150 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Adults, Teens, & Kids

Someone you care about is celebrating a birthday. As they should! And you want to help them celebrate it memorably. 

Here are 150 birthday party ideas for that special someone in your life. Below you’ll find all the best activities, games, themes, and other party ideas for all ages. Go on and celebrate!

Birthday Party Themes

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1. Golden Birthday

The Golden Birthday is super special because it only happens once. What is a Golden Birthday, you ask? It’s that one-and-only year in which your age matches the numerical day of your birth. For example, if you were born on the 22nd, your Golden Birthday is when you turn 22. Same goes for someone born on the 7th. Theirs would be when they turned seven years old.

So, what do you do on a Golden Birthday? Well of course you celebrate this day with nothing but gold! Gold decorations, a gold cake, gold paper plates and tablecloths. Give gold-colored gifts, such as tennis shoes, t-shirts, gold jewelry or watches, or a gift of actual gold. Note to grandparents: This is a great opportunity to give them a gold coin and teach them about investments!

2. Bonfire Beach Party

Take a trip to the beach and have a bonfire! Bring a cooler of drinks and some hot dogs to roast. If you’re not near a beach, or if bonfires are not permitted, never fear – a backyard fire pit is always an option. Everyone loves to sit around a fire!

3. 50’s Diner Fashion

Food, fashion, and music from the Golden Age! Rent or buy a vintage-looking jukebox, decorate your home like and old-school diner (or rent out a local burger joint that fits the bill) and top off the night by swinging through a drive-in movie theater. Believe it or not, drive-ins are back in style, and you might find one near you.

4. Carnival Party

Decorate with circus colors and set up an array of carnival games. You can buy simplified versions online, or create your own versions if you’re the crafty type. Be sure to have prizes for the winners!

The best part about a carnival birthday party is going to be the food. Serve up some classic carny food, including chili dogs, cotton candy, deep fried Snickers or Oreos, and of course funnel cake.

5. Classic Luau

Host a luau with Hawaiian drinks, kebabs, leis for everyone, ukulele music in the background, and everything decorated with palm trees and beach themes. If you’re really feeling it, roast a pig on a spit!

6. Afternoon Tea Party in the Park

What fun there is to be had with an afternoon tea party in the park! Bring blankets and picnic baskets filled with all manner of scrumptious old-fashioned delicacies.

Don’t forget some camp stoves to heat up your tea water, and of course you’ll have the daintiest teacups and saucers, followed by a rousing game of cricket!

7. Roller Rink

It’s the perfect party atmosphere for kids, and oh-so nostalgic for adults. Rent a party room to serve cake and ice cream and unwrap presents!

8. Literary Birthday Bash

Decorate your party based on popular, classic, or simply favorite books. For younger kids, this might include Peter Rabbit, Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Goodnight Moon, The Cat in the Hat, or Anne of Green Gables.

For teens and adults, this could be anything from Pride & Prejudice to Lord of the Rings to a popular mystery novel or dystopian young adult series.

9. Movie Themed Birthday Party

If someone is more into film than books, go with a movie theme! Go all-in on decor and trivia for a classic film (Casablanca or The Godfather) or a modern series (Stranger Things or any number of Marvel characters).

Consider an entire genre, like animation, classics, horror, or something obtuse like French New Wave. Get a projector and have movies playing silently in the background and decorate with movie posters.

10. Holiday Party

Celebrate in a traditional holiday fashion. Have an ugly Christmas sweater contest, a romantic wine-and-chocolate tasting, or serve up corned beef and cabbage along with Guiness.

This is a no-brainer if the birthday is close to a holiday such as Christmas, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. But you can also do a twist by having a Cinco de Mayo party in October, a Thanksgiving meal birthday bash in March, or a Christmas Gift Exchange in July.

11. Escape Room Party

Have fun making your own escape room at home or gathering your friends for an event at your local immersive escape room.

12. Olympics!

If your birthday is around the time that summer or winter Olympics are on, have fun hosting your Olympic games. Track and field games will always be a hit, but you can include your own honorary Olympic games with lawn darts, ladder ball, cornhole, and spikeball.

olleyball, basketball, and shooting (with Nerf, of course) will also encourage everyone to go for gold. Finish the day off by watching a favorite Olympics-themed movie.

