21 Best Housewarming Gifts (That They Will Actually Use)

How about let’s give housewarming gifts that the new homeowners will actually use.

After all, visiting a friend or family member who just purchased a home is always fun. You get the tour, you get to help with interesting questions like, “would this sofa look better in this corner or that one?” and there’s usually food, social mingling, and just a laid-back atmosphere that can’t be beat.

But what do you bring to a housewarming party? (Besides a boring bottle of wine or a wilting bouquet of flowers.) Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best housewarming gifts. Like, ever.

Housewarming Gifts They’re Sure to Love (and actually use)

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1. Personalized Bird Feeder

They’ve likely been so busy decorating the inside of their new house, they’ve neglected the outside!

This personalized and custom engraved wooden bird feeder will instantly spruce up the back porch and be treasured for years to come.

2. Wine & Cheese Basket

Okay, the wine and cheese itself may be gone almost instantly (because… yum; who doesn’t love wine and cheese!?!) but the basket will be a cherished item for a long, long time.

This absolutely adorable and ever so useful basket will be a hit at any housewarming party (and all the other guests will bemoan their lack of such a great gift).

3. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Commemorating their new home, this custom and personalized bottle opener/sign is perfect. And it’ll get a ton of use at the house warming party, so it’s a win-win!

Built to last, it will look fabulous whether mounted in the kitchen, the den, the shop, or next to the grill in the yard. The one pictured above is for the mechanic/auto/racing enthusiast. We have plenty more themes too!

4. Cool Fire Extinguisher

This is a practical housewarming gift that we actually really, really hope they won’t have to use! Anyone can have a boring old red fire extinguisher; how many own one decorated with coffee beans, tomato soup, or grilling utensils??

This one is definitely NOT going under the sink, never to be seen.

5. Exotic Travel-Inspired Soy Candles

Nothing brings soft and aromatic atmosphere to a new home like some new candles! These intriguing scents are just the thing for a little bit of ambiance and aromatherapy.

Inspired by the spirit of exotic destinations, each collection is hand-poured here in the USA with soy-based wax. Extensive burn times combined with incredible aromas make these the perfect housewarming gift that they’ll use all. the. time.

6. Personalized Drink Tub

How darling is this generously sized copper bucket/drink tub? This will be the hit of the party for sure, and will be brought out again and again for each backyard BBQ, family reunion, and neighborhood cookouts!

There’s no better way to warm a new house than by cooling down some delicious beverages.

7. BBQ Subscription Box from Grill Masters Club

If their new home has a killer backyard and your host love to grill, then this BBQ subscription box from Grill Masters is the way to go! It really is the gift that keeps on giving (and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to reap some of the rewards too… remind them you’re free for Friday dinners).

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8. Personalized Wine Glass Set

Fully customizable from anything like the recipient’s names, to something more personal like The Smiths Wine Bar, or Chuck’s Fine Vinos, these engraved wine goblets only need the following: some wine and a toast! Cheers!

Oh, and depending on what beverage your new homeowners prefer, we have plenty more styles available over at Northwest Gifts. From pint glasses to coffee mugs to Glencairns for whiskey, our glassware collection allows you to choose and personalize ultimate housewarming gifts.

9. Yard Dice Game (Yardzee, Farkle, etc)

There’s nothing worse than a party where everyone is bored, the small talk has run dry, and everyone needs something to do. Why not gift – and then break in – this yard dice game?

We’d say everyone is a winner with this fun outdoor game. It will be the life of the (housewarming) party!

10. Re-usable Paper Towels

Reducing plastic, waste, and just the whole “instant gratification it’s all about me way of life,” is actually cool!

These pretty and totally useful alternative to paper towels will have everyone cutting down on consumer waste and look good doing it.

Perfect for the new home owners, you’re going to want to purchase some for yourself too.

11. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized with anything you like, from The Greens, Est. 2021, to Mary’s Kitchen Goods, this bamboo wood cutting board housewarming gift will be used and treasured for many years.

You could pair it with a new knife, or a set of yummy cheeses too.

12. Personalized Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

You know how it is when you move into a new house: things like pens, flashlights, charging cords, and corkscrews disappear into boxes marked Miscellaneous… sometimes never to be seen again!

So, spare your friends the trouble of finding their old, boring bottle opener and give them this good looking and custom engraved corkscrew opener. It may be just the thing to make the housewarming party pop. (Don’t you love that sound?)

13. Celebrate Wine Gift Basket

What could make a better gift than a delectable basket of fine wine and gourmet goodies? We certainly can’t think of many. A delight to their eyes and their tastebuds, this pretty basket aims to please. Maybe, if you’re lucky enough, they’ll share. Don’t get your hopes up, though. We wouldn’t blame them for keeping it all to themselves.

14. Custom Engraved Coaster Set

Chances are the new homeowners are secretly worried about the beverages they’re passing around (the carpet, the coffee table, the mess!). Put those worries to rest by giving them this set of personalized wooden coasters!

Whether they’re pet lovers (see paw-print theme, above), ocean lovers, horse enthusiasts, or anything else, we have themes to match (or just create your own).

15. Survival Kit

Always handy to have near, this survival kit has everything the new homeowner needs (even if they didn’t know it).

Hopefully, they won’t need to use it any time soon, but if they do, they’ll appreciate it (and you) all over again!

