100 Surprisingly Strong Gifts That Start with S

If you’re on the hunt for a list of gift ideas that start with “S,” you’ve come to the right place! 

Whether it’s the holiday season or another special occasion that is approaching, you’ll need the best gift ideas for family members, friends, or coworkers whose names start with the letter S.

We’ve compiled a massive list of super nice gifts so you can get them exactly the thing they’ve been wanting.

We’ll start out with just a great big list of one hundred gift ideas, then we’ll move into more targeted lists like our picks of the very best gifts that start with “S,” Anniversary gifts, White Elephant gifts, and more. 

Let’s go!

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100 Gifts That Start with the Letter S

1. Selfie Stick

2. Skydiving experience

3. Stress balls

4. Scooters (we love these electric ones)

5. Star naming certificate (this is such a thoughtful gift)

6. Sour candy

7. Silly putty

8. Slytherin house merchandise

9. Sunglasses

10. Silly String

11. Shower Speakers

12. Subscription Service for coffee (perfect present for those who love their coffee maker)

13. Smart home devices (these make everyday life easier)

14. Sandcastle toys

15. Sphero Robot

16. Safe-T designer fire extinguishers (these make great birthday gifts)

17. Sport equipment

18. Super Slide puzzle games (perfect for road trips)

19. Self-care gift box

20. Science fiction books and movies

21. Stationary Set (here’s a great gift for teachers)

22. Sweet Treat Subscription

23. Soundbars

24. Squigz Suction cup toys

25. Seed growing kit

26. Spinning bike

27. Snowboarding gear

28. Solar chargers (this brand is great for phones)

29. Scotch whiskey

30. Starlight projector

31. Spirograph kits

32. Sketching tablet

33. Sleeping bags

34. Suede boots

35. Soundproof headphones

36. Street fighter games (a great option for your friend group)

37. Scentsory putty

38. Sunflower bouquet (it’s the perfect gift during summertime)

39. Sushi making kit

40. Sake Set

41. Sleep masks (we love these silk ones)

42. Silver locket

43. Stiletto heels

44. Soft peanut brittle (this recipe is easy to make and yummy)

45. Succulents

46. Satin hair scrunchies

47. Sunrise alarm clocks (honestly, these are a great way to wake up)

48. Scarfs

49. Sustainable products

50. Strength training equipment

51. Sprinkled donuts (use this donut machine to make your own)

52. Straw hats

53. Star-Lord jacket (from Guardians of the Galaxy of course)

54. Sandals

55. Satchel bag (if you need graduation gifts, this is it)

56. Sugar face scrubs (this scrub from Skinfood is made with non-toxic materials)

57. Sandalwood incense sticks

58. Strawberry cake (ideal gift for any spring party)

59. Starry night poster

60. Safari hat

61. Slushy maker machine

62. Snoopy collectibles

63. Sporting event tickets

64. Shaving kit

65. Slip-on Sneakers (these are the best gifts for older parents)

66. Sour Soda (This one is really sour!)

67. Soup gift basket

68. Sparkling wine

69. Space heater (an excellent gift for the holiday season)

70. Space pen

71. Sewing machine

72. Sailing adventure (we love this super fun and unique gift idea)

73. Swiss knife

74. Stargazing telescope

75. Steak night crate

76. Salt lamp

77. Salsa dancing lessons

78. Shiatsu massagers

79. Swim goggles, suits, and toys

80. Smoothie blender

81. Scott Pilgrim comics

82. Spice rack (try this fun DIY!)

83. Stovetop popcorn maker

84. Sympathy gifts (you can personalize these sweet options)

85. Smart TV

86. Skittles candy

87. Serving tray (these are great additions to an empty coffee table)

88. Scenic wall art

89. Sudoku Puzzles

90. Solar path lights

91. Sapphire ring (for the jewelry lover)

92. Soda maker machine (these are nice after a long day)

93. Sous vide precision cooker

94. Stainless Steel tumblers, knives, jewelry, etc.

95. Silk Clothing (good news! We have a favorite silk brand)

96. Sculptures for home decor

97. Sheet masks (for you and your best friend to share, of course)

98. Suitcases

99. Steam hair dryer

100. Swords (Swords of Northshire have some really cool ones)

Best Gift Ideas That Start with S

Alrighty, time for the best of the best… AKA our favorite picks. From the super fun to the superbly functional, there’s a little something for everyone.

