55 Best Stocking Stuffers for Boys Christmas 2023

Today we’re going to show you the 55 best stocking stuffers for boys.

That’s right: The very best!

Now, when it comes to Christmas, what’s more fun than finally taking down your stocking and seeing what Santa brought? Watching your boys do it, that’s what! 

Whether he’s the rough and tumble type, a goofy, silly putty slinger, or the more quiet, bookish sort — here are some fabulous ideas for stocking stuffers for your favorite mancub. 

Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Boys

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Stocking Stuffers for Boys Age 0-2

Before we get too far – why do we do this whole Christmas stocking thing anyways? Check out the interesting origin of the Christmas stocking tradition.

1. Sensory Blocks

These sensory blocks are so gosh darn cute, you’ll forget they’re helping Baby develop and learn! They’re soft and squishy (like your boy’s tummy and thighs) and the neutral black, white and brown colors blend in perfectly with nursery decor. 

2. My First Soft Book Set

Great for reading aloud, gumming to a wet pulp, and playing with! This My First Soft Book Set will be a hit for Baby. The bright colors and gentle stories will keep him entranced in his car seat, stroller, or when he’s having some Pack-N-Play or crib time. 

3. Signature Infant Beanie

This soft beanie is made from vegan leather and cozy acrylic, and is personalized with his very own name! He’ll be a sensation at the park or the gym with this little bit of accessorizing that keeps his noggin nice and warm.

It’s available in lots of colors and sizes, so maybe big brother or sister can get in on the beanie action, too. 

4. Yellow Rubber Ducky

Make bathtime the best time with this adorable rubber ducky in the perfect shade of yellow. It can float and swim and of course, be a hat (or was that only my kids who put everything on their heads?). Just add some bubbles and Baby and you have yourself a nightly party! Mmmm, freshly bathed baby… I can smell him from here.

5. Wooden Toys

Handmade of beech wood and cotton, these wooden toys are a gentle and old-fashioned nod to the past. Perfect for little chubby fists and fingers to grasp, these toys are meant to be chewed on, played with, and are educational too.

Baby will love having these on his highchair tray or dangling from his car seat! 

6. Pretend Video Game Controller

If Mom or Dad are gamers then they will be as enchanted with this fun, Pretend Video Game Controller as the baby is! With its colorful buttons and chunky design, your little guy can sit right alongside you while you both conquer the bad guys and defeat evil. 

7. Koala Stuffed Toys

You can just tell how adorable, squishy and huggable these cute koala stuffed toys are! Stuffies are the best for snuggling up to at nap time, or taking with you to daycare.

Quinn the Koala is handknit and did you know that purchasing one provides 10 meals to children in North America and around the world? It’s a win-win for sure.

8. Time to Learn Smartwatch

This fun “smartwatch” is great for learning and also for soothing a grumpy baby! The watch has music and lights (two of baby’s favorite things) and is bright, sunny and colorful. The songs teach about colors and greetings, and are sure to be a favorite toy in no time. 

9. Soft Toy Ride & Roll

There’s just something about boys and cars that go ‘vroooom,’ isn’t there? Your baby will love this soft and textured ride and roll toy!

It’s easy and lightweight enough to toss in the car for Gramma’s house or to take to daycare. And washable toys are always the best toys.

10. Kid Friendly Tools

This Montessori, kid-friendly toolkit is a must-have! Baby boy will love strapping these oversized tools to his waist and helping his parents with chores around the house. Teach him the words to go with each tool and watch your little Bob the Builder flourish. 

For more kid friendly tools — check out our favorites here!

Stocking Stuffers for Boys Age 3-6

11. Personalized Wooden Train

This personalized wooden train is a keeper that will be passed down for generations! It’s so well made and original, and spelling out your toddler’s name will bring a smile to his face each time he plays. Connected by magnets and made of wood and linseed oil, this gift aims to please. 

12. Original Slinky

The original and still the best. Got stairs? Then you’ve got magic and laughter waiting to happen! The original Slinky will delight even the grouchiest of toddlers. It’s a fun toy that you and I remember having in our arsenal and now your kids can have one too! 

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13. Crayola Bath Toys

If your toddler is a reluctant bather (what is it with boys?) then these Crayola bath toys are just the ticket! Get him laughing, playing, and CLEAN when you toss these toys in after his nekked little booty. 

14. Glow in the Dark Stretchy Noodles

Fidget toys that won’t annoy the rest of the family! These glow in the dark stretchy noodles are just as much as the name implies. Twirl, wrap, stretch, and squish your way to a calm afternoon. These 11 inch noodles can be stretched to nine feet. How fun is that?

15. Personalized Flashlight

Flashlights never lose their appeal, no matter our age! These mini personalized ones are great for playing in his fort, going on evening walks with the family, looking for lost toys under the bed, and lighting his way wherever he goes.