13. Grande Starbucks Party

Here’s a simple theme for that special person in your life who is always late because she’s stuck in the drive-thru: Everything is Starbucks. Decorate in green and brown colors, serve Starbucks coffee and pastries, and play Starbucks trivia games with the prize being a gift card to… well, you know where.

14. Let’s Glow Crazy

Go glow golfing! Or have your own glow party at home, with nighttime glow games, plenty of glowsticks, and a black light rave as the afterparty.

15. Spooky Night

Throw a birthday party filled with thrills and chills! The theme could be monsters, horror movies, magic, haunted houses, or any number of spooky ideas. We’ve cataloged many of the best options in our Halloween Party and Friday the 13th Party guides, so check those out for more inspiration.

16. Water Party

Even if you don’t have a pool at your home, you can still throw a birthday party splash-n-bash. Set up the blow-up pool with some silly floaties, turn on a sprinkler or two, and lay out the slip & slides. Add in a few yard games and fire up the grill for the ultimate water-filled summer day.

17. Fiesta

Tacos, loud music, margaritas, pinatas, and guacamole. It doesn’t have to be May 5th to host a fiesta birthday! But please do check out our Cinco de Mayo Party Guide for over 100 fiesta-themed ideas including recipes, games, and activities.

18. Sprinkles * Sprinkles * Sprinkles

Sprinkles Birthday Party Themes

Sprinkled donuts, sprinkled cookies, sprinkled cupcakes, sprinkled decor. Everything sprinkled with sprinkles! Have an ice cream bar with 25 different sprinkle options. Go for broke and celebrate in the best way possible!

19. Progressive Dinner Party

Using a bit of ingenuity, you can make this classy and high-end for adults, or simple and affordable for kids, or anything in between. A progressive dinner is where you go through a traditional multi-course meal, but each stage happens at a different location.

For instance, you might start at home with drinks, then everyone moves to a friend’s house (or a restaurant) for appetizers. Then comes salad, followed by soup, then the first course, and so on. End the evening with dessert or perhaps a night cap. Again, this can be done with a group of adult friends at restaurants or kid-friendly style at home.

Here’s an example: drinks and games on the back porch, then snacks/appetizers in the TV room with a short old-school Looney Tunes cartoon. Dinner will be served at the dinner table, followed by dessert out back where the kids can run off their sugar high by playing soccer.

BTW – Don’t forget to get the hostess of these parties a gift to say thank you!

20. Lego Party

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, building with Lego is just downright fun. Get some brick-themed party decorations, make or buy a Lego cake, and play some Lego games that have prizes of… well, you know what.

Here are a few favorite Lego party games and activities:

  • Guess how many bricks in a jar
  • Fastest to cover an entire base plate wins
  • Blindfold building competition
  • Tallest tower from small to large, starting with a 1×1 brick
  • Build cars, then race them
  • Scavenger hunt – hide bricks throughout the house and whoever brings back the most bricks wins
  • Grab bag building competition: Vote for the best creation using all the bricks from premade grab bags

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

21. Princess & Knights

Dress up like princesses and knights for royal fun! Kids can decorate shields out of cardboard as an activity, then join in an epic jousting tournament using pool noodles.

Next comes a feast to remember, with roast mutton and tankards of ale… wait, this is for little ones. How about baloney sandwiches and juice boxes? Yeah, that’s more like it!

Plus, you can always make a birthday cake shaped like a giant stone, with a sword coming out of it. Only the birthday boy can draw it out!

22. Bouncy Castle Extravaganza

From water slides to blow up rock climbing to the classic bouncy house – you will have them all! Rent a bounce house and get a cake, and your job is done.

23. Rent a Snow Cone Truck or Machine

You’re about to be the most popular person on the block when you rent a snow cone truck or machine! Stock up on lots of flavored syrups (most grocery stores carry a surprising amount), and order paper cones online, or just pile high into a disposable cup.

24. Superheroes

Have kids dress as their favorite superhero and supply some fun capes for any who forget. Decorate with a superhero theme and play games like Marvel Codenames.

25. Rent Horses to Ride

Rent out local ponies and miniature horses for riding. Play classic farm animal games like Duck Duck Goose, pin the tail on the donkey (or horse), and have an egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with party favors and candies.

