75 Best Camping Gifts for the Camper Who Has Everything

Today we’re going to take a look at the very best of the best when it comes to camping gifts.

There’s really nothing quite like the great outdoors, is there? All that fresh air and beautiful scenery. Those brisk mornings filled with the scents of woodsmoke and campfire coffee, the sound of mules chomping on dewy grass… Okay, that last one probably isn’t too common. But it was for us! 

Whether they’re into the latest high-tech, innovative camping gear, glamping, or roughing it old school — pack mules and all — we have a little something for everyone on this list.

For that camper in your life that *seems* to have everything, we’ve compiled 75 of the best camping gifts we could dig up. Let’s get to it!

Our Favorite Camping Gifts

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1. Puffin Drinkware Koozies

Take their time out on the fishing dock or around the campfire to a whole new level with these great Koozies! Sure to keep their brew perfectly chilled, they’re also super fun conversation starters. With styles of all sorts to choose from, there’s one for everyone.

2. Responsible Pour Over Coffee

Sure, there’s nothing quite like the coffee from Grandad’s 1967 Coleman percolator, but sometimes you just don’t have time for that! 

Enter these quick and easy pour over coffee sachets. You can have a fantastic cuppa joe in no time flat (just 90 seconds), and still feel good about your environmental footprint!

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3. Where Should We Camp Next?

For avid campers it’s an extremely valid question. Sure, they’ll always have that favorite lake or secret campground, but branching out and adventuring to new places is an undying urge. 

This fantastic guide outlines all the best campgrounds and outdoor attractions state by state. And it’s available in digital, paperback and spiral editions!

4. Inflatable Paddle Boards

These fantastic, inflatable paddle boards from Funwater will have them cruising the waterways in style. 

With all the fun, speed and stability of a traditional paddle board, but with the added convenience of being inflatable (and thus easily portable), this is one gift that is sure to delight.

5. Flatpack Twig Stove

This twig stove is the definition of small but mighty. Expertly designed by the forward thinking bushcrafters at Überleben Stöker, it packs flat (thinner than a magazine) inside of a waxed canvas bag when not in use. 

Strong enough to support your hefty cooking pots, but light enough to toss in your pack, this stove is every bushman/woman’s dream come true.

6. Personalized Enamel Camping Mug

‘Cause you can’t have them stealing your piping hot cup of coffee, now can you? Let them know that coffee is yours for the drinking with these fun, personalized enamel camp mugs. Choose from eight classic colors for the mug, then add your name to the leather grip! So cool.

7. Engraved Fire Starter

A must for any seasoned camper, fire starters come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. But have they ever had one with their name or initials engraved on it? And a built-in compass? Well, now they can! Choose from a variety of beautiful woods, too, to make it extra special.

8. Personalized Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Just because you’re out in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you don’t still have veggies to chop! Not to mention fishies to scale and filet. Have this beautiful bamboo cutting board personalized just for them, and they’ll be absolutely delighted. 

9. Cedar Wood Lined Journal

Because journaling isn’t just an indoor hobby. These awesome, cedar wood journals are ready to make the trek right alongside them, chronicling all of their most exciting adventures. You can have it personalized, too, to make it extra special.

10. Outdoor Safe Smart Wristbands

Camping, hiking, adventuring and the like are all wonderful hobbies, albeit they can be dangerous from time to time. These incredibly smart wristbands are everything they need to give you both peace of mind. 

Equally comfortable and nifty, they store medical data like blood type, allergies, conditions and more. They also send a safety signal with a simple tap. Venture onward, safely.

Camping Gifts for Men

11. The Everest Titanium Ring

A ring worthy of even the most rough and tumble-iest of dudes. Durable and rugged, yet also classy with a bit of polish, this titanium beauty will have everyone asking where he found it. That’s you, oh greatest of gift givers…

12. Scorpion Bottle Opener Key Chain

Bottle openers don’t get too much cooler than this! Just because he’s camping doesn’t mean he can’t bring some of the finer things along with him, right? Right. This awesome scorpion will crack open cold one after cold one without missing a strike. 

