70 Best Gifts for Gamers [Chosen By Gaming Expert]

What is you’re not a gamer yourself, but need to find some incredible gifts for gamers?

Take our word for it – getting a gift for a loved one can be difficult at the best of times. But then it becomes infinitely more difficult when you don’t know a lot about their hobby. 

So let’s take the gamer in your life. You have no clue what sort of gift they might like… well, you’ll feel like you’re in over your head, and they’ll begin to think you don’t care when you get them yet another gift certificate.

But we assure you: it doesn’t have to be difficult! Below, we’ve compiled a list of 60 items (chosen by gamers and streamers) that make fantastic gifts for video game lovers of any age or variety. Take away the guesswork and level up your gift-giving with this selection of potential presents that suit any type of gaming enthusiast.

Whether they are lovers of the 8-bit classics, big fans of beat ‘em ups, passionate about puzzle games, or anything in between, you’ll be sure to find something they’ll love here. 

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Best Gifts for the Gamers Who Have Everything

Shopping for a birthday? Maybe Christmas, or a special event like a graduation or an anniversary? Regardless of the event, we have gifts aplenty for any occasion.

If you want to find a meaningful gift for your gaming spouse or partner, this is the place. If you need stocking fillers to accompany that new PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, we have you covered. If you want a thoughtful gesture to give to that family member who insists you don’t need to get them anything, worry no more.

Don’t let this quest be the boss battle that breaks you, take a look around and peruse our carefully curated selection of gamer gifts and let us make the experience enjoyable again. Let’s start with ten all-time favorites.

1. Arm Chair Storage Bag

There are few delights a gamer feels better than finally easing themselves into an armchair or on the sofa after a long day and booting up to play their favorite video game.

This moment of serenity shatters when they realize the TV remote or controller is on the other side of the room and they literally just sat down.

Well, this arm chair storage bag solves that issue with ease. A simple caddy that hangs off the arm of the chair and keeps all the items one may want to put down in one easy-to-reach location.

2. Personalized Switch Game Holder

One of the biggest issues that the Nintendo Switch faces is its cartridges. Small and easy to lose, the cartridges can just as easily get gobbled up by a curious dog as they can slip under a cabinet or between the cushions of the sofa. If you or a loved one is looking for that to stop, this fantastic personalized Pokécube is the perfect answer to those prayers.

Stylish and practical, this ingenious invention holds eight cartridges and latches in a clam-shell style manner via magnet. Stunning! 

3. Neogeo Arcade Stick Pro

This large arcade game pad holds 20 built-in classic SNK games, including classics like the King of Fighters series, The Last Blade 2, and the Fatal Fury series. You can add more games, and it hooks up to the TV via a simple HDMI cable. Just like playing on an arcade machine, right from your home! 

4. Personalized Gaming Snacks Jar

Enjoying a snack during a long gaming session can be singularly refreshing (we speak from experience here). Everyone has their favorite. Some like mini pretzels or peanuts, others like gummy candies and chocolates.

Whatever their snack of choice, this customizable sticker can fit on any container filled with sweet or savory treats. It’s a nifty way to let everyone know who they belong to. With this charming gift, the household gamer never has to worry about finding someone else’s hand in their cookie jar. 

5. Custom Neon Gamertag Sign

These signs can be made with their favorite video game quote or Gamertag (for you non-gamers, that’s their username or “tag” most commonly used in video games). Gamers LOVE their Gamertag, so splashing it on their walls in neon will be a genuine treasure

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6. Untitled Goose Magnetic Key Holder

Have you heard of the PC game Untitled Goose? Well, your gamer has. 

In this silly but super-fun game, the goose picks up items with its beak. These key-holder figurines have magnets so your goose can hold items under its beak just like in the game.

7. LED Strip Lights

These LED strips can be used to enhance the gaming experience while sprucing up your gamer’s setup. A small black camera is used to capture colors being displayed on the screen, then the LED lights will reflect this color pattern in the lights being displayed. Amazing!

8. Custom Video Gamer Bobblehead

A perfect gift for any gamer, whether they are an avid fan of the Fallout franchise or not. Send in some reference pictures and get back an impressively accurate customized bobblehead.

The best part is that the figurine can be created wearing any outfit from any franchise in the form of the giftee dressed as a knight or superhero, sporting their favorite football kit, or anything else. Now this is a gift that lets your loved ones truly express their passion!

