100 Terrific Gift Ideas That Start with T

Having a party with a specific theme is such a fun way to bring some creativity to the game, and letters are great theme material! So why not shoot for gift ideas that start with T?

Whether it’s Tammy’s birthday, Tina and Tom’s anniversary, or your whole sibling squad starts with the letter T, these gifts are not only terrific — they’re tantalizing, tasty, thrilling, and truly a treat! 

Okay, okay, okay, we’ll quit it with the T-words…but like, tomorrow.

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100 Gifts That Start with the Letter T

1. Touch bracelets (perfect for long-distance couples)

2. Table Topics (these are the best gifts during the holiday season)

3. Travel neck pillows

4. Tapestry

5. Tshirts (like these light-up tees for kids)

6. Terrariums (this gorgeous geometric terrarium is the perfect birthday gift)

7. Tablets (Microsoft Surface is a great 2-in-1 tablet)

8. Teacups

9. TVs (all of the family members will win with this gift. don’t forget the remote control!)

10. Tennis set

11. Tumblers (personalize a stainless steel option here!)

12. Thermometer (food, oven, or BBQ)

13. Tents (and other camping must-haves)

14. Toybox (a great gift for young kids or pets!)

15. Trucker hat

16. Towels

17. Teething toys (here are some other great baby shower gifts)

18. Tabasco sauce

19. Taco kits (perfect gift for Taco Tuesday fans)

20. Tape recorders

21. Trampolines

22. Tiny hands

23. Tricycle

24. Tea Time mug (we love this personalized mug!)

25. Trophy (there is no better way to say you’re #1!)

26. Tie (ties are wonderful gifts for office workers)

27. Tactical survival kits

28. Tiara (we all know these are special gifts for little girls)

29. Treadmills (these are great for apartments)

30. T-Rex Toys

31. Tulips (perfect present to celebrate Easter)

32. Turquoise

33. TrapBall game

34. Telescope

35. Train set (model trains make the perfect Christmas gift)

36. Trick or Treat bag

37. Tablecloths (we love this easy DIY)

38. Tambourine

39. Tea Tree oil balm

40. Terry robes

41. Tea bags (like these reusable ones)

42. Throw rug

43. Tumble Tower blocks

44. Tupperware (new homeowners or college kids will appreciate this one)

45. Taco Kits

46. Typewriter (fantastic gift idea for writers)

47. Tattoo (tattoo fans will love it if you pay for their next tattoo)

48. Tripods (the ideal present for photographers)

49. Trashcan (did you know there are voice-activated trashcans?)

50. Tools sets (practical gifts are thoughtful gifts)

51. Trumpet

52. Tarts (this is a good tart recipe for spring)

53. Tickets (theaters, concerts, etc.)

54. Top ramen brand slippers

55. Tornado emergency alert radio

56. Thank you card

57. Toaster Oven

58. Toe rings (ideal gift for beach girls)

59. Tutus

60. Turtleneck sweaters

61. Tweezers (a girl can’t have enough eyebrow tweezers)

62. Time Teaching watches for kiddos

63. Tonka Trucks

64. Tubs (hot tubs to be exact)

65. Tire swing (these are a great addition to any backyard)

66. Tie-dye clothes (this is a great tye dye how-to)

67. Toe socks

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68. Truffles (this truffle gift box goes great with a glass of wine)

69. Tissot watch (a good gift idea for watch fans)

70. Teddy bears (this one is perfect for kids that need a little extra comfort)

71. Teardrop earrings (these gold teardrop earrings are a must-have)

72. Tea kettle

73. Timers (we personally use this digital timer)

74. Teeter popper (good news! We found this one that is fun for ages 3-5)

75. Travel pillow

76. Tommy Hilfiger clothing

77. Teriyaki date night (DIY a romantic date night with this teriyaki chicken recipe)

78. Tinted lip balm

79. Toiletry bags

80. Tiger lily plant

81. Tennis shoes

82. Travel maps (or a GPS would work)

83. Ticket to Ride board game

84. Teepee Tents

85. Tikal Trays

86. Trouble board game

87. TV stand

88. Tiny baking kit (like this fun gag gift)

89. Tower speakers

90. Trivet

91. Taffy candy

92. Tea towels (custom tea towels always make a great gift)

93. Thermal printer

94. Treehouse (your childhood dreams come true!)

95. Tunic

96. Throw Throw burrito game

97. Triangle scarf

98. Toddy (your sick friends will love a hot toddy from you)

99. Toolbox (nothing wrong with a little home improvement)

100. Tummy Time mats

Best Gift Ideas That Start with T

From the tried and true to the truly unique, these are our favorite T-gifts for all occasions! Just try topping these…

Table Lamps

This is one awesome gift for college students especially! It brings a touch of chic to an otherwise nondescript dorm room, but would look just as modern and timeless in an office or library/den. 

These aren’t your grandfather’s table lamps! 

Thinking Putty

Need a great gift idea that won’t break the bank and is useful and creative? Look no further than this thinking putty

Awesome for students and hardworking adults, too, it’s a great way to relieve stress and anxiety or nervousness. Plus, it changes colors in the light!  

