Movie Gifts

Ultimate Movie Lover Gift Guide

21 Best Gifts for the Ultimate Movie Lover

Film lovers, rejoice! We have got you covered. Sure, another DVD of Casablanca is good too, but here are some more unusual and unique gifts for that movie buff in your life. And if that movie buff is you… well, happy birthday! Treat yo’self!

13 Amazing Wolverine Gift Ideas

13 Insanely Fun Wolverine Gift Ideas

Looking for Wolverine gift ideas? With decades of comic books and 10+ movie appearances, Wolverine is certainly one of the most popular comic book characters of all time. With his iconic adamantium claws and gruff, stoic, yet somehow loveable demeanor, Wolverine is always a great choice for cosplay, t-shirts, room décor and more.

Classic Holiday Films

10 Old Christmas Movies to Watch Every Year

Old Christmas movies can evoke some of the greatest warm fuzzies of the entire holiday season. There’s something special about finishing off the leftover Thanksgiving pie, curling up with a blanket and a cup of cocoa, and queuing up an old, sentimental, classic holiday flick. There’s plenty of old Christmas movies to choose from. You’re …

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Family Friendly Films That Adults Love

12 Amazingly Clean Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Here are 12 amazing (and amazingly clean) movies you’ve probably never seen. Maybe you’ve never even heard of these. All the better, because you’re in for a treat! These are mature, grown-up films for true movie aficionados that just simply don’t have any obscene content. Win-win. Some are even family-friendly and will be appreciated by …

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