9. Personalized Hand Stitched Leather Desk Pad

A stunning, handcrafted leatherwork desk mat that is sure to take pride of place on anyone’s desk. Made from a selection of high-quality colored genuine leather and optional colored stitching, this gorgeous desk mat can feature up to 500 characters for a quote, phrase, or person’s initials embossed in the bottom corner. Truly this is a masterpiece crafted with care. 

10. Replicas From Favorite Games: Dark Souls Hand Forged Blade

This handmade forged katana is made to look like the Uchigatana (a katana weapon) from the video game Dark Souls. The idea behind this gift is to provide a replica of something from their favorite video game. So, get creative, and consider Link’s shield, Dorian’s amazing ‘stache, or this katana from Dark Souls.

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10 Best Gifts for 10 Best Gifts for Streamers & Youtubers

11. Personalized Gamer at Work Pillow

The second-best thing on any gamer’s wish list (after playing video games, of course) is sleep. This fantastic 8-bit style pillow cover combines those two loves with a cheeky message and a customizable aspect that lets you put a name or short message on the case as well. With a pocket in the front to hold controllers, cases, snacks or anything else, this is a wonderful gift for those who like the comforts in life. 

12. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

This is probably the best Xbox controller right now. It’s important to have technology that functions when streaming, as many streamers try to make income from it. So, if your Xbox streaming friend is missing out on this important controller, show some support and give it to them!

It’s compatible with the Xbox series X, Xbox 1, as well as future Xbox consoles and Windows 10. 

Every Twitch streamer has a profile picture, often called an “avatar.” Some users like to feature fan art or customized illustrations of themselves in their online persona. This artist illustrated portraits that are perfect for your special Twitch streamer’s profile pic. 

14. Best Streaming Wireless Headset

These top-notch wireless headphones are ideal for streamers or anyone playing multiplayer. They work via Bluetooth and have a 20 hour battery life. Includes a mic that can be muted when flipped. 

This headset is really comfortable because of the cooling gel foam ear cushions and glasses-friendly design. Works with PC, Switch, and PlayStation via Bluetooth. 

The Switch is kind of a special case. The headset works with your Switch if it is docked, aka in TV mode. You just need to plug the USB into the back of the dock. The Switch has an option to be handheld or played on a big screen, so if you want to use bluetooth headphones while playing in handheld mode then you need this Bluetooth adaptor for the Switch

15. Streaming Webcam

What could possibly be better than validation from your peers? This high-quality webcam provides the means to reach that end. With full HD 1080p resolution and low light correction, this device makes streaming easy thanks to its plug-and-play capabilities and built-in adjustable ring light.

If you have a friend, family member, or loved one who wants to take a swing at streaming, this is a must-have companion for that adventure. 

Don’t like the light? Try this highly sought-after option then!

16. Pour Over Coffee with Copper Cow Coffee

It’s not uncommon for some streamers to play games for HOURS. This instant pour-over coffee kit will help keep them awake without being away from the stream for too long! 

17. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Whether it’s for gaming, streaming, podcasts, work conferences, or anything else, this microphone is one of the leaders in its field for quality.

Blue Microphones is a trusted brand used by millions which speaks volumes about its caliber. The USB microphone is sleek and stylish, coming in a variety of colors, and it increases the voice audio quality to a whole new level.

18. Custom Do Not Disturb Door Sign

Unfortunately, despite our many societal, technological, medicinal, and political advances, people still don’t always remember to knock before walking into your room.

Pausing an online game IS still impossible and being disturbed mid-match can be the difference between a win or a loss.

That’s why this simple but stylish door hanger sign with a customizable name may be the answer to those woes.

19. Just One More Game Custom Bottle Opener

Here’s a simple gift that speaks volumes about patience and understanding. Sometimes it can feel like all one does is work, eat and sleep, with no time for joy in-between.

Well, this thoughtful beer opener can sport a phrase that reminds us that it’s okay to take some time and relax with a brew and a video game. Also works with non-alcoholic drinks. Just sayin’.

Here’s an idea perfect for gamers who are a long way away from you. Maybe you want to give a game but don’t really know what game to give. These “gift cards” give a digital code that can be used within the console’s game store. 

The below are digital code gift cards for each popular console’s digital game store. 