26. Arts & Crafts

Enjoy some arts and crafts activities such as these:

27. Miniature Golf Course

You can take your birthday pal out to the mini golf course, but for even more fun, set up one in your backyard! 

28. Sleepover Magic

Set up these cute glamping tents for each kid and have a fun sleepover party!

29. Barbie Life

Everything pink and sparkly for the girliest of girls in your life! Add lots of flowers and have a fashion show while you’re at it.

30. Blast Away! Rocket Ship Party

Space, planets, astronauts, and rocket ships. Everything a young explorer needs for a great party!

31. Dress Up

Have a dress up party! Provide a variety of costumes, grown-up clothing, and accessories available. Do each other’s hair, makeup, and put on fun costumes. Have a runway show, set up a selfie station, and have the kids create skits to perform.

32. “Argg, Matey!” Pirate Party

Pass out eye patches and peg legs (or have a fun pogo stick hopping contest)! Provide seafood and maybe a treasure hunt, to boot!

33. Candy Shop Party

Fill up mason jars and apothecary jars with all sorts of colorful candy! Licorice whips, gummy bears, rock candy… the sky’s the limit. Play games where kids win tickets to spend at the candy store, or just let it be a free-for-all.

34. Hire a Popular Character to Come to Your Home

Find a balloon artist or a superhero or a face painter to come over and really wow the guests! 

35. Face Painting

If you’re at all artistic (or knows someone who is) kids just adore face painting. Provide a list of items you’re good at drawing, like butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, and stars. The more advanced artist can take requests!

36. All Night Lock-In

Go to your local trampoline park, children’s museum, or laser tag facility for a fun night spent locked in! You’ll be surprised at how many local kid’s science and discovery museums have this option available. Just make a few calls or web searches to find out the best lock-in location in your area.

37. Baby… Shark Do Do Do Do

Play some shark themed games like “Baby Shark Scavenger Hunt” or Pin the Tail on the Shark! The Dollar Tree almost always has some plastic shark toys and beach themed tableware for a fun way to party.

38. Science!

Provide lab coats for each partygoer, set up goo making stations and other science experiments. The pinnacle of the night could be this giant volcano eruption, a variation on the classic science fair presentation.

39. Backyard Candy Land Game

Spray paint the grass and decorate the yard like classic game Candy Land then play the “real life” version. Use paint sample cards from the hardware store for your cards, and bonus cards could include candy giveaways.

40. Pancakes & Pajamas

No matter the time of day, it’s always a good idea to have pancakes and pajamas! Make it a full sleepover, or hold your party during brunch on a lazy Sunday morning. Pass the maple syrup and butter!

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

41. Teen Awards

Set up a voting system for fun awards like “best at sleeping in” or “best at doing their makeup” or “#1 fashion expert” and hand out the awards at the end of the night.

42. Go Bowling

It’s a classic for a reason! Wear the loudest bowling shirts you can find, or dress in 50s style (when bowling was all the rage). Don’t forget to order buckets of fries and pitchers of beer for in-between games!

43. Spa Party

Setting up your own spa is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Provide foot baths, nail polishes, face masks, cucumbers for eyes, and some frosty beverages! Whether you all chip in and pamper one another, or you “hire” your kids, it’s a fun way to relax and visit all at the same time.

44. DIY Succulent Pots

Scour your local thrift shops, Re-Home stores, garage sales, and even your own garage to find a collection of fun, eclectic pots. Then invite everyone over to plant some succulents!

You can use cute decorations such as these to make it more fun-

45. Trampoline Park

Get your bounce on! Take your friends to a trampoline park and exercise all that birthday cake away!

46. Polaroid Cameras & Photo Booths

Set up a cute photo area and remember the night with instant-printing Polaroid cameras!

47. Tie Dye

Have fun with tie dye themed decor, and give out white shirts for each teen to dye themselves. Set up a tie dye station, preferably outside!

48. Video Game Trucks

Bring all your favorite video games to you! Your friends will have a blast with this fun idea. It will depend on if there is a company offering this service in your area, but you never know until you look.

