Best 70th Anniversary Gifts (and Beyond)

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It’s a big one, y’all! A 70th anniversary is a huge reason to celebrate with your happy couple.

It’s safe to say it is a rare blessing to reach a 70th wedding anniversary. These are the couples that really make us say “Wow, what an honor! And what an accomplishment!” They’ve dedicated their lives to one another, and have endured an entire lifetime of anything and everything the world could hurl at them. 

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55th Anniversary Gifts: Best Ideas (Traditional & Modern)

55th Anniversary Gifts - Feature Image

Congratulations on your 55th Anniversary! Fifty-five years of wedded bliss. Fifty-five years of squabbles and bickering. How about a healthy mix of the two? Any strong and lasting marriage has mastered many things, but among them — balance

The 55th wedding anniversary is characterized by genuine love, faithfulness, endurance and rarity. Such beautiful meanings, along with your lasting commitment, deserve to be honored and celebrated. 

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21 Beautiful “As for Me and My House” Signs

as for me and my house Signs - Feat Image

When it comes to housewarming, a hostess gift, or a going-away present, a beautiful “As for Me and My House” sign is always a wonderful gift idea!

The beloved verse from Scripture is a gentle nod to guests and family members that the Lord comes first – which is always a great reminder. So whether you’re looking for a Biblical home décor gift or something to adorn the walls of your own home, the plaques and signs that we’ve handpicked below will surely fit the bill.

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25 Flower Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers & Whimsical Types

Best Flower Gifts: Feat Image

When it comes to beautiful flower gifts, it’s hard to compete with the bounty of God’s creation! When the someone you love really, really, really loves flowers, your go-to is always a pretty bouquet.

I’m not knocking that route (because it is an excellent choice), but here are some variations and other options that will let your admiration for the nature-loving whimsical person in your life bloom in full flower.

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30 Gifts for Dog Lovers [Greatest Must-Haves]

Gift Ideas for Dog Parents

Here are the 30 best gifts for the doggo lovers in your life.

Whether they’re being followed by a loyal Golden Retriever, chased around by a spunky Husky, herded by their own Australian Shepherd, or suspiciously eyeing the mailman along with their pack of Chihuahuas, dog lovers are easy to please (much like their mutts), and will go bananas over a great gift.

We’ve curated the very best ideas to help you discover something thoughtful, creative, and unique.

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21 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers That Will Keep Them Purring

Cat Lover Gift Guide

Finding the best gifts for cat lovers: If there’s one thing Mr. “I’m a dog person,” and Ms. “#CatMom” can agree on, it’s the need for a good gift for those fur parents!

Whether it’s to celebrate Fifi and Spot’s wedding anniversary, Sadie Lou’s return home after adventuring too far, or Midnight’s Gotcha Day, we have some great ideas for presents.

You might say, they’re all purr-fectly adorable!

What? Too much?

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50 Warm & Cozy Gifts for the Best Snuggles

Best Warm & Cozy Gifts

If you know someone who craves and adores snuggly warmth, then you know that warm and cozy gifts are the way to go for any gift-giving occasion.

You know how it goes… Cool weather swoops in with a crisp frost. Hot cider steams from a fall-themed mug. Fluffy socks are pulled out from the back of the drawer and onto waiting feet. The meet-cute holiday movie is queued up.

If this is your snuggle bunny’s idea of the perfect birthday (or Christmas… or Thanksgiving… or Tuesday…) then read on for the very best warm & cozy gift ideas.

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