Gifts for Adults

The best gifts for adults, by decade. (Mostly.)

We’ve curated some thoughtful gift ideas for adults, with specific lists ideal for men, for women, and for everyone. These are perfect for when you’re not quite sure what their niche interests are (or maybe you don’t want to overdo the hobby theme… getting more fishing or gardening gear each year gets boring even for the most ardent fishing enthusiast or gardening nutcase).

So we have collected the best, most unique, and most thoughtful gifts that adults enjoy, organized by decade. For some of the younger years we’ve done individual ages (18 through 21), especially since hitting 18, 20, and 21 are all milestone years (sorry, 19, no one really cares about you but we did a list anyways).

After that, we have roundups for each successive milestone birthday decade. These feature gifts for 30 year olds all the way up to the big century birthday. Each list also includes ideas specifically for women and men, and also some creative celebration, DIY, experience, and party ideas. You’ll find something interesting, we guarantee it!

Best 90th Birthday Gift Ideas

90th Birthday Gifts: Traditional, Meaningful, & Funny Gift Ideas

Everyone that reaches 90 years old deserves a celebration. Imagine all of the changes they have seen, the friends and family that have gone on before them. Let these nonagenarians know they are loved and respected. We’ve put together a thoughtful list for that special man or lady that has reached the 90-year milestone. Let’s …

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