100 Funniest Gag Gifts: Homemade Pranks, Silly Gifts, & More

Are you you an incurable prankster? Is there nothing you love more than watching that “really?” expression grace the faces of your friends and family?

Or is a really great laugh just something you crave on the regular? If any of those sound familiar, then this post is for you!

The best gifts are the hysterical ones (at least we think so). If you agree, read on! After all, laughter is the best medicine.

We’ve got everything from homemade gag gifts to fun redneck wine glasses, so you’re sure to find a hilarious gag gift or two to get you rolling.

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Top 10 Funny Gag Gift Ideas

Make ’em snort themselves silly with these best gag gifts. These are great for any occasion, but they also make fantastic white elephant gift ideas! 

1. Dehydrated Water

Did we mention it’s organic? If your gift recipient is the worlds best air guitar player, then they’re gonna love this hilarious dehydrated water!

Just, you know…add water.

2. DIY — Plant Your Own Furniture

Acorn Gag Gift: Grow Your Own Furniture

Give them an acorn or two so they can grow their own tree to make furniture out of in 50 years. Put acorns into a plastic baggie along with “instructions”:

Grow Your Own Furniture

  • Plant acorn
  • Grow tree
  • Chop down tree
  • Make furniture

They’ll get a good laugh and thank you. Or their great-great-grandchildren will anyway.

3. Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs

There are few things funnier than poop jokes. So here’s the perfect gag gift for your very closest friend (or perhaps your annoying roommate): Toilet bombs!

These Glitter Heart Toilet Bombs imply that, yes, their you-know-what stinks. But the little glittery hearts are so cute that they’re *probably* going to forgive you for the mild insult.

4. Toilet Bowl Games

Any ol’ loser can read a book while sitting on the porcelain throne. Why not have more fun with this toilet fishing game?

He already spends more time than is strictly necessary in his den of stank, so he may as well have some fun while he’s there with this great gift.

This is a proven winner for your annual white elephant gift exchange.

5. Smelly House Warming Gift

For the most esteemed of nasal palates, smell aficionados, and odiferous super sleuths, this game will finely tune their super human noses.

Plus it’ll make them laugh (and possibly gag?) with each card. Games are also a great way to get everyone involved in your hilarity.

6. Shoe Mops

Sure, it may be a good gag gift, but let’s be honest: why didn’t someone invent these sooner? Like, I legitimately want a pair for my hardwood floors.

Watch ’em slip and slide like snot on a glass doorknob, and get their floors shiny clean at the same time. 

7. DIY Gag Gift: Weather Rock

Weather Rock

All you need for this homemade gift is a large-ish sized flat rock and a permanent marker! They’ll be well on their way to being the neighborhood’s meteorologist with this hilarious bit of help.

To tell the weather, simply follow the instructions regarding what is happening to the rock.

If the rock is…Then the weather is…
Creating a shadowSunny
Hard to seeFoggy

8. Bean Boozled

Just ask any Potter-head: this game is where it’s at! You may get a yummy pink lemonade jelly bean, or you may get one that tastes like a used Band-Aid. For the bravest of fun lovers only!

9. Don’t Wanna Pills

Gag Gifts: Don't Wanna PIlls

Here’s a pill for everything you don’t want to do. Don’t wanna get out of bed? Don’t wanna clean the house?

Here’s your medicine! Super easy to make, and will definitely elicit an eye roll or two.

10. Fake Lottery Tickets

Make ’em hopeful, then make ’em sad with these totally fake lottery tickets that always win. Because nothing is funnier than false hope and dashed dreams!

Take it from someone who has experienced the fake lotto ticket ruse, beware the retaliation. Some people laugh, some people cry, and some people get flat out vengeful… So watch out!

Gag Gifts for Men

To be quite honest, when I think of silly gag gifts, I tend to think of dudes. Sure, there are plenty of prankster gals out there, lurking around corners and plotting their next big gag.

But guys and pranks are almost a stereotypical combo at this point. So here are some great gag gift ideas to give him a hearty laugh.