16. Glowing Bath Time Buddies

These clever little bath time buddies will keep your little guy entranced until each bubble pops and the water turns cold. Is there anything cuter than raisin fingers and toes?

These light up buddies have bendy arms and legs so they can climb the shower curtain and swim and perch! The light stays on until dry. 

17. Dinosaur Bath Bombs

These bath bomb fizzies look like the cutest dino eggs until submerged in the tub. Before they know it, the most delightfully “scary” dinosaur emerges! Boys and dinos are a match made in heaven, so we know he’ll love this fun set of nine bath bombs. 

18. Personalized Galaxy Tumbler

Keep his juice cold or his milk nice and warm with his very own personalized tumbler! No more sippy cups — instead he has a reusable straw just like Mom and Dad. The fun addition of his name and a rocket ship will be right up his alley. 

19. Activities Box

These clever wooden coins take the guesswork out of what to play or do with your free time as a family! Your toddler will love tossing a coin to find out what kind of cool and fun activities are in store for after nap time or when Daddy gets home. 

20. Fun Fake Dirt

A wise person once said that a boy is just a noise with dirt on it, and we’re inclined to agree. This dirt however, is so much less… dirty! Finally a pile of delicious dirt that you won’t agonize over cleaning.

Stocking Stuffers for Boys Age 7-10

21. Mini Figurines

Find his favorite superhero, sidekick, or Disney character and watch him smile with delight when he sees one in his stocking! These mini figurines are so fun to collect that you might want to snag a few for Christmas morning. 

22. Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Yummers! These hot chocolates on a stick make sipping cocoa even more fun than ever before. Your little Christmas elf will love having a sweet snack with Mom and Dad, and you’ll love the chocolate mustache he gets afterwards.

23. Itty Bitty Hands

The possibilities are endless and the laughter loud and often when you purchase a set of itty bitty hands! Great for photobombs and making even the grumpiest of South Pole elves laugh themselves silly, these tiny hands will be a huge hit. 

24. Giant Candy Cane

It’s joyful AND triumphant! This giant candy cane is just the thing for peppermint lovers. Your boy will love gnawing on this oversized sweet treat all the way ‘til New Year’s. It’s over a foot tall and weighs a pound — how fun! 

25. Flying Toy Ball

Your kid will love to find these high-tech flying balls in their stockings! With the bright color and ability to control the flying ball with their hands, your boys will be busy for hours with this stocking gift.

26. Kids Create Absurdity Card Game

Laugh till you cry, and maybe even leak a little, with this hilarious Kids Create Absurdity Card Game! Family game nights will be the best night of the week and everyone will want in on this super fun deck of cards. 

27. New Video Game

Might as well give him what you know he really wants! Pick one and watch yourself become his favorite person on Planet Earth. 

Here are some popular games your kid will love: 

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28. Mini Neon Lights

These little neon lights will brighten up his nightstand or desk! Cute and easily movable, they’re a fun way to brighten up his bedroom and his life. They also have a magnetic back so they’re fun to stick on the fridge, too.

29. Personalized Cookie Spoon

Make eating cookies and milk an artform with this cute and clever spoon! Dip your oreos or any other cookie in style and get just the right amount of milky goodness. Or use them to dunk marshmallows in hot chocolate.

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30. LEGO Stocking Stuffer

This astronaut with a space shuttle from LEGO is the perfect stocking stuffer! At 36 pieces, it’s just the right size for putting together while Christmas dinner cooks, or while waiting for the family to arrive. So cute. 

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Stocking Stuffers for Boys Age 11-15

31. Cereal Killer

There’s something about tweens and teens and cereal that go hand in hand! The endless munching and crunching just got more fun with this punny “cereal killer” spoon. It’s great for slipping into the toe of his stocking and we know he’ll get a kick out of the humor. 

32. Personalized Meat Card

A growing boy needs his meat! He’ll crack up over this personalized meat card, no matter what it says. You can just put his name, come up with something clever and witty, or for some sweet Merry Christmas wishes, check out these!

33. Wireless Phone Charger

Keep his lifeline — um, I mean, phone — charged fully with this wireless phone charger. He’ll love having a reliable, sleek, and FAST way to charge his phone. And it looks so grown up, too. 

34. Stamped Leather Bookmark

This rustic and sophisticated, stamped leather bookmark is just the thing for bookworms or for the student who always has his nose in a text book! It’s modern and vintage all at once, and will be a keeper for a lifetime of reading. 

If your kid loves to read, click here for more gifts for book lovers.

35. Ultra Thin Wallet

Let him keep his debit card, driver’s permit (eek!) and the like handy without a bulging and bulky wallet. This ultra thin version is cooler than Dad’s, and he’ll love having such a grown-up gift waiting for him in his stocking this year. 

36. Space Pen

Reliably performs in extreme temperatures (-30F to +250F), underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle… What the what? What kind of sorcery is this? The fun kind! Your boy will love this Space Pen, and so will all of his friends. Better bookmark this site for birthday presents.