Plus, now that we’ve experienced 2020 together and have arrived at the dawn of a new era, having an emergency kit on hand doesn’t seem too weird, does it? It actually makes an excellent housewarming gift that the recipients will genuinely appreciate.

16. Indoor Herb Garden

Planting a whole garden can be daunting, especially if they’re still in the process of moving in and settling in. So instead, why not try gifting an herb garden?

They’ll love the thought, the practicality, and the yummy addition to their dinners! Cute, fun, and always fresh, this is an environmentally-conscious housewarming gift that looks good and tastes good.

17. Ceramic Bakeware Set

We’re willing to bet they broke at least a few dishes in the move. So this new set of ceramic bakeware is going to be perfect! Stylish and sleek but also timeless and practical, these nesting dishes will be used countless times.

18. Pour Over Coffee Set

It’s practically a piece of art in itself, isn’t it? But not just that, a pour-over coffee maker makes a mean cuppa joe!

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19. Personalized Ring Toss Game

Sweet and useful – not to mention fun – this personalized ring toss game will be a hit. Paired with an ever-so-useful bottle opener, this will look amazing in their yard or game room while providing hours of half-tipsy entertainment.

20. Home Sweet Home Key Holder

This gorgeous wooden key holder sign is fully customizable and will be a huge grand slam for the new homeowner.

No one wants purses, hats, and coats cluttering up the sofa or mud room. Display everything in style with this one of a kind sign.

21. Personalized Door Mat

We’re willing to be the new homeowners haven’t even thought of a doormat yet, so why not gift this personalized one?

With it’s timeless colors and font, it will look great on any front porch.

Housewarming Gift Etiquette FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions, answers to those questions, plus thoughts on what makes a good and useful housewarming gift.

What is a traditional housewarming gift?

Anything that goes hand in hand with their home. For instance- bread, wine, plants, décor, wall art, or something personalized to commemorate the event.

Food and drinks are always appreciated too, as they are normally too busy unpacking to cook! Combine them all with a homemade casserole presented in a pretty dish that’s theirs to keep, or a potted plant in an unusual pot.

Traditional housewarming gifts:

  • Bread, that this house may never know hunger
  • Salt, that life may always have flavor
  • Wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever (we learned these from It’s A Wonderful Life)
  • Houseplants, that your home would grow and thrive
  • Candles, that your light may shine
  • Honey, that your home may enjoy all the sweetness that life has to offer

Attach a note or include a card that says one of those quotes to go along with your traditional gift.

How much is appropriate to spend on a housewarming gift?

It depends on how close you are to the recipients. If it’s your grown child for example, of course you’re going to want to spoil them a bit more than you would say, your second cousin twice removed.

Is alcohol a good housewarming gift?

Know your audience, as they say! If they enjoy a good glass of wine or frequent the local pub, then a bottle of something spirited might be just the thing. However, if you’re not certain, we’d go for something non-alcoholic.

When should you give a housewarming gift?

When they’ve sent you a notice of their new address, an invitation to a housewarming party, or they are either leaving your neighborhood or moving into your neighborhood.

How do you host a no-gift housewarming party?

Most people consider it a breach of etiquette to ask for no gifts. So, what do you do if you don’t want or need people to bring housewarming gifts?

Easy: Don’t call it a housewarming. Invite friends and family over for a BBQ or a cocktail party, and just don’t say anything about housewarming. You can say, “Be sure to note our new address at ____.” You could also put a little note along the lines of, “What to bring: Just yourself, a plus-one (optional) and a simple side to go with burgers.”

Bonus: Housewarming Subscription Gift Box

Housewarming Gift Box

Designed Life Delivered specializes in lovely subscription boxes filled with cute home décor ideas. Their boxes are seasonal, unique, and professionally curated, so you know everything will be a delight for your senses and bring something new into your friend’s home each quarter (or yearly if you prefer). It’s a fun way to discover new things you just can’t find at the big box stores!

So, what was in my box? Well, first of all, it weighed a ton, so I wondered briefly if perhaps there was a bowling alley inside… or a leg lamp. I wouldn’t have been saddened to see either, but what I got was this:

Blanket. A cotton blend throw in a charcoal gray and white. Sooooo pretty, for winter, but really any season. It’s heavy and thick so I know it will last a long time and not fall apart the first time I wash it.

Pot Holders. Chunky, nubby pot holders, which were probably my favorite! I’m used to buying pot holders at the dollar store, where I run the risk of first-degree burns every time I pull out a casserole. These ones are so thick and durable, they can be used as trivets as well.

Dream Catcher Tea. I’m not a tea person, so this is going to go inside a gift box next time I need a quick last minute present! The little round cylinder in which they came is so cute, as is the owl logo.

Decorative Textured Metal Tray. This isn’t food proof, so I’m not sure what I’ll use it for. It’s currently sitting on my wine cabinet. It would be a great size for a catch-all for your keys and phones when you come in the door, or for serving a hot cup of coffee and a small plate of breakfast for a little weekend brunch in bed.

Stoneware Mug. It’s in my favorite shade of gray and almost looks like a sweater. It’s also a good size: not too small, not so large your beverage gets cold fast.

That’s it! I would say my favorites were for sure the throw blanket and the potholders. I can see where having a subscription to this fun box would be a ton of fun for anyone, but especially as a housewarming gift. Even if you order it last-minute (like, when you’re sitting in the driveway realizing you forgot a gift), the repeated deliveries will ensure that your gift is the one they remember most!

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