50 Fun & Timeless Jewelry Gifts for Kids

Giving jewelry is a timeless tradition, and for good reason. It’s a sentimental way to mark a special day or a goal met, or perhaps honor a growing maturity as you create a special heirloom.

Jewelry gifts can be either inexpensive or nearly priceless depending on what you want. In these days of costly shipping, the teensy-tinsy baubles are easy to mail so if you need a budget-friendly yet meaningful gift for your littles, jewelry just might be the way to go.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or sophisticated, grown-up or childlike, we’ve got some great ideas for you and your beautifully jewelry-bedecked children. Check it out!

Top 10 Wearable Jewelry for Kids

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1. Personalized Handwriting Necklace

These adorable pendant necklaces mimic yours or your child’s own handwriting! Because it’s your handwriting (or your kid’s), each one is totally one-of-a-kind. Take that precious little note that has been hanging on your fridge for years and transform it into wearable art. These would be so fun to give (or get) as a Mommy/Daughter gift: one for each of you.

Also would be amazing for Gotcha Day (anniversary of adoption), Mother’s Day, or an 8th Grade/High School graduation present.

2. Dinosaur Necklaces

Here’s one that boys and girls alike can appreciate! After all, it’s a misnomer that all boys go through a dinosaur phase… girls do, too! And some never quite grow out of it.

If she’s into T-rexes more than Cinderella, or prefer pterodactyls over tea parties, she’ll flip out for these dino necklaces! They are so dainty and pretty, yet strong and courageous; just like she is. Pick her favorite one and don’t forget to add in a tiny pendant with her initial to really make it stand out.

3. Actual Kid’s Drawing Necklace

Your favorite – or their favorite – drawing belongs not in the trash, not even on the wall. It belongs next to your heart. Case in point, these wonderful necklaces that perfectly capture that scribbled painting, doodle, or sketch. These are fabulous gifts for your child to show off their artwork proudly, or for Grandma who loves to accessorize.

Also a fun gift to give a newly minted adult when they go off to college. Especially if it’s art school they’re going to!

4. Kid’s Hidden Wish Bracelet

These bangles are made of glass and wood beads and have a special secret only she knows about: inside are rolled up wishes or goals!

The teeny pieces of paper (comes with five, but you can cut more to size, of course) are for scribbling out hopes, dreams, wishes, or reminders. They’re a tangible way to keep her goals and dreams alive, and a fun thing for her to pull out and read periodically throughout the day.

We think they’d be especially fun to give as she heads off to her first sleep-away camp, or slumber party too.

5. Glowing Bracelets

Made from naturally glowing quartz, these amazing glow in the dark bracelets are even better when you realize a little secret about them: they diffuse essential oils as well! Perfect for calming anxiety, or soothing for nap time, you simply rub in your favorite oil every 2-3 days.

Your kids will look stylish but even more important, feel at ease and comfortable even in scary situations (like the first day of school).

6. Kid’s Heishi Bracelets

These pretty beaded bracelet bangles (say that five times fast!) will be her new favorite accessory in no time! Made from her favorite colors and spelling out her name or nickname, she’ll never want to take them off.

They remind us of those old-fashioned candy necklaces we used to make! Remember those? But these will last a whole lot longer.

7. 14K Gold Heart Bracelet

When you’re looking for a slightly more grown-up, sophisticated, pre-teen kind of jewelry, you really can’t go wrong with this gorgeous gold heart bracelet. She’ll feel like a million bucks every time she wears it, which is sure to be all the time! It’s real gold and chunky enough that it won’t be easily lost. It can even be personalized.

This one is more on the spendy, important event kind of gift. Definitely great for a big graduation, or an important birthday or milestone.

8. Bubble Letter Necklace

If he or she is into Comicon, cosplay, or Marvel, they’ll totally appreciate this bubble letter necklace that just seems straight out of a graphic novel. Bam! Looking good! Saweet! Personalized however you like – their nickname or super hero name would be fun – these sweet charms will bring some color and style to an otherwise boring tee shirt and jeans. Just add a cape!

9. Solid Gold Custom Locket Pendant

There’s something so timeless and endearing and magical about a locket pendant like this one. When you tuck inside a photo of a loved one, it just because the most beautiful and priceless way to accessorize

A perfect gift at any celebration, it’s especially sentimental and sweet for a going-away gift, or to give to someone who just lost a beloved family member or pet.

10. Edible Jewelry: Ring Pops!

I mean, we couldn’t put together a blot post about jewelry for kids and not include the most popular jewels of all: The original Ring Pop!

These never go out of style and are suitable for all ages. Yummy and sticky and for the young or just the young at heart, a big bag of ring pops will make their day even better.

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11. Personalized Floral Necklace

A dainty charm with her name on it is always a fabulous go-to when shopping for jewelry for her! She’ll love the sweet flower etching, the shiny silver chain, the addition of her name making it one-of-a-kind, and the little pink bead for a pop of color. It’s grown-up and yet sweetly childlike all at once.

