50 Best Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Couples, Kids, & Families

Looking back on my childhood, I still remember sitting at the dining table with my mother and making little goodie bags stuffed with pink Hershey Kisses, heart-shaped erasers, Valentine-themed Winnie the Pooh stickers, and little hearts made of construction paper.

It’s a core memory for me, and I’m sure I’m sure there are plenty of people who can relate.

February 14th is the ultimate sweet holiday. Pink and red abound, chocolate flows freely, and florist shops and grocery stores burst at the seams with roses. But beyond the flowers and sweets is a wonderful opportunity to spend a memorable day with your family and friends. 

Get ready to sprinkle some extra love into your family’s Valentine’s Day this year, because we’ve cooked up a storm of Valentine’s Day party ideas that will make your home the heart of all celebrations. 

Think fun games that spark belly laughs, unique craft ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and heartwarming activities for every member of the family. 

The best part?

You get to create those magical moments that will be the talk of your household for days to come. So, buckle up for a family-friendly fiesta that’s all about love, laughter, and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. 

Whether you plan to celebrate with just your sweetheart, with your whole family, or with your besties with kids, we’ve got some fun ideas to turn your “night-in” into a real Valentine’s Day celebration.

Let’s dive into the joy of Valentine’s Day, together!

10 Best Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

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These are our favorite Valentine’s Day Party ideas to drum up a little bit (or a lot) of Valentine’s Day fun for you and yours!

From preparations and decor to ideas for fun and unique parties, we’ve got you.

Valentine’s Day is so much more than Cupid’s arrows and romantic love, and we’re here to prove it to you.

1. Create Cute Valentine’s Party Invites

Valentines Day Party Invitations
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The first thing to do is send out some invites!

You can go old-school, with proper paper and envelopes, be a bit techier with a cleverly designed email, or just shoot out a group text. Make it easy on yourself with this adorable, customizable template

Don’t forget all the pertinent info: date, time (both start and finish), what to bring, what to wear, RSVP, etc.

2. Play Valentine’s Day Jeopardy

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day games, this fun and customizable Valentine theme Jeopardy game is a must-have! You can add your own touches and even your own questions. There are plenty of clever categories to choose from, too.

3. Add Some Creatively Sweet Decor

Hanging Valentine Candy Hearts
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For a super festive appeal, use Conversation Hearts decorations that look just like the real thing and are so much fun! (They probably taste similar, too, but let’s not find out.)

Other great decor ideas:

4. Love Songs Karaoke Party

Singsation Karaoke Machine
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Get yourselves a karaoke machine and let the competition begin with this fun pick of Valentine’s Day ideas.

Only the sappiest, most corny, and cheesiest love songs need to apply.

Take a little time to decorate your party room with shiny red hearts and streamers and prepare Valentine’s Day party foods to make your celebration a complete smash.

5. Valentine’s Dress-Up Party

Dress up as your favorite Valentine-themed character or famous couple. This might be a heart, cupid, famous lovers like Antony and Cleopatra, or characters from your favorite romantic movie or book. The sky’s the limit! 

This is also a great idea for a Valentine’s Day classroom party! Kids of all ages love costume parties, and just think of how cute they’ll look!

Since everyone will be encouraged to dress up, you might as well have some prizes for the best costume.

6. Everything Pink Party

Everything Pink - Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

From head to toe, wall to wall, decorate the entire place (and all your food) in pink! Even the boys must embrace the Pepto Bismol theme with this fun idea.

The photos are going to be epic (do we still use ‘epic’ in 2024?).

Pink foods to consider:

  • ham
  • cookies
  • rosé wine
  • pink M&Ms
  • watermelon
  • pink lemonade
  • animal cookies
  • shrimp cocktail
  • pink lady apples
  • fresh strawberries
  • Hostess Sno-Balls
  • Grapefruit segments
  • roasted red potatoes
  • strawberry ice cream

7. Popcorn & Movie Night

No party is complete without popcorn! Try making it ahead of time and drizzle pink dyed white chocolate over it, or add in some Red Hot candies.

As far as movies go, consider your audience! If it’s all adults, think:

If it’s a family party, consider:

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8. Host a Classic Tea Party

valentine's day party ideas - tea party

Whether it’s with just the two of you — or a Galentine’s Day party — dressing up and hosting a classic tea party is always fun! Don’t forget the tiny finger foods, plenty of tea, sugar cubes, and fancy hats!

