21+ Thoughtful Gifts For the Woman Who Wants Nothing

It’s that time of year again! Time for you to think of some thoughtful gifts for that special woman in your life who wants nothing.

You know who I’m talking about….

Maybe your mom’s birthday is coming up, but she’s the hardest person to buy a gift for. Or perhaps your significant other has told you that this year, she doesn’t want a big birthday celebration, including any gifts!

Or let’s say that you really want to get a little something for a good friend who’s going through a hard time. But just so happens, she’s the girl who has everything.

What could you possibly get her that she would still put a smile on her face?

Because, of course you still want to give this special lady something to show your love for her. But where to begin?

For starters, take a look through this pretty cool list we’ve compiled of super thoughtful gifts for the woman who wants nothing. When she sees one of these, she may just change her mind, and you can keep the receipt.

21 Best Gifts For the Woman Who Wants Nothing

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1. For a Special Anniversary: Reasons I Love You Puzzle

Imagine giving your significant other this one-of-a-kind romantic puzzle. Then imagine watching her eyes light up with the memories as she reads through sweet reminders of your relationship. Even for the woman in your life who says she wants nothing, this excellent choice is sure to bring joy.

This best-selling item has a 5-star rating on Etsy and thousands of reviews. It can be personalized to what you love most about her, and also includes the date of the wedding or other special occasion for a personal touch.

This puzzle set comes in a rustic wooden box.

2. For the Snuggly One: Hygge Comfort Box

Do you have a friend or family member who’s in the midst of a difficult season in life? You want to give them a thoughtful but also practical gift…something they’ll really use.

Look no further than this Hygge Comfort box for an ideal gift. It contains items like a cozy blanket, snuggly socks, a candle, tasty snacks, and so much more serving as a comforting reminder that they are cared for very much.

The only thing you may be able to add to this good idea might be the gift of some quality time together.

3. For a Sweetheart: No-Maintenance Premium Roses

Giving flowers is a timeless gesture, sure to bring a smile to any woman’s face. And what’s better than receiving a beautiful bouquet that you don’t have to take care of at all? Enter Premium Roses

Sometimes called “forever” roses, these blooms have been given a special treatment that allows them to remain fresh for up to a year. No maintenance is required! For a classic lady, this is and excellent gift idea.

4. For the Wine Lover: Le Chateau Wine Decanter

How about this gorgeous wine decanter? It may be just the right gift for the woman who wants nothing. Because maybe she just thinks she wants nothing…until she receives this amazing gift.

Made with beautiful quality crystal, this decanter will aerate her favorite red wines to perfection. It is a great addition to any wine-themed home, kitchen, cellar, or bar, and a great way to spoil and indulge her just a bit. 

5. For Grandma: Willow Tree “Grandmother”

Over the past several years, Willow Tree figures have proven to be a favorite among collectors all over the world.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your beloved grandmother, consider this beautiful piece. It will remind her of the bond she built with you from infancy. Or, if you’ve just had a child of your own, of the special bond she now has with them.

Artist Susan Lordi sculpted the original Willow Tree Grandmother. This replica is cast from the original figure and is hand-painted. It stands 5″ tall and comes with an enclosure card.

6. For a Relative: Birth Flower Ring

Another best-seller from Etsy! This beautiful, handcrafted ring is the perfect gift for the woman who says she wants nothing but secretly would love something very, very special. 

Give it to your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, or any other woman who has it all. You are able to customize this birth flower ring to add up to four flowers, and inscribe the back if you want. The shop customizes the types of florals, as well as the finish type.

This keepsake birth flower ring can be given for a Christmas gift during the holiday season, for her birthday, as a retirement gift, or “just because.”

7. For the Friends Fan: Central Perk Candle Mug

Do you have a best girl friend who wants nothing, but just so happens to be an uber-fan of the classic sitcom “Friends”? If she’s got a birthday or celebration coming up, this candle mug may be the gift you ultimately decide to go with.

The signature “Central Perk” design from the show accentuates this cute mug, making it worth the buy.  What’s great is that once the candle is gone she can keep using the mug, but for actual coffee this time around.

