100 Christmas Gift Ideas for College Girls They’ll Love

Even if you’re reading this in July, it’s never too early to start planning, right? Especially planning Christmas gift ideas for college girls, since they can be a little challenging.

If you are starting that slightly terrifying season of life called “empty nesting”, then you know how difficult it can be to get the whole family together for a celebration. But don’t despair! 

When you are known as the ultimate giver of the best Christmas gifts, suddenly those kiddos who flew the nest, come swooping right back.

For the college girls who are no longer little, but still not quite adult adults, we’ve come up with 100 perfect Christmas gift ideas that they will absolutely adore. 

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1. Glass Affirmation Tumblers

She’s a smarty — she knows how badly we have used and abused plastic. 

So, get her one of these affirmation tumblers that is made of eco-friendly glass and bamboo to tote her beverages to and from class in. 

They’re so convenient and just the right size for a mid-afternoon iced coffee when studying. And we know how much those college kids need their coffee!

2. College Merch

Everyone loves showing off their college or university when it comes to their clothing. It’s a fun way to express yourself and show school spirit! 

But honestly, those scratchy, over-priced hoodies from the campus store don’t always float her boat. 

Get her this soft and cozy sweater that celebrates her university in a more unique way. Available in tons of different colors to suit her personality and taste.

3. Coffee Machine

Useful gifts cannot be beat when you’re in college! And a coffee machine is worth its weight in gold (we think she’ll agree fervently). 

This one has just the right amount of bells and whistles, and will brew her favorite cup of Joe almost instantly.

Awesome for small dorm spaces, this is definitely one of the best gift ideas for your studious uni girl.

4. Bullet Point Planners

Staying organized in college is key! But easier said than done, right? These bullet point planners are all the rage and we can see why. 

Keep her classes and assignments, meal plans and to-do lists, directions and notes, all in one handy-dandy space that she’ll love writing in.

A great way to keep her organized that she’ll certainly appreciate. 

5. Thoughtful Care Package

For a young woman out on her own, this thoughtful care package is a great option and will be much appreciated! 

She’ll love unwrapping all the little surprises this fun box has to offer, from snacks to a cute coffee mug to lotions and more. Personalize it so she’ll love it even more.

Thoughtful Things to Include:

  • Mom’s Homemade Treats & Recipes
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Throw-away Utensils/Plates
  • Toilet Paper
  • Month’s Worth of Snacks
  • Cold & Flu Supplies

6. Cozy & Chunky Knit Blankets

Cold days, cold dorm room? Not anymore! She can snuggle under these gorgeous, cozy and chunky knit blankets and never feel the chill. 

Awesome for finals, big projects, or hey, just watching Netflix in the common room. We love the oversize texture of the yarn — so classy and such a great gift idea.

7. Personalized Initial Necklace

College students aren’t always known for their fashion, but this personalized initial necklace will instantly spruce up her outfit. Even if it’s pajama pants and a hoodie! 

So pretty and dainty, it’s minimalistic in style but really packs a punch. Great for college girls and women of all ages, and beautifully crafted to last her a long time.

8. Scented Candles

Because young women everywhere have a universal love of candles…

This candle smells like wildflowers and Birch and has a real boho feel to it! She’ll love burning it whenever she needs an aromatherapy pick-me-up, when her roommate ordered in Chinese, or when she just wants a little bit of ambiance. 

Prefer something a little more, mmm, moody? Then check these out!

9. Personalized Apple Watch Band

For a functional and practical gift that will really wow her, try this personalized Apple watch band

She can do everything on her smartwatch from monitoring her heart rate (during that anxiety-inducing final!) to calling Mom to chat about her grades, and this personalized band is just the icing on the cake.

10. Hobby Kits

Having a hobby that relaxes your mind and calms your stressful thoughts during the years at college is key. 

These fun hobby kits consist of the prettiest paint-by-number artworks and will be her new favorite way to pass the time between classes or on three-day-weekends. 

Plus, when she’s done she has some Christmas presents of her own to give away during the holiday season! 

11. Filtered Water Bottles

Filling up her water bottle at each classroom — or even in the bathroom — is sometimes a “needs must” situation, but oh that water can be sketchy. 

Get her a filtered water bottle, so she can stay hydrated and healthy without sacrificing taste. This may be her new favorite accessory and one of the best gifts she receives! 

12. Monthly Snack Subscriptions

Get her a gift that will keep on coming month after month like this snack subscription

She doesn’t have the space or the time to cook herself three healthy meals a day, so these delightfully different snack options are going to be a real lifesaver! She (and her roomie/best friend) will love them. 

Plus they eliminate the extra cost of stopping at the campus store so frequently, which will be helpful. 