12. Boho Bracelets

These little boho bracelets are just the thing for your bohemian princess as she frolics on the beach, climbs trees, or strums her guitar.

The colors are so pretty and the charms so unusual, they really stand out in a crowd – just like she does. Mix and match for even more fun!

13. 3 Set Party Jewelry

Good for sisters, best friends forever, or even as party favors for her birthday bash, these fun princess necklace and bracelet duos are sure to be a hit. The bright colors and fun little charms come in shapes like unicorns, mermaids, and rainbows. These sets are great for the elementary school crowd.

14. Custom Pearl Bead Necklace

This pretty necklace has her own name and will make her feel so proud and stylish! The colorful little pearl beads are lovely, and the necklace will match any outfit from jeans and a tee to a party dress.

15. Butterfly Necklace

These butterfly necklaces are so ‘gorge’ (as the kids would say). Available in three pretty metals, the butterfly charms are so realistic you’ll think they’re about to fly away. A perfect gift for that in-between age, those tweens, who are so typically hard to shop for.

16. Colorful Earring Set

It’s impossible to be grumpy when you have colorful, bright, cheery earrings like these! The little faces of the dolphins and pandas and unicorns are so darling, and don’t even get us started on how cute the rest are.

These come in a set of twelve so she can mix and match to her heart’s content. Nickle free and hypoallergenic for sensitive little ears.

17. Faith Necklace

Such a great gift for a baptism, or really any special occasion, this lovely necklace is 18k gold and spells out faith in a pretty vertical pendant. It will mean the world to her, and will show the world what she’s made of. It looks just as good paired with her school uniform as it will with her best church dress!

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18. Sprinkles Heart Initial Necklace

These sprinkle heart necklaces look good enough to eat! With their abundance of colors and a special bead inside with her initial this will be her new favorite jewelry accessory. And you know how many she has to choose from, right? Even the pickiest of accessorizors will be over the moon for one of these.

19. Birth Flower Necklace

These birth flower necklaces are soooooo prety! We love the way their birth flower is suspended in time from the dainty golden chain. She’ll be so enamored with one of these, and her friends will constantly be asking where she got such a pretty piece of jewelry.

20. Minnie Mouse Jewelry

If Minnie Mouse is her spirit animal, she’ll love this set! It’s personalized with her very own name and is front and center with its gold and sparkling pink accents. Whether you want to surprise her with a trip to Disneyland, commemorate the one you just took, or just want to get your Disney princess herself a wonderful gift, look no further!

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21. Tactical Bracelet

These paracord survival bracelets would make Bear Grylls himself jealous! With tactical gear built right in (like a fire starter, compass, fishing line, and whistle), this is perfect for your camper, hiker, fisher, hunter, or just all around backyard boy!

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22. Just for Boys Custom Bracelets

Bracelets, please, but hold the pink glitter, okay!? This set gives him the chance to design and make his own one-of-a-kind bracelets. Kits are always a fun way to spend a rainy day, but sometimes they’re just so… well, girly! Teach him he can design his own jewelry in whatever way he wants – AND there’s plenty more for friends.

23. Custom Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelets for men have always been around, and for good reason: they look amazing! These ones are custom designed with his own name. Throw in his sports number for extra personalization! It’s a fun way to really rock a look on the playground.

24. Sports Bracelet

For the sports lover, you can’t go wrong with these super cute bracelets! And you can use them as essential oil diffusers, so it’s a win-win! Get it? Win-win? Sports? Well, anyway.

When life gets anxious, a little of his favorite oil rubbed into the beads last for hours, even days! It’s a sneaky and good looking way to keep some aromatherapy in his life.

25. Stamped Initial Arrowhead Necklace

This arrowhead necklace is anything but feminine or girly! Although… hey, girls would like this too, so don’t forget them! With a stamped initial of their name, it really makes a statement.

Arrowheads have long been a sign of bravery, so it’s perfect for your little warrior, especially if he’s going into battle (first day of school, a big move to a new place, loss of a parent, divorce, cancer, etc).

26. Fidget Bracelet Spinners

The fidget spinners of 2016 are backkkkkkkk! And with a new spin! They’re now a bracelet! Which really cuts down on him losing it sixteen times per day. Ahem. He’ll love the chunky colorful accessory, that’s really more of a soothing and decompressing tool. Long live the fidget spinner!

If your kid enjoys a good sensory toy, here are 21 more sensory gift ideas.

27. Video Game Necklace

There’s no way to not look cool when sporting a 14k gold video game character necklace! Make a boring old tee shirt and jeans pop with style when you add in these cheerful bands.

28. Electronic Robot Necklace

This robot necklace is handmade and about the coolest thing since bottle rockets and sliced bread! For your STEM lover, this is a must have. All his robot loving friends will want one too, so make sure to bookmark this site for upcoming birthday parties.

29. Superhero Necklaces

If he’s a superhero in your eyes, show him! He’ll love these super cute hero pendants and will probably want one of each. Who says girls get all the accessories?! Not us, that’s for sure.