The truck pulls in and features outside and indoor screens, so kids can enjoy group games outside or play a turn sitting down in comfy chairs in the climate-controlled section. It’s a blast for everyone!

49. Mini Pizza Party

Set out all the ingredients to make your own mini pizzas! You can purchase premade dough at Trader Joe’s, or make your own. Set out all sorts of toppings and watch everyone’s imaginations and hunger go crazy.

50. Masquerade

Dress up in your finest ballroom gown (or black tie attire) and find a fun Mardi Gras style mask for this luxurious party theme.

51. Heroes vs Villains

Have everyone come dressed up as their favorite cinematic hero or villain. Team them up against each other in various games to see who wins!

52. Karaoke Night

Rent a machine, or take your friends out for a night on the town! Provide prizes for the King and Queen of Karaoke at the end of the night. 

53. Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is loads of fun for anyone from ages 8 to 88! Whoever is the “Dead Eye-est” of all gets a prize. Set up an arcade-style ticket system with a store to serve as your party favors for an even more authentic experience.

54. Sweet 16 Fun

Plan a sweet 16 with everything girly and sweet! Candy, ice cream, pink and purple decorations, and plenty of sparkles. Dressing up is mandatory.

Click Here for more Sweet 16 party ideas!

55. Favorite Color

Is the birthday boy or girl known for having a favorite color? Decorate everything in that special color! Cake, banners, balloons, outfits, gift wrapping, and so on. It’s a colorful way to celebrate their big day.

56. Amusement Park

Have a birthday party at your local amusement park! There’s nothing like the thrills of roller coasters, the delicious food, and a variety of fun games to create a memorable party.

57. Harry Potter Movie Magic

Set up fun spell casting games, potions to drink, costumes, and of course, the movie marathon! A written trivia game at the end will decide who is the most Potterhead of all!

58. Cookie Decorating Contest

Provide plenty of sugar cookies, icings, sprinkles, and edible glitter, and let your guests get creative. The best part? You get to eat all your hard work. 

Here are some great cookie cutter ideas: 

59. Concert Night

Take the kids out to an unforgettable concert showcasing their favorite singer, boy band, or indie group! Follow it up with karaoke and cake.

60. Spend the Night in a Fancy Hotel

Treat the birthday kid and their closest friends out on a fancy night! Go to a nice restaurant then take a limo ride to a ritzy hotel. Kids will have fun experiencing a lot of firsts as well as a refreshing dip in the hotel swimming pool!

Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

61. Friends Party

Decorate everything as if you’re in the classic series “Friends,” including Monica’s infamous yellow frame around your peephole. Encourage everyone to dress in 90s style! You can play a drinking game while you watch a few episodes or have a trivia match on everyone’s favorite sitcom. 

62. Brunch & Mimosas

Orange juice and champagne were made for one another! Organize a fun brunch party on the patio with yummy breakfast foods and delicious drinks. You can cater, purchase premade quiches that only need to be heated up, or go out by cooking yourself. 

63. “Funeral for My Youth”

Celebrate turning 30 – or whatever age you consider “old” – by mourning the loss of your youth. Use macabre ideas like tombstone cakes, old black and white photos, and “In loving memory” florals.

Have a friend give a eulogy to your younger days, and serve traditional funeral potluck foods. Here are some more creative memorial ideas to inspire your funeral-themed birthday party!

64. Silver Party

Perfect for someone turning 25! Decorate in silver, from the flatware to the plates to the balloons and streamers. Encourage guests to dress in silver, as well! This party will sparkle!

65. Remember the Night

Set out some disposable cameras for great candid photos. Make it all memorable, from the food to the guest list to the decorations. This one will be one for the record books!

66. Oversized Game Night

Have a big game night – as in, huge! Think of the chess scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and get a chess set that is almost as big.

Here are some more fun oversized game ideas:

67. Tailgate Party

If your birthday happens to land around football, baseball, or basketball season – head on over to your local stadium to tailgate and cheer for your favorite team!

68. Roaring 20’s

Dress up and have fun like it’s the 1920s – well, except for that pesky prohibition! From flapper dresses to zoot suits, channel your inner Bonnie and Clyde. Spin some jazz records and dance the night away.

69. Arcade Bars

Head out to your local arcade bar for a fun day of playing nostalgic arcade games with your best friends.