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Top 10 Gifts for PC Gamers

21. Literal Headphone Stand

Doing away with the concept that a good headphone stand needs to be simple, this creator has designed something with real pizzazz. A much-needed update to the classic concept, you can now select a novelty headphone stand that looks like Captain Picard from Star Trek, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, The Joker, Godzilla, and many others from this fantastic selection.

Long gone are the days of leaving headphones wherever they fall. As far as gamer gifts go, this one is wicked.

22. Upgraded Wireless Keyboard

Give your PC gamer a better keyboard and mouse setup than the one they currently have. This keyboard is a really great option since it has extra macro keys on the side (which are important when online gaming, you can set more commands there) as well as the wrist pad for comfort. 

This keyboard and mouse setup can also be used wired or wireless, and it’s perfect for gamers who switch back and forth between TV or monitor set up. 

This affordable version is pretty much the same thing, but not as popular of a brand, plus it is wired and doesn’t include a mouse. It has macro keys on the left side as well, so it will still be a winner if you’re on a budget. 

23. Custom Desk Docking Station

Many of us find ourselves storming around the house, trying to find where we left those keys/glasses/batteries/watch or any number of other loose items. This stunning wood-crafted docking station would fit perfectly in any bedroom or office, keeping those easy-to-lose items safe. 

As a bonus that makes this a stellar idea for gamers, many players prefer to have their phones propped up within view so that text messages and the time can be displayed at a moment’s notice. With custom text and logo engraving, you can personalize this docking station and provide the user a custom space to keep important items close at hand.

24. Portable Electronics Organizer

There are few greater frustrations than arriving at a destination and realizing you haven’t packed the charger for your phone/laptop/gaming system. Well, that can be avoided entirely thanks to this tidy creation.

A portable electronic organizer keeps everything zipped up and safe, making all the wires, batteries, and other loose items easy to account for. 

25. League of Legends Mug

What better receptacle from which to drink the tears of your enemies than this? This simple but thoughtful ceramic mug makes a great gift for your local league player, who knows all too well how captivating the game can be.

26. Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset

One of the most trusted names in studio quality headsets, the Sennheiser Game One gaming headset makes for a fantastic gift with its robust, breathable, and stylish design. Easy to use and an absolute joy to experience, the Game One headset is designed with noise-canceling in mind. It also sports interchangeable cables fit for PC or console gaming, and built-in volume control. 

27. Boo Ghost Neon Desk Lamp

Nothing could be a better gift for vintage gamers than this adorable neon light lamp in the shape of the Boo Ghost from the Mario franchise. Created with hand-bent blown glass, the Boo lamp makes a brilliant addition to any game room, bedroom, or office.

Thanks to it being a custom build, each lamp is a little bit different, making them entirely unique. The best part is that they do not make any noise, and do not overheat, making them safe and comfortable to keep active during long gaming sessions. 

28. Wire Organizers

Here we have one of the simplest yet most effective methods of keeping a desk or game room tidy. Anyone who deals with technology a lot will tell you that loose wires can be the bane of their existence. Well, thanks to these nifty little inventions, that problem is solved.

Wire organizers stick to whatever surface is required and safely clip, tidy, and secure wires to make sure they aren’t getting tangled up or wrapped around anyone’s feet. 

29. Upgraded Gaming Mouse: Razer Naga Pro

A stunning addition to any gamers hardware, this mouse allows for the side section to be removed and replaced with a selection of buttons more in keeping with the requirements of the active game. Whether they are playing a simple run and gun shoot ‘em up or trying to defeat an ancient god in a massively multiplayer game, this mouse can change to fit the playstyle.

Wireless with built-in lighting, this gaming accessory is the pinnacle of form and function. 

30. One More Game Flipping Coin

The age-old question: do I play another game or do I go to bed? Anyone who realizes how engaging gaming can be will know why people struggle with this. Maybe they’re having a great time playing online games with friends but know they have work tomorrow? Maybe they are enjoying a fantastic story in a game but really need to be up for a lecture in the morning?

This coin is the perfect tool to combat indecisiveness and make sure that, in one way or another, a decision gets made. Statistically, they’ll have to go to bed eventually. 

10 Gifts for Retro Gamers

31. Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

The perfect gift for those retro gamers! This gift doubles as a present, and as a project that can be displayed on a shelf when it’s complete. Build your own NES and CRT TV out of LEGO with a faux screen that moves via a handle on the side. For those who love classic games and/or LEGO, it’s one of the best gifts they could get. 

