65 Shamelessly Adorable Baby Shower Gifts For New Moms

I don’t know much, but I do know this: there is nothing cuter than baby gifts! Socks, tiny boots, little hats, the teensiest of bow-ties — will the adorableness ever stop? It’s enough to make you want another baby yourself… ahem. Back to the list.

These 65 shamelessly adorable baby shower gifts for the new mom and her bundle of joy are sure to get a lot of oohs, ahhs, and squeals. Have fun shopping!

1. Personalized Newborn Beanie

Those wee, bald heads lose a lot of heat so keep baby’s noggin covered and warm with one of these ultra cute (and ultra soft) newborn beanies! The sweet, muted hues will match just about any outfit and the personalization makes them over-the-top adorable. We love these charming beanies.

2. Personalized Baby Bamboo Hairbrush

Brush out those wispy curls and snarled tangles with something soft and gentle, like this baby bamboo hairbrush! Cute enough to keep out on the bathroom countertop, and gentle enough for everyday use, the personalization is an extra burst of cuteness. 

You can choose the font and the flower that is engraved on the bamboo handle, too! 

3. My Big Brother

For doggy lovers, this onesie is a must-have! Don’t forget the other babies of the family: the furry ones. They get the limelight too with this adorable outfit.

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4. 3-in-1 Trio Quick-Fold Stroller

A good stroller is a must-have! This 3-in1 is ideal for the new mom. Some strollers require a degree in engineering to fold down or set up, but this one is easily converted with only one hand (something most moms are regularly subject to).

 Plus, the car seat is light-weight which makes it so easy to transport to and from the car to the stroller, even while the baby is napping. 

5. Simple & Sweet Personalized Picture Frame

These wooden picture frames will match any decor in any nursery! With their farmhouse white paint and personalization, they will be perfect for boys and girls. Make this great and simple gift a little more special than your average photo frame. 

6. Thor Baby Sized Rattle

If Mom and Dad are Marvel fans, then this Thor, baby-sized rattle is a no-brainer! Everyone will get a belly laugh at this cute gimmick gift. Choose from pink or blue for the little bitty superhero. NOTE: this is a decorative piece, not a toy for Baby.

7. Baby Swing

A good swing can be a life-saver for the tired stay-at-home parent, or the one who brings the baby to the office!

This baby swing and bouncer will cradle the baby and softly swing them to the land of nod with the help of its Bluetooth music speaker. The adjustable hood is also great for sunny days in the yard, or just to cocoon that little sweetie in his/her own world.

8. Squeakers Plush Toy Set

All these sweet animals tucked inside their own little ark carrying case? Soooo adorbs. Baby will love snuggling with these soft toys, and once they’re a toddler, they’ll love the little pockets in the ark.

9. Little Peanut Baby Diaper Cake

A practical gift that is ALSO adorable? Um, yes please! This Little Peanut baby diaper cake is so cute, but once the oohs and ahhs are over the new parents can discover 40 newborn sized diapers for their little peanut.

The gray elephants are perfect for either a boy or a girl, so this is a great and much appreciated gift for any new baby and their parents. 

10. Baby Blossom Yellow Layette Bouquet

Talk about presentation! We give it a ten. 

This Baby Blossom Layette Bouquet is so darling. The grays and yellows are perfect if Mom and Dad are waiting to discover the baby’s gender after birth, too. Soft and comfy, the bouquet comes with a onesie, socks, blanket, bibs, and more!

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11. Dino Play Gym

For babies who love being on their backs, kicking and cooing and batting at toys, this one is a must have! The dinosaur toys are simply so cute, and Baby will love reaching for them.

12. DIY Baby Shower Crate

YouTube video

Put a little more thought, effort and planning into your baby shower gift by DIY-ing a cute crate full of love! 

This tutorial will guide even the most beginning of crafters to an adorable finish. You can make one exactly the same, or go rogue and just use the tutorial as a basic idea to get your creative juices flowing. 

13. Personalized Baby Bath Towel

You can choose the color of the ears of this super soft and super sweet baby bath towel. There’s nothing cuter than bath time. And the smell of freshly bathed baby? It’s the best! Great towels are a must, and this one made of soft cotton is just the right size, length, and softness. 

14. Personalized Silicone Pacifier Clip & Rattle

Minimalistic but still chic, these personalized silicone pacifier clips and rattles are going to be Mom’s new best friend! 