30. Beaded Necklace

These beaded necklaces are so nice to look at: they’re unisex, a little tribal-like, timeless, and just really good looking! We love the earth tone colors and the black beads. They’ll really add some statement and punch to an otherwise normal outfit for any boy.

Perfectly Adorable Jewelry for Babies

31. Baby Footprint Necklace

This personalized golden necklace of baby’s footprint is so sweet! Whether you get it now and gift it to baby later on in life, or gift it to the new mom or dad, they’re sure to think of you when they think of thoughtfulness and a touching present.

32. Personalized Golden Name Necklace

This sweet golden name necklace is such a stunner! When you’ve been waiting for nine months (minimum) for a child, their name is so well thought-out and important. Why not commemorate it forever in a gorgeous necklace like this one?

33. Bug-a-loop Teether Bracelet

This piece of jewelry for baby really IS for baby! With its nubby texture, colorful bugs, chunky size, and bitable bits, baby will love having this around when he’s teething, drooling, feeling munchy.

34. Diamond Earrings

These pretty diamond earrings for baby are just right and made just for her. The perfect size and weight, not to mention hypoallergenic, baby won’t even know she has them in. It’s never to young to make a fashion statement.

35. Cream Initial Baby Bracelet

Celebrate your baby with this pretty charm bracelet. You’ll be sure to get lots of compliments with this dainty cream bracelet with her own initial in its cute charm. Plus, it’s super sturdy, for squirmy babies.

36. Mini Hearts Bracelet

This sophisticated bracelet is made of miniature little hearts and will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Such a cute little way to accessorize the prettiest baby on the block!

37. Birthstone Bracelet

This sweet little personalized baby bracelet is going to get all the likes from the stroller. Great for boys and girls (or to tell identical twins apart!), these birthstone bracelets are really charming.

38. Silicone Teething Necklace

Just because you’re teething doesn’t mean you want to stop looking adorable. As if they could! These chunky teething necklaces are perfect for those drool-filled days.

39. Custom Name Bracelet

Etched with her very own name, or his, this rose gold bracelet is a great birthday gift. That name took months to be carefully chosen by mom and dad so etch it in gold forever. It’s so pretty!

40. Newborn Beaded Name Bracelets

A simple way to accessorize and show off their special name with a cute beaded personalized bracelet. Her chunky little wrist is going to look so adorable sporting this lovely accent.

Best Jewelry Play Sets for Kids

41. Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit

Remember pop beads?! We’re feeling super nostalgic over here, and if you are too, you’ll love putting together all sorts of jewelry combos with your little one. They’re easy for little hands to snap and pop, both off and on, resulting in hours of play time fun and of course, lots of accessorizing.

42. Clay Jewelry Kit

If your child is a little too old for pop beads and teething rings, but not quite ready to care for a “real” piece of gold or silver jewelry, look no further than this fun set of DIY clay craft jewelry.

They can create 3 bracelets and 3 necklaces, making it the perfect rainy-day afternoon. The hard part will be deciding if they want to keep all six pieces or gift them.

43. Unicorn Play Jewelry Set

If she’s obsessed with unicorns (and who isn’t?!) she’ll love this jewelry and unicorn dress up set. She’ll feel pretty as Princess Celestial Sparkle-toes when she’s all gussied up with all of these fun, pink accessories.

44. Snap Pop Jewelry Beads

The possibilities are endless with this great pop bead set. Big and chunky enough for little hands to grasp and pull apart, this is perfect for your tiny DIY-er. She or he will love making tons of different varieties of necklaces and bracelets, headbands and anklets.

If you’re lucky, she’ll make one or two for you.

45. Fashion Angels DIY Bead Bracelet Kit

Every little one goes through a beading phase (some of us never grow out of it), and they’ll adore this set of 1500 beads, including alphabet ones for personalizing for all their friends. It comes with its own carrying case too, so don’t worry about spilling all over the carpet. Win-win!

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46. Woodland Princess Jewelry Playset

This princess jewelry set is a little less… commercial, we’d say, than your typical Disney princess set. With its pastel colors and dainty butterflies and animals, she’ll love pairing up these cute accessories with all of her outfits. And the little bunny jewelry box is so adorable!

47. Neo-Brite Chains & Charms Kit

Perfect for the tween DIY-er in your life, this neo-brite bracelet set is boho and super fun. The charms add a little bit of whimsy and texture. And the chains, instead of string, give it a more grown-up vibe.

48. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

All her friends will want one of these adorable and one-of-a-kind charm bracelets. That gives us an idea: this would be a great set to buy for a birthday party sleep over! Of course, if she doesn’t feel like sharing, she’ll love saving this for a no-homework weekend. So fun!

49. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

Friendship bracelets are backkkkkkk! Well, did they ever really go away? At least not in our hearts, right?

She or he will love learning how to weave and braid and design their own friendship bracelets, from the simplest to the most advanced. And the cute little charms add a modern touch that’s just right.

50. Pendant Crafting Kit

This pendant jewelry crafting kit allows your craft-loving child to make up to nine necklaces and two bracelets. AND you can even add your own personal photos for a real stand-out, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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