13. Cell Phone Purse

For times when she doesn’t need to be lugging around her huge and oh-so heavy backpack, this cell phone purse is adorable! 

There are tons of colors to choose from, and it’s great for everything from date nights to girl trips to shopping. 

14. Macrame Photo Hangers

If she is in dire need of some dorm decor, how about these darling macrame photo hangers? They have a total boho vibe and we can dig them! 

My grandma was years before her time, right? They are easy to hang and whether you pick the photos or she does, her dorm room wall is about to be transformed.

15. Pots & Pan Sets

She might not have tons of time to cook, but if your girl uses her little kitchen space wisely, she’d love a great set of pots and pans

Cafeteria food is so bland, overpriced, and not very healthy either.

Set her up for success with this set, alongside some basic recipe cards for simple meals like scrambled eggs and cheese, avocado toast, pasta salad, and grilled cheese and tomato soup! 

16. Fun Party Games

Parties… Well, college is famous for them. But we’re not talking about those out-of-control frat parties and whathaveyou. We mean some good, old fashioned party games! 

For a really fun gift for a group of college friends, these ones are some of our favorites:

17. Mini Fridge

You may be looking at this cool mini fridge thinking about how many beer cans you would have tried to fit into it in your college days. 

But this time around, we’re looking at it thinking of her beauty products! It’s awesome for keeping her moisturizers, lotions, and face masks (among other products!) nice and cool. 

A perfect gift idea for your not-so-little makeup lover.

18. Personalized Trinket Dishes

She’ll love having a pretty pop of color in her chaotic dorm room with this dainty personalized trinket dish

It’s the perfect spot to put her keys, her rings, debit cards, student ID, chapstick… The list goes on!

19. Inspirational Enamel Pins

Remind her just how special she is and how much of a Wonder Woman she is, too, with this pretty inspirational enamel pin

It’s great for sporting on her hoodie, her baseball cap, backpack, or her denim jacket. She’ll think of you and smile each time she sees it! 

20. Custom College Jacket

Show her school spirit with a cool custom college jacket that no one else has! Unlike the merch they sell at the student union building, these ones are unique, affordable, and totally comfortable. 

You can pick out the just-right style, color, and school. A perfect and fun addition to her college life.

21. Headphones or Airpods

A great set of Apple Airpods or bluetooth headphones, well, they are practically a must in college! 

Now she can study, listen to her online classes, talk with fellow students, or just zone out and watch a movie in peace and tranquility.

Definitely top of the list for practical gifts she may need or want.

22. Kindle

Reading actual books is becoming a thing of the past, especially when you have a tiny dorm room! Where to even stack that TBR or library research pile? 

That’s why a Kindle is so key. She can download thousands of her favorite books (even textbooks) on this little awesome device.

Pair with an Amazon gift card so she can easily (and affordably) load it up.

23. Desk Organizer

Keeping her sanity comes with keeping her desk space clean. This cute-as-a-button organizer will totally help her spruce up her “office space,” and look good doing it. 

Your college-aged girl will find this really functional gift handy for sure.

24. College Themed Wall Art

Just because she lives in a college dorm, doesn’t mean she can’t show a bit of style. Help her with her decor with some college themed wall art

It has the look of something homemade, but nope, you clever thing you, it’s simply well purchased! 

25. Cozy Slippers

For some happy feet you must have a pair of Ugg slippers! After walking the campus all day, these will be heaven on earth for her tired feet to slip into. 

Awesome for late night study sessions, burning the candle at both ends, and for packing into her overnight bag when she comes home for Christmas morning. 

26. Dinnerware Set

Young adults need a great dinnerware set, even if they don’t use it consistently yet! This one, with its white truffle color palette, will be in vogue for many years to come. 

It may be a few years before she eats anything but Ramen on it, but hey, she’s off to a sophisticated start! Perfect for current college students and recent college grad alike.

27. Massagers

Sitting in desk chairs, walking the campus, sleeping in dorm beds… 

All of that is a recipe for a sore back and aching muscles! Sure, she’s young, but she’s not invincible. This great massager will come to her rescue many-a-day and night. 

Her knots and kinks will melt away, and she will be sure to thank you many times over for this great Christmas gift idea. 

28. Custom Degree Sweater

There are all sorts of styles and colors to choose from with this great custom degree sweater! Cold weather where she’s at? No problem. 

She’ll stay warm and comfortable in this stylish option. All of her schoolmates will definitely want to know where she got it, so you might want to bookmark this site.

29. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

This camera is a throwback to when we were in college, am I right? 