13. Hunting Crate

Is he about to make his first foray into camping or hunting? Then this great crate from ManCrates is just the thing. Equipped with some of the most essential — well — essentials, he’ll be ready to take on what the wilderness has in store for him. 

14. Heated Jacket

When technology meets comfort, it truly is a beautiful thing. Especially when it means keeping him warm and toasty whilst out in the vast wilderness. Or, ya know, walking Fido at 5am in the middle of February in Minnesota.

Whatever he decides to use it for, these awesome, heated jackets are engineered to keep the frostbite far from him.

15. Personalized Fishing Tumbler

Those serene moments out on the lake at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning are what he lives for during camping trips. 

There are few things that make it even better, but this custom tumbler is one of them. Keep his early morning java nice ‘n toasty in the tinnie while he waits for those first nibbles, and you’ll be able to see his smile from the dock.

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Camping Gifts for Women

16. Campfires & Cocktails

I don’t know about you, but in my book camping equates to comfy and cozy clothing. 

This adorable sweatshirt is sure to become her new favorite go-to, both at home or around the campfire. Available in four great neutrals, she can easily pair it with her favorite oversized flannel for extra warmth.

17. This is My Camping Wine Glass

Camping and spirits just go hand in hand. Now she can pack this fun, customized, stemless wine glass along with her favorite vino and be set for the trip. Afterall, what’s better than a night full of mirth and merrymaking around the campfire?

Customize easily with any of your favorite camping sayings!

18. Mini Rechargeable Fan

If you’ve ever been camping in the summer, you know that things can get, well, stuffy. And sticky. Help keep cool with this neat portable fan. You can even add little scent discs so it smells as lovely as it feels!

19. National Park Themed Candles

For those days where she’s cooped up indoors and longing for the forest, these National Park themed candles are just the thing. With scents inspired by seven of America’s most celebrated outdoor preserves, she can take a trip deep into nature without ever leaving the house.

20. Botany Notebook

Does she adore being out in nature simply for the sake of observing nature? Then this fun botany notebook from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is the perfect choice. With neat guides and ample room for documenting her findings, she can roam and record for hours on end.

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Camping Gifts for Dad

21. Camping Dad Shirt

There’s no dad quite like the camping dad. He knows all the stuffs, does all the things, has all the experience… After all, he did forge his way uphill, on foot, through the forest, in endless blizzards to get to school every day.

This shirt is a super fun way to honor his expertise around the campfire.

22. Cliq Camping Chair

The camping chair he’s been waiting for his whole life. 

Lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, and it folds up to about the size of a thermos. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, ripstop nylon and double enforced seams, the Cliq camping chair will not disappoint.

23. Grill Master Crate

Is the grill his kingdom? His domain? Does he feel more at home over the flame than just about anywhere? Then these awesome grill crates from Man Crates are just what he needs. 

Everyone knows that camping and grilling go hand in hand, afterall, so make sure he has everything he needs to be on his A game both at home and away.

24. Custom Cast Iron Skillet

He already owns the camp stove, but this skillet will take his breakfast game to a whole new level. Customize this classic skillet made from Lodge cast iron with his name, logo or favorite design!

These incredible skillets are custom machined by the craftsmen at Legacy Machine Design, and are made to last camping trip after camping trip after camping trip. He’ll be loving it.

25. The Woodsman Hatchet

Camping gifts that take his game to the next level? We’re here for them. Every woodsman and experienced camper knows that having a good hatchet in their arsenal is a must. Enter this excellent example from Manly Bands fittingly dubbed “The Woodsman.”

Crafted from an American Hickory handle and forged steel head, each hatchet is made to order for your favorite outdoorsman. Want to make it even more special? You can have it personalized just for him!

Camping Gifts for Mom

26. Engraved Beanie

If she’s an avid camper, she’s well aware that you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather. That means keeping her noggin warm during those crisp, cool autumn mornings and late nights on the lake. 

