50 Must-Have Bathroom Gifts for Décor & Organization

Bathroom Decoration Gift Ideas

Let’s take a look at the best bathroom gifts for your spouse, for housewarming, or for good-old-fashioned potty humor.

When it comes to bathrooms (or the powder room, if you want to get fancy), organization is key!

Then again, the same thing goes for inviting décor.

You want the restroom to be a place of relaxation and comfort. After all, it’s hard to enjoy your bubble bath at the end of a long day if there are shampoo bottles falling on your head, the towels are spilling out of the cupboard, and the lighting makes it looks like a Hollister store in the mall.

And it’s tough to want guests to come over when everything is messy, disorganized, and the décor looks like you thought 2006 never went out of style (but it did and it’s not coming back for a while).

Read on for easy ways to make your bathroom less like a horror show, and more like your very own spa! Plus, any of these will make wonderful housewarming gifts, or as a gift for your favorite shower lover.

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21 Best Coasters for Gifting (Or for Yourself)

Amazing Coaster Gifts for Everyone

One really can never have too many coasters.

Unless they’re boring, of course. You can have too many super-duper boring coasters.

If you are suffering from a plague of yawn-inducing coasters, below you will find the prescription which will cure your ailment. If you have not fallen to this vile plague, just remember: One really can never have too many gorgeous coasters.

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