50 Manly Outdoor Gifts for Your Outdoorsman

Today we’re going to lead you down a scenic trail of outdoor gifts for your beloved hunter/gatherer/hiker/climber beefcake. If you need a gift for the leather-skinned man who spends all his time scheming to get back to the wilderness, you’re in store for a treat.

Whether he’s sporting the largest, gnarliest beard this side of ‘squatch territory, only wears flannel even in the summer, ice fishes because regular fishing is too dull, or has a power tool collection to rival Tool Man Tim’s, he needs a most excellent (and manly) gift!

Don’t worry, you regular mortal, our Gift Expert team here at All Gifts Considered has done all the footwork for you. All you’ll need to do is browse and choose from the list below of the manliest gifts for outdoorsmen.

Top Ten Gifts for Outdoorsmen

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1. Leather Firewood Holder

When he’s spent all afternoon felling trees, chopping wood, and splitting kindling, he needs something other than a laundry basket to haul it inside!

Enter in this amazingly good looking (just like your man) leather personalized carrier! He’s going to look so SAWEET as he carries wood to and fro, that he’ll likely get the cover of Manly Man International Magazine.

Prop your feet up on the footstool and relax in front of your roaring fire, all while he models his muscles for ya!

2. Custom Fishing Tumbler

Insulated and vacuum sealed, this personalized fishing tumbler will be his new favorite accessory for fishing trips! Right after that three-foot bass he caught with one hand while sipping coffee from this dandy mug… ahem, fish story.

Anyway, you can pick his favorite color (don’t be silly, it’s black) and have his name engraved on it. His darker than night coffee (no frou-frou creamer) will stay hot, and his Jack and Coke will stay frosty, all day, every day.

3. Rocket Stove

This amazing rocket stove outdoor gift really fits the bill for camping and survival trips, or simply when the power goes out in his oh-so-strapping log cabin that he built with his two bare hands!

Requiring just kindling and a lighter, you’ll have a roaring fire to grill your hatchet pork chop or ribeye over. Or just use it for heat! Even manly men need to warm up by the fire, especially if they left you behind this trip.

4. Ultimate Outdoor Trip

If he’s as outdoorsy as we think he is, he wants an EXPERIENCE, not some present gift-wrapped with a girly bow. Give him what he wants: the ultimate outdoor trip of his choice.

It’s simple: you choose the gift box theme, and a gift shows up in the (e)mail with instructions on how to redeem. He picks his choice from 900+ trips, whether near or far.

Get ready to be forever declared the Ultimate Gift Giver for All Time (might want to bookmark this site for next year, because now you have a rep’ to live up to).

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5. Damascus Steel Woodsman Axe

We’re not sure what we love more: the ax itself (so gorgeous), or the leather holder (so SO gorgeous). This Woodsman Damascus Steel Axe set is absolutely stunning, and will be his go-to on his next hunting adventure. Or his next fishing trip. Or that survival course he’s signed up for. Or, you know, every Tuesday…

Did we mention you can personalize it?! Holy Hannah. This is one gift that will blow his mind.

6. The Rod Father

Combine the Godfather (the ultimate man movie) with fishing (the ultimate man activity) and what do you have?

That’s right: this epically RAD shirt! The Rodfather will have every man within a twenty-mile radius jealous. It will pair with everything from his shorts (worn all winter, naturally) to his jeans (worn for special occasions, like weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals. I kid, I kid).

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7. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream

Sure, he works with his hands, and sure, he’s a guy and all, but when it comes to loving you… well, Tim McGraw said it best: I’ve got velvet hands.

Yes sir, yes ma’am! He may be rough and tumble, but his hands can be as soft as silk thanks to O’Keeffe’s Working Hand Cream. He can get as dirty and leathered as is possible (which is, of course, totally attractive) and know that you’ll still appreciate his touch.

Ooh la la.

8. Custom Bottle Opener

This custom bottle opener is made of walnut and maple wood and totally personalized with his name! Does he love hiking, beer, fishing, kayaking, welding? Or maybe he’s into white water rafting, sasquatch hunting, bows and arrows, or salsa dancing?

We just threw that last one in there to see if you were paying attention.

Actually though, salsa dancing can be awfully manly! Have you seen those dancing shows?! Or real life… Anyway, this bottle opener will be treasured by your man for years and years to come because of its quality workmanship, and sturdy build.

Also, it just looks fantastic in your back yard, much like he does!

9. Beer Cozies

Yep, he’s tough and serious, but sometimes you just need a laugh! The next time he says, “Here, hold my beer,” he’ll be doing it in style, and the lucky holder will be all, “Dude. Sick beer sweater.”

Or something.

Anyway, these hilarious (but also really useful) beer cozies are everything.