These adorable knitted hats are a perfect gift to do just that. Each one is hand crafted and personalized with her name, and you can choose not only the color of the beanie, but also the color of the leather patch and rivets. She’ll love it and wear it to pieces.

27. Personalized Bottle Opener & Corkscrew

These awesome, personalized bottle openers from Northwest Gifts are exactly what she didn’t know she needed. Just because she’s out camping in the wilderness doesn’t mean wine isn’t going to come with!

Handy, cute and customized just for her, she won’t want to leave home without it.

28. Custom Mama Bear Tumbler

Keep her campfire coffee piping hot and her hiking water icy cold with these awesome personalized tumblers. Mama bear is a perfect moniker for mom, as she’s always looking out for everyone and taking care of them.

She’ll love having this special little tumbler that’s just for her.

29. Personalized Hooded Sherpa Blanket

This hooded blanket was maaaaaade for long nights around the campfire. Cozy, cute and oh-so soft and snuggly, she’ll never want to crawl out of it. Personalized with her name or initials, these blankets are luxuriously soft on the outside and lined with a fuzzy sherpa lining.

This is sure to be her new favorite throw, camping or not.

30. Camp More Worry Less Tote Bag

Because on every trip — particularly camping trips — there are 9 million odds and ends that need to be tossed in at the last minute. Enter this adorable, canvas tote! 

Perfect for all of those randoms that absolutely HAVE to make the trip, each bag is made from 100% natural cotton and can be personalized to suit her individual tastes.

Camping Gifts for Kids

31. LED Headlamps

Exploring and traipsing and foraging — Oh my! They love doing it all with this fantastic dinosaur headlamp. 

Perfect for kids ages three and up, this super cool triceratops lamp has four discovery modes, including one that roars! Your mini-explorer will play the day away, and will certainly make all sorts of fascinating discoveries while they’re at it.

32. Personal Camping Tumblers

Staying hydrated is key on any trip, but especially when there’s lots of exploring, hiking, fishing and playing going on. Keep your littles happy and healthy with these awesome custom tumblers from the personalization mall. 

You can add not only their names, but up to three lines of text and designs in nineteen different colors! So fun.

33. The Little Book of Camping

The Little Book of Camping will be their new best friend as they begin making camping memories with you. Targeted toward children ages 3-11, it’s filled with lots of fun and exciting lessons, and cute illustrations to go with. The perfect companion for any first time, little outdoor adventurers. 

Available in both paperback and Kindle versions, they won’t want this helpful little book to go missing from their pack.

34. Personalized Folding Camp Chair

There’s just something about having your name on something as a kid… like, that’s YOUR chair with YOUR name on it. It doesn’t get much better than that. It also means brother and sister have no claim to it. 

They’ll love having a camping chair all to themselves, and a designated spot around the campfire for roasting hotdogs, marshmallows and more!

35. Kid Friendly Phones

You can’t deny the fact that we live in a pretty scary world, and that having a cell phone is a legitimate safety tool for children. Being able to contact you if they are scared, hurt, or in trouble, having access to emergency services — there are so many scenarios where a cell could help them.

But cell phones also come with dangers of their own that children should be protected from. Enter Gabb, the kid friendly phone. The Gabb network is laser focused on giving them the access they need (you) and cutting out the access they don’t (all the other garbage on the internet.) Now that makes for a happy camper.

Camping Toys for Kids

36. Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe

Part of the fun of camping and being in the great outdoors is being away from technology and gizmos and noisy gadgets of all sorts. But that doesn’t mean kids magically stop getting bored. 

This classic, wooden Tic-Tac-Toe game provides endless hours of good, old fashioned entertainment. No batteries, no flashing lights, and only the sounds of laughter and “I won!” filling the air.

37. Knot Tying Game

You never know when a few good knots will come in handy! This knot chart is designed to teach scouts, boys and girls alike, and campers of all ages how to tie off all of the essentials from slip knots to sheet bend knots. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two as well!

38. Walkie Talkies

If you ask me today what my favorite childhood toy was, I will emphatically tell you that it was our walkie-talkies — hands down. I mean, they’re just so cool.