32. Collectible Gaming Box Protector Cases

Older games can have a ton of monetary value. Help keep them protected from bumps and dust with these plastic protectors. You never know when your game can be worth hundreds of dollars! 

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33. Retro Gaming Jewelry

If your loved one has a penchant for cute earrings, the selection offered here would be at home in their wheelhouse. Coming in a variety of designs, whether the giftee likes classic Dungeons & Dragons, the original Gameboys, or anything else, this seller has something for everyone!

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34. Pacman Area Rug

This classic retro rug captures the gaming craze that followed the release of Pacman back in the 80s. Comfortable, stylish, but with a lot of personality, this rug would make the perfect addition to any bedroom or Gameroom. Just make sure you measure the space available before you buy!

35. Bean Bag Chair

A wonderful update on the concept of the timeless classic, this delightfully comfortable royal blue bean bag chair offers to make any room a relaxing environment to kick back in. Made from a breathable but durable material, this chair can easily find a place in any game room. 

36. Retro Cartridge Keychain

For a lot of people, Mario represents the first game that they ever played. A retro cartridge keychain is the perfect gift for that Super-Mario mad relative who appears to have all the memorabilia they could need. Subtle and tasteful, this gift could easily find a home attached to keys, phone cases, bags, or anything else. 

37. Custom Floating Wall Shelves

These custom floating wall shelves are perfect for gamers to hang these up in their gaming space and place their games and figurines on them. We don’t know your gamer, but we can pretty much guarantee they have a broad collection of classic, beloved games and nerdy artifacts. 

38. Vintage Game Room Sign

This personalized bar mirror looks like something pulled straight from a saloon or casino in the Wild West. Fantastically presented with stunning attention to detail, this mirror would make a fine decoration to hang on the room of the family game room. Whether it’s where one plays poker or PlayStation, this brilliant gift upgrades the whole aesthetic with an element of classic charm. 

39. Sonic Controller/Phone Holder

A Sonic the Hedgehog branded Cable Guy. Don’t worry, this isn’t a very strange crossover of Jim Carrey movies, but in fact, a fantastically useful item to have on the desk of any avid gamer.

Carrying cables, phones, or controllers, this ingenious creation holds any item in view, keeping things from being left on the floor or on any countertop where they could get knocked off. An excellent gift for those Sonic fans. 

40. Game Over Pillows

Soft? Check. Stylish? Check. Amusing? Check. What else could a person need from a pillow? These tasteful Game Over pillows would take pride of place on a sofa or chair found in a game room, adding some much-needed comfort to the environment with a gaming-themed message on the front. 

5 Best Gifts for Arcade Lovers

41. Arcade Stool

An adjustable Pacman-themed arcade stool that would make the perfect addition to any retro-style gamer den. This would make an excellent accompaniment to a Pacman arcade machine. With an adjustable height, it can be utilized by those of any age and size, making it an ideal gift for those loved ones who are total Pacman fans.

42. Candy Box

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You know what goes hand-in-hand with arcades??? Candy! That’s what.

This huge box of candy will deliver endless sweetness. And, with it being 6 pounds, they will never run out of treats to stuff their pockets with on the way to the arcade.

43. Wall Art Prints

A simple but charming decoration, this gorgeous art print contains a simple message that truly speaks to the soul of a gamer. Made from robust but aesthetically pleasing materials, this art piece would be right at home on the wall of any office or game room, letting guests and visitors know the rules of the house.

44. Arcade Gaming Coasters

A stunning coaster set that pays homage to the classic arcade games. If you have a loved one who has grown tired of coffee rings on every surface in the house or spilled a little energy drink on their desk, this produce is, without a doubt, the answer to those prayers. Charming and well-made; perfect! 

45. Snap Circuits Arcade

Is there anything better than learning something while playing games? This creative idea provides hours of fun for people of younger ages and gives them a basic understanding of how electronics work. Colorful, robust, and easy to use, this brilliant bit of kit is both safe and educational.

With instructions to create over 200 modules, your gamer will get a lot of product for the price. 

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Top 5 Gifts for Gamer Girls

46. Switch Vinyl Skin

If you’ve ever thought that the Switch could do with an interesting new design, look no further. Here are some stunning vinyl skins that can really shake things up and refresh the Switch’s look with colorful designs and patterns. A wonderful selection of high-quality vinyls can be perused for both the standard Switch and the Switch Lite. 