10. Engraved Pocket Knife

The outdoorsman can never have too many knives.

It science.

Or biology.

Maybe psychics?

Whatever. In any case, this personalized pocket knife is just the ticket for him. You can have it engraved with his name, or your pet name, like Smooshy Wooshy Face, or Snookums. Or… you know, Travis.

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11. Cedar Grilling Wraps

It’s a tragic misnomer that manly men only eat raw meat, barely gutted fish, and cheap beer. Never let it be said! Nay nay, the manly man loves a good meal as much as the next guy; probably more, since he caught/killed it himself. These grilling wraps, made of cedar, leave a smoky, delightful, and absolutely chef-worthy note to his outdoor meal. Salmon wrapped in cedar? Oh. My. Stars.

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12. Portable Campfire

Sure, he could rub two sticks together for hours, while you shiver uncontrollably in your sad little autumnal jacket, but why would he, when he has these amazing portable, lightweight (and nontoxic) INSTANT campfires? Start a fire like a boss, y’all, and get to snuggling and making some S’mores.

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13. Outdoor Camping Sign

Let them know whose property they’re on with one of these great metal personalized signs! Whether it’s to stake claim to the best campsite in the campground, or to let everyone know where their property lines are, this is a cute and adorable (but still cool and outdoorsy) way to do it.

Also, what a great wedding gift for when Mr. Right finds his Mrs.!

14. RV Checklist

Look, you can be manly and all that, but you still need a check-list. This one – which is totally customizable – is just the thing for the organized camping man in your life.

Nothing ruins an RV trip more than forgetting a dumb-but-important detail. Like the batteries. Or the propane. Or your wife. (It’s the little things, right?)

Those disasters are a thing of the past with this checklist: No memo pad and pencil required.

15. Chow Peppermint Mix

Just because you’re manly doesn’t mean you don’t get hangry! This yummy peppermint chow mix is perfect for all of the following:

  • Chopping wood in the snow
  • Fishing in the summer
  • Fishing in the winter
  • Hunting
  • Chopping down your Christmas tree
  • Building a log cabin
  • Going out into nature to find yourself
  • Backpacking
  • Rafting
  • Wondering if you should go off-grid for the rest of your life

16. Coleman Sundome Tent

A good tent is almost as good as a good dog or a good companion, at least when you’re camping! Don’t leave it up to fate or chance: get him a Coleman 4-person tent. It’s up in a jiffy, will keep out the rain and the mosquitoes, and is light as air (at least if he’s as tough as he says he is).

17. Insulated Heated Socks

You know what ruins a perfectly good winter camping trip? Or a autumn campout with unseasonably cold weather? That’s right: COLD FEET. Banish those suckers to the afterlife, with a pair (or three) of these amazing thermal insulated socks.

Does he fancy himself an ice-fisherman? A hunter in December? A skier or snowboarder? Maybe a figure skater, with you on his arm?

Well, he needs these.

18. Popcorn Maker

To those who pop their corn in the microwave, like Neanderthals, we say PFFT! GOOD DAY, SIR! I SAID, GOOD DAY!

If he wants popped corn the way nature intended, with lots of fire and heat and some pot-holders to keep out the burns, we say get him this delightful popcorn maker. He’ll love the design and the function, and you’ll love the result: delicious, hot, buttery, salty, snacks.


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19. Custom Wooden Trailer Décor

Personalize his way of life and his way of living with this custom rustic wooden sign. With his name and the etching of his home, it will leave no doubt: Home really is where the heart is.

20. Personalized Enamel Mug

Trust us, he does NOT want to sip his black coffee out of a dainty Chinese teacup. No way. He wants – no, craves – a strong brew gulped out of this enamel mug with leather details.

And it’s personalized with his name so his totally poser friends won’t try to nab it when he’s not looking. HA! He’s never not looking.

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21. Compact Adventure Essentials

Made from military grade aluminum, this fabulous all-in-one camping tool will be his new favorite gadget. Virtually waterproof and totally indestructible, he’ll be gobsmacked at all it holds:

Canadian Beeswax Candle. Mini First Aid Kit with 6 bandages, 10 Steri-Strips, 2 wipes, 2 safety pins. Expandable Bamboo Cloth. Water Bag: 1-liter Whirl-Pack water bag. Firestarter Kit. Fishing Kit with spoon spinner, j-hooks, split shot, 35 ft of line. 60 lbs working strength wire saw. Whistle. 2 gear ties. Sewing kit. Can opener. Multi-purpose tape.

Whew. Say all that five times fast.

