50+ Moving Away Gifts for an Unforgettable Farewell

It’s hard when friends say farewell. Give them an unforgettable moving away gift that will always remind them of you and the friendship you share.

Below, you’ll find the perfect surprise to let them know your feelings. Just because you have to say goodbye doesn’t have to mean the end to your beautiful friendship.

Top 10 Farewell Gifts

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1. Personalized Home Sweet Home Sign

Home is where the heart is. Add a touch of vintage farmhouse charm to your home with this custom sign!

The distressed large canvas wall art is a charming addition to any décor. Display in a kitchen, living room, or dining room. A great way to let everyone know when your new home was established!

2. Hosta La Vista Baby Card

Here’s a great card to say so long and goodbye! Use some healthy sarcasm to let your friends know you will miss them and you hate to see them go.

Cards are printed on bright white card stock and are blank inside for your personal message. Matching white envelopes are included.

3. Flower Greetings

Maybe you’ve missed the going away party, or forgot a gift. Here’s the solution: Greet them with flowers delivered to their new home.

There is no limit to the occasions on which you could send flowers. Flowers add beauty to any home and any event. A thoughtfully selected bouquet is a great way to say congratulations on your new home.

It’ll even seem like you planned it this way.

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4. DIY Care Package

DIY Moving Care Package

Moving takes a lot of time and money. Fill up a box with helpful moving items such as paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, fast food gift cards, cleansers, and paper towels – just to name a few items.

Care packages are always appreciated – especially once they get to their new home and realize they’re fresh out of TP!

5. Personalized House Address

These wooden house number plaques have a unique appearance – and they give your house a great look.

Choose from numerous colors, fonts, and styles. The plaque makes it easy to see your house number and street address.

6. Custom Engraved House Portrait

A custom home portrait is a wonderful gift for that first-time homebuyer. This plaque boasts a photo of the home, laser-engraved onto alder wood.

The portrait looks like a pencil sketch and will fit into any décor. You can even have the backside engraved with a personal message. It’s a going-away gift they will treasure.

7. The Essentials

When friends are moving, they don’t have time to wash the plates (if they can even find them). Help take care of that problem with this household essentials care package.

These items will save time that could be best spent packing and unpacking. No running to the store for the essentials, because you have already taken care of it for them.

They will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

8. Label Printer

Organization is a plus when you are moving, packing, and unpacking. Help them keep everything in order with the stylish label printer!

The smartphone label maker with direct thermal technology doesn’t require ink, toner, or ribbons. They will be able to keep repackaged food, computer cables, and so much more labeled and in order.

9. Home Sweet Apartment Doormat

Apartment or house, home is where you make it. And a new welcome mat will make it that much homier.

Made with high-quality 100% natural coir (very tough coconut husks), this decorative mat will welcome friends and family to your new home.

10. Food Huggers

A great way for your friends to save leftovers and not use plastic wrap! Food Huggers are designed to save on waste in your home.

Your farewell friend will use them over and over again, always remembering you and your thoughtful gift. They will save a ton of money from buying foil, plastic wrap, and plastic sandwich bags.

5 Best Moving Away Gifts for Him

What do you get for a bro that is moving away? Here are some stellar ideas.

1. Personalized Pint Glasses

Our pint-size glasses are the perfect size for a beer!

Laser engrave the glasses with a name, business logo, dates, and more. Your friend will keep you in mind each time he uses them – maybe even offering you a “Salud”.

2. Key Holder

They will for sure enjoy this personalized stainless steel map key holder! The keyholder displays the location of their home, address, and their names.

They will appreciate a “welcome to your new home” gift like this one. Keeping their keys safe and in one place as they adapt to their new surroundings will be a huge plus.

3. Personalized Socks

This silly gift is sure to make him LOL. He will never miss you with your face printed all over his socks.

With tons of great colors to choose from, these high-quality socks will be sure to please.

4. Personalized Bar Mirror Sign

A nice addition to any home! Whether he has a game room, a man cave, or a wine cellar, this old-fashioned mirror will complement the décor.

Your friend will welcome your thoughtfulness as he sets up his home bar.

5. Five-Ingredient Cookbook for Men

He will say goodbye to the normal takeout foods with this easy-to-follow cookbook!

With this cookbook, he’ll learn cooking basics and how to set up his brand new kitchen with the right utensils and tools. From breakfast to dessert, he can enjoy making yummy meals that only take a few common ingredients.

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5 Best Moving Away Gifts for Her

When your sweet girl friend bids adieu, give her a going away present that will leave a lasting impression.

1. She Believed She Could Tumbler

She will absolutely enjoy a cold beverage from her stemless wine glass while traveling to her new home.

