50 Best Gifts For Someone In A Nursing Home

When your family member or loved one has moved into a nursing home or assisted living facility, of course the best gift is the gift of time!

Spending good, quality time with them is priceless, but there are instances when you simply cannot be everywhere at once. That’s why sending some wonderful gifts is a great way to show how much you care.

They may live in a different city, state, or even country, but you can still express your love for them through the perfect gift! So, here are 50 of the best gifts for elderly nursing home residents we could find to get you started. 

Whether you opt for a more practical idea that they can use on a daily basis, or you prefer a more special gift, there are plenty of options below. Whatever you choose, they’re sure to love it.

Best Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

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1. Navien Warming Mattress Topper

Give the gift of warmth and comfort. This amazing Navien warming mattress topper is practically a God-send! It’s water-powered so there’s no risk of overheating or fire. 

The elderly can get so cold so quickly, and drops in body temperature can really affect existing medical conditions. So help them ward off the chills and get their best night sleep yet with this fabulous invention. 

2. Unisex Sheepskin Slippers

Keep their dogs comfy and cozy instead of barkin’ all day long with these unisex sheepskin slippers! Fuzzy socks pose a slipping risk, but who wants to wear shoes all day long? Not us and not them either. 

These handsome slippers are like clouds on their feet. And they’re handcrafted and sustainable, too, so you can feel great about your purchase.

3. Berkshire Cable Knit Robe Set

This Berkshire cable knit robe set comes with lounge pants, and it is such a darling shade of pink that she will love!

So comfortable on the skin, she’ll want to wear it from breakfast all the way to dinner time. And why not? She has every right at this stage of life. 

4. Air Purifier 

An air purifier is one of the best options for practical gifts for nursing home residents. It keeps the room feeling just right and the air clean and fresh with just the push of a button.

Remove all the toxins and nastiness from the air, and even make it smell better (nursing homes can tend to have that particular ‘smell’) thanks to its aroma slot. Breathing easily makes for a restful night’s sleep and more alert days.

5. Mini Fridge Freezer Combo

They’ll love having their favorite snacks and beverages chilled and ready for noshin’ with this mini fridge and freezer combo! From Oreos and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, to Rootbeer, sparkling waters, and yogurts — they’ll be so happy to have their favorite food items right at their fingertips.

 It will come in especially handy when the nursing home facility is serving Mysterious Meatloaf or Casserole Surprise for the second night in a row…

6. Clima Sense Comforter

Such luxury! They deserve these lightweight, cooling comforters.

It will bring about a wonderful night’s sleep, thanks to its cutting-edge technology that regulates their body temperature. Warm, soft blankets that easily fit into any decor make an excellent gift idea. 

7. Adjustable Wedge Pillows

Getting comfy in bed is no easy task! Make it a breeze with these great adjustable wedge pillows.

They can be relocated and moved around until your loved one is ready to sleep like a baby. No more aches and pains and brand new knots when they awake.

8. Digital Clock and Sound Machine 

I know I wouldn’t want to live without mine! Help them tune out the sounds of a busy hallway or traffic with a digital clock and sound machine.

The soothing sounds of rushing water, friendly bird calls, soft breezes, and the like will make their restless night’s sleep a restful night’s sleep. 

9. Adjustable Lap Table

A great option if you are looking for an alternative to a rolling, bedside table. Perfect for couches or beds, this gorgeous, adjustable lap table is going to come in handy so often! 

If your loved one is bedridden, or even if they just enjoy a good Sunday brunch from the comfort of their favorite bedspread and pillows (after all, who doesn’t), this is a great, practical gift for them.

It also folds flat and compact for storage, which is great since many nursing home facilities have limited space.

10. Personalized Cable Knit Sherpa Throw 

A good throw is worth its weight in gold, don’t you think? This personalized, cable knit version is so soft and just heavy enough for chilly early mornings or snuggling on the veranda on a summer’s night.

It’s sherpa lined and the personalization means no one can mistake it for their own! One of our favorite picks for customizable gifts for nursing home residents.

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11. Plush Fleece Sleepwear Set

Who even wants to get dressed in “real” clothes when you have such a handsome pair of plush fleece sleepwear?

Your father or grandfather will absolutely adore this set and will adore you for giving it to him! So cozy and easy to get in and out of, too. Available in different colors, so pick whichever suits him best. 

