an attractive set when taken all at once and the price isn’t too bad at all.


Set: #21045

Name: LEGO Architecture Trafalgar Square, London, Great Britain

Year: 2019

Pieces: 1197

Find at: AmazonEbay

Lego’s rendition of Trafalgar Square in London is just a busy as it is in real life!

This famous tourist spot details the tree lined streets, the fountains, and even a red tour bus.


Set: #21046

Name: LEGO Architecture Empire State Building, New York, USA

Year: 2019

Pieces: 1767

Find at: AmazonEbay

To my mind, the Empire State Building is the perfect subject matter for the Lego Architecture series.

Clean lines, a base that begins to sprawl outward, and the pointed top (not to mention yellow taxicabs in the street below!) make this a true collectors item that is instantly recognizable.

2019: Burj Khalifa

Set: #21055

Name: LEGO Architecture-Burj Khalifa

Year: 2019

Pieces: 333

Find at: AmazonEbay

This is simply a re-issue of set 21008 from 2016. It’s the exact same set, with no differences.

2020: Tokyo

Set: #21051

Name: LEGO Architecture Skylines: Tokyo 21051

Year: 2020

Pieces: 547

Find at: AmazonEbay

Lego continues expanding the “Skyline” series within the Architecture line. This time, Tokyo gets star treatment. And it’s well deserved!

Tokyo has an amazing city profile, and the set includes Tokyo Tower, Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, Tokyo Big Sight, and Tikyo Skytree, plus Chidorigafuchi Park and Shibuya Crossing.

2020: Dubai

Set: #21052

Name: LEGO Architecture Skylines: Dubai 21052

Year: 2020

Pieces: 740

Find at: AmazonEbay

Dubai has already been represented in this series with multiple issues of the Burj Khalifa as a standalone set. Now we get the world’s tallest building as part of the Dubai skyline, and it’s stunning.

The Burj Khalifa is an upgrade, with a new look based on rounded (rather than angled flat) pieces, plus blue accents that feel more true to life. In addition this 740 piece set also boasts the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, Dubai Frame, and The Dubai Fountain.

2020: The White House

Set: #21054

Name: LEGO Architecture Collection: The White House 21054

Year: 2020

Pieces: 1483

Find at: AmazonEbay

The White House was an early inclusion in the Architecture series, with the 560 piece set from 2010 (which is now retired).

This version, a decade later, is a significant update that adds both the East and West wings, along with a stunning representation of the greenery immediately surrounding the Presidential home.

2021: Taj Mahal

Set: #21056

Name: LEGO Architecture Taj Mahal (20156) Building Toy

Year: 2021

Pieces: 2022

Find at: AmazonEbay

Finally, Lego Architecture takes on one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic buildings: The Taj Mahal.

With over two thousand pieces, this building set is a true triumph. The most famous mausoleum ever constructed, the Taj Mahal is a pristine example of elegance, architecture, history, and an enduring labor of love.

2022: Singapore

Set: #21057

Name: LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection: Singapore (21057) Building Kit

Year: 2022

Pieces: 827

Find at: AmazonEbay

Next and latest on the list of LEGO architecture skylines is the Singapore Skyline. Singapore’s skyline has become one of the modern world’s most iconic, and for good reason.

The exorbitantly modern designs of Marina Bay Sands, the OCBC Centre, One Raffles Place and more are all depicted here in attractive bricks that perfectly capture the color and vibrancy of downtown Singapore.

2022: Great Pyramid of Giza

Set: #21058

Name: LEGO Architecture Famous Landmarks Collection: Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) Building Kit

Year: 2022

Pieces: 1,476

Find at: Amazon

Feel transported back in time to Ancient Egypt as you build and display this LEGO brick model of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The clever design of the Great Pyramid features a shell that conceals the intricate inner-workings of the massive structure, while you get the beauty of the vibrant Nile River in the foreground.

Sure to delight any lover of history, architecture, or travel, this set will look beautiful on display for all to see and admire.

2023: Himeji Castle

Set: #21060

Name: LEGO Architecture Landmarks Collection: Himeji Castle

Year: 2023

Pieces: 2,125

Find at: Amazon

Celebrate the longevity and majestic beauty of Japan’s largest castle with this build-and-display set. The beauty of the real deal is captured rather well, and the height of this set is impressive.

We have to tip our hats to LEGO for choosing to include the raised base of this castle, rather than focusing solely on the structure itself.

You can even choose the season. The model features a LEGO brick interpretation of the surrounding gardens, including 4 buildable cherry blossom trees, 2 with green foliage and 2 with pink cherry blossoms

Limited & Special Edition Sets

These LEGO Architecture sets are extremely rare. Most of them were given to LEGO employees or are only available in Denmark. If you’re a collector, you might be able to find some on auction sites like Ebay.

Technically they are not advertised under the “LEGO Architecture” label. But since the sets follow the same style and general idea as the Architecture series, most collectors consider them as a sort of rare subset.


  • Pieces: 174
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000002
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 315
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000005
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 250
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000006
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 285
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000009
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 250
  • Sold only in Billund at the gift shop
  • Set #4000010
  • Find it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 327
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000011
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 215
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000015
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 281
  • Only available at Billund Airport
  • Set #4000016
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 412
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000018
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 407
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000023
  • Look for it on Ebay


  • Pieces: 286
  • Only available at Billund Airport
  • Set #40199 (update to set 4000016)
  • Look for it on eBay

2022: LEGO Campus

  • Pieces: 1494
  • Given to employees
  • Set #4000038
  • Look for it on eBay

LEGO Architecture FAQs

For the curious and the collector, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about these fabulous architecture LEGO sets.

How many LEGO Architecture sets are there in total?

In total — including Landmark Collection, Skyline Collection, and Special/Limited Edition releases — there are 66 sets as of Fall 2023.

How many LEGO Skyline sets are there?

There are currently 14 LEGO Skyline sets including Tokyo, Chicago, Singapore, Las Vegas, Dubai, and more.

How many LEGO Landmark sets are there?

This is such a neat series with limitless future possibilities, but as of 2023, there are 32 LEGO sets in the Landmark Collection.

How difficult is LEGO Architecture?

The level of difficulty for each set varies depending on which one you choose.

As with all LEGO sets, thorough instructions are included, and older children and adults should be able to assemble most sets within a number of hours.

Here are a few of the most challenging sets in the architecture series:

  • Taj Mahal
  • Sydney Opera House
  • The Eiffel tower
  • The Statue of Liberty

Well, that’s it! Every single Lego Architecture set ever made.

These make great gifts for kids and adults alike. Anyone with an interest in buildings, history, art, geography, models, or Lego sets in general will love to receive one (or more!) of these for a birthday or holiday.

Looking for more architecture gift ideas? Check out these great gifts for architects!

Every Lego Architecture Set
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