47. Girls Game Too T-shirt

What better way to let people know that, statistically, approximately 50% of gamers are female than a stylish t-shirt with it written in a powerful font? There is a certain stigma around girl gamers that is certainly something to be left in the past. Gaming is for everyone and it’s a much better experience when we all play together. 

48. Faux Leather Switch Purse

Both a Switch carry case and a fashion statement, this delightful purse would make a perfect gift for any style-minded gamers who want something that has both form and function. The user of this bag can put the days of carrying around a Switch in an ill-suited case or random daily items in their switch bag behind them and focus on keeping everything together in this stylish everything-in-one purse. 

49. Internet Princess Mug

So often mugs for gamers are some variation of a large black cup with the word “GAMER” slapped across the front in bold. Sometimes a person may wish for an item with a little more taste and flair. That is precisely where this Internet Princess mug comes in.

Let your loved one’s inner princess come out to play with this stylish update of a classic concept. Coming in a few variations, this ceramic receptacle would look perfect on that special person’s desk. 

50. Bulbasaur Ceramic Planter

This ceramic Bulbasaur-shaped planter is the perfect gift for that friend or family member who loves Pokémon, plants, or both. Coming in a variety of sizes, this iconic starter Pokémon is a sleek gift that is both cute and contemporary and would make the perfect addition to any garden or Gameroom.

With a built-in drainage hole, these planters would make a perfect home for herbs, succulents, or small flowers. 

Top 5 Gifts for Gamer Boyfriends

51. Fueled By Anime and Video Games Mug

It’s good to celebrate one’s interests. This robust 15-ounce ceramic coffee mug has an undeniable personality and may be the perfect gift for that special someone. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this gamer mug will easily find itself in regular use for delicious sips in between delightful battles.

52. Kratos Axe Bottle Opener

Bring a hint of his in-game persona to the outside world, with this fun Kratos Axe bottle opener. He’ll love crackin’ open a cold one in ancient Norse style. Plus! It’s conveniently fitted with a key ring so he can clip it on his keys or backpack!

53. Personalized Gaming Socks

Growing up is knowing how valuable socks actually are and that getting them as a gift is a blessing. Get them started on that realization early with these personalized gaming socks. Coming in a large selection of colors and sizes, these wonderfully comfortable socks would make the perfect stocking filler for any gaming mad family member. 

54. Custom Controller Stand

A gorgeous addition to any gaming setup, this brilliant piece of kit acts as a headphone and controller stand, keeping those items safe on display. Coming in multiple color options and with a personalized message on the front, this makes an ideal gift for any friend or family member, for any occasion.

A gift for gamers that was made with love and attention! 

55. Gamer Cartoon Portrait

Is there a more romantic gesture than having the likeness of you and your partner immortalized together in The Simpsons art style? For those cartoon-crazy partners that love the lighthearted comedy found in television’s most beloved family, these portraits make the perfect gift.

The ideal blend of humor, style, and thoughtfulness! 

Top 5 Gifts for Kid Gamers

56. Swivel Floor Chair

The perfect addition to any bedroom or game room, this floor chair is comfortable and stylish. Made from durable materials with a sturdy build, this chair comes with firm foam padding and a steel frame along with an adjustable fold-down back support for easy storage.

Perfect height and size for any child! Plus, it’s high level of comfort makes this is the ultimate gift for gaming. 

57. I Went Outside Once…

Realistically, leaving the house might be terrible for any number of reasons lately. This funny t-shirt is sure to get a chuckle about the situation. If you have a partner, child, or parent who would much rather spend a day inside with their favorite game than venture outside, this t-shirt makes an excellent case as to why.

The ideal gift for stockings! 

58. Perfect Gaming Headphones for Kids

These multi-platform headphones make the perfect gift for any child who loves to play online games and pay close attention to what is happening on screen. With comfortable earmuffs, adjustable headband, noise-canceling mic with in-line controls, there is nothing this headset can’t do.

If you have a gamer in the house who is a little too noisy in the evenings, this gift will make all the difference with its amazing 40mm audio driver stereo sound.

59. Video Game Design Classes

If you’ve ever heard that special someone say that they didn’t like a game and that they could have made it better, now’s their chance.

With a video game design class, they can finally take a crack at making their own game. Starting with something simple and then moving on to the basics, those interested in design may find this to be enlightening, which could move to a potential career choice for younger giftees. 