Perfect to chew on when feeling fussy, the addition of Baby’s name is so cute. Comes in multiple options for both genders and will match all of their outfits. Keep those binkies off the floor! 

15. Baby Books

Books are ALWAYS a good choice for gifts, and just because Baby can’t read yet, doesn’t mean it’s too early to start their library!

Whether you go board books, classic fairy tales, pop-ups, or waterproof, you can’t go wrong with books, and we love this set of infant bath books: it’s waterproof for bath time (or drool time), non-toxic for that pesky teething phase, and educational too.

16. If You Can Read This

Spunky and silly (but also true) – this onesie is hilariously accurate. While Baby might not get the joke, everyone else will!

17. Blooming Bath Lotus

Bath time is the best time with this gorgeous and comfy lotus tub in a pretty and beachy hue of seafoam. We wish they made one for adults!

Soft and luxurious, Baby will feel like they’re floating on a cloud. Plus it’s much more secure and safe than letting them slip and slide in a tub that’s too big for them, or a slippery kitchen sink!

18. Illustrated “Protected By” Onesie

If Baby’s big brother or sister is a fur baby, this onesie makes the most darling gift! Personalized with Fifi or Spot’s names and likeness, everyone on the block will love this cute outfit. You can add up to four pets, and there are 182 breed options! 

19. Cute Personalized Dinosaur Blanket

So plush and soft, this personalized dino blanky is part blanket and part toy. It is sure to become Baby’s new BFF whether in the car, in the crib, or cuddling on the couch with Mommy and Daddy. Too cute!

20. Hatch Rest Dream Machine

With gentle lights and sounds, this Hatch Rest Dream Machine is, well, a dream! Baby and Baby’s parents alike will love the soothing atmosphere this dream machine makes. The nightlight can be changed to different calming colors, and you can add on to your package to include things like stories and lullabies!

Check out the portable version for traveling as well. 

21. Taco ‘Bout Cute Gift Basket

Everything in this darling Taco ‘Bout Cute Gift Basket is organic and oh-so soft! Even the crate itself is adorable (and personalized). It comes with a charmingly illustrated onesie, alpaca booties, soft leggings, a cap, and so much more!

22. Baby Car Seat Cover

Sometimes you just want to block the outside world a little and take a nap! This stunning car seat cover in hues of peach, looks as good as it is practical. The personalized bow just takes it right over the top to fabulous.

23. LEVO Baby Rocker

This baby rocker is beautifully designed and oh-so chic. Mom and Dad will both be delighted with such a stylish alternative to the traditional rocker. Well done, you.

24. Newborn Crochet Baby Shoes

These crochet baby shoes are the best thing we’ve seen in a while! If Mom or Dad or both are total shoe snobs and have their favorite brand, why not pass that addiction on to the little one with some Nike or Adidas inspired booties?

They’ll be the best dressed baby on the block.

25. Welcome Little One Bath Time Gift Basket

Aveeno Baby products are delightfully scented and gentle for Baby. This welcome home gift basket is perfect for a baby shower! Practical and ready to use right off the bat, this set will be much appreciated by the busy new parents. 

26. Hypoallergenic Diaper Wipes

I always try to include these since you never know if someone’s newborn will be sensitive to ordinary diaper wipes! Practical gifts are oftentimes the best gifts, and they tend to be overlooked for the “cute” stuff. So, get them something cute, but don’t forget some hypoallergenic wipes, too.

27. Newborn Girl Comfy Baby Gift Basket

Love the idea of a gift basket, but not so much the idea of putting it together and making it look presentable? Here’s one that does all the work for you and will make you and Baby feel like a million bucks! This comfy girl basket has all the cute and ideal stuffings inside: from a chunky towel and a soft bear, to booties, socks and more. 

28. Headband Organizer

Personalized with Baby Girl’s name, this headband organizer is everything the new parent didn’t know they needed!

She’ll have one for each outfit once there’s a spot to hang them all. Also great for other things, like hats, pacifier holders, and toys.

29. Floral Blanket Sleeper

How precious is this side-zip blanket sleeper? Keep little one warm and cozy all night long, and mom happy with what a breeze those late-night changes are. A perfect choice.

30. Personalized My 1st Christmas Ornament

Everyone needs a personalized “My 1st Christmas Ornament” like this one! So cute and so much fun to “awwww” over each and every time you decorate the tree, this ornament will be treasured for years and years to come. 

