25 Gifts for Writers that Won’t Cramp Their Writing Style

Gift for Writers

Writers are a funny breed, aren’t we?

Getting one of us a gift isn’t as easy as it seems, either.

First of all, if the gift is remotely distracting, we’ll just procrastinate our deadlines away and you’ll be in hot water. Secondly, we’re a bundle of witty, funny, romantic, tragic nerves. So don’t get us anything that we’ll be too attached to.

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Cosplayer Gifts: How to Find the Perfect Cosplay Gift

Cosplayer Gift Guide

So you know a cosplayer, and are looking for a cosplay gift… but where do you start? What the heck even is this thing where people dress up as their favorite character?

If you don’t know what cosplay is, well, you’re not alone. But not for long! It’s actually a rather intricate and absorbing hobby which is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

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30 Best Geology Gifts for Rock Collectors & Gem Lovers

Gifts for Geologists

Do you have a budding geologist in your life? Or someone with a lifelong love of all types of rocks, gems, and minerals?

Encourage the naturalist bent of someone special in your life by giving them the perfect geology gift. We’ve mined, unearthed, polished, and collected the best gifts for geologists, rockhounds, and mineral lovers below.

Whether you’re trying to find a geology-themed gift for a kid who simply likes rocks or you need something to surprise and inspire a professional geologist, we’ve got you covered.

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10 Bird Feeder Gifts for Backyard Bird Watchers

Amazing Bird Feeder Gifts

Let’s talk about the best bird feeder gifts for bird watchers.

Don’t you just love it when someone you love has found their niche? Their very most favorite hobby? Their THING?

It makes narrowing down a gift so much easier! Now that you have discovered their secret (or not so secret) passion for all things aviary, you can tailor make a present that will get their jaws dropping.

Get ready to be their favorite friend/family member EVER when you pick one of these backyard bird watching gifts.

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The Perfect Gift for Aspiring Artists (XP-Pen Review)

XP-Pen Digital Art Tablet

Looking for a creative gift idea for an aspiring artist?

Maybe you have a youngster who draws fairly well and is old enough to handle legit digital art tech. Or perhaps you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for an artsy adult, or something special for the Photoshop enthusiast.

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15 Best Cactus Gifts (to Prickle a Cactus Lover’s Fancy)

Gifts for Cactus Lovers

Let’s find some treasure in the desert!

This collection of the best cactus gifts is designed for the cactus lover in your life.

A cactus is a great gift for special occasions, holidays, or housewarming – it’s easy to keep alive, needs minimal water and care, and looks cool just about anywhere you put it.

If you’re looking for a cactus, well, just go down to your friendly neighborhood garden center and you’ll find all sorts of neat prickly plants.

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10 Best Gifts for Artists Who Draw

Best Gift Ideas for Artists Who Draw

We’ve found some of the best gifts for artists who draw, and we want to share our findings with you!

You’re here, after all, because you need to find a great gift for the talented artist in your life, whether they prefer traditional paper and pencil or are into digital media.

So below we’ve collected our top 10 picks for artists who draw. Read to the end and you’ll also find some creative gift ideas for kids who draw.

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