Superhero Cape

If you’re getting a gift for your little tyke or another special kid in your life, this super-cool superhero cape is sure to make their day! 

This felt cape comes with contrasting colors on both sides of the cape and features a badge with their initials so they can have their very own super identity.

Snack Dispenser

Everyone loves snack time, so why not give them a fun way to enjoy their snacks with this candy dispenser

This old-timey dispenser is a cute way to enjoy a little treat while they’re hard at work. The dispenser holds about 30 ounces of chocolate candy so they can have plenty of fuel for their busy day.

Solo Stove

They can cook in the comfort of their own backyard with these products from Solo Stove

Whether they’d like a fire pit, a pizza oven, or other neat and innovative products, give them an opportunity to gather around the fire with friends and family and enjoy the outdoors with some home-cooked food.

Sphere Ice Molds

Help them level up their home bar with this ice ball maker!

This product comes with everything they’ll need the next time they enjoy the drinks of their choice.

Slime Kit

Is the kid in your life a hands-on, kinesthetic learner? They’ll love this glowing slime kit

The fun and stretchy slime can provide a positive, no-screens bonding experience as you help them with their wacky-tacky creations.

Storybooks Customized for Your Kids

They always beg for bedtime stories, so give them one they won’t be able to put down! This custom storybook centers around your child as the star of the show. 

In the story featured in the link above, your child will go on an adventure with a dragon friend, but there are plenty more options in this shop. 

To personalize the book, only choose the character to represent your child and provide your kid’s name, and they can be the main character.


With an Apple Watch, they’ll have everything they need to optimize their workouts.

This practical gift can track their heart rate and their sleep patterns, sync to all their other Apple devices, use ApplePay, and more. If they like working out, this is a must-have.

Standing Desk

Whether they’re on the 9-5 grind or work remotely, a desk job can be tough on your back. 

A standing desk can offer a more ergonomic solution for everyday use, so it would make a great, useful gift if they want to have an alternative to sitting all the time. 

This particular desk supports dual monitors and can convert to a normal desk if they need to rest. This gift is a lifesaver for anyone with a desk job.

Survival Kit

If they’re a frequent traveler, make sure they’re prepared for anything their trip could throw at them with this pocket survival kit

The kit contains a knife, fire starters, stormproof matches, a radio, a flashlight, and more. 

If they’re a hiking or camping nut or run into some trouble in the wild, they’ll be ready.

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts That Start with S

Have a wedding or anniversary coming up? Are Sally and Steven tying the knot? Sylvie and Stan celebrating fifty years of bliss? 

Celebrate their love with the wedding and/or anniversary-themed options below.

Spa-Day Package

Spoil your woman or your favorite girlfriend for her wedding or anniversary with a special day at the spa with Giftory

With Giftory, you can buy her a spa experience somewhere exciting like New York City or Washington, D.C. (or just downtown wherever-ville) so she can have a chance to get away and relax for a while.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

You can’t go wrong with giving her some sterling silver jewelry for her anniversary. 

This Celtic silver anklet can be customized to feature either a dragonfly, or a butterfly, and can make a delicate addition to any outfit.


Give them a scrapbook to record the adventures of their new life together as they unfold or to look back at all the sweet memories they’ve made. 

This beautiful book comes with your choice of a maple or cherry cover; you can also choose the binding cover and the color of the cardstock paper. 

The book can be personalized with their names and comes with the title of “Adventure Book.”

Star Map

Show your special person that you care with this unique gift of a star map. Mark your special person’s place in the universe and the date of your wedding by dedicating a star to them. 

The map features a picture of the star with customizable text below, along with the coordinates of your star. Your love will last for eternity in the night sky.