70. Netflix Party

Here’s a birthday party idea for an intimate gathering of friends: Binge the night away with your favorite Netflix shows along with some wine and cupcakes, and incorporate some of these great movie night ideas.

71. Charcuterie Board & Cocktails

Have a relaxing, classy night with delicious food and friends! A well built charcuterie board is totally filling, especially when you add in some yummy cocktails! Shaken or stirred? 

72. Photo Memory Board

Set up a board and ask guests to bring a 4×6 print of their favorite photo of the birthday person. Pin the photo to the board with a note as to why that photo is so special. It’s a party idea and a meaningful keepsake gift all in one!

73. Star Wars Lightsaber Duels

Bring a lightsaber for the team you want to be on (red for the Dark Side, every other color for the Light)  and see which team wins the most games.

74. “Over the Hill”

If the birthday person is going on 40+, celebrate them heading over the hill by putting together party guest bags full of hemorrhoid creams, eye glasses, Ibuprofen, nose hair trimmers, and the like! Guests will love acting like grumpy old men. Serve dinner at 4 pm, and make sure you wear your socks with shorts and sandals to complete the vibe!

75. Paint & Sip

Have fun following an easy painting tutorial (like this one) as a group while drinking your fav drink of choice. You can book a party at a local paint and sip place, or set up your own in your living room!

76. Casino Night

Celebrate playing casino games at home or a night away in Vegas! Make sure to dress “swanky,” provide finger foods and cocktails, and hire a dealer.

77. Face Your Fears

Face your fear of heights or any other phobia by checking one of these (or all) ideas off your bucket list! It’s never as scary when you’re with friends.

Face your fears with these adrenaline inducing ideas:

78. Disco Time Baby

Break out those bell bottoms and mutton chops, baby!! Make, rent, or buy a disco ball, and move that furniture outta the way – it’s time for channeling your inner Travolta.

79. Old Age “Horror” Parody

This is a satirical Halloween-style party – dress up and decorate around ideas that are considered scary as you get older. Examples include turning 30 or 40, tax season, leaking roofs, bills, becoming your dad/mom, finding gray hair, etc.

80. Throwback Prom Night

Relive your prom night (or what you wish prom night was) for a night to remember! If your original dress or tux doesn’t fit, no worries – it’s more fun to go thrift shopping for a totally overdone version anyway. Play the songs that were big the year you were at prom, and put everyone’s high school yearbook photos on display. 

81. Bond… James Bond.

Everything that is Bond is your birthday party! Swanky drinks (shaken not stirred), glittery dresses, tuxedos, a Baccarat table, and the iconic (and killer) soundtrack playing in the background. 

82. Rent Out An Entire Movie Theater

Watch your favorite flick, complete with your best friends and family, soda, popcorn, and candy! Feel free to put your feet up and whisper as loud as you want when you have the whole theater to yourself.

83. Ladies Night Glamping Party

Glamping: It’s like camping, but glamorous! Rent a glamper, or set up fancy tents in your own backyard. Provide lanterns and fairy lights, soft blankets, candles, and lots of snacks. 

84. Pub-Style Trivia Night

Host a pub trivia night at your home! You can get a pre-set game like this one, or choose questions from a trivia book and concoct your own game.

Here’s our favorite way to play:

  • Divide into teams; 6 people or less per team
  • Choose 4 categories of questions to be asked across 4 rounds
  • Do 6-8 questions per round (use one of the resources above)
  • Let’s say you do 6 questions per round; for each question, your team will choose to assign 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 points, depending on how confident they are of the answer. Once you use a point value (say, 3) you can’t use it again that round. Wrong answers do not count against you, it’s just a zero.
  • Double the points for the last two rounds (with 6 questions, that would be 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 points)
  • Tell the teams the score after four rounds, then have a final question on which you wager points (and thus a wrong answer counts against you). The winner gets a prize, or bragging rights, or whatever you want.

85. “The Office” Party

Happy Birthday Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hang up a “it’s your birthday banner” and have a birthday blast, The Office style. Make sure to put their cake in jello naturally … JK! Have guests dress as their favorite characters and provide Dundie Awards for Best Costume and anything else you can think of. 

