21 Gifts for Dog Walkers That Are Thoughtful & Affordable

It goes without saying that the very best dog walkers deserve the very best gifts for dog walkers.

So today we’re heading into that realm with one goal in mind – finding the perfect gift for the kindhearted dog walker in your life.

Your dog walker is trustworthy, dependable, and has a way with your doggo that immediately puts you both at ease. It’s time to show your appreciation for all the care they provide to your furry companion.

We’re here to help. Come and see what we’ve found!

21 Thoughtful & Affordable Gifts for Dog Walkers

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1. “Eat, Sleep, Walk Dogs, Repeat” T-Shirt

Get this shirt for your dog walker and they’ll be able to show off their job (aka favorite pastime!) to everyone they meet.

It’s such a fun and accurate tee that it will make a great gift for just about anyone you know who loves canines – maybe even yourself!

Available in gray or black as well as several different sizes/styles.

2. World’s Best Dog Walker Ornament

They’re proud of what they do and for good reason! Where would we be without our faithful pup walkers? Especially in this day and age with how hectic our lives can get! Help them show off their occupational pride even at the holidays with this cute ornament.

This pretty ornament will make a wonderful addition to their Christmas tree with its lovely graphic and elegant gold hanging ribbon.

3. Best Dog Walker Ever Keychain

When your dog walker is the best, the best way to let them know is to say so. One way to say it is by offering them this engaging and dangly little keychain.

The copper and stainless steel keychain features a sweet note showing your appreciation for their skill at their profession. They are, indeed, the Best Dog Walker Ever.’

It’s a gift that will remind them every time they leave the house or get in the car just how appreciated they are.

When placing your order, be sure to choose the right initial charm, as well as paw charm/chew bone charm or both.

4. Best Dog Walker Plaque

It’s perfect because it’s true! These adorable, handmade plaques are a sweet little way to show appreciation for the Best Dog Walker Ever — from you as well as your pooches! Sign the sweet sentiment with a personalization from Fido or Millie and it just gets that much sweeter.

If you go with this gift idea, you may want to lace the plaque with a pretty ribbon or leather strap to hang it from.

5. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

Ah, the poop bag. A classic staple for dog walkers everywhere since walking dogs became a thing. And, well, since civilization… and sanitation… and plastic.

In all seriousness, it’s good to have a supply of these things on hand, especially if you’re a pro dog walker. And when we say these things, we mean these and not just any old kind of poop bag.

Here are some treasure sacks that aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill plastic doggie baggies that have been filling up landfills since the dawn of landfills.

Nope. These cost-friendly, earth-friendly bags are produced with an EPI additive, which allows for quicker breakdown than regular plastic. The packaging and inner cores are also made of recycled materials.

So now your dog walker can feel a whole lot better about their job whenever they have to carry out what is probably their least favorite part of it.

6. Poopin’ Pooches Calendar

If there is any one thing your favorite dog walker has seen plenty of, it’s poop. Big poops, little poops, in-between poops… they’ve seen it all. But that doesn’t mean it gets any less comical.

Our furry friends will never cease to look awkwardly hilarious as they take care of business, no matter how majestic the breed. This fun calendar capitalizes on that fact, making it a perfect white elephant gift for your pooch’s second best friend.

7. Wireless Earbuds

Dog walkers are constantly moving. They have to remain hands-free from their devices as much as possible so that they can keep all their attention on the canines in their care.

That’s not to say that they shouldn’t be able to answer phone calls or listen to music to help pass their day.

Through the power of Bluetooth V5.3, these water-resistant wireless earbuds will allow them hands-free access so that they can keep their eyes on what’s most important: your best friend.

8. Personalized Walnut and Maple Wood Bottle Opener

Everyone has long, stressful days at work, including your dog walker (as hard as that is to believe walking your precious pooch). You understand – sometimes you just gotta chill with a cold one for a little bit and let the day slide away.

With this unique bottle opener from Northwest Gifts, your dog walker will be able to do just that. Handmade from sturdy walnut and maple wood right here in the USA, this handy tool features a real cast iron opener and comes laser engraved with their name.

It’s portable or can be mounted to a wall either indoors or outdoors (screws included). Measures 8.75″ x 5.25″ x 1″.

9. Best Dog Walker Ever Tumbler

Working outside, especially during those hot Summer days, can really take a toll on a person. Add in a bunch of doggos (or even just one), and your dog walker is sure to work up a sweat while on the trek with their pack.

Offer them the thoughtful reminder to stay hydrated with this cool tumbler. It states their profession, “Best. Dog. Walker. Ever.” Plus it comes personalized with their name in a fun script.