22. Outdoor Survival Ammo Can

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy a box that someone else put together for you, instead of scouring the globe searching for each individual item. This survivalist crate has everything your man needs for his next walkabout: snacks, tools, and even a survival guide for some light reading (or if he forgot the toilet paper. Ahem).

23. Freeze Dried Candy

A burst of sugar is just the thing during a long hike or a day of fishing that resulted in approximately zero fish. These yummy freeze dried candies will really hit the spot.

They come in a variety of crazy delicious flavors like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Skittles, even Sour Patch Kids. We definitely recommend the sample pack so he can pick his favorite.

24. Survival Char Cloth

Start a roaring fire without the use of nasty chemicals burning yet another hole in the ozone layer. These charcloth cloths will make starting a bonfire, campfire, or outdoor stove a breeze. They’re inexpensive and way useful and he will love a pack.

25. Pocket Blanket

Rolling up a huge blanket and toting it through the wilderness is a no-no if you consult the Manly Man’s Guide to Hunting and Camping.* Enter in this amazingly small but totally warm pocket blanket! It won’t take up space in his duffel or backpack and will work like a dream when he needs thaw out his frozen limbs.

*There’s no such book as far as we know.

26. Alpaca Survival Socks

He needs some quality alpaca socks for survival purposes! It’s true. These ones are just the ticket, with their cold-banishing powers. His tootsies will thank you, especially when he’s kicking his feet up to watch the game. I mean, when he’s outside doing his outdoorsy stuff.

27. Amish Bear Bell

Does he have everything already? Are you panicking because everything on our list thus far already sits in his garage? Well, we can just about guarantee he does NOT have this amazing Amish-made bear bell! That’s right.

We saved the day, and you saved him from mustering up a lackluster “thank you.” He will be bellowing it from the depths of his manly chest. THANK YOU FOR THIS MOST AWESOME GIFT!

28. Light Weight Day Pack

Available in a ton of colors, this lightweight pack is a must-have for hikers. He’ll be able to stuff in a crazy amount of items, from his toothbrush to his knife collection to his emergency first aid kit to… well, you get the idea. He’ll wonder how he ever lived without this amazing backpack!

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29. National Park Checklist

This National Park Checklist is everything he never knew he needed! Talk about life goals.

Keep his spirit of adventure and exploration alive with this wonderful chart. It comes with its own pen so he can mark off the parks he’s been to, and yearn and plot the parks in his future. And the man-friendly theme ensures that it will fit right in on his wall of taxidermy and elk racks.

30. Portable Pour Over Coffee

He may be rugged, that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate good coffee! He needs his morning cup of joe just like the rest of us (likely more since he’s off to go fishing/hiking/camping/hunting/adventuring).

So he’ll love this pour over coffee that is 100% portable and easy to use anywhere. It’s a delicious pour over brew that only requires a mug and hot hot water. This is the outdoor gift to keep his energy level high enough to scale that mountain or land that epic trout.

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31. Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife

A good pocket knife is NEVER a bad idea for your man. His collection may keep on growing, but we’re pretty certain he’s going to put this one in the place of honor: i.e. Favorite. It’s folding which is always a must, and has a gorgeous Damascus leather pouch for safe keeping.

32. Barnett Whitetail Crossbows

He’s been hinting about this one, hasn’t he? We bet. Know why? Because it’s ridiculously lightweight but packs a punch of power and and speed! This is all the crossbow he needs and he will be ecstatic to unwrap this puppy. Also, his friends are going to be jealous.

Ready to hunt package includes: 4×32 millimeters multi-reticle scope, two 22 inches headhunter arrows, lightweight quiver, rope cocking device, & lube wax.

33. Moonshine Fishing Rod

Sure, he can go all “Alone” contestant, or channel his inner Bear Grylls, but why would he when he this amazing Moonshine fishing pole? He’s going to be singing its praises (and yours too, you wonderful gift giver you), each time he casts. The fish will practically beg to be caught by this beauty!

34. Wooden Photo Log Round

Sure, he’s a total bro but that doesn’t mean he isn’t sentimental, sweet, and loving, too. He’ll adore his favorite photo of the two of you (or the whole family) mounted on a rugged piece of log. No sparkly, crystal, glittered frames here, no sir.

If he loves his dog more than you, we suggest using that photo. Just keep it real, ya know?

35. Water Resistant Hunting Clothes

You definitely want to blend in to confuse those turkeys and deer, not to mention bear, but you want to look good while doing it. Not to mention, stay dry! Because you KNOW it’s going to rain no matter what the weatherman says when he plans his next hunting trip.

He’ll love this set with its removable hood, 11 pockets (!!), and ultra-quiet material. Also great for off-roading, paintball, military, and snowmobiling.

