The Massive List of Family-Friendly Movies That Grownups Love Too

Clean Movie Guide

Are you tired of entertainment that is either smutty and TV-MA, or slapstick cartoons? Aren’t there clean, family-friendly movies that aren’t geared only for little kids (with innuendo thrown in for the adults as “humor”)?

Are you looking for a fun or thoughtful flick to watch with just you and your spouse, or perhaps with a family that includes older kids and teens?

Oh, and I take it that you’ve seen all the good “Christian” movies, and don’t want to waste your time with something that is corny and poorly made just because it has a “G” rating.

Let’s see… can’t be cheesy, poorly made, full of gratuitous innuendo or sensuality, minimal or no swearing, and should actually be engaging for grownups and teens. That’s quite a list of demands!

Thankfully, this type of movie does exist. And we’ve put as many as we can find together on this list of great family-friendly movies that grownups love too.

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50 Best Movie Night Ideas for Epic Adventures at Home

Movie Night Ideas

Whether you decide to avoid the movie theater experience because it’s too pricey, too germy, too crowded, or there’s nothing playing that you want to see, a relaxing movie night at home is always a good idea.

For most of us, it’s as simple as popping something in the DVD player or scrolling through the latest and greatest streaming service.

But, ya know… it doesn’t have to be that simple. It could, instead, be amazing.

Here are some fabulous ideas for a memorable movie night in the comfort of your own living room!

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21 Best Movie Lover Gifts (Director’s Cut)

Ultimate Movie Lover Gift Guide

What are the best gifts for movie lovers? Don’t worry – we have got you covered.

Sure, an upgrade of Casablanca from DVD to Blu-ray is good too, but here are some more unusual and unique gifts for that film buff in your life.

And if the movie lover is you… well, happy birthday! Treat yo’self!

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10 Old Christmas Movies to Watch Every Year

Classic Holiday Films

Old Christmas movies can evoke some of the greatest warm fuzzies of the entire holiday season. There’s something special about finishing off the leftover Thanksgiving pie, curling up with a blanket and a cup of cocoa, and queuing up an old, sentimental, classic holiday flick.

There’s plenty of old Christmas movies to choose from. You’re already familiar with the most famous ones (Rudolph, Wonderful Life, White Christmas).

We’ll list those, but if you’re looking to start a great annual holiday tradition of watching old Christmas films, you’re going to want some new material.

Below, our list features 10 of the best but not quite as popular Christmas gems. These are classic flicks that you may not have seen, or possibly even heard of.

Trust me, if you like old films, these are pure gold.

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12 Amazingly Clean Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Family Friendly Films That Adults Love

Here are 12 amazing (and amazingly clean) movies you’ve probably never seen. Maybe you’ve never even heard of these.

All the better, because you’re in for a treat!

These are mature, grown-up films for true movie aficionados that just simply don’t have any obscene content. Win-win. Some are even family-friendly and will be appreciated by youngsters.

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31 Powerful Movie Role Models Who Do It Right

Commendable Movie Role Models

Looking for some commendable movie role models? Films with strong and faithful characters of outstanding moral fiber, individuals that can be admired and emulated… the type of role model who does it right is rare in our contemporary age of the ‘flawed antihero.’

But not to worry. There are some wonderful role model movie characters out there, who are powerfully portrayed on the silver screen.

You just need to look for them.

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