Treats & Sweets

homemade letter T gifts
Photo Credit: Ahead of Thyme

You can’t go wrong with some sweet, handmade treats. This yummy recipe is so easy to prepare and it looks like a million bucks. 

And the taste? Out of this world, naturally! Pair with some hand-churned vanilla bean ice cream and you’ll be known as the best gift giver around. 

Tea Sets

Got a tea lover in your life? These tea sets are just the thing for a wonderful gift for them. 

They’re dainty and delicate, but still hold up to a robust blend like an Assam or a dark roasted Chai. Only the finest for the true tea connoisseur! 


This beautiful table is made of walnut and will be the focal point of any living room or den! 

Made to last and be passed down to the next generation, it is gorgeously designed and put together by true creative professionals. 

Travel Journal

Keep track of all of your travel adventures with this great journal

Great for couples who love to plan their yearly vacations, this is the perfect book to remind yourself of everything from where to eat, to which train to catch, to what hotel had the best breakfast! 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game

Now we’ve seen everything! This hilarious card game is great for the whole family and will get everyone laughing and yelling (in a good way, of course). 

Awesome for tucking into a Christmas stocking or bringing to a New Year’s party. 

Tote Bag

This cute bag will tote along everything you need for the afternoon, from library books, to your lunch, to a change of clothes! Also awesome for an overnight bag for an impromptu stay-cation. 

Not to mention hitting up the farmer’s market or going yard sale-ing… You’re going to get so much use out of this adorable bag. 

Tortilla Press

When “the most useful gifts” is a theme running through your head while shopping, this tortilla press should be ahead of everything else. 

Make yummy, easy, homemade tortillas in barely more time than it takes to heat up the store-bought kind. Fresh and transformative for the dinner table! 

Wedding & Anniversary Gift Ideas That Start with T

Time to ring those wedding bells for Terrance and Theresa? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for Trinity and Tom’s twenty-second anniversary celebration? 

Then these romantic T-gifts are just the thing. Here’s to love!

Topaz Jewelry

How gorgeous is this topaz color? We’re in love! This pretty jewelry is just the thing for a wedding or anniversary gift for her or him. Or for each other… 

Truly unusual and unique, it’s the kind of jewelry that makes even strangers stop and ask where you got it.

Tea Light Holder

These cute tea light holders are a delight! They’ll brighten up the space (literally and figuratively), and make your favorite area even more wonderful to sit in or work in. 

Great for small spaces like the guest bathroom, the home office, or the breakfast nook. 

Tank Tops for Couples

More than just your basic tank tops, these ones especially designed for couples are fun and creative! 

Totally perfect for the honeymoon, for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, or just for wearing until they wear right out. 

Tags for Their Honeymoon

No one likes lost luggage during the honeymoon! Bring it right back to ya with these adorable and handsome-looking tags for suitcases

Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, these tags will come in handy and spruce up your matching luggage. Available in different colors and, of course, with your own last names. 

White Elephant Gifts That Begin with T

White Elephant gift parties are already a lot of fun to shop for, but if you want to tie all of your gifts together with T — or perhaps the party you’re attending is T-themed.

Then one (or several) of these fun gifts would be a truly terrific pick.

Trivia Games

Looking for the best of the best white elephant gifts? These trivia games are sure to be a hit! 

No matter the type of crowd — kids or adults, girls or boys — these games aim to please even the fussiest of gift recipients. 

Turkish Throw Blanket

White elephant gift or Christmas gift? How about a, “Hey, it’s Tuesday and I love this Turkish throw blanket for myself” kind of gift? 

No matter the occasion, this cozy throw is the answer to the question. 

Travel Inspired Candles

Travel abroad to all of your bucket list destinations (without even leaving the comfort of your own living room) with these travel-inspired candles

Light one, pick up a good book, curl up under a blanket, and travel to your destination of choice… Who needs expensive airline tickets when you have these great candles?


For a white elephant gift exchange that will go down in the history books, get this turntable

Records are all the rage now, with each and every generation, so this gift will be super popular. We love the timeless look and vintage appeal, mixed with today’s technology. 

Stocking Stuffers That Start with T

Top off those stockings with some of these T-themed stuffers and they’ll be delighted that you did! From tasty treats to tiny tech, we’ve got you.

Twizzlers Lip Gloss

This stocking stuffer of Twizzlers lip gloss is sure to be a favorite gift! Yummy and moisturizing, it’s a cute little gift to stick right in the toe of her stocking. 

If she’s like me, she’ll want one in her car, her purse, her room, and one for her pocket. 

Tea Infusers

Tea lovers love a good infuser for their favorite loose leaf brew! This one is just the right size and they will love using it on the daily. 

Pair with a yummy blend or two, and you’ll have the perfect Christmas stocking gift. 

Tamagotchi Pets

Electronic devices are always a hit! These Tamagotchi pets are coming back in a big way, and we’re here for it! 

Great for kids of all ages, they’re a throwback to the early 2000s, and your kids will adore them. 

Tetris Arcade

It’s the classic game shrunk down to a tiny size, perfect for little hands and quick brains! 

This Tetris arcade game is awesome for road trips or bringing along while the kids run errands with you. You’ll be tempted to play it, too, we bet. 

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Fandom Gift Ideas That Start with the Letter T

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