36. Gun Collector Sign

This great sign is going to gather compliments from everyone who sees it for years to come. Personalized with his very own name, he’ll love the tongue-in-cheek humor and the rustic, vintage look.

The only hard part is deciding where to hang it. The den? The garage? The man cave? The living room? Heck, the bedroom?

37. Hunting Tree Ladderstand

He’s not as young as he used to be, no matter what he says. After all, knees and backs don’t lie. Snap, crackle, pop! He’ll love sitting pretty (ahem, we mean handsomely) in this amazing hunting tree ladder stand! Plus, there’s room for two, so he can either bring you along, or have an extra chair for keeping his snacks handy.

38. Rubs of the States BBQ Set

If he’s the reigning champion of the ‘hood’s chili cookoff, or the church’s rib-fest, he’s going to love having this collection of spices in his back pocket!

Trying them all out is half the fun. Mixing and matching… taste tests… discovering his favorite and ordering more… it doesn’t get much better than this. Just add meat.

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39. Pop Up Ground Blind

Stay hidden while catching a quick forty winks, or just getting out of the drizzling rain, this popup ground blind tent is perfect. Keep the element of surprise, and shoot from inside with its shoot-through windows. It’s light enough to carry without hurting his back, and is big enough for two.

40. Custom Hunters Retreat Sign

How great will this look hanging over his pool table? Maybe it’s the great colors that make us think of putting this great sign there, but it would be equally awesome in his garage, in the living room, or in his office! Personalized with his name to make it his very own and one-of-a-kind, he will love opening up this gift.

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Top 10 Outdoor Tools for Every Outdoorsman

41. Multi Function Utensil

You don’t want to eat up your can of pork and beans with your hands. We’ve tried it; don’t recommend.

What we do recommend is this 5-in-1 multi functional (and personalized) tool! He’ll be slurping up his morning oatmeal, spearing his freshly caught salmon, or stirring up his pot of famous chili, all without having to pack a variety of utensils. It’s going to come in so handy in all sorts of situations and mealtimes.

42. Stormproof Match Sticks

We’ve all been there: caught in a rainstorm during a camping trip, only to realize your matches have gotten just as soaking wet as you have. Then you trudge home, trip ruined, face sad, children crying, much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

No more! Not with this great set of stormproof match sticks. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for your outdoorsman.

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43. Personalized Shoelace Tags for His Hiking Boots

Give him a little bit of fashion with these personalized shoelace tags. Whether it’s his name, nickname, mantra, creed, or just a funny saying, he’ll love thinking of you each time he looks down (probably from a giant cliff somewhere). They’re a fun way to personalize your boots.

44. Magnetic Wristband

You know those magnetic pincushions us seamstresses and tailors use to keep our needles and pins handy while sewing? This is like that. But you know, wayyyyyy manlier.

Why, it says it right there on the wristband: Powerful Magnets to be a Powerful Man! What’s not to like about this amazing gadget? He can keep those tiny nails and screws right at his fingertips – literally – which will keep the shouting (“WHERE DID IT GOOOOOO?!”) down to a minimum.

45. Survival Card

It takes up next to no space at all, and will be his new favorite tool in no time! 22-in-1, yes we said it: 22-in-1 tools all in this snazzy metal card. Need to open his beer? Get a new fish hook? Unscrew something? Spear something? Saw something? No worries, when he has this multitool survival card.

46. Duck Call Making Kit

The duck hunter will love this set! It comes with everything he needs to call in his next mate (Wait. That sounded more awkward than we meant it to). High quality and with stellar reviews, this set is double awesome because he is going to carve his duck call himself!

So it’s a twofer. First he gets to make something (you know how much he loves that), then he gets to use it. Duck a la Orange, anyone? Or perhaps some smooth pate?

47. Ultimate Fishing Tacklebox

Sometimes you need to just sneak into the garage, dump out his nasty collection of tangle up, stinky, sticky, old lures, and give him this! The ultimate freshwater tackle box of every lure and gadget he could ever dream of is a fisherman’s idea of the perfect gift.

48. Tactical Bracelet

This tactical bracelet is great for the rugged survivalist. He’ll love figuring out which gadget and function to use next: will it be the flashlight, the compass, the whistle, the screwdriver, the wrench, the paracord… Who knows? We just know he’s going to prepared for anything with this baby on his arm!

49. Fire Starter

This fire starter will be his new go-to when out hunting, camping, or backpacking. It has everything he needs to have a roaring fire in no time at all. Every pyro – uhhhh, we meant outdoorsman – will love this.

50. LifeStraw

Filter your water and get rid of those pesky bacteria and diseases! This LifeStraw is great for slipping in his backpack or tackle box.

Who wants to lug around heavy purified water, when you can simply clean up and filter your own out of that gorgeous creek or lake?

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