21 Best Gifts for Your Husband

Need inspiration on gifts for your husband? I get it. Sometimes you just run out of ideas. Especially if you’re married to the guy!

Plus, men are stereotypically difficult to shop for. But with all of us here at All Gifts Considered on your side, finding your husband the perfect present has never been easier.

In this article we’ve unearthed creative gift ideas for all kinds of hubbys, for any and every occasion. So no matter if you’re searching for a birthday gift, holiday gift, anniversary present, or a”just because” surprise, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in.

21 Best Gifts for Husbands

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1. Sweethearts Personalized Bird Feeder

Featured first on our list of gifts for husbands is this gorgeous cedar wood bird feeder. Handcrafted by Northwest Gifts right here in the USA, this ain’t your everyday, average, run-of-the-mill bird feeder.

The defining point of this feeder is the fact that it can be customized to feature pretty much any text and/or design you’d like. You can have the heart design with both of your initials engraved on the front acrylic panel (as shown above), or you can choose your own theme and just run with it.

Custom engraving is available on the back panel, as well. Measures 7″ x 4.75″ x 10.5″.

2. Mini Fridge (with 120-can capacity)

There’s just something so super about a mini fridge. The fact that you can set one in virtually any room in your home, for easy access to refreshments, is just, well – uber cool.

This mini refrigerator with built-in LED display lights will provide him with the convenience he needs and the ambiance he wants (go ahead, spoil him a little).

His new fridge is just over 33″ tall, just under 19″ wide, and has a 17.3″ depth. Basically, that means that it can fit nicely just about anywhere. It also features a high-tech thermostat, auto defrosting and space for up to 120 cans of whatever he likes to drink.

So, does your husband have his own man cave or game room? Or maybe he simply claims a certain recliner in the living room as his and his alone. Well, just set this mini fridge in his favorite room — or right next to his chair — and he’ll be in hog heaven, ready to settle in and relax without the need to get up for pop or beer whenever he wants some.

Speaking of beer…

3. Amazing Clubs’ Beer of the Month Club

If your husband isn’t a snooty beer “connoisseur” but still enjoys trying a new craft beer on occasion, Beer Month Club is a great gift.

With this subscription, each month Monthly Clubs will deliver to his (um, y’all’s) door step a selection of 12 artisan brews. He can expect unique brands and blends from breweries all across the country, including those that have won awards.

If this sounds like something you’re husband would be interested in, be sure to check out our (real-life) Beer Month Club unboxing and review.

If you’ve got a real beer snob on your hands, and you already know a craft beer subscription ain’t gonna cut it, it’s time to consider something a bit more refined.

4. Personalized Backpack Cooler Chair

So, the mini fridge above is a bit much. BUT you like the concept of a small cooler to keep beverages fresh. In this case, this next idea may be the gift you end up surprising your hubby with.

This personalized backpack cooler from Love and Luxe Handmade is more than just a cooler. It’s also a chair! So no matter where the two of you are headed together – a sporting event, a tailgate party, a concert, a romantic picnic, or any outdoor event of any kind — all he has to do is grab this cooler. And when y’all get there, at least one of you will have a nice seat to relax in! So maybe you should get two…?

Special order his cooler with his initials, too, to make it a one-of-a-kind gift.

5. History by Mail Subscription

Maybe your husband isn’t one or beers or bird feeders. Maybe he loves nothing more (besides you, of course) than to curl up with a good historical read and cup of tea.

It’s a world-renown fact that true history buffs have devoured all the best history books already. So you already know that trying to find him a book he hasn’t read yet is out of the question. But what about a subscription service that delivers replica historic documents on a monthly basis? Bet you didn’t think of that!

History by Mail makes it possible. Whether it’s Nixon’s resignation letter, Einstein’s ruminations on the atomic bomb, or communications shared between world leaders, your husband will be able to hold in his hands a piece of “history”…and feel like he’s step backed in time.

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6. A Vintage-Style Office Sign

Your husband works hard to provide for his family. Besides that fact, hopefully he enjoys what he does for a living, too.

And in the case that he has his own office, whether at home or elsewhere, it’s always nice to have some neat and relatable decor up and about. Makes good talking points when friends, family or co-workers stop by for a visit!