86. Birthday Date

Take them out for a relaxing day to their favorite restaurant. Don’t forget to let the restaurant know! Everyone loves hearing the happy-happy-birthday song. Well, except for every introvert ever, that is. 

87. Comedians & Laughs

Go out for a night of comedy! No tears are allowed on this night out, except for the ones that come from laughing so hard. 

88. Set Up a Coffee Bar

Set up coffee, breakfast treats, and cozy fall weather treats for this party idea. Have chocolate spoons for stirring, different creamers, and lots of dunkable snacks. 

89. 90’s Throwback

Dress like it’s 1995! Play all the best hits from that decade, watch the most popular films, and do your makeup accordingly. 

90. Wine/Beer Tasting

Head over to your local winery or brewery and enjoy some classic drinks! Some breweries have crawls you can do, and some wineries join together for fun weekend getaways so you can experience more than just one. Don’t forget to have a designated driver!

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

91. Camping Trip

Take the kids in the backyard or sit out by your favorite lake with your BFFs! Don’t forget the S’mores of course. Have fun with campfire cooking, like roasting hot dogs over the fire. Ghost stories and/or singing around the fire are a must. 

92. Bar Hopping!

Celebrate your big day by hitting ALL of the best bars in town. Remember to Stay Safe of course!

93. Park Picnic

Head to the park with an old-fashioned picnic! Pack your basket with all sorts of yummy foods like sandwiches, salads, cheeses and crackers, brownies or cookies, and plenty of lemonade. Bring a frisbee too – Can Jam is a favorite!

94. Backyard Drive In Movie

Hang a sheet, rent a projector, and have a drive-in movie night! Provide popcorn, soda, candy, blankets, and bug spray! 

95. American Ninja Warrior

Put up a fun parkour obstacle course in your own backyard! Get healthy and laugh a ton while you and your friends make idiots of yourselves – ummm, we mean, totally rock the course! Have a couple of guests be the hosts, making commentary. And prizes!

96. Classic BBQ

Set up the classic bbq for their birthday – grill, dad shoes, an Igloo full of beer, and a blow-up pool! Kids and dogs are all welcome at this classic party! 

97. Paintball Party

Or water balloons for the little ones! Either way, wear your oldest clothes and be prepared to get wet or paint splattered.

98. Boho Garden Party

Hang lanterns from the trees and fairy lights from the porch. Wear your prettiest dresses and jewelry and set up a face painting station. Have lots of lavender lemonade, or hot tea. 

99. Pool Party

If you have a pool, you’re halfway to a party! Blow up all the inflatables (the sillier the better), provide sunscreen and floppy hats, grill burgers halfway through, and send everyone home with a new pair of flip-flops.

100. Pinata Fun

Pinatas are just as fun for the grown ups as they are for kids! Don’t forget the bandana for covering up the eyes, and a sturdy bat. 

At Home Birthday Party Ideas

101. Cooking Classes

Invite your closest friends to cook together. Time in the kitchen is always a special way to forge deep bonds of friendship and community. Craft a new and exotic dish or make a classic favorite meal together. Don’t forget to have everyone lend a hand in decorating the cake as well!

102. Video Game Night

Pop open the Mountain Dew, set out the Twizzlers, and play your favorite group video games like you’re in high school again.

103. Open Bar

Create a safe and fun environment at home with an open bar! Set up outdoor Yardzee games to go along, plus the pub classics like darts or Tiki Toss. Set up a personalized bottle opener so everyone can keep those caps popping.

104. Murder Mystery

You can buy one in a box or download a fun version online! Guests dress as their character (they’ll be provided with details days before), and you never know who will solve the mystery! 

105. Sidewalk Birthday Surprise

Hand out chalk to everyone to write a personal birthday message on the sidewalk. It’s a unique way to surprise the birthday boy or girl!

106. Potluck

Everyone (but the birthday guest) brings over a dish for a fun night of food and gifts! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun. Be prepared to share recipes, as everyone will discover a new favorite dish brought by a friend. 

107. Online Shopping Experience

This idea is great for teens or adults who don’t want a party and don’t want to leave their home. Gift them some gift cards and go online for a surprise shopping spree. Have a few treats and snacks and spend the evening shopping together.