This Polar Camel tumbler is vacuum-sealed and double-walled, which simply means that their drink (cold in Summer or warm in Winter) is going to stay chilled/hot for a long time.

Choose from several different colors and sizes/styles.

10. Fernweh Candle

Candles are all-around great gifts for anyone. So are you really surprised that we included one in our roundup of dog walker gifts?

Of course, this is not just any candle. This one is from Fernweh, which offers candle “journeys” that you just can’t get anywhere else.

By lighting and breathing in the soothing aromas of the Dark Chocolate candle from Fernweh’s France Edition, your dog walker will be able to forget about — if only for a little while — the more unpleasant scents of their job.

Check out the rest of Fernweh’s collections here.

11. Pooper Scooper

When it comes to gifts for dog walkers, or for anyone for that matter, accessories are the way to go. We mean that this idea, the Dogit Jawz Pooper Scooper, would make a great accompaniment gift paired with the doggy poop bags (gift #4) mentioned above.

We know you can see it!

In any case, give this to your dog walker and they will no longer have to break their back leaning over to clean up sweet Bruno’s brown mess. The handheld scooping jaws are designed for a variety of outdoor surfaces, such as concrete and grass.

12. Dog Walker’s Notebook

Just an adorable journal/notebook that anyone who loves dogs would enjoy. It’s great as a standalone gift or could make a thoughtful accompaniment gift to any other idea you see on this list.

Featuring caricatures of different kinds of people walking different kinds of pooches, this cute and affordable notebook could be used as a diary, record book, memory book or anything.

It comes in hardcover and it’s compact enough to be carried on-the-go. Contains 96 lined pages, front and back.

13. Pepper Spray

Even if you feel that your neighborhood is a safe place, we’re living in some crazy times. It never hurts to take a precaution or two, especially when it comes to your dog and the person will be caring for them.

So, while a little pepper spray keychain may seem small and insignificant, it’s a dog walker gift that says “I care about you” better than anything else on this list.

Hopefully your dog walker will never have to use it, but they’re really going to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

14. Pooper + Scooper Shirts

Leave no question as to whose job is what with these comical matching t-shirts! Quick to become their new favorite go-to tee, they will certainly have the whole neighborhood in stitches each time they head out the door.

The cute vinyl graphics and super soft, breathable cotton shirts are available in a wide range of sizes for both Fido and your dog walker, so they both get the perfect fit.

15. Portable Neck Fan

We’re starting off with one of the most requested gifts for dog walkers – and something you don’t see every day.

This battery-operated portable fan, which conveniently sits around the neck, travels with your dog walker and provides a blissfully cooling breeze on particularly warm days.

16. Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Device

The bane of walking a group of dogs is the unavoidable fact that some of them (yes, I mean you, Bentley!) are more prone to barking than others.

It’s the nature of doggos to bark, of course, but when it becomes a disruption for the whole group it can become a major problem!

Now your dog walker can quickly and safely put a stop to incessant barking with this handy little tool. It’s more of a training device than anything, and will NOT harm a dog when used. The dog bark deterrent uses an ultrasonic sound wave that only canines can detect, and eventually associate with the word “No.”

Bonus: It can also help to stop digging, roughhousing and other no-no behaviors.

17. Bamboo Coaster Set

Drink coasters are always a nice gift to receive. And truth be told, a good set should last a long time. This four-coaster set from Northwest Gifts is as good as it gets…and not just because they have cute paw prints on them!

These first-rate coasters are made from sustainable bamboo wood and will also come laser-engraved with your dog walker’s name. A coaster holder is included in your purchase.

Check out some beautiful glassware to go with your gift.

18. Collapsible Dog Bowls

When you walk dogs for a living, you need to have a stash of emergency supplies. Our furry friends get tired and thirsty just like we do when exercising, and your dog walker knows this well.

Help them keep their load lite and compact by gifting them with these collapsible dog dishes.

No more lugging around regular-sized bowls! All your walker will have to do is stop, pop these bad boys open, and fill them with water. Then fold ’em back up and pack ’em away til next time.

Each bowl is made from food-grade silicone and is completely dishwasher safe. There are two to a set, and a waste bag dispenser with bags is also included in your order.

19. Poopin’ Pooch Ornament

They won’t be able to hold in their laughter with this one!

These Poopin’ Pooch ornaments will be the funniest and definitely most unique decor on their tree this Christmas season. Equally as adorable as they are humorous, they are handmade right here in the USA, too!

To make them even that much more special, a portion of each purchase made is donated to the Maui Humane Society to help shelter dogs in need.

20. Paw Print Bracelet

It takes a special kind of person to be a dog walker. Yours is as special as it gets… because you want only the best for your four-legged friend.