9. Share Chocolate Strawberry Fondue

You can’t have a Valentine’s party without the classic, delicious, chocolate-covered strawberries.

Make them yourself or place this out for guests to use during your party. It will be the most memorable — and delicious — part of your evening!

10. Throw a Galentine’s Day Spa Party

Valentine Day Spa Basket
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Spend the day with your favorite single gals (or gals whose husbands didn’t plan anything!) with a much-needed spa treatment.

Go out to a public place (did someone say mud bath?), enjoy some time at home with this spa box and a glass of wine, or whip up a batch of pink cocktails.

Make it extra classy with some sliced cucumbers for your eyes, masks for facials, and maybe even hiring a tween to paint everyone’s toenails.

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Couples

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to elevate your celebration with romantic couple ideas that go beyond the ordinary.

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day Party ideas that are more than just a candlelit dinner, we’ve got you covered. Step into our world of enchanting couples’ party ideas that promise to add a dash of magic and a heap of romance to the year’s most romantic holiday

11. Paint & Sip Experience Date

Valentine's Day Party Ideas - Paint & Sip

If you both love to paint and drink, this is a fun activity to do with either just the two of you or with all of your friends.

Don’t forget to take a group photo with your masterpieces to post on social media.

Not much of a painter? Not to worry!

Tinggly is an experience gift company with all sorts of fabulous ideas for romantic activities and getaways designed specifically for couples!

12. Celebrity Couples Matching Game

Pick your favorite celebrity couple then have fun dressing like them!

Go old-fashioned, like Bogey and Bacall, or contemporary like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Add onto the fun and see who knows celebrity couples the best with this printable game!

13. Romantic Brunch

Beautiful Brunches: The Complete Cookbook
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Spend brunch time the best way possible — with donuts, mimosas, and your boo-thang!

Who needs to stay up late when you can start the party earlier in the day? Besides, lots of us have to work in the morning, right?

Book your favorite breakfast place soon or plan out your own!

14. Red Heart Galore Decor

Decking out your bedroom for your significant other is a great way to be romantic and swoon-worthy. Especially if it’s a surprise!

They’ll be entranced with this gorgeous Valentine’s Day-themed boudoir. Ooh la la!

15. Love Potion Cocktail Hour

Valentines day party ideas - cocktail hour

Make delicious Valentine-themed cocktails together!

Cosmo has a great list of romantic cocktails and mocktails perfect for this occasion, or you can get creative and come up with your own!

There are lots of romantic-looking drinks out there to try: you can go for a pink or red color, or pair your standard alcohol drink of choice with aphrodisiac foods.

16. Have a Sweet Conversation with Cookies

Set out some pre-made heart cookies for everyone to decorate with their own silly Valentine’s messages for each other such as “Be Mine” or “U R Cute”.

Fun to decorate, even more fun to eat!

17. Can’t Have a Party Without Twister

It can’t be a Valentine’s Day party without Twister, it’s an unwritten rule! Don’t worry if you aren’t as flexible as you used to be, the fun is in the tumbles.

18. Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk, Flirt, Dare! These fun & romantic conversation starters can be used for just the two of you or at parties.

It’s a fun way to break the ice and get to know one another, err, a little more intimately.

19. Wine & Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Heart Shape Charcuterie Board
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Wine tasting is fun for any wine-lover, but to include a romantic charcuterie board?

That makes for a fun Valentine’s night, not to mention delicious! This sweet little cutting board is personalized, too, so it’s extra special.

A great way to bring a treat to a friend’s house and leave them with a nice gift at the end of the night. Or put your own initials on, and you’ll have a cutting board to reuse for years to come.

20. Romantic Movie Night

Whether it’s just you and your Sweet Boo or you’re having the whole gang over, there are lots of romantic movies out there to choose from!

So get out the cozy blankets, romantic candles, and favorite drinks — there are lovey-dovey movies to watch!

Here are just a few to add to your binge list:

For more adult-friendly ideas for your Valentine’s Day party, check out this article!

Fun Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

I adored Valentine’s Day as a kid.

Don’t ask me why. I didn’t like pink, and I honestly didn’t care much for candy (that much hasn’t changed.) There was just something about writing little love notes and seeing my dad dote on my mom that I loved.

This February, love is in the air, and so is the excited chatter of little ones gearing up for a Valentine’s Day extravaganza!

Get ready to transform your home into a hub of joy and laughter with our fantastic Valentine’s party ideas for kids. From crafting heartwarming decorations to concocting delightful treats, we’re here to sprinkle a whole lot of fun into this love-filled day.