11. Toilet Bowl Mug

Of course, he’ll get his revenge by actually drinking out of the thing, so purchase at your own discretion! Maybe include with this witty and slightly disgusting gag gift, a liter of Mt Dew? No? Too much.

12. Code Brown Emergency Underpants

You know they’re a quality gift when they’re “one size fits most!” As if they didn’t already suck you in with their tagline: always ready to save your a$$!

13. You Can’t Scare Me, I Have Two Daughters Shirt

Funny, but also perfectly true (cuz let’s face it, what’s scarier than pint-sized women?), this witty tee-shirt will be his new favorite. We bet his daughters will also think it’s pretty dang giggle-inducing too.

14. Puzzles

If you have a friend who is into puzzles, this is the ultimate gag gift. Give them a puzzle with a lovely, bucolic image on the box. But when they actually fit the pieces together, watch out – there’s a hilariously awkward picture instead!

15. DIY Gag Gift: Stress Relief Bubble Poppers

Stress Relief

I mean, they’re not wrong. Follow the science! Popping bubble wrap is totally a stress reliever! Maybe they’ll save a bubble for you…

Need more stress-relief gag gift ideas? Check out this article!

16. Things to do While You Poo on the Loo

Because reading the shampoo bottle gets a little old after a while… Give ’em some new inspiration with this clever idea book. It’s a new adventure each day (sometimes twice if they’re awfully regular).

Apparently it’s a pretty, uh, crappy book (no pun intended) with like 25 pages of easy puzzles and jokes only a five year old would appreciate. In other words, with a great cover and terrible contents, it’s the most perfect gag gift of all time.

Related: The 21 Worst Gift Ideas Ever. Do Not Read.

17. Warning This is Not a Drill Magnet

You have to hold up those school photos of your grandchildren otherwise you’ll never hear the end of, so why not do with a magnet that makes you laugh every time you open the fridge?

All dad jokes should be laminated and magnetized, don’t you think?

18. Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise

And you KNOW people will ask!! He’s going to love this funny tee that will make him the most popular grandpa at the park.

19. “Dad Bod” Fanny Pack

Bulgy and hairy, this “dad bod” fanny pack is the funniest thing we’ve seen all week. Stuff it full of some extra stereotypical “dad” necessities, such as beer, hemorrhoid cream, and an old flip phone.

20. Dad, I Will Always Be Your Financial Burden Mug

It’s funny because it’s true. Show ’em how much you love burdening him with this tongue-in-cheek mug.

It’s sure to be his favorite in no time! And hey, while you’re seeing him smile, now’s a good time to ask for a twenty to fill up your tank on the way home.

Gag Gifts for Women

Girls just wanna have fun. Or a good eye roll. Or a good squeal… Okay, that last one is up for debate.

But! That’s never stopped you before, so.

So without further ado, these are our best gag gift ideas for the ladies.

21. Unicorn Snot SPF

Hey, skincare and sun care are important! Why not give her something useful that is funny to boot, like this pink and sparkly unicorn snot?

She might just share with the kids, but she also may just hoard it all for herself because she loves it so much.

22. Realistic Cockroaches

Whether planted strategically around her house (we recommend sneaky places like the pull-out cutting board), in her slippers, or peering into the shower from the soap tray, or just tossed at her with a scream, the laughs will be heard for miles.

After the shrieks first, of course.

P.S. Before you scatter these guys around her house, make sure she doesn’t have an actual phobia of roaches. I speak from experience, it can get ugly…

23. Pickle Wine Stopper

If she has leftover wine (although who actually ever does), she’s going to love this hilarious wine stopper shaped like a dill pickle. It’s unusual, adorable, and actually pretty dang useful!

Consider pairing it with a real gift, like this Wine of the Month Club subscription.

24. “Dime In Ring” (diamond ring)

You know what they say, dime-in-rings are a girl’s best friend! Probably shouldn’t gift it to your girlfriend while down on one knee though… unless you want to get smacked upside the head.

25. DIY Gag Gift: Hillbilly Hair Dryer

DIY Funny Gag Gifts

Beauty products are always a go-to when gift giving for women! Make her laugh (or possibly sigh) with this hillbilly hair dryer. All she needs to do is blow it up (and likely bop you on the head with it).

