The Most Annoying Kids Toys of All Time

Annoying Toys Parents Hate

Want to know how to annoy any parents in your life? Give their child one of these stupidly annoying toys.

Maybe you’re getting revenge (a dish best served cold) to your little sister who said she’d never have kids and always gave your offspring gifts like sticky candy and that freaking annoying drum set.

Or perhaps you just want to really annoy the heck out of your BFFs.

Either way, we’ve got you covered with some of the best (hence, worst) gifts to give parents to annoy that last little bit of sanity right out of them.

Give their kids any of these completely idiotic gifts and you’ll be creating a whole new type of special birthday memories.

Enjoy our list of the most annoying toys of all time.

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50 Fun & Timeless Jewelry Gifts for Kids

Timeless Jewelry for Kids

Giving jewelry is a timeless tradition, and for good reason. It’s a sentimental way to mark a special day or a goal met, or perhaps honor a growing maturity as you create a special heirloom.

Jewelry gifts can be either inexpensive or nearly priceless depending on what you want. In these days of costly shipping, the teensy-tinsy baubles are easy to mail so if you need a budget-friendly yet meaningful gift for your littles, jewelry just might be the way to go.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or sophisticated, grown-up or childlike, we’ve got some great ideas for you and your beautifully jewelry-bedecked children. Check it out!

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8 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Best Gifts for Birthdays, Holidays & More

Best Gifts for 8 Year Olds

8 year olds are the best. They’re still hilariously pint-sized, and say and do funny things, but are trying to be more grown up. All of this is a recipe for the most squeezable, hysterical, moody, pesky, questionable, loving, embarrassing, kissable, sticky, THING ever. And we think that thing deserves a great gift.

Here are our favorite gifts for 8 year olds, for birthdays, for Christmas, or just because!

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Gift Ideas for 11 Year Olds: An Authentic Gift Guide

11 Year Old Gift Ideas

Welcome to our gift guide to the best gift ideas for 11 year olds!

Eleven can be a tough age. They’re not yet a teenager, but they’re also not a little kid anymore. You can see their personalities really start to develop, friendships take on new importance, and there are so many things they are now doing independently.

Yet there are times where your middle school kid still needs a mommy snuggle, or dad’s special touch in putting on band-aids, or sweet treats to make the medicine go down.

Yes, your 11-year-old boy or girl is still a little squirt in so many ways, yet they’re also growing like a weed and acting more adult-adjacent each day.

With birthdays and holidays always just around the corner, you might be fresh out of ideas for unique gifts that straddle this still-a-kid-but-also-kind-of-a-teen age.

Well, don’t sweat it! Here at All Gifts Considered, we’ve researched all the options to curate the ultimate list of the best gifts for 11 year olds.

Enjoy your shopping experience, and read on for the best gift ideas for 11-year-old girls and boys!

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21 Sensory Toy Gifts for Autistic Kids

21 Sensory Toys for Kids

Sensory toys are an important tool for children with autism. These hands-on toys can allow them to focus their stress and anxiety on items that will allow them to function in an event more calmly.

Plus, they’re super fun!

We have put together a list of sensory toy gifts and gadgets so that you can choose the best for a beloved child in your life.

Good luck choosing just one gift from this collection!

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Ultimate 10 Year Old Gifts for Birthdays & Holidays

10 Year Old Gift Ideas

Gifts can be tricky, especially for a pre-teen.

We’ve taken the hard part over for you and compiled a list of some great gift ideas that straddle the two worlds of a ten year old: Still a child, yet yearning to be in that cool-kid teenager stage.

Take your time looking this list over; you will be sure to find at least one gift to suit your 10-year-old. Can’t decide? Give more than one!

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5 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Creative, Fun, and Educational Gifts

21 Ideas for Five Year Old Gifts

Five is a milestone birthday. The little goober has made it past infancy, and toddlerhood, and is ready for the big leagues! Just ask them, right?

But when it comes to 5 year old gift ideas, well….. they can be a little picky.

Too babyish and they’ll look at you with a foreshadowing of their teen years, too grown-up and they’ll toss it and play with the box instead.

Then there’s the parents! Too tech-oriented and their kid’s brain will turn to mush, but too hippie-granola and they’ll think you’re trying to guilt trip them about… something.

Read on for some great gift ideas that hit just the right note of creativity, fun, and educational aspects too.

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