50 Cute Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

That special day for that special someone is coming up, and you need a gift for your girlfriend’s birthday. You know she has some *gasp* “expectations,” and it’s enough to send you into a tailspin.

What with all the possible gift ideas (or lack thereof), the costs, the preparation, the wrapping… Maybe you feel overwhelmed. Well, don’t fret. We’ve got some great tricks and treats in the bag for you.

So browse and scroll – no stressing required! Below you’ll find 50 super cute gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday, starting with our top ten favorites.

10 Cute Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

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1. Adorable Digital Portrait

This cartoon-inspired portrait is totally customizable until it’s absolutely perfect for the woman in your life. She’ll love every detail, remembering where you were when the photo was taken, and want to find the perfect spot to hang it.

Get it printed, then frame and wrap it up. You’re definitely going to be deemed a “keeper” when she unwraps this delightful gift!

2. Ceramic Planter Pot

This sweet little planter is the best gift for your gardening gal! She’ll fall head over heels for its squishy little smiley face, chubby body, and cute arms and legs. Whether you add in a plant or not is up to you. SO CUTE.

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3. Horse Lover Personalized Tumbler

If your lovely lady never grew out of her cowgirl and pony phase, she’ll love this oh-so sweet tumbler! It’s available in a wide variety of colors and is personalized with her name. It will keep her hot drinks hot for hours and her cold beverages nice and chilly. So she can enjoy a long trail ride and think of you every time she takes a sip!

4. Touch Bracelets

If you’re currently cursed with a long-distance relationship, or the two of you are just so busy being pulled in several different directions, you’ll both love having this robotic touch bracelet! Let her know every time you’re thinking of her and missing her, and she can do the same. No matter where you or she are in the world, a little squeeze is always a comfort.

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5. Strawberry Earrings

These adorable strawberry-shaped earrings are just the thing to make it feel like a warm summer day even in the winter! She’ll love pairing these with everything from her favorite tee shirt and jeans to a strapless sundress. She’s going to get a lot of compliments with these cutie pies.

6. My Miniature Library

For the bookworm girl, these tiny little classics are a must-have! There are 20 classic novels picked out by the staff at Uncommon Goods, then another 10 that you get to add. How cool is that? What’s even more adorable is they come in their own tiny bookshelf. Too cool for school, we think.

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7. Coffee Candles

These yummy scented candles are perfect for coffee lovers! She’ll get a kick out of the icy beverage that is actually a cappuccino candle. She may get sad when they finally burn down, so keep this site bookmarked to order more. So realistic and esthetically pleasing!

8. Loose Tea Infuser

What a cute tea infuser! It makes us feel cozy and laidback just looking at it. Whether she fills it with jasmine, oolong, or Earl Grey, she’ll love having this handy infuser at her fingertips. Perfect for the office or the dorm room too. Loose tea is the best tea, and this is the cutest way to drink it!

9. Personalized Paw Print Coasters

These bamboo coasters are great for the doggo mama! She’ll love having such a purrrrrr-fect place to rest her coffee mug or glass of wine, and the paw prints just make them extra special. Set of 4, with a holder.

10. Funny Plastic Free Produce Bags

For the green girl who loves her veggies, these reusable bags are indispensable! She’ll love taking these to the farmer’s market and packing them full of fruits and vegetables. They’re easy to toss in the wash if the blueberries get a little squished, and their generous size means plenty of produce all around.

If your girl loves to live a sustainable lifestyle, she’ll love these other eco-friendly gift ideas!

10 More Cute Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

These adorably cute gifts for your girlfriend will have her swooning, squealing, and sighing with happy satisfaction.

11. Personalized Nutella Spoon

If she has a problem… um, we mean, an addiction… no, that’s not right. If she has a fondness for Nutella that sometimes makes you question where her love for you fits into the equation, then she is going to fall in love with this personalized spoon! Make her laugh with such a funny – but truly useful – gift.

12. Cute Flower Pillows

These plush flower petal pillows are so adorable, and they’ll really brighten up her dorm room, drab bedding, or ho-hum living room. Every girl loves a good throw pillow. It’s like, in our DNA or something. So, she will love snuggling and cuddling amidst her own flower garden. If you’re lucky, she’ll let you have one too.

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13. Wellie Garden Penguins

Is she a sucker for anything small and adorable? Because I know I am! These precious little penguins are just what she didn’t know she wanted (or needed) in her life.

Hand carved from bamboo with details painted to perfection, they make a great addition to any bookshelf, air plant display or garden. She’ll be pleased as punch when these waddle into her life.

14. Japan Old Town Mini Alley Book Nook Insert

This book nook is like a miniature other world, nestled right in between her two favorite novels! The details in this 3D old town book alley are just amazing the more you look at it, and the two LED lights mean you can find even more exquisite little details even in the dark. Definitely a great gift for the girl who has everything, and/or the girl who loves books and miniatures and traveling.

