55 Approved Retirement Messages For Your Favorite Coworker

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It’s a sad time when your favorite coworker decides to leave! How selfish of them! Did they not think of the hole they’d leave behind? You may have originally thought of some sweet retirement messages for your coworker, but now you may just give them an earful!

All kidding aside, you want to have some heart-felt (or funny) sentiments and messages for that special person. Just signing your name to a group card? No way! Totally gauche. You’re better than that, and they deserve more.

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Retirement Messages for Your Number One Boss

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When “The Big Cheese” is up for retirement, it’s a mixed bag of feelings! After all, he or she is #1 in your book, and they’ll be so dearly, dearly missed. 

But also, it’s a time to be proud of them and all they’ve accomplished! Not to mention happy that they get some much earned time to themselves for a change. 

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100 Happy Retirement Wishes for an Outstanding Coworker

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It’s a happy day for them, but a sad day for you! You’re losing your favorite coworker — well, not losing them per se, but not seeing them each and every day? Unfathomable. 

But of course you’re pleased as punch for them, and super excited for what their future holds. To help them celebrate, you’ll definitely want some great retirement wishes to help send them on their way. Here are 100 ways to say “Happy Retirement” and let them know how dearly they’ll be missed! 

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50 Relaxing Self-Care Gifts [Focus, Feast & Fun]

Relaxing self care gifts - Feature image

Whether you just came off the crazy train of the holiday season, you’re neck-deep at work, recently made a big move in your life or, heck, it’s a normal Tuesday! We think you’ve earned a li’l sumthin’-sumthin’. Ya know? Like some self-care gifts, for instance.

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100 Best 100th Birthday Wishes

100th birthday wishes - feature image

Your beloved friend, parent, grandparent, neighbor or whomever it is, is turning a century old? This calls for a celebration and some memorable ways to say Happy Birthday (that isn’t, you know, “happy birthday”). 

To reach that incredible milestone of a grand century, they certainly must possess a lot of personal spirit, inner strength and a LOT of life experience. They deserve to be honored with sweet sentiments and plenty of well wishes.

 Read on for some fun ways to wish your special person a wonderful day that is all about them. 

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100 Best 90th Birthday Wishes

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Talk about a reason to celebrate! Someone near and dear to you is turning how old? 90? Well, don’t that beat all.

Turning 90 is a momentous occasion that not everyone gets to recognize — but you do! Read on for some fun, sentimental, witty, and wonderful 90th Birthday wishes for your loved one. 

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100 Best 80th Birthday Wishes

80th birthday wishes - feature image

If there’s ever a reason to celebrate and paint the town, it’s a loved one turning 80 years old!

In all seriousness: what an accomplishment. An 80th birthday is something to honor. We love our seniors — not just for their stories and wisdom, but for their silly jokes, history lessons, and hugs. Here’s to your favorite 80 year old!

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101 Christmas Love Quotes for Lovers & Romantics

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The holidays are the perfect time for romantics and lovers to write ooey-gooey Christmas love notes to each other. 

Speaking (um, writing) as someone who literally had a Christmas-themed wedding, I am all in-favor of Christmas being a sappy, sweet, snuggly, lovey-dovey holiday.

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