This is especially great if she already spends hours in the bathroom on her hair. All you do is put a balloon or two in a plastic baggies and staple on a card that says:

Hillbilly Hair Dryer

  • Inflate device
  • Hold inflated device near wet hair
  • Release slowly in direction of hair
  • Repeat until hair is dry

26. Brain Teasing Maze Gift Card Holder

Puzzles are good for us, everyone knows that! Make her smarter – and possibly more annoyed than ever – with this brain teasing gift card holder.

27. I’d Agree With You… But Then We’d Both Be Wrong Mug

Need to get the last word? It’s easier than ever with this funny and somewhat obnoxious coffee mug! She may roll her eyes, but she’s bound to use it anyway, and get a subtle reminder about how you’re always right every time she does.

28. Shut Up Liver, You’re Finer Wine Glass

Put that liver in its place with this hilarious stemless goblet! It’s funny every time.

29. Nose Warmer

If they complain about being cold all the time, they’re going to scoff and then totally wear this hilarious nose warmer! After all, they already have the down parkas, the mittens, the electric blanket… get them what they really want!

30. Twilight Poster Print

Oh yeah. This is a framer, for sure! This gag gift will win her heart once you put her own photo in place of Bella’s! As it should have been from the beginning of the Twilight Saga, I’m sure she’ll remind you.

Gag Gifts for People You Don’t Like

These ones are just plain mean brilliant.

31. DIY- Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb Birthday Cards

All you need to do is fill up an envelope (or get creative with one of these booming cards) with colorful glitter that they will be finding for months.

For best results on the DIY version, fold it into a card or piece of paper so that they pull it out of the envelope first, then open to discover a spray of evil glitter.

This is strictly for people you wish were never born, obviously.

32. Worlds Hottest Chocolate

The best part is when you double dog dare them to eat it! We can attest – this stuff is pure insanity.

33. Spam Candle

Nothing says aromatherapy like some burning Spam, am I right?!

34. Extraordinary Book of Useless Information

Fill up their head’s real estate with totally useless information and facts no one remotely cares about at all, with this “extraordinary” book!

35. DIY — “[insert object] Not Included”


Give them an empty iPhone box (or any box of your choosing) and on the inside write “iPhone Not Included”

Although to be fair, everyone is always out of batteries. They’re not THAT bad of a gift…

36. Seafood Flavored Candy Canes

Our stomachs just churned a little at the thought of these oh-so delightful (not) seafood flavored candy canes.

The only thing that will make these funnier is if their children actually like them. Nothing says love like shrimpy, fishy smelling kisses!

37. Yodeling Pickle

When I think pickles, I think yodeling… wait. What? Okay, it makes no sense, that’s why we love them!

38. Hot Dog Soap

There are too many dirty things we could say about this one, but we won’t. We know you’re coming up with them all on your own, you filthy thing you! And this is a family-friendly show here, sheesh.

39. Salt Lake City Canned Air

Ahh, yes. Nothing like some wonderful, canned air straight from Utah. Beware, though, warnings include but are not limited to:

*Large quantities of SLC air may cause conversion to Mormonism.
*Open carefully, snow may fall out.
*Contains traces of Salt Lake Theater and ZCMI Center Mall.

40. Animal Socks

These animal socks pair perfectly with sandals and shorts, of course! Make everyone they meet look askance at their fashion sense (but secretly want a pair). Plenty of animals to choose from!

Insulting Gifts

If your gift needs to serve double duty as a grand put-down, here are the best funny gift ideas to do just that. 

41. Memory Mints

Perfect for that sibling family member who will always be older than you, these senior moment mints will make them groan.

42. Ex-Repellent Candle

The funny thing would be if it works… someone let us know! This ex repellent can be placed right next to their citronella collection, as it wards off mosquitos and crazy ex-girlfriends at the same time.

43. Memory Enhancer Pills

Your favorite geezer will totally appreciate these memory enhancer “drugs”. Look how legit they are after all: they’re prescribed by Dr. Jerry Atric!