You can have her name or an inspiring message laser engraved onto her travel tumbler. This trendy pink/purple tumbler will be one of her favorites! Many more colors and styles available, too.

2. Byeeeeeee I’ll Miss You

The inside of this card is left blank for you to write a heartfelt message. Let your friends, coworker, or family know how much you will miss them when they are gone.

A great keepsake for a friend to take with them.

3. I’m Outta Here Makeup Bag

An adorable going away gift for her! This makeup bag is a great way to wish someone a “Happily Ever After.”

Made from flax, this “I’m outta here” makeup bag is sure to last for a long time. Soft and flexible, she will stuff it with all of her essentials for the big move.

4. Relaxing Candles

Ferweh candles will take her on a journey every time she lights them. She will be able to enjoy fragrances from the Mediterranean to New England and beyond!

The soy-based candles are made in small batches and hand-poured in the US. The small candles have 60 hours of burn time, the large candles burn for 110 hours.

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5. A Little Farewell

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” is such a beautifully sweet sentiment.

With 10 colors to choose from, you can pick her favorite. She will love your thoughtfulness and think of you every time she wears this beautiful bracelet.

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5 Great Moving Gifts for Parents

While it’s often the kids that head out into the big, wide world, sometimes the reverse is true. When your parents are the ones going away, here are some thoughtful gifts to express your love.

1. Wooden and Brass Serving Tray

A hand-made acacia wood serving tray can be used for more than breakfast in bed. Your parents can use this handsome tray to organize their desktop, table, or even their countertop.

The trays are laser engraved and finished with brass-toned handles, a contemporary look that will keep your parents in style.

2. Personalized Wood Bottle Opener

Our personalized bottle opener is a wonderful addition to any home bar, game room, or even your parent’s patio. Have your parent’s name laser engraved to make it extra special.

The bottle opener is both functional and decorative.

3. Clothes Storage Organizer

Here’s a great storage option for clothes, both while moving and to organize the closet! It is spacious for comforters, blankets, pillows, jackets, or other clothes.

The organizer is made from high-quality, non-woven fabric. The fabric promotes ventilation and protection for your parent’s things both during the move and after.

4. Split House Custom Map

If you are looking for something unique to celebrate a monumental move in someone’s life, look no more!

This framed house-shaped map is a gorgeous way for your parents to honor a favorite location while including the exciting future! The left side typically depicts where they are moving from, and the right side is where they are relocating to.

This is a piece of art that is sure to start a lot of conversations.

5. Personalized Family Name Plaque

You can personalize the family name sign by adding your parent’s favorite quote, saying, or scripture verse. Our plaques are made to last, proudly handcrafted from wood in the USA.

You have a choice of three floral shapes for the background of this beautiful, high-quality wooden plaque that will last years to come!

5 Best Moving Away Gifts for Friends

Here are some sweet, charming, clever, fun, and interesting moving gifts for friends!

1. Why You’re My Bestie Book

This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your best pal is the bomb!

Complete each line and presto, you have a personal gift your BFF will read again and again. Make it as silly or sweet as you want.

2. Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Our bamboo cutting board makes an elegant and timeless gift. A gift that will be equally treasured when set on display or used daily by your best friend.

Have their family name laser-etched onto this spacious cutting board. This gift will last for years and years.

3. Bye Bye Bye

This cute greeting card is a nice way to say “goodbye” to your friends. It is professionally printed on quality card stock. and left blank on the inside.

You can let them know in writing how much you will miss them. A hand-written note is always appreciated! You can also slip in a gift card to help them shop for their new home or for coffee to keep them caffeinated as they travel to their new digs.

4. Scrapbook Photo Album

A hand-made “Adventure Book” is something to be treasured. They will fill it with all of the adventures you’ve shared together.

Old memories and new memories alike are meant to keep, treasure, and share.

5. “We Go Together Like” Coaster Set

Personalized bamboo coasters can be etched to say “We Go Together Like” – thunder and lightning, peas and carrots, Rhett and Scarlett – just to name a few.

Made from beautiful and sustainable bamboo wood and includes a matching bamboo coaster holder.

Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!

Check out our “We Go Together Like…” quotes article to find your favorite one!

5 Good-Bye Gifts for Neighbors

Neighbors come and go, but the relationships that you develop along the way is a good part of what makes your house a home. When a neighbor moves away, show them how much you’ve appreciated them by giving them a farewell gift.

1. Best Neighbors Ever Bird Feeder

Our personalized feeder welcomes birds into your yard. Made from aromatic cedar, this bird feeder will last for years to come. And it’s the perfect gift for any bird watcher!

Let them know they have been the Best. Neighbors. Ever. They will appreciate your sentiments.

