70 Best Gifts for Gamers [Chosen By Gaming Expert]

Gifts for Video Gamers - Feat Image

What is you’re not a gamer yourself, but need to find some incredible gifts for gamers?

Take our word for it – getting a gift for a loved one can be difficult at the best of times. But then it becomes infinitely more difficult when you don’t know a lot about their hobby. 

So let’s take the gamer in your life. You have no clue what sort of gift they might like… well, you’ll feel like you’re in over your head, and they’ll begin to think you don’t care when you get them yet another gift certificate.

But we assure you: it doesn’t have to be difficult! Below, we’ve compiled a list of 60 items (chosen by gamers and streamers) that make fantastic gifts for video game lovers of any age or variety. Take away the guesswork and level up your gift-giving with this selection of potential presents that suit any type of gaming enthusiast.

Whether they are lovers of the 8-bit classics, big fans of beat ‘em ups, passionate about puzzle games, or anything in between, you’ll be sure to find something they’ll love here. 

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40 Best Hole in One Gifts to Celebrate an Amazing Shot

Best Hole in One Celebration Gifts - Feat Image

A hole in one gift is the perfect way to celebrate someone special who has accomplished one of the rarest and greatest feats in all of golf. 

The hole in one is a triumph of skill and luck that deserves to be lionized. As rare as it is fantastic, the ace is truly a moment to remember. But how should it be remembered?

Take this list of 40 different hole in one gift ideas. Any one of them is sure to be an Eagle or better!

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50 Best Hiking Gifts for Hikers, Walkers, & Nature Lovers

50 Best Hiking Gifts

Hiking is a great hobby. Hikers, walkers, and nature lovers know: it’s cheaper than therapy, less fussy than enrolling in a self-help course, and not as intimidating as a gym membership. You get to go outside, exercise, connect with nature, and see beautiful sights.

This is why hikers are such a fanatical bunch! If someone in your life (or maybe it’s you) needs a most excellent hiking gift, we’ve scoured the globe (from our perch atop a lofty mountaintop) to get you started.

Ready, set, hike!

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50 Manly Outdoor Gifts for Your Outdoorsman

50 Manly Outdoor Gifts for Guys

Today we’re going to lead you down a scenic trail of outdoor gifts for your beloved hunter/gatherer/hiker/climber beefcake. If you need a gift for the leather-skinned man who spends all his time scheming to get back to the wilderness, you’re in store for a treat.

Whether he’s sporting the largest, gnarliest beard this side of ‘squatch territory, only wears flannel even in the summer, ice fishes because regular fishing is too dull, or has a power tool collection to rival Tool Man Tim’s, he needs a most excellent (and manly) gift!

Don’t worry, you regular mortal, our Gift Expert team here at All Gifts Considered has done all the footwork for you. All you’ll need to do is browse and choose from the list below of the manliest gifts for outdoorsmen.

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Top 50 Kitchen Gifts for Every Chef, Baker, & Cooking Hobbyist

Ultimate Gifts for Bakers

Whether it’s the perfect gift for the professional chef in your life, your neighborhood baker who sets aside those scrumptious cinnamon rolls for you on Tuesdays, your spouse who yells frantically at the television every time someone puts too much truffle oil in their Top Chef episode, or yourself (the next nominee for Worst Cooks In America), we’ve got some great kitchen gift ideas for you.

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25 Gifts for Writers that Won’t Cramp Their Writing Style

Gift for Writers

Writers are a funny breed, aren’t we?

Getting one of us a gift isn’t as easy as it seems, either.

First of all, if the gift is remotely distracting, we’ll just procrastinate our deadlines away and you’ll be in hot water. Secondly, we’re a bundle of witty, funny, romantic, tragic nerves. So don’t get us anything that we’ll be too attached to.

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Cosplayer Gifts: How to Find the Perfect Cosplay Gift

Cosplayer Gift Guide

So you know a cosplayer, and are looking for a cosplay gift… but where do you start? What the heck even is this thing where people dress up as their favorite character?

If you don’t know what cosplay is, well, you’re not alone. But not for long! It’s actually a rather intricate and absorbing hobby which is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

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10 Bird Feeder Gifts for Backyard Bird Watchers

Amazing Bird Feeder Gifts

Let’s talk about the best bird feeder gifts for bird watchers.

Don’t you just love it when someone you love has found their niche? Their very most favorite hobby? Their THING?

It makes narrowing down a gift so much easier! Now that you have discovered their secret (or not so secret) passion for all things aviary, you can tailor make a present that will get their jaws dropping.

Get ready to be their favorite friend/family member EVER when you pick one of these backyard bird watching gifts.

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15 Best Cactus Gifts (to Prickle a Cactus Lover’s Fancy)

Gifts for Cactus Lovers

Let’s find some treasure in the desert!

This collection of the best cactus gifts is designed for the cactus lover in your life.

A cactus is a great gift for special occasions, holidays, or housewarming – it’s easy to keep alive, needs minimal water and care, and looks cool just about anywhere you put it.

If you’re looking for a cactus, well, just go down to your friendly neighborhood garden center and you’ll find all sorts of neat prickly plants.

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