44. World’s Okayest Brother

I mean, it’s not wrong, right? Honesty is the best policy when it comes to sibling love. If you have the kind of relationship where you fondly refer to one another as Buttface, Stupid Head, or Ugly, this is the tee for them!

45. Boyfriend Pillow

Look at that sixpack! It’s made for cuddles. This muscle boyfriend pillow is just the thing for long, lonely nights. Especially painful if your boyfriend is the, you know, fictional type.

46. Grumpy Old Man Socks

Might as well call a spade a spade, right?

These grumpy old man socks are going to really make his black sandals and denim shorts pop as he patrols his yard for annoying children, singing birds, or meandering kittens.

47. Old Lives Matter Mug

Make sure he knows he’s loved and appreciated in these tumultuous times! Great for retiring pals, or Grandad’s birthday, he may just crack a smile before he hands it back and demands a double bourbon.

48. DIY Gag Gift: Husband Training Treats

Husband Treats- Funny Gifts for Husbands

Give your married friends a bag of treats with the label “Husband Training Treats”. Even funnier if he is present! After all, husbands need good quality training and consistency if they’re going to be housebroken and well-behaved.

Just pop some of his favorite snack in a jar, label it, and you’re done. An insulting gag gift that takes almost zero effort? Sign me up.

49. Anti-Nagging Kit

It’s everything he’s ever dreamed of! A kit with earplugs for when she starts going off about “honey do” lists, fixing the fence, organizing the garage, or God forbid, raising the children!

50. I’d Trade My Sister for a Taco

We’ve all had this thought; why not commemorate it and admit it with this funny mug?! Were we even hangry at the time… ? We’re so not telling.

Gag Gifts for Kids

Kids love a good joke more than just about anyone. I mean, they are the main audience/guinea pigs for dad jokes and they still laugh, so… 

These gag gifts for kids are sure to have them in stitches in no time. 

51. Wooden Spider Surprise

Get their early budding case of arachnophobia new life and a jump start! (Get it? Jump start? Jump scare?) Kids need a little old-fashioned terror in order for them to perform at their best.

And lest you worry about the long-term side effects, they’ll heal right up when they re-gift it to their the town bully!

52. DIY — Pet Dust Bunnies

Dust Bunnies Pets

Next time your kid asks for a pet, hand them some dryer lint with googly eyes attached and say “Here, we got you a dust bunny instead.” They’ll be ever so grateful.

These also make great fire starters for camping. ?

53. Nose Pencil Sharpener

How many times do you have to say, stop picking your nose?! Now at least they can sharpen every pencil in the house, with this funny pencil sharpener.

54. Snack in a Can

Go ahead and start chuckling, we’ll wait. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but those whippersnappers haven’t learned it yet!

55. DIY Gag Gift for Kids: Smart Pills

Smart Pills- Funny Pranks for the Elder

Next time your child has a brain-fart moment, hand them a jar full of smart pills (aka: Smarties Candy). Perfect for achievement tests, DMV permit testing day, or any old Tuesday at 2:30 pm.

56. Stealing Panda Piggy Bank

This adorable bank will steal their hearts, just as the panda steals all their loose change!

57. Coal Stocking Stuffers

You’ve been threatening all year around, now’s the time to make good on it!

Give them what they deserve: coal in their stocking.

58. DIY- Candy Cane Puzzle

Candy Cane Puzzle

Break apart a bunch of candy candy canes and put the pieces into a baggy with instructions to put the candy cane back together! It’s fun and tasty!

59. Fart Machine

What’s better than a good old fart? One that is controlled by a child with a remote control, that’s what!

Whoopie Cushion meets the 21st century. Definitely a favorite on our list of funny gifts for kids.

60. Hidden Flying Butterflies

Less scary than the above mentioned fake spider, but still a little shriek inducing, these hidden flying butterflies will be a blast over and over again.

Gag Gifts for Co-Workers

Find the perfect inter-office gag gifts ideas for your sworn enemies…

AKA coworkers.