31. Inkless Printing Kit

There’s just nothing more adorable than a baby’s hands and feet! So chubby and chunky and teeny-tiny, they make Mom and Dad wish they would stay that little forever!

So help them by freezing a moment in time with this hand and footprint inkless printing kit.

32. Organic Gumdrop Support Pillow

An essential for any new mom, this support will be used and used and used. Designed with baby in mind, it offers plenty of support for nursing and playtime. Peewee will love it, and mom will be ever so grateful for it.

33. Personalized Wooden Rattle

This sweet, personalized wooden rattle is a keepsake if we’ve ever seen one! It’s charmingly old-fashioned, but also modern and timeless. There are lots of colors to choose from, and the makers have crafted this toy to be safe and extra good for motor skills and teething. 

34. Baby Wipe Warmer & Dispenser

Yikes! A lil, nekked baby bottom certainly doesn’t want a cold wipe on it. Prep those chilly wipes with a warmer and dispenser for a happier baby during midnight diaper changes.

A practical gift that new moms and dads probably don’t know has even been invented. But it’s sure to be one that they will love!

35. New Baby Essentials Kit

Everything they need to get them through the first few weeks of baby life! With everyday essentials like gas relief drops, Butt Paste, saline spray, gripe water and much more, these are the little lifesaving remedies that every new parent needs. 

36. Ubbi Diaper Pail

Lock those nasty odors away with this amazing Ubbi diaper pail. Who knew such a tiny baby bottom could produce such odiferous smells? This pail will banish those gag-inducing smells forever with its ingenious design.

And it looks like something from the space age… kinda like something George and Judy Jetson would have! 

37. Healthcare & Grooming Kit

All of these little tools are so necessary for Baby. Mom and Dad will love having these nearby: from the wee little fingernail clippers, to the cradle cap comb and thermometer. Everything they need all in one handy, zippered pouch!

38. DIY Baby Mittens

We’re not sure there’s anything cuter in the whole wide world than a baby in mittens! Unless it’s a baby in a hat. Or socks.

Learn how to make a pair for the cute new bundle of joy with this easy how-to guide!

39. Baby Boy Hamper

Filled to the brim with all sorts of sweet items like booties and hats, this totally useful hamper will get daily use! And the box can be great for anything from organizing bath toys to stacking diapers to sorting the next size of clothes.

This also makes the perfect gift to send when you can’t make it to the shower yourself!

40. Adorable Owl Baby Nail Kit

Keep Baby’s nails short and snag free with this adorable owl kit! Those little hands and feet love to flail about as Baby learns fine motor skills, but snags and tears can cause scratches on their little faces. This cute owl will look so sweet in the nursery and it’s practical, too, making it the perfect baby shower gift. 

41. Soothing Projector Night Light + Timer

Part projector, part night light, part noise machine, and finally, part timer. This soothing machine will be Mom and Dad’s favorite gift by far! Easily taken with for vacations or to Gramma’s house, the little one will easily fall asleep without fussing when he or she has this little beauty nearby. 

42. Dr. Brown’s Glass Baby Bottles

If the new parents have been diligent about ditching plastic, there’s no need for them to give up just because a new baby has arrived! These glass bottles from Dr. Brown are just the ticket. 

Not only are they adorable as ever, but they’re great for reducing colic, too. The silicone nipples are shaped just right to go from breast to bottle and back again without causing confusion. Dishwasher safe, as well, which is a huge plus.

43. Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers

A good binkie is hard to find, but this set of five takes the cake! Baby will love them and feel soothed and happy. The design is tried and true and engineered to feel the most like Mom, and they’re easily tossed in the dishwasher for cleaning. 

44. Bring My Mom Coffee

It’s funny because it’s true! Who knows how many much needed cups of coffee Mommy will get with these absolutely great socks?

45. My First Keepsake Set

Keep all of those “firsts” and look adorable while doing so with this cute set! From first haircuts to first savings to first teeth, there are just so many sentimental things to hold onto. You can get this adorable set in pink or blue, making it a great gift option for the baby who already seems to have everything. 

46. Grandma You Gotta Get Me

This funny onesie is clever and true! Grandmas and their daughters will crack up at this statement, and even strangers will laugh. We’ve all been there. Why not admit it and giggle about it?