2. Mi Casa Figurine

The Mi Casa hand-painted resin figure is a beautiful way to let your beloved neighbor know that they will be missed, and that they are always welcome to come back and visit.

Your new neighbors will be able to place it on a shelf, coffee table, or dresser – it’ll add a touch of beauty to any room as they begin to welcome their new neighbors.

3. Homesick Candles

If you’ve ever moved, you know it doesn’t take long for that homesick feeling to settle in. Whether they’re moving across town or across the country, these great “homesick” candles will help put their hearts at ease.

With thirty-six great scents like “Grandma’s Kitchen,” “Sunday Farmstand,” and “American Summer,” there are sure to be a few that will make them feel right at home in their new surroundings. Check out these other scents for when they’re missing home-

4. Gardening Kit

If your neighbors are gardeners, this garden seeds starter kit will be helpful for them to start their garden afresh at their new home.

The kit includes everything they need to start their own veggie garden. No need for any extra trips to the nursery.

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5. Personalized Wine Label

Give them a bottle of wine with a custom wine label. It’s a fun and personalized twist on the traditional housewarming gift. Add their name, address, and Est. date.

Simply order the label, remove the label from the bottle you wish to gift, peel the new label and apply to the bottle. It’s a gift they are sure to enjoy!

5 Best Going Away Gifts for Coworkers

At any job, your coworkers will come and go for various reasons. When a good work friend is moving away, here are some gifts you can give that will convey something of how much they will be missed during the daily grind.

1. Your New Job Will Suck

A journal is a great going away gift. They can write about their new adventures, start afresh with a new journaling habit, or write letters to friends (like you!) that they greatly miss.

This journal offers a funny way of telling your coworker how much they will miss you. They will be sure to smile whenever they read the message on the front of their notebook.

2. Tree in Recognition

Have a tree planted by the whole team to honor your coworker. Your donation plants trees in one of America’s national forests.

With each tree planted, you help restore the forest to a gorgeous, healthy place for animals and people to enjoy. Your coworker’s name will be placed in the National Registry – they can look it up and visit (perhaps in person, but more likely through the magic of Google Maps or GPS) whenever they want to.

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3. New Chapter Signature Sign

Here’s a moving gift that is beyond the normal – this is something your coworker will treasure and will hang in their new office.

Let that special coworker know how much they will be missed. Write your own special note on this digital download. Print at the office and have everyone sign.

4. Dead to Us

A tongue-in-cheek way to get your message across: Despite the macabre wishes, you really will miss them a lot. Your departing fellow employee will use this coffee cup over and over.

It’s a great way to never be forgotten by that special coworker.

5. Moving Away Survival Kit

Your coworker will be thrilled with the moving away survival kit.

Let your friend and coworker know they will always be missed – and you wish them the best of luck in their new job, home, and endeavors.

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5 Best Long-Distance Gifts

Sometimes people move away and your friendship or romance continues as a long-distance relationship.

1. Besties Touch Bracelets

It’s important to keep “in touch.” Let your friend know you are thinking of them with the Hey bracelet.

Send a gentle squeeze whenever you think of your friend. It’s the newest way to interact with your bestie – no matter the distance that separates you.

2. Key to the House Keychain

Give your friend a welcome home with a new keychain. A new hand-stamped leather keychain is a thoughtful and useful gift.

A simple yet classic design they are sure to appreciate.

3. Matching Jewelry

A long-distance friendship needs a little boost to feel connected. And a hand-crafted magnetic necklace set is an adorable way to connect.

The gift of magnetic pendants will be a gift to last a lifetime.

4. Touch Lamp

Now you can connect with your friends no matter where they are.

Touch your Friendship Lamp and their lamp lights the same color as yours. When they respond by touching their lamp back, both lamps will light up with a new color! Perfect for friends or family that are living apart from each other.

5. Personalized Miles Between Us Keychain

Let your loved one know that no matter the distance, you are always together. You can personalize their keychain with a custom number of miles. Then add a small heart with initials for a special touch.

The hand-made key chain is crafted from sturdy aluminum.

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5 Last-Minute Going Away Gifts

Let’s face it; sometimes we don’t plan ahead very well. When you need a going away gift right now (or at least very soon), these are some stellar ideas.

1. Paid Vacation Trip

Anyone that has taken on a big move knows how exhausting it is. You are going to need a break.

Tinggly offers the best experience packages for a single traveler or for couples.

There are hundreds of experiences to choose from in all of the major cities and tourist destinations throughout the world. Here’s how it works:

You purchase a gift package, which is basically a gift card for the experience of their choice. Prices range from (give or take) under a hundred bucks up to about $300. The recipient can redeem it for whatever adventure they choose, which could be a hot air balloon ride the next town over, a wine tour at a local vineyard, or snorkeling in Hawaii.

