21 Gifts for Horse Lovers and Equestrians

Ever wondered what to give to that horse crazy person in your life? Well, wonder no more! We all know horse lovers are a unique breed, so with only a little further adieu, here is a list of 21 gifts any horse lover or equestrian will adore.

How do I know? I am one.

Only a horse lover can know that aching feeling you get in your chest when you think about, or see, or even read about a beautiful horse! We have been known to want to grow our hair out, and live on a desert island with a wild stallion!

Secretly we both love and hate the Black Stallion series, because it just isn’t fair that Alec Ramsey gets everything amazing! I have never owned my own horse, but I have not given up on the dream of someday having one. As a child I used to cry, because nobody understood just how important having a horse was to me.

Silly, I know, but those of us who never grew out of this great love know that the struggle is real.

If you know one of these people, with a great heart for horses, these gift ideas are with them in mind. I have owned many of these items, and would love any of the others. I know it can be hard to think of just the right thing, especially if you aren’t much of a horse person yourself, so hopefully this takes some of the guesswork out.

21 Gifts for Horse Lovers

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1. Horse Print Welly Rain Boots

My husband bought me these horse-patterned rain boots a couple Christmases ago, and they are wonderful! I have worn them with everything from sweats to dresses.

Now that we live by the beach I have worn them on cold days to wade in the water. If you are lucky enough to actually own your own horse (cue my tears) I’m sure you would find these useful around the barn as well.

2. Personalized Equestrian Vintage Sign

This vintage style wooden sign is beautiful, and would look great in a bedroom or office, or even stable. Probably my favorite part is the horse head in the middle, wreathed in a horse shoe. The gift can also be personalized with the horse lover’s name on the hanging sign.

You can get this personalized equestrian sign here, and there are also versions for cowboys, rodeo clowns, and lots more.

3. Personalized Wooden Horse Pendant Necklace

This horse necklace is just beautiful! I love the whimsical style of it. Plus, the fact that it is made of wood adds so much character. There are a bunch of styles to choose from, and they are all lovely. You can tell the person who makes them loves horses too.

4. Personalized Horse Lover Tumbler

Well, pour me some coffee and call me Miss Sewell! Who doesn’t love an insulated tumbler, but especially one with a horse on it? This mug can be customized, and comes with lots of different color options, and makes a sweet gift for a horse lover.

5. Handmade Leather Horse Journal

Drool! This journal is beautiful. I love the antique-style clasp that these have as well as the carved horse design.

I have owned many horse journals, but this might just be the prettiest I have seen. The journal is made with removable paper, so that when your horse lover uses up the whole journal they can easily refill it again.

6. Horse Bookends

Now you can book end your horse book collection in style! Hehe. For real, though, these horse bookends are so pretty and classic that even if you share a house with a horse muggle they will still appreciate them.

Heck, we have rhino bookends in our house, and I’m pretty sure I have never given 10 whole minutes to thinking of rhinos, but they are a classic style so I still like them. I’d switch the rhinos out in a heartbeat for these, though. Just sayin’.

7. Mane and Tail Herbal Gro Hair Care Set

This shampoo brand is super fun, because you can use this hair care kit for you AND your horse!! Can someone say spa day?! Or if you are like me, horseless and sad, at least your hair can still look great…

8. Engraved Horse Lover Pocket Knife

I own one of these knives, and they are super cool. Our whole family actually has one (engraved with each person’s initials), and we all love them. They are beautiful and smooth, and with a horse on it they are even better!

It can be custom engraved on the back side as well. The perfect way to create a personalized horse lover gift, complete with their name or initials. Available here.

9. Custom Natural Fiber Horse Grooming Set

Wow! If I had a horse I would love this horse grooming set. You can mix and match or purchase as a complete set.

Grooming is such an important part of horse care and bonding. If you’re like me you cant resist sneaking a kiss on their soft nose, and inhaling their horsey smell. Pure bliss.

10. Willow Tree Quiet Strength Memory Box

Okay, Willow Tree is fantastic in general, ya know?? Somehow they have made faceless people look so perfect, and they make our hearts happy.

This box has the best of both worlds: horses and Willow Tree! The horse lover keepsake box would be perfect for storing horse jewelry or any other special keepsakes.

11. Horse Lover T-shirt

One thing most horse lovers have in common is growing up wearing horse patterned shirts. I distinctly remember having several, with bright watercolor horses on them, and wearing those suckers proud.