15. Exploding Birthday Card

Sometimes the card IS the present! At least when the card is this cool. You can get the perfect exploding card here, and watch her be as delighted as she opens it up. This will be a Kodak moment!

16. Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Sets

This set of Sailor Moon inspired makeup brushes are so pretty! She’ll love the details of all the applicators and the bright colors too. Plus, the brushes themselves are high quality and fantastic. She’ll be over the Sailor Moon with this gift!

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17. Custom Neon Sign

Customize her own neon sign here! You can pick from her very own name, your nickname for her, or anything else you like to totally rock her world. It will brighten up her space like nothing else, and be a one-of-a-kind present for a one-of-a-kind girl.

18. Birthstone Bear

Some girls just never outgrow a love of stuffed animals, especially teddy bears, and we say, embrace it! With one of these totally adorable bears, she’ll never feel alone, even if she’s missing you. Personalized with her very own birthstone to make it a little bit more unique.

19. Cyanotype Kit

What IS cyanotype, you ask? Well, it’s the ancient art of producing amazing cyan-blue prints, either from photographs, drawings, or physiograms. She’ll love learning how to use this kit and mastering the skill. There’s so much in this kit that she’ll be able to craft away many a rainy day and have a new favorite hobby. All with you to thank!

20. Birth Month Flower Shower Steamers

There’s nothing like a hot shower at the end of a long day! What could be better? Well, a hot shower at the end of a long day with some amazing shower bombs, that’s what! These ones are scented and decorated like her birth flower, too, so they’re extra special.

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21. Personal Reel Viewer

Remember these from when you were a kid? Those had Loony Tunes characters or Disney scenes, but these ones are customized with scenes from your life together! Whether you pick photos like your first date, college graduation, that special vacation you took together, or your anniversary, she’ll be floored with this nostalgic and perfect gift. What a treasure!

22. Kissing Cardinals Metal Sculpture

Cardinals are real lovebirds, just like the two of you! She’ll love having this in her backyard, to brighten and cheer up a dull winter landscape or scorching hot summer. These kissing cardinals are made of steel and will last as long as your love for her. That’s a long, long time!

23. To the Moon and Back

For the young-at-heart, and the romantic soul, this lovely pendant is the perfect gift! She’ll treasure the sentiment of how much you love her – to the moon and back, naturally – and she will want to wear it every day. It’s so pretty and stylish that she likely will!

24. Custom Mix Tape

The only drawback to nowadays and its crazy technology is the death of the world’s best gift: a mixtape! Never fear, these geniuses have figured out how to bring it into the modern world using QR codes. Charm her with a mix of your very own, with help from Apple Music or Spotify, whichever is your jam.

25. Her Favorite Flowers

If you know her favorite flowers (and you’d better!), a huge bouquet of them will make her feel like a million bucks! The only way to make these even prettier and better is to have them front and center during her birthday dinner – which, of course, you made yourself. Right? You are going to cook her a romantic birthday dinner, right?

26. Pressed Flowers Necklace

These pressed flower necklaces are so unique and beautiful. Just like your girl! She’ll treasure this pretty chain with its gorgeous pressed flowers inside. Don’t be surprised if she never takes it off!

27. Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether you go silly and funny with a totally ridiculous selfie shot, or go sentimental and sweet with a pretty posed photo, she’ll love putting together this one-of-a-kind puzzle! This is definitely one she’ll want to keep and hang up when done, so make sure to buy some puzzle glue too.

28. Custom Camera Film Keychain

Remember film? Ah, those were the days! But instead of waxing sentimental, just get her one of these rad keychains. She’ll love seeing which photos you picked out for a totally customized and one-of-a-kind gift.

29. Glowing Galaxy Rose

This pretty Galaxy Rose is a little bit steampunk, a little bit Beauty and the Beast, and a whole lot of her! She’ll adore the soft glow it brings and the touch of magic too. A totally different kind of birthday rose for a unique and special girl like her.

30. What I Love About You

She’ll get all warm and fuzzy reading this special book, written by you! If she appreciates nothing more than reminiscing and making new memories together, she’ll be nuts over this cool little book. Use your love and creativity to make this the cutest girlfriend gift ever given.

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31. Reasons Why I Love You Puzzle

12, 20, or even 32 reasons why you love her are all engraved in this adorably sweet and unique puzzle! She’ll be so appreciative of every last reason and adore putting it together again and again. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that will make her teary-eyed with the romance of it all.

32. Cozy Photo Blanket

If your girl is always cold, she loves a good blanket! And this one is super plush and soft. Not to mention it’s completely unique because it’s head to toes a photo of her or you or both! She’ll adore this gift and think you’re the bee’s knees.

For more ideas for the girlfriend who loves being snuggled up, check out these warm and cozy gift ideas!

33. Handwriting Recipe Cutting Board

She’ll swoon over this sentimental but also totally useful gift of a wooden bamboo cutting board, complete with a recipe in the original handwriting! Whether you choose an old family favorite from Grandma or a new recipe the two of you came up with yourselves on Date Night, she’ll be smitten all over again with such a cool gift.