8. For a Special Someone: Custom Tumbler

Looking for a good gift for your special lady, but also one that she’ll actually want to use? Look no further than our gorgeous Polar Camel tumbler!

The “Best {__} Ever” design is just one of the many styles offered on our site. While the “Best Ever” design can be modified, you can also order this cute tumbler engraved with any design/theme/logo you like.

Thermal insulated and made of stainless steel, the custom tumbler is sure to be enjoyed by your loved one for years to come.

9. For the Vegan: Layla’s Delicacies Mediterranean Treats

For a gift that is not only thoughtful and sweet, but also good for the body and the tastebuds, consider this delicious box of vegan Mediterranean treats.

Brought to you from the kitchens at Layla’s Delicacies, this box is filled with goodies crafted by artisan bakers and is certified vegan. You may not be able to send her to the Mediterranean coast in person, but this great assortment can transport her momentarily at least.

Food treats are such wonderfully unique ideas, especially if material things aren’t really her jive.

10. For Mom: Engraved Wooden Portrait

For a very thoughtful gift for your mom who wants nothing, how about this little gem? It’s a keepsake portrait for her to cherish and proudly display. The artists will take the picture of your choice and create a high quality, one-of-a-kind wooden engraving that is just stunning.

You can have it inscribed with a special message below, too, to make it extra special. Mom will treasure this pretty piece forever, and so will you.

11. For the Cinema Freak: Custom Mini VHS Keychain

We all have that one friend. They’d rather die than cancel their AMC Stubs membership, their movie cabinet is bigger than most people’s clothes closets, and popcorn is their ultimate go-to snack. 

If that’s your friend, then these mini VHS movie keychains are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Pick one (or two, or three) of her all-time favorite movies, and she will be absolutely thrilled.  

These make such a fun and affordable gift, you might as well pick one up for yourself while you’re at it.

12. For a Sister: Soul Sister Candle

For the sister who claims she doesn’t want anything— If she is also a candle lover, this adorable “soul sister” candle may be one of the best gift ideas for her.

Your sister is a special person. A built-in first friend, perhaps. A confidant, a gossip partner (come on, admit it), and a bosom companion. This precious candle celebrates all of that, and is scented like “deep conversation, clean laundry, and tea with lemon.”

13. For the Nature Lover: Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

We will custom-engrave this bird feeder for that special woman in your life and for any special occasion! You are able to upload any name, text, theme, and/or design you want. Engraving can be made on the front, as well as the back of the bird feeder.

It is made of strong cedar wood, sure to withstand the outdoor elements for many years to come. Give this to your mom, grandmother, sister or best friend who loves to be out in nature.

14. For the Cat Mom: Purrfect Day Sweatshirt

Now she can show off her pet preference in style! If there’s one thing we know about cat moms, it’s that they love telling people (and showing them) the fact that they’re a cat mom.

This adorable, cozy, retro style sweatshirt is so purrfect, don’t you think? She’ll want to wear it every day!

15. For the Dog Mom: Custom Dog Ear Art

Dog mom gifts really don’t much cuter than this custom puppy ear art. Each wooden silhouette is handcrafted by the artisan to represent her precious pooch and become a cherished keepsake.

The only problem your favorite dog lover will encounter with this thoughtful gift is deciding where to hang it! So much fun.

16. For the Wanderlust: Giftory Adventure

If you know someone whose figurative middle name is “Wanderlust,” look no further for a true one-of-a-kind gift. Take her on the trip of a lifetime with an adventure package from Giftory.

Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase the voucher
  • It gets delivered instantly to your inbox (or hers!)
  • Find a creative way to gift her the voucher
  • She picks where and when to go and what to do
  • Amazing memories are made!

There are so many crazy cool options to choose from in destinations all around the globe. She will be so overwhelmed with excitement she won’t know what to do with herself. Definitely a favorite on our list gift ideas.

17. For the Hostess: White Wine Charcuterie Gift Basket

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For the hostess with the mostest, this fantastic basket is a must. Tantalize her tastebuds with this exceptional selection of delicacies such as chocolates, sausages, and cheese. All you need to add is the white wine!

