50th Birthday Gifts for Men & Women (+Party Ideas)

It’s a half a century! For the 50 year old in your life, this is no year to get them a careless gift card or another package of socks.

This is a year to remember. And – hopefully – one of the things they’ll remember most is your fabulous 50th birthday gift.

Read on for some delightful and unusual gifts for your favorite quinquagenarian!

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Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

We’ll start with the ten very best, then move on to gifts specifically for men and women.

1. Beer of the Month Club

Every month. Craft brewed, small batch beer. Delivered. To their door.

You know you’ve arrived when you don’t even have to go down to the store for your beer supply. This beer month club is the best!

For a closer look at what your freshly-minted 50-year-old will receive, see our unboxing and review of this beer subscription here. Oh, and they also have a wine club, too!

2. Zen Meditating Elephant Garden Gnomes

There’s something equally charming and calming in these meditating garden elephants!

Whether they’re placed on a porch, in a garden, or even on a front stoop, these sweet gnomes will be the talk of the neighborhood.

3. Plant a Tree in Their Name

For someone who is hard to shop for, or someone who insisted on “no gifts,” a tree planting is the perfect alternative.

Everyone wins with this present: a tree planted in their very own name. It’s good for the earth, and good for the soul.

4. Personalized Farm Tractor Bottle Opener

When your birthday guy/gal is a farmer with some dirt on his boots and a cold one in their hands, this handcrafted wall-mounted bottle opener is the best present they’ll receive.

Personalize it with their name and farm and date, and they’ll treasure it for years and years to come.

5. Oh Crap Look Who’s 50 Embroidered Toilet Paper

Looking for a 50th birthday gag gift? Make ’em laugh with a roll of hilariously embroidered toilet paper!

Everyone will want to use the commode when word gets around about this funny gift.

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6. Personalized Bobblehead

You’ve heard celebrities say they finally felt like they had arrived once a toy or a bobblehead was made out of them.

Now your favorite 50 year old can feel just as special, with this personalized (and totally adorable) bobblehead.

7. Decorative Fire Extinguisher

Check out these gorgeous designer fire extinguishers. Safety and beauty meet in the ideal 50th birthday gift! These home fire defense units are practical, clever, useful, and smart.

Plus, they’re so good-looking your 50th birthday boy/girl might want to put it out on display instead of under the kitchen sink where the rest of us keep our boring old fire extinguishers.

8. Burrito Blanket

Old people get cold. Show some appreciation for the fact that, now that they’re at the half-century mark, they’re practically dead.

So, warm them up in timeless style with this burrito blanket. It’s one of the most smile-inducing 50th birthday gifts we’ve ever seen.

9. Whiskey Aging Kit

Those early years of warm beer, wine in a box, and crummy wine coolers are gone. With maturity comes mature tastes.

They’ve elevated their taste buds and are more than ready for a classy, sophisticated beverage. Namely, whiskey!

Now they can tinker with the ultimate flavor at home. This barrel-aging kit will really fit the bill when it comes to the perfect gift.

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10. Personalized Walking Stick

You can go smarmy and romantic, or snarky and funny, but whatever you do, put some thought into how best to personalize this amazing handcrafted walking stick!

It will be their constant companion as they either hike through the wilderness, or you know… use it threateningly at hoodlums who walk on their grass.

Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

As promised, our exceedingly excellent picks featuring 50th birthday gifts for her.

11. Swarovski Rose-Gold Infinity Knot Jewelry Set

Some women say they don’t like jewelry, but some women are lying.

This rose-gold (oh-so trendy right now) infinity knot necklace will make her eyes widen and her heart skip a beat.

Yep. You are definitely her favorite person right now.

12. Floral Bible Verse Plaque with Family Name

This handmade personalized Scripture plaque will deserve a place of honor in the living room. It will surely become a treasured heirloom.

She may even remove a photo of the grandchildren to really show off this beautiful family plaque. I know I would…

13. Custom Photo Puzzle

There’s a reason why older people like jigsaw puzzles: they’re challenging, you can sit down while you do them, they make you “turn your brain off,” and the grandkids can help.

Well, everyone will want to help with this one: a custom photo puzzle of themselves, you, the family, or the family’s pet – whatever you want! This gift will be a game-changer for sure.

Don’t forget the puzzle glue and frame so that they can show this thing off once it’s all together!

14. Personal Library Book Embosser

If she’s a real bibliophile (and she’s getting sick and tired of no one returning their loaned books), she’ll go ga-ga over this personal library book embosser.

We guarantee she has dreamed of being a librarian, and this will really fulfill her fantasies!

15. Stemless Wine Glass Etched with Her Name

The cutesy wine glass markers (like these) you can get to distinguish your glass, well, they’re cute if you’re into such things.

But a permanently custom-etched glass that basically says, “this is mine,” well, now you’re talking. Fill her up!

16. Handcrafted Ceramic Cat Mugs

Sure, she might not be a full-fledged crazy cat lady (yet), but you know and she knows that she’s halfway there.

Why not embrace the crazy with these adorable, handcrafted kitty mugs?

17. 1970s Classic Original T-Shirt

You can tell how soft this fun 50th birthday tee is just by looking!

Get one for your “original 1970s classic” lady and be prepared to see her wear it at least twice a week. Every week.

18. Rocketbook Notebook: Send Handwritten Notes & Art to the Cloud

Rocketbook notebook. Say that five times fast! Or don’t, and just buy one of these for your special 50 year old.