60. Video Game Organizer

Long gone will the days of stepping on Nintendo Switch controllers or game cases be. A distant memory will “Where did I put that game cartridge?” become. Bid farewell to “Why does everything have to be sold separately?”

Now, with this brilliant organizer, you can have everything of value placed neatly away in this sturdy and easy-to-build accessory. Holds the Nintendo Switch, Controllers, Game Cases, and even has a small drawer at the bottom for loose items like cables and attachments.

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Best Gaming Consoles & Accessories

Here’s the easy thing about shopping for gamer gifts: They love it all!

Gamers adore everything you can imagine related to video games: Actual games, of course, and consoles and other tech accessories. T-shirts and hats, crazy socks, backpacks and jewelry with characters from their favorite world. Memorabilia and costumes (they call it “cosplay,” ya know). Board games, books, comics, and movies based on their games. The list goes on and on.

There are just so many options!

But what if you want to get them some excellent, solid, top-notch gaming gear?

That leads us to the hard thing about finding the perfect gaming gift: Gamers really REALLY know their stuff (and you, since you’re looking at this list, probably don’t).

So, what do you do when the gamer you love wants to upgrade? And you want to give a stellar, premium, high-end, “remember that time when…” gift that they’ll treasure? You scroll down, naturally, because we’ve curated the very best gaming gifts, consoles, and accessories.

61. Best PC, Laptop, & Consoles for Gaming

The console is where it all begins. You really want to get what you pay for when you drop big $$$ money on these products.

For items like the PC and Laptop, it’s important to make sure their hardware (such as graphics cards) is up to date and matches whatever you’re trying to accomplish on the computer. Not only will you be able to play MMO (massively multiplayer online game) on the best settings and record it, these expensive upgrades will last you for years before you need to switch anything out.

Here are our top picks:

PC: SkyTech Archangel 3.0 Gaming Computer. 30X faster than a traditional HDD! Need we say more?

Laptop: Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop. This is next generation amazing! It’s built on NVIDIA’s award-winning 2nd-gen RTX architecture, and the visuals are next level.

Console (Xbox): Xbox Series X. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, are we right? Xbox is the go-to master in the gaming world.

Console (Nintendo): Nintendo Switch OLED. This brand-new Switch comes with 64 GB of internal storage, a 7″ OLED screen, and a docking system to hook up to your TV.

Console (Playstation): PS5. This baby is FAST. You’ll be blown away at the graphics and find yourself immersed for hours on end.

62. Top Gaming Chairs

When casually playing a game or live streaming your game play for hours on end, you want a chair that won’t break your back in ten minutes. These are the best reviewed chairs for video gamer use (my personal favorite is the La-Z-Boy chair).

They each come with their own specs that may mean more to some people (such as racing simulator seat for people who play car games, floor chair for tv play with built in vibrations for full body immersion, foot rest, etc). Whatever floats your gamer’s boat!

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support. The vintage leather style means not only will you be supremely comfortable, you’ll look amazing at the same time! Great for gamers who sit for long periods.

Homall Gaming Chair. With its 360 degree swivel action, and it’s bright hues (available in a wide variety of colors), this leather gaming chair will last as long as you do.

La-Z-Boy Big and Tall Trafford Executive Chair. A little more sophisticated and posh looking, this classic office chair comes with lumbar support and flexible air technology.

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Vibrating Floor Chair. Rock out with this amazing chair that comes with vibrating technology and a fully complete media experience!

Racing Simulator Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair. Utterly compatible with all consoles, this light-weight racing simulator leaves all others in the dust.

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63. Best Gaming Monitors & TVs for Gaming

Oh, for a sweet, smooth display! It’s the same as the PC, laptop, or console – you really are getting what you pay for with these top of the line monitors.

With a high upgrade in technology/capabilities, each one of these will last your gamer for years before they’ll even think about replacing them. Each one of these will be specific for different gamers use, so read carefully:

Monitors are for PC play, while the Portable monitor can be hooked up to the laptop for an extra gaming display when traveling. TVs, meanwhile, can be hooked to PCs, laptops, and/or consoles. IT all just depends how big your gaming enthusiast wants their screens to be.

Here are our favorites:

SAMSUNG Ultrawide Curved 49 inch Gaming Monitor. This sleek large screens matches the curve of the human eye, meaning less eye strain and total gaming immersion.

LG 34WN80C-B Curved UltraWide Monitor 34”. The split screen feature makes working with multiple documents easy, and the Ultra Wide Quad Definition makes for a totally enjoyable experience.