108. Host a Zoom Call

If your friends and family are far away, get together for one night via the internet! Let’s make technology work for us by bringing us together for once!

109. Minute to Win It Night

These fun little challenges make getting to know another a breeze! Game nights are always so fun for those of us with competitive … um, shall we say, energy?! Channel that into a night to remember.

110. Craft Night

Enjoy the night crafting these fun items! Or if you’re the expert, hold a class that is more like a party! 

Birthday Party Games

111. Sparkle Party Game Set

Sparkle Birthday Party Game Set

It’s all ready to download in bright pink colors – all you need is your fun guest list! 

112. Pin the Tail On the…

You know how this one goes. The only difficulty is choosing the right theme! You can always do the traditional donkey, but nowadays there’s no excuse not to get creative with it.

Here are some of our favorites: Pin the…

113. Born in “____” Trivia Birthday Games

See who remembers your year the best with this fun trivia game! Provide prizes for the biggest know-it-all of course!

114. Musical Chairs

Set up one less chair than people, and turn on the music! You remember how it goes: grab a seat when the music stops! Be prepared for lots of laughter with this one. 

115. Balloon Duel

Tape balloons to the back, legs, and arms of two (or more) participants. Each person must try to pop their opponent’s balloons, and whoever is last to have un-popped balloons wins. Sometimes the simple games are where it’s at!

116. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

If it’s rainy or just too hot outside, never fear! Scavenger hunts are totally fun indoors too! You can make up your own with silly everyday objects (make it more confusing by hiding your kitchen whisk in the bathroom drawer, and your hair dryer inside the dishwasher!), or download a printable from the good ol’ interweb.

117. Truth or Dare

Whether you go naughty or nice, Truth or Dare is always fun! Which one do you pick? You know you have a favorite!

Check out this fun version for kids, or this drinking version for the 21+ crowd!

118. Mario Party

Okay, but I get to be Princess Peach!! Have a bit of a throwback to simpler times with Mario Party Superstars! Extra points for guests who dress up, and don’t forget to play that legendary syncopated soundtrack music in the background. 

119. Twister

You know you wanna!! This classic game challenges your flexibility and choreography skills like no other. Not to mention you’ll get to know your friends in rather unusual ways. Someone’s foot in your face has never been so funny!

120. Colorful Rainbow Printable Party Games

Birthday Party Ideas - Colorful Rainbow Party Games

Ready to print and play – what could be easier than this fun colorful rainbow party game? Especially good for a rainy spring, the decor alone will lift everyone’s spirits. 

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Birthday Party Food Ideas

121. Popcorn Bar

Birthday Party Ideas - Popcorn Bar

Set out different flavored popcorns, or a huge batch of plain popcorn plus toppings like different colors of icing, candy mix-ins, movie theater butter flavoring, and a variety of sweet and savory seasonings. Be sure to get a cute popcorn machine to keep the good stuff popping!

122. Pigs in a Blanket (with the Donuts)

Yummy pigs in a blanket are like a warm hug… with a donut! Guests will love this fun and delicious theme. 

123. Root Beer Float Bar

Keep the mugs flowin’ with the good stuff! Don’t stop with good ol’ vanilla ice cream and root beer (although that’s a classic for a reason). Pair Dr Pepper with chocolate sorbet, Cherry Pepsi with cherry ice cream, or Sprite with gelato!

124. Good Ol’ Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

Summer just isn’t summer without good ol’ hamburgers and hot dogs! If you’re lucky enough to have a summer birthday, this classic pairing cannot be beat. 

125. Mmmm, Pie.

Homer Simpson Eating GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Whether you hold a pie bake-off challenge, or just serve it all up ala mode with this delicious recipe, this party is sure to please your tummy! It would also be fun to do a pie walk (instead of a cake walk). 

126. Mini Pancake Bar

Flapjacks all around with this party idea! Making dollar pancakes makes it easier to flip and serve. Plus, they’re just more fun to eat! 

127. Frozen Fruit Kabobs

Birthday Party Ideas - Frozen Fruit Kabobs
Photo Credit: Inspired Taste

A healthy alternative to ice cream or popsicles, having yummy frozen fruit kabobs is the way to go on a hot summer day! Make them ahead of time and keep them nice and cold in a cooler. 