When you choose this bracelet for a dog walker gift, you’ll be showing your favorite walker just how much they and the care they provide your dog means to you.

This corded bracelet is not showy or gaudy in way. It’s simple, yet gets the message across loud and clear that animals are an important part of your dog walkers life. It’s something they can wear with pride!

(Tip: The bracelet also makes a wonderful sympathy gift for someone who’s just lost their beloved canine. Here are some more thoughtful dog memorial gifts.)

21. Personalized Pet Blanket

Last but not least on our list is a super thoughtful idea that transcends a gift for them — your dog walker — and considers the other side of their animal-loving life: their own sweet pup.

This cute and super soft dog blankie is handmade from minky fabric, a type of fleece. You get to choose the size and colors of the blanket, and well as the personalization you want included (such as their pet’s name or nickname).

This blanket will be made to order, so expect it to be one-of-a-kind and cherished by your dog walker (and their own pooch) for years to come.

SUPER Affordable Gifts for Dog Walkers

The term “affordable” means different things to different people (and at different times in life).

At All Gifts Considered, we understand that! So we’ve put together this list with SUPER affordable/inexpensive/DIY gifts for dog walkers — and your wallet — in mind:

  • A drawn or painted picture of them with your dog. If you have been blessed with an artistic inclination, put it to good use and put a big ol’ smile on your dog walker’s face!
  • A framed photo of them with your doggo. For another big ol’ smile.
  • A Mason jar filled with their favorite treats and tied with a bow.
  • A batch of homemade cookies. Here’s an easy recipe.
  • DIY a bracelet and paw print charm! Or necklace, or earrings, or anklet, or head band…
  • Do you cross-stitch? Here is a sweet pattern for you to consider creating for your dog walker. And here are some more.
  • Make them a dog leash or two! Here’s how.
  • Good with whittling or woodworking? Carve a dog whistle.
  • Write them a letter (maybe in a greeting card you made yourself) expressing how much their work means to you, your family and especially your pup.

For even more creative ideas, click here. Many of those “make while watching TV” ideas could be amazing dog walker gifts.

More Creative Gift Ideas

Convenient Scheduler

Everyone who runs their own side hustle — or full time self-employed business — needs to stay organized.

It can be extremely hard to keep track of clients, orders, phone calls, notes, payments, etc. when you don’t have good organizational habits (I cringe at the thought).

Help your favorite dog walker stay on top of things – not that they already don’t! — by gifting them this beautiful appointment book/planner.

With its weekly layouts and enough room to write-in what they have to do each day, this planner will help them remember everything, work-related and otherwise.

It’s also an academic planner (meaning it follows the general school year), so if your dog walker is in school it may be especially helpful. Includes tab stickers and a paper clip.

Custom Shoes

Anyone, dog walker or not, who traverses the great outdoors requires a good pair of shoes to keep their walkers walkin’. So surprise your pup’s companion or caretaker with a nice pair of casual shoes in the super cute “Dog Lover” theme.

From Groove Bags & Custom Kicks, these fun shoes include a convenient elastic vamp for easy slip-on and off. The EVA outsole means great traction, rain or shine, and of course the full-wrap canvas design can’t be missed.

If you go with this gift idea, you’ll need to know your dog walker’s shoe size obviously. But besides that you already know they’re gonna love these kicks.

Ok, we’ve gotta admit — now that we’ve discovered these shoes, we have to tell you that Groove Bags has so much more great dog-themed merch that looks simply fantastic: literally so many gifts for dog walkers!

So cool. And not just shoes either, bags and phone cases and socks, etc.

As you’re probably the dog owner and thus a dog lover yourself, well, I think you’ve found a place to give yourself a little treat.

ASPCA Donation

This one’s for the dog walker who has everything. Or for the super humble person who you already know won’t accept a gift, at least not comfortably.

So instead of getting them a tangible item, donate to an animal-centered organization, like the ASCPA, in their name as a way to show your appreciation for all that they do.

The ASCPA is a popular humane organization dedicated to protecting and rescuing animals in dangerous situations. It has a 3 out of 4 star rating per Charity Navigator.

Bonus — these gifts for dog walkers are as affordable as you need them to be.

Related: Plant a Tree in Their Name – A Great Gift for Anyone!

But Wait There’s More…

If none of these gifts for dog walkers suit your fancy, maybe it’s time to think outside the box a bit.

Remember, your gift doesn’t necessarily have to be dog-themed!

You already know that dog walkers are people just like you and me, with a life outside of their work.

With that in mind, here are just a couple more of our favorite gifts posts for you to enjoy:

Best Gifts for Dog Walkers
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