Sure, she has a (fabulously high-quality) camera in her phone, but there’s just something more magical about this Fujifilm instax/instant camera

It will be in use all the time and she’ll love documenting these crazy fun college years for posterity and memories. 

30. Online Classes

Can she simply not get enough of learning? Or maybe there’s a course that her university doesn’t offer that she really wants to get into? 

Whatever the case may be, there’s definitely an awesomely rad Udemy online course she can take, courtesy of you!

From hobbies to her long awaited degree/field, there’s something for everybody here. 

31. Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

Face it, she’s doing a lot of studying, writing papers, emailing professors, editing her thesis… We could go on and on. 

The point is, she needs this wonderful wireless mouse and keyboard to make her college years convenient and complete. 

32. Coffee Subscription

When it comes to late-night study sessions, well, they are going to be happening a lot! Even to the non-procrastinators (which are a lot like unicorns). 

From early morning classes to long labs, she’ll love reaching for her favorite coffees from this coffee subscription. She might even credit you for saving her life…

33. Portable Phone Stand

This portable phone stand rotates 360 degrees and she’ll wonder how she ever got along without it! 

Awesome for keeping an eye on her phone while studying, Facetiming you while cleaning her dorm room, chatting with her professor, and all sorts of other activities and reasons. 

34. Personalized Keychains

Especially great if she can see the finish line to her graduation day. This personalized keychain with her university and name is a great little gift! 

Small enough to tuck into her stocking on Christmas, she’ll love having such a good looking way to display her keys. And hopefully lose them less often, right?

35. Long Distance Lamps

Let her know exactly when you’re thinking of her with these amazing long distance lamps! She’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling when it softly lights up, telling her she is on your mind. 

Such a sweet and darling gift that she will cherish as much as her relationship with you. 

36. Custom Neon Sign

The fun never stops in college! These custom neon signs bring all of that energy and youthfulness to life with their bright colors and cheery vibes. 

You can pick from all sorts of styles, fonts, and personalized words so you have the just-right sign for her dorm room. 

37. High-Quality Backpack

College campuses are huge, y’all! That’s why a high-quality backpack like this one is a need, not a want.

She can walk all day in style and comfort and not need to visit the chiropractor every week. 

That’s a win-win right there. Large enough to carry all of her textbooks, her laptop, a flannel, even her lunch, she can stay organized and well-packed for the next four years. 

38. 3D Crystal Photo

When an ordinary picture frame just won’t do, this 3D crystal one is here to stay! Unique and one-of-a-kind, she’ll treasure whichever photo you lovingly chose to frame. 

Perfect for setting on her nightstand so it’s the last thing she sees when she drifts off at night, and the first thing she’ll notice when she wakes up. 

39. Ultra Cozy Personalized Bathrobe

For the colder months she’ll want something more than just her pajamas to study in! That’s where this ultra cozy and personalized bathrobe comes in to save the day. 

She might want to switch to all online classes and never leave her room again. And it’s so soft and snuggly — definitely a must-have.

40. InstaPot

For dorm rooms or small spaces like a studio apartment, this InstaPot is a game changer! 

She can keep the hanger at bay for good, and look forward to yummy soups and dishes after all of those tough classes. Kinda worth its weight in gold, this thoughtful gift idea is…

More fantastic Christmas gift ideas for your college girly:

  • Gifts Cards
  • Alarm Clock
  • Yoga Mats
  • Laptop Cases and Bags
  • Custom Phone Case
  • Scrunchies
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Lip Balm
  • Workout Clothes
  • Sherpa Fleece Pullover
  • Sleep Masks
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Streaming Service Subscriptions
  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Indoor Plants
  • Books
  • Tote Bag
  • Nail Polish
  • Food Storage Containers
  • Mini Waffle Maker
  • Gym/Yoga Memberships
  • Puzzle Books
  • Lap Desk
  • Travel-sized Sewing Kit
  • Degree Themed Tote Bags
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Eyeshadow Pallets
  • Compact Umbrella
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Motivational Calendars
  • White Noise Machine
  • Makeup Bags
  • Recipe Books
  • Portable Chargers
  • College Themed Ornament
  • Money
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Laptop Lap Tray
  • Cooking Class Sign-Up
  • Bath Bombs
  • Electric Wine Opener
  • Engraved Wallets
  • Video Games and/or Console
  • Rings or Earrings
  • Cooking Knifes
  • Vacuum
  • Emergency First-Aid Kits
  • Waterfall Shower Head Replacement
  • Cute Stickers
  • Blenders
  • Leather Duffle Bags
  • Door Jammers & Alert Alarms
  • Magazine Subscription
  • Electric Heating Blankets
  • Portable Clothing Steamer

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