From genuine communication while out exploring in the woods, to make-believe spy games and, our personal favorite, cops and robbers. These super cool “walks” may make bringing them in for dinner a challenge.

39. Jumbo Checker Rug

Nothing passes the time quite like a few rounds of checkers. And to make it even better, why not make it jumbo?!

This fun, jumbo checkers rug is easy to toss in the knapsack, and even easier to toss in the washing machine when you return from a camping trip. Play it out on the dock, on the lawn, in the tent… just about anywhere, really!

40. Paddle Toss

Boy-oh-boy does this bring back some fond memories! This classic toss game is perfect for some after dinner fun, or for burning the day away on the beach. 

The sticky catching disks make it great for little ones who are still tuning their hand-eye coordination, and since there are no set rules you can really make it your family’s own. So much fun.

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Funny Camping Gifts

41. Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Okay, we’ll admit it’s pretty funny, but it’s equally convenient, too! This chuckle-worthy, fishing inspired skewer is geared toward even roasting with just a quick flip of the jig. And you can roast multiple, errr, camp delicacies at once. Now that’s a win.

42. Sorry For What I Said

If you’ve ever owned a camper, you know it can be…challenging…at times. To say the least. But what’s said in the truck cab stays in the truck cab, right? This humorous hand towel is perfect for hanging in the kitchenette and letting your S.O. know that you didn’t really mean it.

43. Pickle Bandages

For when campers of all ages get into a scrape… or should we say, in a pickle. These hilarious bandages look and feel like your favorite sour cucumbers, and help bring a little levity to an otherwise ouchy situation.

44. I Love Peeing Outside

Maybe it’s funny because it’s true. If you have that special outdoorsman or outdoorswoman in your life that really just prefers the extra personal form of communing with nature, well, these stickers are just for them!

Perfect for slapping on that off-roading truck or ATV, it will have all their friends laughing. Definitely our funniest choice of camping gifts.

45. Elastic Fishing Umbrella Hat

Hey, who wants to bring the boat in just because it’s raining?! Not me. Any experienced fisherman knows that’s when you can get some of the best bites, after all. 

They may look a little funny, but this umbrella hat may be just what they need to hook that legendary “big one.”

Camping Gifts for Couples

46. Paid Vacation Package

Did you know that you can actually gift them the experience? No? Well, now you do!

At Giftory you can pick from a variety of exclusive, couple getaway packages. They’ll deliver the e-voucher, and the happy couple gets to pick the experience they’ve been longing for.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

47. Two Person Portable Hammock

There’s really nothing quite like a hammock… except maybe a hammock for two! Double the fun with double the room in this fantastic, portable nylon hammock designed for easy setup and longtime durability. 

Whether it’s for lazing near the fire or sleeping under the stars, this cool sleeper will keep you warm, comfy and dry for years to come.

48. Embroidered Outdoor Cooler Backpack

On any outdoor excursion, having a cooler with you is an absolute must. Perfect for storing snacks, drinks, and even full picnic meals, this great cooler backpack is both convenient and cool (no pun intended), as you can have it embroidered with their name.

They won’t want to leave home without it!

49. Wooden Wall Maps

Are they more of the world backpacker types than backyard campers? Or would they like to be? Then these incredible wooden maps would be the perfect gift!

Beautifully crafted, these maps come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit their personal taste and space to a T. And who knows, you may have just inspired their next big adventure!

50. Out of All the Fish

You know what they say. The couple that fishes together, stays together. Or maybe that’s just in my neck of the woods…

Regardless, these adorable matching fishing lures are sure to bring smiles to their faces, and, hopefully, fish to their dinner table.

RV Camping Gifts

51. Solar String Lights

No one ever said a campsite has to be dim and dowdy with nothing but the campfire for light! These awesome, solar powered string lights are just what they need to brighten up their space and shed a little light on their evening activities. 

The fact that they don’t require batteries and can be charged (either by the sun or via usb port) just makes them that much better.