White Elephant Gifts That Begin with S

An array of “S” themed gifts could be the perfect thing to liven up a Christmas party if you’re part of a white elephant gift exchange. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for Superbly Spectacular Secret Santa gifts and want to get carried away with various “S” gifts to match?

The options below would be suitable gifts for a coworker, friend, or family member — whether you’re struggling to figure out what to buy or you know them inside out and backwards!

Snake Plants

A snake plant would be a good idea for a white elephant with coworkers.

This low-maintenance plant is the perfect thing to add some green to the office. It grows upright and doesn’t take up too much space and only needs indirect light. 

Even if the recipient doesn’t have a green thumb, this is a plant that they can take care of.

Santa Hanging Decoration

They can level up their Christmas lights game this season with this white elephant gift — a 5-foot hanging Santa suit

They can hang it on their gutter and it’ll look like the big man is climbing to their chimney! This is a funny gag gift that they and their neighbors will love and get a kick out of.

Scented Candles

A candle is always a great gift for a white elephant. Who doesn’t want to walk into a room filled with a lovely smell? 

These candles from Fernweh are made to capture the scents of nature and romantic travel locations such as crème brûlée from France, or the ferns of the Pacific Northwest. 

Don’t just bring any old candle — go to the next level. This gift is great for seasoned travelers, too, if it’s a Secret Santa present.

Starbucks Tumbler

You know your friends and coworkers love their Starbucks, so this personalized tumbler will be a great option for the coffee lover in your life. 

The cup comes with their name and a customized Starbucks logo on the front so they can feel like they’re having a fun little treat every time they drink their morning cuppa joe.

Stocking Stuffers That Start with S

“S” is for “stocking” — okay, okay, maybe Dr. Seuss disagrees, but it’d still be a fun choice for a stocking stuffer gift theme.

We can help you find just the right little gift that can brighten their Christmas morning.

Silly Socks

These goofy goose socks are an excellent choice for a gag gift. Socks are a classic gift because, I mean, who doesn’t need another pair of socks? I know I always do. 

You can’t go wrong with this simple gift that will put a smile on their face.

Space Suit Drinkwear

This mini space suit drinkware from Puffin Drinkware will make for a legendary stocking stuffer gift. 

This suped-up can koozie can help keep their drinks cold and provide out-of-this-world refreshment. 

Screaming Goat Figurines

For a funny present for their home or office, look no further than this screaming goat figurine

The figurine actually screams like a goat when you press it, so it will provide endless fun and entertainment (and maybe stress relief?). This little guy will cheer them up for sure.


Who doesn’t love plushies? This mushroom plushie is one super cute option from the Squishables brand that’s cuddly and great for comfort and stress relief. 

It’s great for the kid in your life or a friend who’s simply a kid at heart.

Fandom Gift Ideas That Start with the Letter S

You can never go wrong by choosing a gift themed with a person’s favorite sci-fi or fantasy world, be it comics, books, movies, or video games.

Here are some fandom gift ideas that start with “s” to inspire.

  • Star Wars (this Princess Leia baby hat is too cute)
  • Sherlock Holmes (fans will love this notebook)
  • Suga (from BTS)
  • Studio Ghibli Artwork
  • SpaceX
  • Superman
  • Stranger Things (this warm sweater gives good vibes)
  • Star Trek
  • Stargate
  • Severus Snape (from Harry Potter)
  • Sailor Moon (you can never go wrong with her brooch)
  • Squirtle, Snorlax, or Sceptile (from Pokemon)
  • Supernatural
  • Sarah Jane Smith (from Dr. Who)
  • South Park
  • The Simpsons
  • Steven Universe
  • Steve Rogers (Captain America)
  • Skyrim (Nintendo Switch game code)
  • Spider-Man
  • Shire (from Tolkien’s Middle Earth)
  • Shadowrun
  • Saw (horror film series)
  • Street Fighter
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Shazam
  • Snow Golem (from Minecraft)
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Stephen King Novels (good books full of mystery are easy to find when he writes them)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sword Art Online
  • Serenity (the ship from Firefly)
  • Shang-Chi
  • Sansa Stark (from Game of Thrones)
  • Shrek

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