34. Soulmate Necklace

This soulmate necklace is so dainty and pretty she won’t be able to resist it (or you)! It’s customizable with her birthstone, and you can also change the charm to make it totally “her.” She love wearing this and thinking of you!

35. Song Soundwave Wall Art

If you have a song together then this is the gift for you! I mean, for her. Well, you know what I mean. This print is totally unique: it prints out the soundwave of your song, making an unusual and customized present. She’ll love explaining to guests what this gorgeous piece of art really signifies.

36. Giving Heart Weighted Pillow

Like a weighted blanket, but way cuter, this heart shaped pillow is like getting and receiving a squeeze from you when you can’t be there. Great for long-distance romances or from a boyfriend who travels for work, this pretty pillow is just the thing to remind her that you love her always and forever.

37. Personalized Wooden Picture Frame

Anyone can pick up a plastic photo frame from the drugstore and call it a night, but you, you go above and beyond, with this wooden and personalized frame! Finding the flawless photo to go inside this work of art might take you a while, but you can always change it out later. This is a pretty and functional way to show you care about her and love making memories with her.

38. You & Me Willow Tree Figurine

This romantic little figurine from Willow Tree will melt her heart! It’s timeless and stylish, yet old-fashioned and elegant too. In a word: It’s a super cute gift!

She’ll love the shape and the soft colors, and the way it looks like the two of you. The only hard decision is where to display it.

39. Handwriting Knot Bracelet

This sweet little bangle bracelet will be her new favorite accessory starting the minute she opens it. It’s gold and sleek, cute and timeless. She’ll love wearing it with everything from sweatshirts and joggers to a fancy night out in a little black dress.

40. Skylight Picture Frame

This skylight picture frame is perfect for reminiscing every day about all the fun times you’ve had together! And as you make more of those fun times you can simply upload new photos. She’ll be entranced every time a new magical pic pops up. A cute gift if you’re forced to spend a lot of time apart!

10 Adorable Homemade Gifts for Adorable Girlfriends

Sometimes, the cutest gift is the one you make yourself. Are you up to the challenge?

41. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt - Cute Gifts for Girlfriends

You can completely make up your own using your imagination (make sure to use lots of locations and hints that only you and her would know), or get a little help online with free printables. Experiences are always the best presents! And you can do it together, so it’s a total win-win. Now, if there’s an engagement ring at the end… well, that’s up to you.

42. Date Night Bucket List

Date Night Bucket list Ideas

Write down fun date night ideas on sticks or notes and place into a jar. Let her pull out the note and take her away! Here are some fun and free date ideas if you need help getting started.

43. Make Homemade All-Natural Soap

Yummy smelling soaps that make her skin soft and moisturized and scented are always a great idea. Make it even better by mixing up your own concoction using her favorite scents and essential oils. Warning: her friends may want some too!

44. Make Her Chocolate Truffles

If she’s a confirmed chocoholic, she’ll love a batch of homemade truffles! They’re not so difficult to make and way better than store-bought. Plus, you get to see her eyes light up! Can’t guarantee she’ll share though…

45. DIY Jewelry Holder

YouTube video

If she’s forever losing an earring here, a necklace there, or she just has more jewelry than she can keep track of, she’ll love having a pretty place to hang it! Enter in a homemade jewelry holder, customized and made by you. Of course, a new pair of dangly earrings wouldn’t be amiss to go along with this.

46. Sew Her an Apron

Support her baking hobbies by handing sewing her an apron, complete with pockets. Everything is better with pockets and an apron is no exception! Keep her stylish clothes clean and neat, all while looking adorable in a kitchen accessory that you made her from scratch.

If your gal loves to bake, she’ll love these gifts that are perfect for every baker!

47. Homemade French Madeleine Baking Kit

Sometimes you want to learn a new skill, and sometimes that skill comes from watching a lot of Great British Baking Show! Anticipate her needs with this cool Madeleine baking kit. Plus, you’ll get to eat her mistakes as she learns, so we think that’s a pretty good gift for everyone concerned.

48. Pampering in a Jar

DIY Gifts for Her - Cute Gifts for Girlfriends

Fill up a jar with all the pampering goodies she will love such as nail polish, face masks, skin care, make up, candy and more!

Scour her bathroom for “empties” or “near empties” to see what she likes, or ask the friendly clerks at stores like Ulta or Sephora for some guidance.

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49. Candy Cake 🍭

YouTube video

No cooking or baking with this fun cake! She’ll love nibbling on it just as much as you loved building it. If she’s young at heart, or just has an insatiable sweet tooth, this is the best idea yet.

50. Hand Casting Kit

Talk her into holding hands forever with this DIY statue casting kit. It’s romantic, sweet, memorable, and just the right amount of art-meets-design-meets-creativity.

It will be a cute addition to a bookshelf or nightstand and will remind her of you every time her eyes light on it.

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