52. Home is Where You Park It

For the fam on the move, these fun custom “door” mats are just the thing! Just because they spend a lot of time outdoors when they go adventuring, doesn’t mean they want all of that nature inside the camper.

Help them keep nature where it belongs by gifting them one of these cute brush mats for the entrance of their favorite home on wheels. And you can have it personalized with their name!

53. Decorative Fire Extinguishers

“Safety first” isn’t just a rule for the house. Fire safety is especially important while out in nature, as we have not only our own homes and families to consider, but those of all the woodland creatures who call the forest their home.

These neat, decorative fire extinguishers are a great option to keep on hand in the camper, truck or the tent. Smokey would be proud.

54. Food Huggers

Because no one likes wasting food. These handy food savers come in so many styles and varieties to help preserve pretty much anything you can think of! From fresh fruits and veggies to dry goods, they’ll make spoiled food virtually a thing of the past.

55. Happy Campers Personalized Camping Flag

These personalized family camping flags are just too cute! They really will be a group of happy campers with these adorable little flags to mark their area of the campground. 

You can have them customized with their name and choice of three fun camping quotes. Isn’t the little vintage RV design just precious?

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Tent Camping Gifts

56. SolarPuff Collapsible Light

These SolarPuff collapsible lights are just what they didn’t know they needed! Made of super sturdy, watertight sailcloth, these little lights come with a big reach and can brighten up just about any space.

They provide up to 12 hours of powerful illumination with their LED circuit board, but collapse flat and weigh in at a mere 2.6 ounces for easy packing and storage. You may just want to order a couple for yourself while you’re at it.

57. Campfire Popcorn Maker

These personal-sized popcorn makers are too fun for words! Everyone loves the taste of homemade popcorn, and there’s just something so quaint about hearing that popping sound over an open fire.

Add a little oil and a couple tablespoons of your favorite kernels, and wait for the tasty payoff. Ahh, I can taste it now…yummy.

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58. Santoku Knife Set

Just because you’re away from your usual kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have all of your favorite chef’s tools on hand! Enter this awesome, compact knife set. 

Specially designed with safe travel and comfort in mind, the handles are rubberized for a sure grip every time. This set includes a handy, foldable cutting board and a microfibre cleaning cloth, too!

59. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Ever wondered what the secret to the perfect kabob is? Or maybe what the best solution to losing your tasty goodies to the fire is? Well, we’re pretty sure we just found it.

These awesome kabob baskets are engineered for perfect roasting every time. No skewers are necessary and they’re easily flippable, so you never have to worry about uneven cooking again. Ingenious.

60. Solo Stoves

The folks over at Solo Stoves really do have something to offer just about everyone! Big stoves, little stoves, personal stoves, pizza stoves…you name it, the list goes on and on.

Specializing in bringing the convenience of indoor cooking out-of-doors, they provide patio heaters and fire pits as well. This is one gift they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Glamping Gifts

So roughing it really isn’t your style, hmm? That’s perfectly okay. Not everyone is cut out for woodsman life. But if you still want to get out and enjoy some fresh air, these fun glamping gifts can help you on your way.

61. Wine Chillers

This super shmancy wine chiller from Vingalcé is a perfect addition to your ultimate glamping set. Keep your wine or champagne perfectly chilled without having to worry about messy ice melting everywhere. 

To make it that much more special, it is available in thirteen beautiful colors, can be personalized, and comes in a lovely gift box.

62. Black Apollo Travel Set

This beautiful luggage set is the epitome of fancy packing. 

Quality, water and scratch resistant leather makes for a set that will last trip after trip after trip. The set is also designed in the US and handcrafted, too, to give it that luxe finish. Yes, these can be technically classified as “camping gifts” but they also make great all-around gifts, too.

63. Personalized Campfire Mugs

Cute doesn’t begin to do these fun camp mugs justice! Available in eight designs and twelve fabulous colors, they really can’t get much more personalized.

Made from durable, quality stainless steel, they’re perfect for sipping away at that perfect campfire coffee in the woods or  hot cocoa at home. 