ASUS MB169B+ 15.6″ Portable Monitor. Are you looking for the world’s lightest and slimmest USB monitor? Look no further than this sweetie: it has auto rotating display and a 2-way adjustable stand.

SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q70T Series. Alexa is built right in with this great monitor! With its Motion Rate 230, the picture is crystal clear, and it has deep learning AI so everything you watch will be in 4K.

LG OLED C1 Series 65” 4K Smart TV. 8 million pixels (!!) turn on and off automatically so you can have the most stunning colors possible. Google Assist and Alexa are built in to boot.

64. Virtual Reality Gear Must-Haves

Gaming is heavily moving into VR. The best on the market right now is far and away the Oculus Quest 2, so all the virtual reality gear below is compatible.

This is the newest version of the world’s most common, most popular, and simply best virtual reality tool. These are the must-haves (plus a fun sticker to look like Baymax) that you need to enjoy virtual reality.

Oculus Quest 2. No PC or console needed to set up this headset, it comes with Backwards Capability so you can enjoy the newest games, plus your old favorites. And it has 50% more pixels than the original Quest.

Anker Charging Dock. Be completely charged in just 2.5 hours! The perfect time to take a shower and make some dinner – then it’s back to playing.

VR Headset Baymax Stickers. Made to fit the Oculus Quest 2, but also compatible with other controllers, this decal is precision cut and is 100% safe to use. It makes your controller pop and gives it personality!

Super Soft Large Mat for Virtual Reality. The anti-fatigue memory foam means hours and hours of uninterrupted and blissful play time. You can use it just about anywhere, and it’s compatible with all sorts of VR systems.

65. Best Web Cameras For Everyone

Hardcore gamers will always have a webcam at the ready for when they stream to their Twitch or want to connect with their gaming community.

Below we’ve picked the best webcams that offer varied uses. The first two are for PC/Laptop (first one films in 4k, the second has a ring light) while the last two are for the Xbox and PS5. These are great for people who are either playing MMO (and want to show their face in group chat) or streaming/recording their game play.

Logitech BRIO – 4k Ultra HD Webcam. This webcam is sleek and savvy! It’s professional quality means you can stream or record your very best work.

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam. Designed for high quality streaming, this webcam is compatible with popular platforms like XSplit and OBS. And it’s compact and foldable so it’s great for on the go gamers and streamers!

Webcam for Xbox One and Twitch Streaming. Perfect for YouTube and Twitch, this webcam is super user friendly and has “Plug and Play” (USB connectivity to Macs and PCs).

PlayStation 5 HD Camera. Comes with full HD and a wide angel lens, this camera means you can add yourself to your gameplay videos! Not to mention the background removal tools, too.

66. Best Headsets for Gaming

Your gamer wants to experience rich, bone-crunching sound without bothering the entire house (or apartment complex) deep into the night. So we’ve selected the top rated headphones to help you pick the perfect gamer gift.

Each set comes with different features for different gaming needs such as Bluetooth features (which are needed for the PS5, Switch, Xbox, and some laptops/PCs), mics, audio jack (first headphones) for people who don’t want lag issues when playing on PC/laptop/Portable Switch Play, and noise cancelling abilities.

Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset. Cooling, gel-infused cushions prevent overheating and mean you can play all weekend long. It has a detachable mic and is surround sound capable. It comes from the #1 gaming brand!

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset. Xbox wireless and surround sound ready! This headset has Super Human Hearing, so you won’t miss a single thing in the action, even the most subtle.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset. Considered the best mic in gaming, this headset includes two swappable batteries for extra long life while you’re charging, polished steel and aluminum construction, and premium High Res speakers.

67. Must-Have Gaming Monitor Stands & Tables

This a great way to upgrade the gaming “battle station” with out spending too much of your hard-earned dough. Improve their layout today with one of our top picks! These are mainly for PC/laptop players.

Best Stands

  • Solid Wood Monitor Stand. Way too pretty and good looking to be hidden away in the basement, this wood monitor stand makes everything around it and on it look sleeker, more sophisticated, and organized. You’ll wonder how you ever gamed all day without it!
  • Wooden Laptop & Laptop Riser with Phone Nook. This wooden desk organizer keeps everything you need at your fingertips, including your phone, as it nestles in the perfect groove.
  • Monitor Wall Mount Full Motion. Fits most 32 inch TVs and holds up to 44 lbs, this wall mount will get your system up, up, and away, to the most perfect spot in your gaming room. Completely adjustable and retracts and extends, depending on your needs.
  • Wooden Dual Monitor Stand. Handcrafted and gorgeous, this wooden dual monitor stand is flawless for someone who works on two monitors at once. Get organized!