128. Decorate Your Own Cupcakes

Purchase store bought cupcakes and have your guests go wild! They’ll love choosing between all the sprinkles and frostings and truly making them their own. 

129. Tea Time Sandwiches

Tea Time Sandwiches
Photo Credit: Preppy Kitchen

Cucumber and watercress? PB and J? Tuna salad? We’ll take one of each! And don’t forget to cut the crusts off! Host a tea party with dainty little sandwiches, cute teacups and saucers, cookies dusted with powdered sugar, and plenty of lace doilies.

130. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

It’s amore!! Whether you purchase stacks upon stacks of boxed delivery, or make your own, pizzas are always a sure-fire winner. 

Birthday Party Invitations

131. Colorful Bubble Number Invites

132. Fun in the Sun Birthday Party Invite

Birthday Party Ideas - Fun in Sun Party Invite

133. Calling All Party Animals

134. Royal Celebration

135. Photo Invitations

136. Rainbow Birthday Invitation

137. It’s Party Time

138. Custom Neon Fun

139. The Best Party Ever

Best Party Ever Printable Birthday Card Invites

140. Minimalist Birthday Invite

Birthday Party Decorations

141. Photo Face Confetti

What makes confetti more fun? Having faces on it of course! These are hilarious and oh-so fun!

142. Custom Birthday Balloons

You cannot have a party without balloons. It’s like a law, isn’t it? These custom ones are so fun and memorable. 

143. Floral Marquee Numbers

YouTube video

Make your special number extra special with these floral marquee numbers! Whether you’re turning 2 or 102, these make the entrance to your party super memorable. 

144. Unicorn Birthday Decor Set

When all she wants is unicorns, you have to have a set of decor to match her mood. This fits the bill, with its pink theme and magical fairyland feel. 

145. Easy DIY Party Backdrop

Birthday Party Ideas - DIY Party Backdrop from Smartpartyplanning.com
Photo Credit: Smart Party Planning

Leave no doubt where the party is with this easy DIY backdrop by Smart Party Planning! Guests will love feeling the party vibe from the very beginning. Great for park parties, too. (On that note, have you ever joined the wrong party or wedding at a large venue? No? Just me? Eye roll. Great.)

146. Birthday Queen Rose Gold Set

When her party calls for sophistication and glamor, she will love this rose gold decor set! A fun in between kind of vibe for tweens, but also just a pretty way to decorate for any lady. 

147. Barbie Photo Backdrop

Take selfies like Barbie does, with this fun photo backdrop! Where’s Ken? Let’s find him!

148. DIY Balloon Garland

YouTube video

Balloons become extra fun and special with this DIY balloon garland! The guests will know they’ve truly arrived at the party of the year when greeted by your balloon creation.

149. Aged to Perfect Gold & Black Set

For the glamorous and sophisticated, this aged to perfection gold and black set is so fun and swanky! 

150. Custom Decorative Napkins

Designing your own napkins? How cool is that?! We love coming up with all sorts of great ideas for this one. 

Supplies for Birthday Party

Here is a helpful list of the supplies you’ll want to consider as you plan the perfect birthday party.

  • Invitations
  • Partyware: Plates, napkins, cups, utensils
  • General Decorations: Cake stand, balloons, ribbons, banners, signs
  • Table Decor: Centerpieces, tablecloth, chair decorations, cake topper
  • Tape (to hang up decor)
  • Birthday Cake Candles
  • Photobooth Backdrops
  • Entertainment: Music, games, pinatas, crafts
  • Favors: Glow sticks, small toys, candy, stickers, temporary tattoos
  • Cake and Ice Cream
  • Main Food: Burgers and dogs, grilled chicken, nacho bar, pulled pork sandwiches
  • Snacks: Chips, pretzels, popcorn, veggie tray, fruit, nuts
  • Drinks: Cooler and ice or pitchers with plastic cups
  • 1st Aid Kit (especially for kid’s party, you never know)
  • Vendor Confirmations
  • Cleaning Supplies (for spills and accidents)
  • Tables and Chairs

Birthday Party Checklist

Here’s a super-helpful birthday party checklist that will help you stay organized. Check off each item as you go and you’ll have an amazing party put together in no time!

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