Why? Because it will keep them in step with the digital age while also allowing them to continue writing notes by hand. This nifty notebook allows you to write (or draw), in pen, just like any old journal. Then you snap a photo with your phone and it instantly gets uploaded to the cloud!

Set it up to save to your Dropbox, Evernote, email, calendar, or anything else you want. They can translate text, save photos, or do basically anything you want. Then erase and do it all again.

19. Flowers

Women get a little mooshy, a little smarmy, a little misty-eyed, over a beautiful bunch of flowers. It’s a timeless go-to gift for a reason!

These ones, from The Bouqs, use farm-fresh flowers sourced directly from local farmers. And only eco-friendly ones that minimize waste, recycle water, and practice sustainability.

It’s a beautiful and conscientious gift idea for your favorite 50 year old.

20. Wine of the Month Club

What’s better than a glass of vino at the end of a long work week (or any week)?

Well, nothing, unless it’s a glass of vino every night with a different selection every month! Brighten her evenings and her wine cellar with this wine of the month club.

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Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

Guys turn 50 too. Here are the things they want.

21. Ladder Toss Backyard Game

Get him outside and out of that recliner with this ladder toss backyard game. Before you know it, they’ll be hosting BBQs and neighborhood competitions (and hopefully invite you).

22. Personalized Retro Garage Clock Sign

This will look perfect in his garage or man-cave. Personalize this vintage-looking clock sign with his own name, and just watch him hang it in a place of honor.

23. Personalized Golfer Sign

We’re not sure what’s more fun: all the different ways to personalize this clever sign or watching his face light up when he sees it. The golfer in your life is going to love it!

Handcrafted in Oregon from solid wood, custom engraved to order. The hanging name board part is an optional add-on.

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24. Krav Maga Self-Defense Class

Getting older is no excuse to stop moving, and what’s a more fun way than a self-defense class? He’ll love getting into shape and knowing he can still take down a 25 year old if needs be.

Your freshly-minted 50 year old can take the course online from the comfort of home.

25. Jeep Fire Pit

For the Jeep lover (and sheesh, who isn’t one?), this classy firepit will be a flawless birthday gift.

It’s shiny and sturdy, plus sophisticated and cool – just like him. Bring on the s’mores!

26. Custom Tavern Sign made from Barrel Top

Whether he mounts this personalized barrel top sign in his study, den, garage, or back porch, it’s sure to get a lot of compliments and questions about where he got it.

Well, shucks, he got it from you!

27. Personalized Fisherman’s Cutting Board

Looking for the perfect fisherman gift? He’ll love filleting his latest catch on a personalized bamboo wood cutting board. You can put his name and anything else you want on there, plus it includes his choice of one of nine different types of fish (trout, marlin, walleye, etc).

We have a whole list of even more fishing-themed gifts here if this charming cutting board doesn’t cut the mustard.

28. Cigar of the Month Club

When he’s charming, sophisticated, classy, and snazzy, then he needs this: a cigar of the month subscription. He’ll be able to find his favorite (and share his not-so-favorites with you maybe).

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29. Complete Power Tool Set: Ryobi One+

If you’ve seen his tool collection and it’s a disaster waiting to happen, then this Ryobi power tool set might just be the ticket to safety, organization, and heck, it’s pleasing to the eye as well! Also, you know you need to borrow some of these.

30. Deep Fryer

Let’s face facts: it all tastes better deep-fried. If he loves to host parties and do his own cooking, he’s going to love this reliable and streamlined deep fryer for crafting all his favorite foods at home.

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Creative 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Have a 1950s themed party

It was the decade of fast cars, poodle skirts, greased hair, the Beattles, and kind of weird food (just being honest. Jello molds? Why so many jello molds? We don’t know, but definitely serve a few for nostalgia’s sake).

Have a blast from the past party

Make sure to put plenty of photos around from the birthday guy/gal’s childhood (the more embarrassing the better).

Have a Luau

If you’ve got a big backyard, go Hawaiian! Lots of tropical drinks, hula dance-offs, and island recipes, will make this party one to remember.

Have an elegant dinner party

Even if your home is small, you can still have an elegant soiree! Have guests dress up, decorate with black and white, hire a caterer, and maybe even a violinist and a cocktail waitress.

Have a literary party

If they love books like you love chocolate (we’re just guessing), then plan a book themed party. Have guests dress as their favorite characters and organize a game around guessing who they are. Prizes of course for best dressed!

Plan a party around their favorite movie

Whether it’s Rambo, Bambi, Pulp Fiction, or Casablanca, there are worlds to discover in their favorite movie. Decorate, dress, and eat accordingly!

Host a tailgate party

There doesn’t have to be a game on to enjoy a good tailgate party! (But you could always stream an old favorite). Have people bring their trucks, borrow some grills, and stay outside long past their bedtime.

Have a progressive dinner party

If there are four to six of you BFFs, make it a night to remember by having cocktails at one house, appetizers at another, dinner at someone else’s, and dessert at the final destination! Everyone gets a change to host and carpooling is half the fun.

Have a picnic

It can be at the beach, in the woods, at the end of a long hike or a short walk, in your own backyard or at the park. The possibilities are endless! And don’t think picnics are only good in the summer: winter picnics are ever so charming (just dress warmly and pack some blankets).

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Host a wake instead of a birthday party

Go ahead and make them laugh all night with decorations all in black, over-the-top outfits for guests (think black veils for the ladies), and eulogies given by their friends.

Need more party ideas? We have 150 more right here for you to use!

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50th Birthday Gifts for Men & Women