61. Shock Pen

A classic, but the shock pen never loses its zap! See what we did there?) Not to mention it can be used again and again and again.

62. World’s Smallest Air Blaster

Super necessary for say, blowing eyelashes off your cheek, this teeny tiny itty bitty blower will blow them away! If they’re a leprechaun.

63. Paper Tantrum for Crabby Co-Workers

Funny, but surprisingly useful too… this paper pad hits all the right notes for when they’re having a bad day or a case of the “Mondays.”

64. DIY: Catch-Up Potion

Catch Up Potion

Next time your co-worker is falling behind or piled on with work, hand them a ketchup bottle with the label “Catch-Up Potion.”

It’ll really save the day! Also, you may want to duck when she chucks it at your head.

65. Dundie Award

Why should THAT office have all the fun?! Make your own Dundee awards and have trophies for all the categories you can think of. The dumber the better!

66. Pimple Popping De-Stresser

It’s soothing, ok! Don’t judge! If someone you knows suffer from excessive pimple popping, give them this and save face. (Get it? Save face?!)

67. Ok, Millennial Mug

The correct response to the “Okay, Boomer,” catch phrase, this mug will really put them in their place.

68. DIY- Chill Pills

Funny Gifts for Coworkers

Give your high energy co-work a jar of chill pills! Maybe they will crash from the sugar crush.

69. New iPad

I mean, it IS guaranteed not to break! You can’t put a price on that! Well, you can actually, and it’s substantially less than a real iPad.

70. Ugly Sweater Mug

What’s funnier, a mug wearing an ugly sweater, or the naked mug that lies beneath the sweater? We’re not sure, but we know we love this hilarious coffee mug.

Cheap Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are funny, but let’s face it — the real draw is that they’re cheap. Here are the super-duper cheapest ones that will set you back less than a Hamilton. 

71. Old Age Survival Chain

Comes with everything you see here! This necklace is bound to give them a chuckle: don’t be surprised if he actually wears it proudly.

72. DIY Spray Tan Jar

DIY Spray Tan - gag gifts

Get a big jug of cheesy puffs (or similar food) and write “DIY Spray Tan Kit” on it. You know we’ve all had Cheeto fingers, might as well have a lovely Cheeto set of legs too! It is shorts season after all.

73. Food Flavored Sodas

Remember Willy Wonka’s gum that had a four course meal in its flavors? Well, channel that idea with these food inspired sodas!

74. Shower Margarita Machine

Turn any shower into happy hour! We’re grown ups, and there is literally no law against tequila sips in between lathering and repeating!

75. Bacon Toothpicks

Get that nasty aftertaste of vegetables out of your chompers with these bacon flavored toothpicks.

76. Straw Contraptions!

Make drinking fun again! That sounded weirder than we meant it to, but you know what we mean. Connect them in all sorts of ways: sipping has never been more fun.

77. Disappearing Ink

You know you’ve always wanted some. How else are you going to write out your last will and testament, leaving behind a legacy of pranks and mischief without some disappearing ink?

78. Telescope Fork

Perfect for keeping in your pocket or purse, this extendable fork makes stealing food off your loved one’s plates easy peasy lemon squeasy!

79. Denture Soap

Peppermint scented, this set of “false teeth” soaps will look hilarious in any bathroom, especially if put in a water glass!

80. Squirrel Car Air Freshener

You never even knew you wanted this until you saw it, huh? We felt the same way. Best to buy two: one for you and one for them!

Best Prank Gifts

Now for some gag ideas that will really mess with the recipient — prank gifts! Here are the best ones.

81. Fake Electrical Outlet Stickers

Because nothing is funnier than someone who is frantically trying to plug in their phone charger!

Be totally evil and put a few around your local airport or coffee house, too.

82. Fake Gift Box

Oh boy! You can’t go wrong with tricking your friends into thinking they’ll be receiving something silly like this HotLips box!

They’ll be so relieved it’s a fake box they won’t care what is actually inside.

83. Hidden Cricket

For those pranksters who love the loooooong game, this realistic cricket chirping toy will absolutely frustrate even most calm and unflustered people!

