100 Incredible Gifts That Start With I

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Are you searching for the perfect gift? Something thoughtful with a sense of personal touch? I know that’s what I’m usually on the hunt for, anyway.

Then why not venture into the world of idyllic gift ideas that start with ‘I’? 

It’s more than just wordplay, we assure you. Instead, it’s an original way to let the person you’re buying for know just how much consideration you have for them!

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Baby Shower Gift Amount Etiquette: How Much to Give or Spend

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As you probably surmised from the title, today we’ll be taking a look at baby shower gift amount etiquette—and what exactly that entails.

Is there anything more precious than a baby shower? 

No. Not if we’re being honest. All of those teeny-tiny onesies, the baby bump, the new mom-to-be, all of your closest friends and favorite people in one place… 

We haven’t even mentioned the yummy food, drinks, and party games yet. 

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Quinceañera Gift Etiquette Every Guest Needs to Know

Quinceanera gift etiquette - feature image

¡Vámanos de fiesta! (That means “let’s party!” for all you non-Spanish speakers.)

Get ready to immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Quinceañera gift etiquette and gift-giving, where tradition, celebration, and a dash of glamour come together to mark that monumental 15th birthday – the big day every Latina family member eagerly awaits. 

As we navigate through the intricate dance of customs and manners surrounding this coming-of-age celebration, we’ll also unravel the secrets to making your Quinceañera gifts truly shine. 

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Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Gift Etiquette: What to Know

bat mitzvah gift etiquette - feature image

At some point in life, most of us are likely to stumble across a “Bar Mitzvah” or “Bat Mitzvah.” If you were anything like me, the first time you heard of one in context you understood it to be some sort of coming-of-age religious ceremony, but knew little beyond that. 

Well, today we plan to expand your understanding of this important Jewish tradition and give you helpful insight on how to best celebrate the Jewish young people in your life, particularly for Bar Mitzvah gift etiquette and ideas.

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50 Romantic and Free Date Ideas for Couples

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The best free date ideas are simply quality time, can I get an ‘Amen’? We all know this, and yet we always reach for the movie tickets, the expensive dinner out, or the over-priced wine bar. 

Why do we do this? Is it easier? Say it isn’t so. I’m here to tell you, the best date nights are the ones that are (practically) free! 

With fun ideas ranging from goofy to romantic to out-of-the-box, you’ll be referencing this list often (so don’t forget to bookmark it), and that’s 100% why our team put it together. 

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Boxing Day Gift Ideas: History, Celebrations, and More

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What exactly is Boxing Day, you ask? Well, we’re so glad you did! We love a good holiday and a reason to celebrate — along with some gift-giving, of course. 

Boxing Day is the second day of Christmastide! That’s a word you don’t hear every day, and what a shame that is. In other words, the 26th of December. 

The origins of Boxing Day belong to the Victorian era when it was founded as a reason to give gifts to the poor. Remember the Christmas carol, “Good King Wenceslas looked out on the Feast of Stephen?” 

Well, crooner Bing was singing about Boxing Day and how it all came about. A holiday that involves gift-giving is a holiday we are here for! Of all the five love languages, we admit to being particularly fond of gift-giving…we can’t help ourselves! 

So, when it comes to celebrating Boxing Day — wherever you are, you don’t have to be in the commonwealth countries — we’ve done some preliminary shopping for you. You’re welcome! 

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