They just need to get themselves there! With hundreds of options throughout the USA and around the world, it won’t be too hard for them to find something fun, near or far.

2. Notes in a Jar DIY

moving away gifts - DIY Notes in a Jar

A playful way to lift the spirits of anyone! Fill a jar with uplifting and encouraging messages for them to read when they are feeling homesick.

A thoughtful gift to let them know you are there for them.

3. All the Gift Cards

moving away gifts - Last Minute Gift Ideas: Gift Cards

On your way to visit your friends in their new town, stop by all their favorite restaurants and get them a gift card!

Make sure to double-check that there is one located wherever they’re moving to. It’s a gift that they will appreciate and definitely use.

4. New Home Cookie Basket

Yummy hand-made housewarming cookies are an exceptional gift idea. Your fresh baked cookies are a great way to wish them well as they head to their new neighborhood.

Personalize these cookies with their names in royal icing. A gift the whole family will rave about.

5. Spa Day

moving away gifts - DIY Spa Day Gift Idea

Treat your friend or new neighbor to a spa day. A wonderful way to relax after a hard move. Packing and unpacking, putting everything away, and cleaning up takes a lot of effort and time.

Give the gift of “unwinding” at a favorite salon. Nothing takes the edge off like a massage, a facial, or a mani/pedi.

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5 Funny Farewell Gifts

Here’s how to say goodbye with a smile!

1. Life Size Photo Of Yourself

Here’s a hilarious gift that will ensure that you won’t be missed. Make a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself as a silly way to say “goodbye.”

It’s a moving away gift that will bring lots of laughs. Put your best smile on, and have fun with this life-size cutout!

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2. Classical Portrait Painting

They’ll never be able to forget you, and you just made extra sure of that! Pop both of yourselves (or maybe just you, ha!) into one of these classical portraits for a unique and hilarious gift.

They’ll get a huge kick out of it, and it will become a cherished memento of your time together.

3. Bye, Felicia Balloon

Choose from a variety of colors for these 100% biodegradable “Bye Felicia” balloons.

No party is complete without balloons. And no departure is complete without someone saying the iconic line from the 1995 film Friday.

Fill these 12″ pre-printed balloons with helium and hang them around the room as a joking way to say goodbye. It’s a sarcastically fun expression to let them know you care.

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4. Sorry You’re Leaving Notebook

This not-so-subtle notebook is a silly way to let your friend, neighbor, or coworker know they will be missed.

You can write them a personal note to let them know how you feel. You might even want to throw in a pen; they will appreciate your consideration.

5. Texas Bound

Do you know someone who is moving to the great state of Texas? Well, Texans seem to walk, talk, and dress differently than any other people in the country.

This entertaining book will help prime you for the move to Texas. You will learn the ins and outs, the do’s and don’t’s of Texas. A book you will enjoy and might even read more than once. Don’t forget the Texas Bound t-shirt, it will pair perfectly with this book!

Moving Away Party Ideas

  • Virtual Farewell Party – For when you can’t say goodbye in person.
  • Destination Theme Party – Decorate and prepare food based on the location they are moving to.
  • Backyard Party – Filled with BBQ, swimming, smores, and end it off with a backyard movie night.
  • Paint the Town Red – help them enjoy their last night in town by doing everything they love one more time! Amusement parks, bars, clubs, restaurants, bakeries, movie theaters, bowling, ice skating, etc.
  • Packing Party – For a large move, help your friends pack up their stuff in a packing party. Every one helps with boxing up and loading the truck while spending time together

What to Say to Someone Who is Moving Away

moving away gifts - "See You Soon" Quotes

Good friends never say goodbye, they simply say “see you soon”

Best Goodbye Quotes

Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count miles, it’s measured by the heart.

moving away gifts - Funny Goodbye Quotes

Listen, I still want to be invited but I’m not coming.

Moving Away Quotes

I feel very lucky to know someone who is so hard for me to say goodbye

moving away gifts - Goodbye Is the Hardest Thing... Quote

Goodbye is the hardest thing to say to someone who means the world to you, especially when goodbye is not what you want.

How to Cope When Your Friend Moves Away

  • Start up a pen pal friendship with them through the mail
  • Take plenty of photos to look back on after they leave
  • Host a goodbye party
  • If necessary, see a therapist to help process your grief
  • Make plans to visit each other!

Thoughtful gestures never go out of style. Let them know that you love them, miss them, and think of them. Life just won’t be the same without them.

Stay in touch – distance doesn’t have to mean the end of your friendship.

Curious how much you should be spending on your good-bye gift? This guide may help you.

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Moving Away Gift Ideas