Take this wood office sign as a prime example. It’s brand new, but its antique-ish vibes gives it an air of repertoire to match the expertise your man exhibits on the day-to-day. No matter what your husband’s profession, you can have his sign custom-made to feature his name, a 3-D relief, and other text/personalization you would like.

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7. Han & Leia T-Shirts

The rabbit hole of nerdy gifts for husbands just got a little bit deeper.

This couple’s matching t-shirt set (because it would be more fun if you were a big Star Wars fan, too!) makes the perfect gift for any nerdy guy, for any occasion. Whether you’re going out or staying in to binge-watch, you can don your shirts with pride together.

Made of 100% cotton. Choose the colors and shirt styles you’ll both like best.

8. DIY Mini Coffee Shop Kit

Your man loves his coffee. Like, loves loves his coffee. Loves it as in he may prefer it fixed up with some creamer and what-not, but he’d drink it black any old morning, too, if he had to.

And what’s that? It just so happens he likes to build stuff, too? Well, you don’t say!

If this case, he may love this adorable mini coffee shop kit that the two of you can build together. And just think, he can display it on that one shelf right next to all his favorite coffee mugs! It comes with everything he’ll need to create the 3-D wood puzzle display you see in the picture above.

There are so many other neat kits to consider too, like this DIY mini library.

If you already know he’d enjoy this kit, there’s a good chance your man likes LEGOs, too…click here.

9. An Experience Gift Box

Adventure awaits with this next gift idea.

A Tinggly gift box sounds like something super small, right? Well, the memories made with a Tinggly gift may be larger than life, and certainly remembered for a lifetime.

How it works: You give him the gift box… he gets to choose where the two of you travel to. Sounds cool right?!

Diving with manta rays in Hawaii? A VIP tour of Graceland? Tubing on Lake Travis? A tour of Martha’s Vineyard? His call!

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10. Custom Engraved Pint Glass

Now onto one of the more classy gifts featured on our list of gifts for husband.

Northwest Gifts offers a collection of high-quality glassware, including this beautiful Libby pint glass. The cool thing about this pilsner glass is that is can be laser-engraved (frost-style) to read any text – or to feature any logo – that your husband would most enjoy.

Makes a great addition to any home bar or man cave. Made in the USA.

11. Jumbo Dice Yard Game

Get outside and have some fun together with this unique gift idea from Tailgating Pros. This giant dice set will allow him to play all his old favorites: Bunco, Craps, Snake Eyes, Mexico…any classic dice game. Only in super-size form!

Each set comes with six die, each measuring 3.5″ around. Constructed from 100% pine wood, allowing for light-weight game play. Drawstring carry tote included.

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12. Some comfy, quality loungewear

Women aren’t the only ones who like to change into something more comfortable after a long day at work. In other words, loungewear leggings for guys is to yoga pants for ladies. Who knew?

Umm, we know!

These ultra soft Calvin Klein menswear are primarily made of stretchy modal, pockets included. Choose between black, blue and gray.

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13. DIY Romantic Scavenger Hunt Date Night

Okay, time to get a little romantic all up in here.

You’re thinking the perfect gift for your hubby would be a date night setup. And you’re also thinking you want to put it all together yourself (that would be a real surprise!) What could be more different, fun, and adventurous than a date night scavenger hunt.

When you DIY this idea, the possibilities of what you can do are virtually unlimited. You can include fun clues into the hunt, and a prize or two at the end.

We’ve put together an in-depth guide filled to the brim with more ideas; see here.

14. Car Trunk Organizer

I don’t know how it is in your driveway, but my car stays pretty tidy for the most part. It drives me nuts when I let it go for too long and junk starts to pile up everywhere.

My husband’s car, on the other hand…let’s just say it stays bedraggled year-round. Pretty sure I’m going to get him one of these car organizers for Christmas this year (don’t tell him!)

Because just look at this handy device. It comes with enough compartments/pockets/dividers to keep everything currently laying under the floorboards (tools, work stuff, pens, dirty clothes, trash) organized. Or he can get really fancy and stash groceries in there, too.