21. Valentine’s Day LEGO Kit

LEGO Heart Ornament Building Toy Kit
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03/26/2024 07:54 pm GMT

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to exclude the little ones! They love “Love” too!

This fun heart-themed LEGO set is just the thing to keep them happy and entertained while you’re getting those sugar cookies ready for decorating.

22. Smash a Heart Piñata

What kid DOESN’T love a piñata?! None that we’ve ever met, so go all out this a cute cupid heart piñata. Don’t forget the bat and bandanas.

Want to go all out? Stuff with only pink and red candies/toys.

23. Emoji Games

Kiddos know their emojis! Probably better than their parents do actually…

emoji-themedSo, let them have fun with these clever emoji themed games. They’ll be in a friendly competition in no time!

24. Sweetheart Coloring Pages

Pair these adorable coloring pages with lots of markers, colored pencils, and crayons then watch the magic happen! Don’t be surprised when the adults want to join in the coloring fun so make sure to have plenty of sheets on hand.

Might be fun to hold an old-fashioned coloring contest at the end, with a judging panel! Or scotch-tape them up on all the windows for some instant Valentine’s Day décor!

25. Love Potion Ring Toss

This cute ring toss set is totally applicable for Valentine’s Day with its bright pink colors and heart shaped rings. It will keep the littles entertained for a long time and can be played with strict rules, or just simply as-is.

Adults can join in or be free to socialize with one another while their children have a fun activity.

26. Cupcake Decorating Party!

Kid's Party- Cupcake Decorating

You supply the cupcakes and decorating supplies: the kids just supply the creativity and panache!

Everyone will love decorating their cupcake, only to gobble it up afterward.

27. Crafting Hearts

Kids just LOVE arts and crafts, don’t they? They’ll go bananas over these sweet wooden hearts that they can put together, paint, and decorate.

You can even purchase them personalized with their initials if you’d like!

28. Bean Bag Toss Game

Valentines Theme Toss Games
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03/26/2024 08:08 pm GMT

For the backyard or bonus room, this bean bag toss game is perfect!

The kids will have a blast trying to get their bean bags inside the clever and adorable Valentine’s Day-themed banner.

Throwing in the house is finally okay with Mom!

29. BFF Sleepover

Nothing like spending time with your BFF’s that love you on this sweet day!

Spend time eating candy, pizza, popcorn, and watching silly movies together in these matching slumber party squad pajama shirts!

Especially great for older children and the Tweeners, who aren’t ready for romance, but don’t want to miss out on a holiday.

30. Activity Place Mats

Color-Your-Own 2-Sided Reversible Paper Place Mats
$4.99 ($0.23 / Count)
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03/26/2024 08:14 pm GMT

Just like those fun, old-fashioned paper menus you used to get at a restaurant when you were a kid, only better! Supply some crayons on the table and watch the black and white artwork come to life.

These are a real crowd-pleaser for the kindergarten age group, but even the older ones will want to get coloring!

Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Families

Let’s take a look at some Valentine’s Day party ideas and activities the whole family can enjoy!

It’s okay to keep things low-key if you don’t feel like throwing a massive bash. Having fun and spending quality time together is what matters most.

If you live in a climate where it’s already warm outside in February, consider having a picnic in the backyard or at the park with a Valentine’s theme to it!

Alternatively, you could stay in and get the whole family involved in making a “romantic” dinner. A Lady and the Tramp-style feast with spaghetti, meatballs, and Italian music comes to mind.

Whatever you decide on, fun and family are the goals. Just keep that in mind.

31. Valentine’s Feud

Fun for the whole family, this Family Feud style Valentine’s game will keep everyone thinking hard and laughing, too! Don’t forget to scour your house for lots of pencils. And hey, no cheating on your neighbor!

Prizes for winners are always a good idea *wink-wink*

32. Heart Wall

Valentine's Day Party Ideas - Heart Wall

Fill up a wall with hearts that list everything you love and appreciate about each other!

This is a fun one to do last minute or build up to it by supplying the paper hearts ahead of time for everyone to fill out.

Make sure to take pictures when done — paper doesn’t last forever, but photos do!

33. Would You Rather: Valentine Edition

This Valentine’s theme Would You Rather game is not only family friendly, but you’ll learn so much about each other! You’ll be saying awww one minute, then laughing hysterically the next.