84. Stank Prank Candle

Yeah, let’s just say the scent is not REALLY orchard breeze… unless the orchard has a skunk in it, or maybe some rotting fruit lying around.

85. DIY Prank Gift: Turn Me Over Rock

You Took Orders from a Rock

Grab a large enough rock, on one side write “Turn Me Over ->” and on the other side write “You Just Took Orders From a Rock…”

Make sure to have your camera ready for the look on their face!

86. “Welcome to the Merman Club!” Prank Postcard

This prank postcard just might need to be displayed on the fridge after the laughter has subsided!

87. DIY— Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle

Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle

Give the recipient shredded up paper in a bag with the heading “expert level jigsaw puzzle.”

What’s not to love?

88. You Look Really Silly… Door Mat

It’s funny because it totally works. Perfect for that someone who has surveillance cameras at their front door…

89. Send a Birthday Potato

If you can’t make ’em laugh, then at least confuse them! A birthday potato is just the thing.

90. I Bark at Ugly People

You can’t say they weren’t warned! This is perfect for any dog that just won’t stop.

Where to Get Gag Gifts

We’ve already covered the best, of course, but if you need more inspiration you can use these resources.

  • DIY – create it yourself! (See next section for ideas)
  • Shop locally – Most malls have a fun gift shop
  • Amazon – the world’s biggest marketplace has everything
  • Vat19 – an online store devoted to quirky, curious, and hilarious gifts
  • Walmart – it’s everywhere, and probably has what you need
  • Etsy – creative handmade and unique gifts

DIY Gag Gifts

Do you have a white elephant party around the corner? Perhaps just feel like throwing together a funny gag gift to prank your siblings?

Then these DIY gift ideas are just for you!

91. Red Neck Flashlight

gag gifts- Redneck Flashlight

Get a stick and tie a match to it. Easy and hilarious!

92. Therapy Money

gag gifts- Therapy Money- Gag Gift

For friends with the less sensitive side, give them a “Therapy Money” labeled jar filled with money. Hopefully they don’t need much … therapy.

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93. Box within a Box within a Box within a Box…

Gag Gifts: A Box Within a Box

Get one dollar, put it in a box, then put that box into a bigger box, then put that box into a bigger box… over and over again

94. Gift of Nothing

gag gifts- Gift of Nothing

What else are you going to give someone who says they want nothing for their birthday? You obviously have to give them what they want

Check out this funny Christmas themed version!

95. Back Up Marbles

For our forgetful friends — a bag of marbles with the label “Back Up Marbles.” The back could say, “Because you’re always losing your marbles.”

96. When Life Gives You Lemons

Give them a box of Life cereal with lemons inside.

97. Everything You Ever Wanted

gag gifts- Everything You've Ever Wanted

Perfect gift for parents, sibling, or best friend. Give them a card that says, “In this box is something I know you’ve been wanting a long time.” Then in the box have a framed glamour shot of yourself.

98. Red Neck Birdfeeder

Get a toilet plunger and put it upside-down into something that will hold it up! (Like, you know, the dirt.) Bam: instant bird feeder!

Here is a great how-to article!

99. Weight Lifting Starter Pack

gag gifts- Weight Lifting Starter Pack

Get different sized marshmallows and stick them together with a tooth pick so it looks like a weight.

Don’t forget to add a note that says “Hope these aren’t too heavy for you”

100. Make It Impossible

Get something simple like a pair of socks, then wrap those socks in the hardest thing possible to open such as cement:

  1. Mix and pour cement 1/2 full into a container lined with cling film (car wax also works)
  2. Place your gift item in a ziploc and put into the cement
  3. Pour the other half on top
  4. Allow 2-4 days to dry/cure
  5. Viola! You have an Impossible to Open Gag Gift

You can also do a gift card frozen inside a block of ice, something ‘wrapped’ using multiple rolls of duct tape, or get a huge bag of zip ties and literally wrap it with zip ties. That will be super annoying.

Pro tip: If you cement the socks, give them a hammer with it. They’ll need it.

Or better yet, don’t. Ha!

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Amazing Gag Gift Ideas

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