64. Personalized Wine Glass Holders

Now someone was thinking! This ingenious picnic “table” was designed with all of their favorite wines and cheeses in mind. Engineered to hold two wine glasses and prevent tipping on uneven ground, this is one gift they’ll take with them on all their trips.

Have it customized with one of several cute designs and their name, and they’ll be absolutely delighted with its quality and convenience. They might even invite you along to use it!

65. Luxury Sheet Set

Camping gifts just got a little glam. Who says you can’t have silk sheets in a camper? Or even on a tent mattress? Absolutely no one, that’s who. Experience a luxurious night’s sleep even out in the middle nowhere with these beautiful silk sheets

Essential Camping Gifts

66. Garmin Instinct Solar Watch

This incredible sports watch from Garmin really does it all. Like, really. GPS enabled, solar-extended battery life, a 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, health tracker… the list goes on and on and on.

This watch is really an all-in-one companion for your favorite globe trekker or outdoorsman/woman. Keep them safe and on the right path, and they’ll love you for it.

67. LARQ Filtered Water Bottle

This self-filtered water bottle keeps them hydrated and supplied with pure, safe H2O wherever they roam! The long-lasting filters are good for up to 40 gallons or two months of use. That’s over 300 single-use plastic bottles eliminated from the ecosystem. 

That’s a win-win-win in our book, and we’re sure it will be in theirs, too. Happy nature, happy camper.

68. Old Fashioned Pocket Knife

This beautiful, old-fashioned pocket knife from Northwest Gifts is something you can imagine inheriting from your father, grandfather, or even great-grandfather. 

Expertly crafted with a genuine Rosewood handle, you can have their name custom engraved in addition to the pretty mountain scene. Sure to be a favorite tool that can be passed on for generations.

69. Camping Notebook

This fun camping notebook from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild is everything they need to start planning their next adventure in the great outdoors! From packing tips, to fire safety, to identifying animal tracks, this little guide is a veritable wealth of pertinent information.

70. Bug Itch Neutralizer

Nature and bugs are (quite unfortunately) an inseparable duo. No matter how many dryer sheets you hang or stuff in pockets, or how many times you reapply your favorite repellent, someone will undoubtedly get stabbed by a pesky blood sucker or step on a bee.

Help your fam neutralize that itch and burn with this handy, chemical free treatment device. It relieves symptoms of bug bites by using heat to speed up the healing process. Where was this the whole time I was suffering as a child?!

71. Solar Emergency Radio

Be prepared isn’t just the boy scout’s motto, but the anthem of every great outdoorsman and woman. These emergency radios are essential to have on hand as they provide weather warnings, light and power all without batteries. A must for every camping kit or vehicle.

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72. Solar Panel Charger

As long as you have sun, you have power with these awesome solar charging panels from BigBlue. You can charge multiple devices at once with ultimate ease and convenience. Not to mention they come equipped with overcurrent, overheating, and short-circuit protection to keep your devices safe.

73. Portable Camping Lanterns

These camp lights are portable, safe and super-duper convenient. And don’t be fooled into thinking they are restricted to camp usage. These powerful little bulbs are excellent for power outages caused by weather, crawl spaces, attics and much more.

74. First Aid Kit

As much as we don’t like to think about the possibility of getting hurt or injured on our adventures, it happens all too often. Best to be prepared with one of these essential first-aid kits. They have everything you need to administer basic care to all your favorite campers when they need it.

75. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where getting our vehicles stuck in a snowbank for hours in the dead of winter was a common occurrence. Why am I sharing this? Well, because having emergency, thermal blankets like these on hand saved our bacon in many, many instances.

These are fantastic for keeping with you in the glove box, in your knapsack or backpack, in the ATV storage box…really anywhere you can stash them. They are engineered of military-grade mylar to retain body heat, but can also be used as a shade or location signal. These are some of our most practical camping gifts.

Printable Camping Checklist

Ready for something useful AND free? Then download this printable camping checklist! It comes ready with must-have essentials listed to help you remember what to pack for your next wilderness outing.

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