What a fun way to spend the evening with your favorite people.

34. Make Your Own Heart Pizza

Pizza Hearts

Whether you make it with the kids or for the kids, follow this recipe to enjoy a heart-shaped pizza together!

Pizzas are the perfect family dinner because they’re so versatile. Allergies, preferences, you name it, you can assemble the perfect pizza for everyone.

Fun twist: Let each family member make their pizzas just how they like. Let the kids go crazy with ingredients (as long as it’s still edible) and just have fun with it.

36. Musical Hearts Valentine’s Day Game

Here’s how to play Valentine’s Musical Hearts:

  • Set down hearts with numbers on each one all along the floor.
  • Have someone play music, then stop it at random.
  • When it stops, they then draw a number from a bowl…
  • If someone is standing on that number, they win a prize!

Prizes can be totally silly, super cool, or way simple. Maybe a mixture of all three!

35. PJs & Breakfast for Dinner

Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings
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03/26/2024 08:45 pm GMT

Nothing like spending time together in comfy PJs while eating heart-shaped pancakes for dinner. Oh boy, this could become a new tradition!

37. Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Print out this handy Valentine’s Day treasure hunt download and you have an instant party game! The kids will love scouring the house and yard for all the needed items.

38. Balloon Pop & Find the Sweet Message

Write each family member’s name on several heart balloons (or just the kid’s names) and drop a note inside that has what you love about them written on it. “You’re awesome at singing!” “You have the best hair on the block!” “I love your smile!”

Fill up the balloons and spread them around. Send out each person go find their balloons and pop it to read the message.

39. Sweet Valentine Puzzle

Spend relaxing, quality time together while completing this sugar filled puzzle.

Unlike Sorry, Clue, or Monopoly (which are designed to tear apart families), a puzzle is a more soothing end to what was probably a sugar fest day at school!

40. Kids’ Movie Night

Kiddos like sweet and romantic movies, too, as long as there isn’t too much kissing — ewwww gross!

Here are some friendly movies you can safely leave them watching-

Meaningful Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for the Classroom

What do you do on Valentine’s Day with a classroom full of crazy kiddos? Here are some of our favorite V-Day school party ideas!

41. Share Cards Around the Classroom

Everyone loves getting a whole shoebox of sweet Valentine’s cards in February! These cute instant downloads fit the bill nicely.

42. Sweet Classroom Party Favors

Send them home with a little something to remember the day by, like these fun stationary party favors.

Pink Passion Valentine's Day Word Search Printable Game
Free Download
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Keep their minds whirling and their brains working after all that sugar with this Valentine’s themed word search! Each child will love finding all the hidden romantic words.

44. Cute Monster Ornament Crafts

These crafts are so adorable! Monsters have never been so cute as they are with these little ornaments that the kids can decorate themselves.

45. Cupid’s Arrow Toss

  • Divide up the class into teams and give each group a handful of Q-tips.
  • Place down a long line using tape (or just a long blanket)
  • Place a large bowl at the end of it.
  • Line up the kids to try and toss their “Cupid’s arrows” into the bowl.

Whichever team was able to get the most Q-tips in their bowl, wins!

46. Adorable Table Signs

Valentine's Day Table Centerpiece Signs
Buy Now
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Having one at each desk is a fun and easy way to brighten and cheer up the schoolroom without a lot of work! They’ll love that they each get to take home their centerpiece, too.

47. Fun Photo Booth!

Not only will kids have a blast with this, but the parents will also love the photos. Set out as many props as possible and watch the goofy shenanigans begin!

48. Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Kids love puzzles and, fortunately for parents, they’re a clever and sneaky way to keep their brains sharp.

They’ll have lots of fun completing this Valentine’s Day word scramble, especially if there’s a prize at the end for the fastest winner. Don’t forget the key!

49. What I Love Memory Book

Vera Bradley Pink Mini Spiral Memory Book
Buy Now
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03/26/2024 08:59 pm GMT

It’s important to remember it’s not all about the candy, cookies, and the “stuff” you get for Valentine’s Day, but sharing the love is what matters!

These memory books will get it all down on paper, where it will last forever.

Parents will love seeing this come home in their kid’s backpack, rather than yet another bar of chocolate!

50. Large Group Bingo

There’s a reason why Bingo never goes out of style, year after year: it’s just plain fun!

Ages 3-103 will love pairing up to play a good old-fashioned game of Bingo, especially when it’s Valentine’s Day Bingo.

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