This great gift choice comes in a beautiful gift box for easy-peasy presentation to your gracious host.

18. For the Book Lover: Wooden Book Nook Valet

“Just one more chapter!” Book lovers of all ages have uttered this phrase for centuries. She can now put her days of dog ears and losing her place behind her with this great wooden book valet

This may just be one of the best options for the woman who wants nothing. It’s designed to hold not only her place in her current read, but also reading glasses and her favorite cuppa tea or Joe. It doesn’t get much better than that!

19. For the Green Thumb: Lavender Grow Kit

If she has a green thumb (or maybe just dreams of having one), then this would be a great option for her. 

This sweet little lavender growing kit is so easy and hassle free, that even if she has little time to devote to her budding hobby (get it? budding?), she can still enjoy having fresh lavender at her fingertips. 

She can use it for baking, drying, and making sachets, or just bundling it to use for decoration! Indoor plants are just the best.

20. For the Teacher: Teacher Life Cups

One thing we know teachers don’t miss out on is their coffee. Or sweet tea. Or Pepsi… Whatever their caffeinated beverage of choice is.

These cute teacher cups are perfect for serving up their favorite drink all while being super cute in the process. All around environmentally friendly, the neat wooden lids fit tight and the glass straws keep those little turtles in mind by eliminating waste.

21. For the Artist: Travel Watercolor Kit

Help her relieve life’s stresses and appeal to her creative side at the same time! This travel watercolor set is designed to be packed along wherever she decides to roam, and is equipped with everything she needs for a little soothing paint session.

Even if she’s not a budding or established artist, this still makes a great gift. Art can soothe the soul in ways few other things can.

More Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

For the Chef: Custom Engraved Cutting Board

This beautiful cutting board would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s kitchen! Crafted from sturdy bamboo wood, we personalize the board for you with a name or family name laser-engraved on the surface.

Measuring in at 12″ x 18″, the board has ample room to get any mincing and dicing done, and can also be set out on display.

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For the Eccentric: The Dalí Llama Mug

The Dalí who??? She won’t be able to hold back the smiles when she opens this quirky mug!

Just about the most perfect play-on-words we’ve ever seen, she’ll love sipping her morning cuppa Joe out of this cheery chuckle inducer.

For the Spa Junkie: Korean Face Mask Set

If she’s the type to spend evenings pampering herself a little (or maybe you just think she should start), then this great face mask set is a perfect gift for her!

It’s 2023, and by this point, we’ve pretty much all heard how far ahead of the game South Korea is as far as skincare is concerned. Only top-notch ingredients and the latest in dermatological science research make the cut. 

She’ll feel like she’s hit the jackpot with these nature-sourced essence face masks, and as if a trip to the spa is no further than her own powder room. These also make a great low-cost option if you’re looking to add to other spa day gifts!

For a Cause: Charity Gift Certificate

Material gifts are not always the best choice for everyone. Your special someone may be just as thoughtful as you when it comes to gift-giving. So why not give her a gift that keeps on giving?

Check out this website, which offers a gift card that is 100% tax deductible. Your friend would serve as the donor, and the recipient she gives it to would be able to pick the charity. How awesome is that?

For the Planner: Custom Leather Planner & Organizer

Last, but certainly not least, we have this fantastic, custom leather-bound planner.

She’ll feel like such a boss-babe with one of these slick life accessories tucked into her backpack or briefcase. Perfect for work or home, she’ll never miss another appointment or meeting again.

What’s even better is once this year’s over and done, she can replace the planner and keep the binding! Practical and economical. Now we’re talkin’.

That’s it for this list of gifts for the woman in your life who wants nothing! She’s probably the hardest person you know to buy a gift for. But there is nothing like seeing her face light up when you get her something you know she will treasure.

Want to browse through more of our great gift ideas? Then take a look at our site, Northwest Gifts, for even more unique and customizable recommendations.

Here are a few more gifts to consider for the woman who doesn’t want anything:

21 Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing
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