While I am quirky enough to maybe still sport such a shirt, in general we get a little more subtle with age. This shirt, then, is the perfect gift for horse lovers!

12. Horse Cuff Bracelet

My birthday is in May! Just letting you know. Of course I know you don’t know me now, but if you get me this horse cuff bracelet for my birthday you will easily make my list of top 5 BFFs.

It’s so pretty! The cuff manages to be cute and classic and horse crazy all at the same time.

My preciousssss.

13. Leonardo Da Vinci Horse Print

Love this! Everyone knows the famous horse sketches of Da Vinci, right? This beauty is a print of his sketch on a vintage dictionary page, and it’s awesome.

Horses and old books are the two things things that smell the best, and make sappy hearts go pitter patter. Perfect for framing!

14. The Black Stallion Boxed Book Set

Okay, so this Black Stallion box set isn’t the whole series. Those of us who adored Walter Farley as children (and adults) know this, because we remember checking out stacks of his books at the library as tall as we were.

I can’t even remember the number of times I have read this series, and now am overjoyed that I am getting to be able to share them with my own children. I still have my series on a shelf next to my bed, mismatched and well-read.

Long story short, these are some of the all-time best horse books and thus one of the all-time best gifts for horse lovers. Read them now!!

15. Bronze Bucephalus Horse Figurine

Prepare for the ultimate nerdy horse lover gift!! Yes, it’s the figurine from the Black Stallion! The figurine is a perfect copy of the one from the movie, which is a representation of Alexander the Great’s famed horse Bucephalus.

When your horse lover holds this figurine they can feel just like Alec Ramsey, and maybe almost imagine they also have a wild black stallion as a friend.

16. The Complete Book of Horses

Once again we are verging on nerdy to the max, but I remember wearing the cover off of books like this! Horse people love learning about different breeds, riding styles, and caring for horses… it’s like candy for the equestrian in your life.

Forget coffee table magazines like Vogue or Better Homes and Garden. Give me horses or give me death!

17. Herd Your Horses Board Game

The real draw of this game is the cards. They have legit horse pictures, with names, and details about each horse. A favorite in our house.

When I play this game with my kids we hardly ever even play the real game, we just get excited about collecting all of the best horse cards! Super fun whether you’re young or old.

18. Cute Horse Print Scarf

Once again, in case you forgot my birthday. {May. Cough cough.} You know you want to be my bestie, and buy me this scarf!*

If not, though, I’m sure any other equestrian in your life will adore it because it is the perfect gift for a horse lover!

*Update: my hubby totally got this for me for my birthday. And I love it!! One of the best gifts for horse lovers, take it from me 🙂

19. Horse Wall Print

This wooden wall print is so pretty. Talk about the most photogenic horses, like, ever. Plus, the tones in this picture are so natural it would complement just about any home decorating style. I love it!

20. Horse Show Recovery Kit

If you are cool enough to compete in horse shows – or know someone who does – this horse show recovery kit is a perfect gift!

The kit includes chapstick, bath bombs, and relaxing tea, so you can kick back and relax after your hard work. Oh how I wish it was me!

21. Personalized Riding Tote Bag

Let’s face it, this bag is pure sweetness. It doesn’t even matter whether you have a horse or just adore them:

If you do have a horse, this would make a great bag to go along to the barn, carrying all of your supplies. If you don’t you can still use it to carry all of your horse books, journals, and Herd Your Horses game. 😉

Well, there you have it! The very best gifts for horse lovers. If these don’t quite hit the spot, well, I’m not sure what to say… other than, check out some more creative and personalized gifts (including more horse-themed gifts) at Northwest Gifts.

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  1. Another option is handmade horsehair jewellery 🙂
    I create a range of personalised and ready to buy pieces.
    You can follow me on facebook, pinterest and instagram at @livinghorsetails

  2. Shameless plug check out my website.browndogfarmwi.com/shop
    I am a painter and I have a series of horse paintings, a notecard set and a calendar of heritage breed horses. I also do commission work.

  3. I really love this list, especially the horse bookends. I’m a passionate horse lover. I have many friends who are also obsessed with horses. It is very easy for such people to pick the right gift because they love everything about horses. I usually give jewelry to my female friends. It’s a little harder to pick a gift for men, so this list is a great help to get some interesting ideas.
    This year I decided to make myself happy too. I chose a horse-themed wristwatch. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Have a look. I’m really proud of it, as I get more attention while wearing it. I think any woman will be happy to receive such a gift.


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