Thoughtful Gift for your Adult Kids

12 Thoughtful Gifts for Adult Children

Last Updated on February 9, 2022

If you’re in the market for gifts for adult children, you likely need a little inspiration finding the best ones.

You know the days are long gone when the kids would gladly take just about any toy you’d surprise them with, and play for hours on end.

Nowadays, gifting your grown-up kids something they’ll actually like or use is a feat unto itself. But lucky for you, we’re gift experts and have curated the perfect ideas.

Let’s take a look.

Top 12 Gifts for Adult Children

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1. Trees for a Change

Often times, when searching for gifts for adult children, it really helps to think outside the (gift) box.

In other words, think outside the tangible: instead of a physical present, consider a donation to a charity, a gift given in honor or memory of someone special, etc.

Trees for a Change is a great organization to consider “gifting” your adult child.

You dedicate a tree in their name, and it will be planted in a U.S National Forest that has been devastated by wildfire. Your loved one will receive a certificate or card letting them know of your thoughtful gift.

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2. Mark 12:30 Wood Scripture Plaque

The words of Christ from Mark 12:30 are engraved with careful precision into the wood of this stunning Scripture plaque from Northwest Gifts.

Personalization of your child’s family name, est. date, and floral background will make for a beautiful, meaningful addition to any room in their home.

This plaque is available in two different sizes and comes ready to hang. See here for more wood Scripture plaques, or to customize your own.

3. Experience Gift or Getaway

Experiences are all the rage these days. So it goes without saying that experience gifts are also very in right now, and don’t appear to be going away any time soon.

Give your adult child the gift of an experience, and you’re really gifting them new memories that will last them for the rest of their lives.

Tinggly makes an experience a super easy thing to give by offering what they call gift boxes. Each box comes with a plethora of options for your son or daughter to pick from, from horseback riding on the beach in the UK to surfing lessons in Santa Cruz.

There really is a little something for everybody!

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4. Hopped Up Coffee Gift Box

It’s a fact of nature that once you’re grown, you love coffee (or tea, or kombucha or… you know, caffeine). So if your adult daughter or son is a big fan of coffee, you already know they’ll really appreciate something like this gift idea.

The Hopped Up Coffee gift box contains specialty grounds hand-blended by coffee connoisseurs. Mimicking the crisp flavors of malted beverages, each sampler is full of body and a slight kick.

Four flavors are included per gift box: Chocolate Stout, Black IPA, Winter Warmer, and Scottish Ale.

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5. Safe-T Fire Extinguisher

It doesn’t matter how old they get – they’ll always be your baby and you’re always going to worry about them.

Now you can rest a little easier at night knowing that if they have a fire emergency, they’ll be prepared to handle it.

When you give them a Safe-T fire extinguisher, they’ll have a CE 0029 tank (meeting EN 3-8 technical standards) at their disposal, without the boring that would otherwise come with a regular old extinguisher.

Check out all the other cool designs Safe-T has to offer here.

6. Custom Portrait Print

When in doubt, turn to art! ‘Cause with a little creative help, gifts for adult children aren’t hard at all to find (or make).

Here’s a wonderful example: This stunning portrait print.

You send the artist all the elements of the mom-daughter/mom-son portrait you want created (hair color, body type, skin tone, etc.) and they’ll create a lovely reminder of your close-knit relationship in art form.

It’s a gift your grown child will always treasure.

Choose between digital download or printed copy, and be sure to get a nice frame for it.

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7. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

A nice decanter set is a classic gift and something that your kids will be able to use for years. And when it comes personalized like this one (with name and date), it’s even better.

This fine glassware set includes a custom engraved 27-oz decanter, perfect for whiskey or any other spirit, and four matching personalized glasses.

And with nine different design options to choose from, you have the ability to really customize it to your child’s particular taste. A gift box is optional.

8. Custom Engraved Glencairn Glass

This idea makes a great accompaniment gift to the whiskey decanter set (#7) mentioned above.

This high-quality (made in the USA) custom-engraved Glencairn glass will feature your child’s name in your choice of four different fonts. It’s dishwasher safe and holds up to 6 ounces of whiskey, bourbon, or anything else.

Browse more personalized Glencairn glasses (and other types of glassware) here.

9. UV Portable Sanitizer

The era we’re living in dictates that we do whatever we can to minimize contact with harmful germs.

UV sanitation (officially referred to as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, learn more here) is starting to gain traction as a way to keep schools, hospitals and even homes clean.

We all know that our phones harbor a ton of disgusting germs, and should probably be the first thing we clean at the start and end of each day.

By using this HoMedics UV portable sanitizer to clean their phone, your child will be taking extra precaution to keep not only themselves but everyone else around them healthy.

10. Custom Stationery Cards

Everyone knows that you’re not officially an adult until you own your own fancy stationery!

Okay, that’s not entirely true… but stationery is still (or should still be) a staple to any respectable desktop. And if you’re going to give your son or daughter a nice stationery set, go ahead and ensure that it’s personalized, too.

This set of cards is simple yet elegant enough to deserve a place of honor on the desk of your hardworking adult child. Whether they could use them for official business communications or just to jot down notes or ideas, they’re sure to enjoy the highbrow ambiance of it all.

Includes 10 matte cards and envelopes. Gift wrapping is included.

You may also want to include some fancy accessories, like a set of calligraphy pens or a wax seal stamp kit.

11. Personalized Cedar Wood Bird Feeder

This isn’t Grandad’s old bird feeder! The premium personalized cedar wood bird feeder from Northwest Gifts is a beautiful yet practical piece of yard decor your adult child will be proud to display in their tree or porch.

This feeder can be personalized on the front acrylic panel (included; additional personalization on the back panel is optional) to say “Best Son Ever” or “Best Daughter Ever.”

Built to last for years against the outdoor elements, this USA-made bird feeder measures 10.5″ x 7″ x 4.75″.

12. Personalized Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

When you become a grown-up, you start to like grown-up things. Vacuum cleaners, new towels, quality glassware, cleaning and cooking products, and… why yes, even cutting boards.

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This spacious personalized cutting board is one that your adult child can either utilize while cooking or display as an impressive piece of kitchen decor.

It’s made from bamboo wood, and comes laser-engraved with their first or family name (or both). It measures a spacious 18″ x 12″ x .75″ and includes the decorative leaf accents you see above.

More Gift Ideas for Adult Children

Still stuck in a gift-giving rut? Here are just a few more “outside of the box” gifts for adult children to consider:

Offer to help around the house. You remember the good ol’ days of endless dishes, laundry, errands… just a lot of WORK! Offering to take some of the load off your kids’ backs for a day, or even a few hours, may be the best gift you could give them.

Offer to watch the little ones for awhile, if they have their own kids. Let them enjoy a little getaway, or even a date night all to themselves.

Take your adult daughter out for a mom-daughter mani-pedi. Or a girls’ day at the mall, to the hair salon, even a relaxing movie day at her place (or yours!) We guarantee she’d love to spend some quality time with you still, just as much as you want to with her.

Write your adult son a heartfelt letter telling him just how proud of him you really are. It would mean the world for him to know how much he’s loved and respected as a grown man (and that he’s actually doin’ okay in your eyes).

Make your kids a home-cooked meal. Remember that one dish they constantly asked for growing up? The one you were secretly sick of eating all the time to the point that it had to become a “special occasion only” dish? Yeah, that one. Make it and take it on over to them, they’re going to love the surprise of it.

Pay a bill or two for them. We all know times ain’t easy right now, and sometimes independent, grown-up kids have a hard time asking for help when they need it. So even though you’ve raised them to fend for themselves, this offer alone may be greatly appreciated.

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