Best Tables

68. Everything You Need for Your Consoles

Ok fine, so your beloved gamer may not necessarily “need” these accessories in order to play on the consoles… but they definitely improve the gaming experience! And we think that’s important too.

For PlayStation Gamers

  • PS5 Controller Charger Station. This PS5 charging station is everything you need, and more! Charge two PS5 remotes in just two hours.
  • PlayStation media Remote. This PlayStation media remote controls your media lightning fast with seamless console capability. Launch Disney+, Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix fast!
  • PS5 All in One Cooling Fan. Keep everything neat and tidy and at your fingertips with one of these consoles! It charges controllers extra fast and has a fan to keep everyone and everything cool when things get heated.
  • Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. Be comfortable and play in style with these wireless headsets! Connect to PS VR and mobile devices too.

For Xbox Gamers

  • Xbox Series S Console Charger Stand with Cooling Fan. Charge it up and cool it down, all at once! This charging stand has its own cooling fan, rechargeable batteries, and really maximizes the space in your gaming room.
  • Xbox Series X|S Racing Wheel Overdrive. Adjust the dead zone to your liking with one of these puppies! Fine tune everything just the way you like it, including pedal sensitivity, D-pad, and turn ratio.
  • Xbox Series X|S Expansion SSD. Designed with XBox for seamless play and hours of fun, this expansion is the answer to collect thousands of games over 4 generations of XBox!

For Nintendo Switch Gamers

  • Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip. This grip is totally handy because you can keep playing while charging it. Combine left and right Joy-Con into one bigger controller easily.
  • Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel. Get behind the wheel with this Joy-Con tool! Comes in a two pack and has tons of five star ratings from happy consumers.
  • Nintendo Switch SanDisk 512GB microSDXC Card. Instantly add up to 512GB with one card. What does that mean? More time playing and less time waiting around for games to load!
  • Nintendo Switch Compact Play Stand. Zelda fans rejoice! Play while charging, it has adjustable angles and fabulous Zelda artwork.
  • Nintendo Switch Travel Case Elite Edition. Perfect for on the go gamers, this travel case holds everything you need including the console, dock, adapter, cords, extra Joy-Cons, game cards, and any other small accessories you might need.

69. Best Gaming Keyboards, Mice, & Controllers

This has a mix of mice, keyboards, and controllers needed for game play. If you’re looking for a easy-on-your-budget yet truly-upgrade-worthy gift for your gamer, this is where it’s at.

Gaming keyboards both have G Keys (side macro keys used for customizing controls in PC/laptop game play) & wrist support. It really just depends on the small preferences which one they want. Both mice are golden for game play, it just depends what you are looking for. The Logitech mouse is best know for its comfortable ergonomic shape, and speed while the Razer has customizable side buttons that some gamers use during game play. Then there are the best controllers for PS5 and Xbox consoles!

Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Light-weight but SOOOO durable, this keyboard might just outlast you.

Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Need 70 million click life? We got you.

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse. This ultra fast wireless mouse is totally quiet and unassuming, but really packs a punch.

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse. Reprogrammable DPI buttons, 3 interchangeable side plates, and customizable Chroma RGB color profiles, are just a few of the pluses you’ll have at your fingertips.

PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller. Chat online, record, and broadcast with this handy wireless controller with mic built in.

Xbox Core Controller. Battery use up to 40 hours (!!), it is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11 devices.

70. Can’t Play Without Games

These are digital gift cards that you can buy for gamers, based on where they like to play their video games. They are able to redeem by putting the code in the game store on their device. Easy! (And inexpensive to mail.)

  • XBOX Game Pass. You’ll never be out of games to play, new and old, with this XBox game pass! Connect with your friends and find the newest and latest games instantly.
  • Nintendo eShop. Choose from over 1,000 games to play, including old and vintage favorites, and the newest Nintendo releases.
  • PlayStation Store. Not just games, you can buy add-ons, subscriptions, even pre-buy an upcoming game so it’s available to you asap.
  • PC Game Codes. Buy new perks for your favorite games, or spend it on fun new things for your avatar. Millions of games available too!
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