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15. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is generally delicious every which way it’s served and no matter what season it is. But not all maple syrups are created equal, and sometimes it’s fun to branch out and try something new and exciting.

Whether your husband is already a big breakfast guy or just likes sweet stuff every now and then (he married you, didn’t he?), chances are he’ll find this sugary gift from you a real treat. What’s makes this syrup different is the fact that it’s been aged in barrels, just like bourbon is, giving it a distinct oak flavoring.

When you give it to him, maybe whip up some pancakes or waffles to go with it.

Tip: This barrel aged syrup may make a great accompaniment gift to our Bourbon Barrel Connoisseur Kit.

16. Photo on Wood

Framed photos are so yesterday.

The new way to display photos is to take old-world style and give it a modern twist. This stunning wood photo gift is a wonderful example of how it’s done.

Your husband will love seeing your wedding photo, first date photo, or any other fave pic of the two of you together featured on a slab of round bass wood. It makes the perfect decor piece for pretty much any room in the house!

All you have to do is send the creator the photo you want printed on the wood, and they will take care of the rest. Measures anywhere between 9″ and 12″.

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17. Emergency Family Survival Kit

Your husband has a great responsibility to care for his family, including in unforeseen emergency situations.

God forbid such circumstances should arise, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be prepared. As his helpmeet, you can take an active role in that preparation by gifting him this emergency family survival kit.

Just a few of the items it comes with:

  • Food and water supplies to last a family of four 72 hours
  • Portable stove
  • First aid kit
  • Light sources
  • Whistles
  • Emergency blankets

…and more.

18. Custom Man Cave Sign

A great conversation piece! And something cool he can enjoy displaying in his man cave/home bar for all to see.

This custom man cave sign features his name bannered across the top along with a (hand-painted) cast relief of an overflowing pint. Made in the USA from furniture-grade wood and measures 18″ x 14″ x 1.5″.

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19. Some fancy cologne

Some men can’t stand the thought of wearing cologne. To them, taking a shower every now and then/swiping on some deo is about as fresh and smell-nice as they’re gonna get. And that’s okay! For others, they can’t imagine going a day without some sort of refreshing spray.

If you are considering getting your husband some nice cologne, but are worried that he’ll think it’s too frilly, keep your options open! There’s a whole wide world of men’s cologne out there; you are allowed to keep things light yet still romantic.

In Red, by designer fragrance house Estelle Ewan, meets both criteria. It’s the perfect spritz for a fancy date night dinner or a night out on the town – whichever he (and you) prefer. In other words, it’s great for both casual use as well as formal.

I’ve given this cologne to my husband, and he wears it on occasion. So we can say from experience that it’s rather lovely! Light citrus and floral hues, nothing too musky.

Estelle Ewen In Red Pour Homme
A real-life look at Estelle Ewen’s In Red (3.4 oz).

20. Personalized Bottle Opener

No matter the event or occasion you are planning on celebrating your man – be it birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, or just because – a bottle opener makes a great gift idea.

And of course as with anything you want to last a long time, when shopping for bottle openers, you already know that it’s best to go with a high-quality option as opposed to your everyday store-bought options.

This bottle opener takes the cake. Handcrafted in Oregon, this Northwest Gifts original is made from contrasting walnut and maple woods. It comes with personalization as well as the laser-engraving you see in the picture above. Or, if you think your man would enjoy a different design/logo/theme, just let the shop know and they’ll get it taken care of for you.

This bottle opener comes with the hardware to mount it to a permanent fixture. Or it’s small enough that your husband can carry it around wherever he goes, as a portable opener. Measures 8.75″ x 5.25″ x 1″.

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21. A fancy watch

In a similar vein as the cologne mentioned above, for our last gifts for husbands idea, we present you with this elegant men’s watch from Casio.

Every dude needs a formal timepiece, even if he doesn’t go to formal events all that much. This Casio wristwatch keeps all the elements of a classic analog clock while yet providing modern amenities, like water resistance and date display.

Why a watch? Well…why not? 🙂

Casio is known for being fancy but not too fancy. So you don’t have to worry about your husband feeling like a million bucks if that’s not his thing (even though you know he’s priceless). But it’s still genteel enough to make a statement, which I think we can all agree is okay every now and then.

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