37. Their Own Can Coozie

Get him his own coozie from Puffin Drinkwear! He’ll crack up and get a kick out of his soda wearing a jacket much like his own. You gotta love the hoodie version for the teenagers.

38. Personalized Tumbler

Use their sports number, school mascot, future college mascot, or even their name to customize this tumbler! This fits perfectly in a stocking and will get a ton of use during sports practices, gym, school, or just staying hydrated while studying or relaxing. 

39. Therapeutic Heat Pillow

These heat pillows are great for sore muscles after working out, or just soothing those growing pains! (Did he just shoot up another inch?) Made with lots of different fabrics and patterns to choose from, he’ll find himself reaching for this over and over again. 

40. Bluetooth Sunglasses

Like headphones but also ultra cool sunglasses? Sign us up! These bluetooth sunglasses will be a huge hit with your teen boy and for good reason: he can listen to music, turn up the volume, take calls, and use voice assistants. All while looking handsome as ever.

Funny Stocking Stuffers for Boys

41. TinyTV DIY Kit

This tiny TV DIY kit will play up to five hours of downloaded content! It even has a tiny remote control! If your guy loves silly but usable toys and gifts, this one is a no-brainer.

42. Custom Face Socks

Get someone’s face imprinted on a goofy pair of socks just for him! You can use the dog, the cat, yourself, or his celebrity crush — anything you pick will have him busting a gut laughing at the absurdity of it all. 

43. Eyeglasses Holder

This fun and funny eyeglasses holder is perfect for the boy who is always and forever misplacing his glasses! Now he can find them lickety-split when he needs them, and keep them safe and clean when he doesn’t. 

Handmade in India of sustainable Sheesham wood, native to the Indian subcontinent and bought under supervision and quota from the government of India (which sells the wood of dead trees).

44. Sour Warheads Soda

If sour candy is his jam, he’ll love sipping on some sour Warheads soda! This gift is funny but drinkable too — we think that’s a win-win. 

45. Super Magnetic Putty

This putty is all charged up! Super magnetic and totally tubular to play with, even the teens will love this fun gift. Perfect for science loving kiddos, especially. 

46. Exploding Hand Soap

SPLAT!!! Boys in general… Well, they just aren’t known for their cleanliness, are they? Change all that with this fun, exploding hand soap! They and their friends will be begging to get clean now. 

47. Otamatone

Music lovers and music makers will love the fun and silly Otamatone. It’s one of Japan’s best selling musical instruments and we can see why: it’s cute and goofy and totally fun to learn how to play! 

48. Bacon Lollipops

If he’s a “meatatarian” he’ll love some bacon lollipops! Infused with real bacon right inside of the yummy candy, he may just have a new favorite snack treat. We think Dad will want one or two, too.

49. Bread Loafers

Keep his growing feet toasty (get it?) with these hilarious bread loafers! He may never want to take these funny slippers off and we wouldn’t blame him: they’re decidedly comfortable and will make everyone laugh who sees them coming. 

50. Mini Fireshooter

Shoot fireballs from your wrist with this absolute delight of a gift idea! This mini fireshooter will make his eyes wide with excitement. We definitely recommend this one for an older and more mature guy for safety’s sake. 

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DIY Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Easy Homemade Playdough

Easy Homemade Playdough
Photo Credit: Crafty Art Ideas

Create this easy homemade playdough in your slow cooker, with no worry about burning! It’s made without cream of tartar, which is often that one playdough ingredient you don’t have in your kitchen cupboard. Package it in small containers for the perfect stocking stuffer for your boys!

DIY Hot Chocolate Reindeer Cones

DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cones
Photo Credit: By Deze

Hot chocolate reindeers are just what you need to make these holidays cozy as can be. Customize each cone with colorful treats and toppings tailored to their tastes to delight each member of your family.

Printable Christmas Coupons

Printable Christmas Coupons
Photo Credit: Printables Fairy

What boy wouldn’t want a get-out-of-chores free card, a Nerf Battle Pass, or a coupon for ice cream? Use these Christmas Coupon Printables to create the perfect stocking stuffer, filled with all the best experiences just for him.

DIY Mini Crochet Santa Sacks

DIY Mini Crochet Santa Sacks
Photo Credit: Hooked On Patterns

Crochet up these cute mini Santa sacks to fill with your son’s favorite goodies. Whether it’s coins (real ones or the chocolate variety), minifigures, candy, or anything else, he’s going to love opening up Santa’s legendary bag to see what’s inside!

Easy DIY Earbud Pouch

DIY Earbud Zipper Pouch
Photo Credit: Happiest Camper

This fun earbud case is the perfect gift for the young boy or teen who loves music. Easy to sew with just a few materials, fill it with a nice pair of earbuds for the ultimate stocking stuffer.

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