47. Brave Little Lion

This brave little lion stuffy is so sweet and soft. Baby will love cuddling and squeezing their new BFF. And it has a sentimental message that will grow with them and remind them of how much they are loved.

48. Baby Bear Fleece Swaddle

What’s cuter than a baby? A baby bear? How about a baby swaddled up in an adorable bear fleece? This ultra plush, soft fleece swaddle is so darn adorable, but also sooooo comfortable for Baby! Mancubs and girl cubs alike will love cozying up in this one. 

49. Growth Chart

This personalized chart will look so amazing in the nursery, and Mom and Dad will love tracking their baby’s growth! You know what they say: they grow up sooooo fast. So make sure to document it!

50. Waterproof Travel Baby Bag

If you’re asking why does a baby bag need to be waterproof, then this may be your first child! 

This great bag doesn’t look like your typical diaper bag that Dad will cringe over carrying — instead it’s a great looking travel bag that will hold all of Baby’s essentials. No crying over spilt milk with this one!

51. Cozy Personalized Elephant Blanket

You can tell how soft this is just by looking, can’t you? This cozy, personalized elephant blankey is just right for long naps and learning to sleep through the night! Personalized with their very own name, it’s ideal for taking to daycare as well. 

52. Embroidered Comforter Toy

Sweet little stuffies that are also soft blankies are just the ticket for Baby! When you personalize them with their name and birthday, it’s makes these cuddly comforter toys just the best on the market.

53. Nursery Name Sign

Whether hung over their crib or on their nursery door, this gorgeous sign with Baby’s carefully chosen moniker is going to look just stunning! Who are you, the best gift giver ever, or what??

PS: Triple check the spelling. Is it Everleigh, Everly, or Everlee?

54. DIY-Diaper Cake

Especially wonderful for the second, third, fourth, etc., parents because they don’t need yet another set of onesies, washcloths, or wipe warmers! What they need and really WANT, is enough diapers to get them through a few months!

Learn how to make your own diaper cake and they will be blessing you for all of eternity.

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55. Beyond the Moon Personalized Blanket

For the most special of babies comes the most special of blankets — one that is personalized just so! This super soft throw will beg to be cuddled, swaddled, and snuggled up with. Great for sharing with Mommy and Daddy, too! 

56. Baby Blanket

You can tell just how amazingly soft and plush this personalized tie-dyed baby blanket is just by looking, can’t you? The perfect size to grow with them, this blanket is going to get a ton of use, and will only get softer with each wash.

57. Personalized Teether

Teething can be a beast, but make it a little easier with these cute teethers! They’re personalized and nubby, making them great for sore gums.

58. 100% Cotton Chestnut Muslin Swaddle

Lightweight and 100% cotton, this chestnut muslin swaddle cloth is great for summer babies! Wrap them up just the way they like and watch them slowly drift to sleep. Is there anything cuter than a softly snoring, happy baby?

59. First Time Tags

Make her laugh with these “first time” tags! She’ll be cracking up at each clever one, and we wonder how long before she goes through them all?

You can attach them to mini bottles of alcohol, bags of coffee, or any other decadent and totally needed reward for those trying times!

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60. Diaper Changing Station Bag

There’s nothing worse than a diaper blowout in a public place with no changing table! No worries when you have this epic foldable bassinet and changing station bag! It’s practically George and Judy Jetson worthy in its modern functionality.

61. Crib Bumper

It’s important for the health of the baby to have a good quality crib bumper, but why not have one that looks amazing too? This braided knot pillow crib bumper is so unusual and unique: we love the bumpy but soft feel, and the muted gray colors.

62. Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are so necessary for the first-time parent especially! They give Mom and Dad peace of mind and a chance to catch their breath.

Give the parents security with a gift they really want and need, instead of yet another pillow or set of pajamas.

63. Parent Decision Coin

When it comes to whose turn it is to change the diaper or do the midnight feeding, don’t leave it up to anything less than this fun decision coin! You can’t argue with fate!

64. Milestone Tracker

This milestone tracker set is great for the parents who love to update on social media their baby’s progress! It’s the perfect spot for a camera ready little superstar.

65. Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

So cheery and sunny, these organic cotton crib sheets are so wonderful, you might want to purchase another set! They’ll feel soft as a baby’s bum and will quickly brighten up the nursery space. Make the crib a favorite spot for Baby with this great set of sheets. 

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