12. Wooden Puzzle Set

Jigsaw puzzles are great, but we think these wooden puzzles are so much better. Keep him sharp as a tack with this set of five different wooden puzzles! 

He’ll love playing them all on his own, but he’ll really love showing off his skills to the nursing home staff or visitors. His hand-eye coordination will improve, his boredom will be reduced, and his fingers will stay spry and nimble. Such much fun.

13. Mechanical Wood Model

He’ll be amazed at the craftsmanship of this gorgeous, mechanical wood model!

The only thing better than the finished product (which is a work of art, quite frankly) is putting it together with his friends, family, or fellow residents. A perfect way to pass the time.

14. Leather Nail and Grooming Kit

Keep those hands groomed, manicured and ready for mischief with this leather nail and grooming set! No one wants overgrown talons, so help him stay as handsome and suave as ever with a good set like this. 

And even if he can no longer take care of this task himself, family members or the skilled nursing staff would appreciate having this great gift on hand.

15. Merino Wool Socks

No one wants cold feet! These merino wool socks are just the ticket to keep the chills at bay and look good doing it.

Soft but still thick and sturdy, these socks will be around for a long time to come. Play around with different styles and patterns and colors and fill up his sock drawer for life! 

16. Classic TV Series

Classic TV Series

Now that he has transitioned to a new phase of life, he has a lot more time on his hands than he used to! Help him pass the time with some classic TV series. Whether he’s a western fan or prefers solving mysteries with Columbo, there’s something here for everyone.

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17. Classic Literature

Classic Literature

Not much of a TV fan, huh? Well then give him some classic literature to help pass the time! If he’s a bookworm at heart, then he’ll definitely adore diving into a great title. Choose a fancy new addition of one of his all-time favorite books, or perhaps one of the classics below.

18. The Meat Bouquet

As wonderful as his nursing home and staff may be, everyone knows the food isn’t…well, it isn’t gourmet or Michelin starred, right?

Get him something that will make him laugh and then fill his belly with this great meat bouquet. He’ll be the hit of the home! Not that he’ll be sharing.

19. Wooden Magnetic Chess Set

If he loves a good game of chess, he’ll love having his own set instead of having to wait his turn to use the nursing home’s public version.

This one is magnetic so the fear of dropping or losing the pieces can be kicked to the curb. Chess is one of the most beloved board games for good reason, and playing will keep him sharp and alert and as spry as ever. 

20. Digital Photo Frame

Here’s a great gift that you can keep fresh by sending it regular updates. The Skylight Digital Photo Frame not only rotates through pictures of all their favorite people, but it also allows you (and any other family member or friend they choose) to instantly send new snapshots!

They’ll feel all the more connected to you, and won’t have to figure out how to unlock their phone or deal with that newfangled MyFaceTokFriendsterGram.

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21. Giving Heart Weighted Pillow

This weighted pillow is so pretty, she’ll love having it on her bed almost as much as she loves hugging it.

Great for after surgeries to help her sit up, or just to have the feel of something warm and heavy in her arms. You can even choose her favorite color! A thoughtful way to comfort her on those cold nights. 

22. Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Teas, Coffees & Cocoas

If she is a tea lover, she’ll love having a variety on hand for visitors or just for herself! This herbal, loose leaf tea sampler won’t give her the caffeine jitters or keep her up at night, even if she sips it at bedtime.

With its yummy flavors, it’s a much more fun way to keep hydrated than boring water. 

23. Breathe Wellness Candle

With its soothing aroma and soft candlelight (that will transform her room into a cozy haven), this Breathe wellness candle is a delight.

Banish annoying and cloying scents, and get some ambiance at the same time with this gift!

She’ll think of you each time she lights it, and once the candle is all used up, she can wash out the pretty jar and use it to hold hair pins or cotton balls. 

24. Semi Precious Healing Bracelet

Made from Reiki healing crystals, this bracelet is as useful as it is pretty! She’ll love feeling a little dressed up and sophisticated while at the same time, staying healthy and young-at-heart.

Strung with elastic, the bracelet is easy to slip on and off (no pesky clasps or fasteners). These bracelets are a great idea for thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts.

25. Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are great to lift your mood, and they clean out the air and help heal as well. This ceramic essential oil diffuser is one that will bring some chicness into her room.

And it’s a no-brainer when it comes to what to give her next: more essential oils to add to her collection! Such a great idea when you’re looking for practical yet stylish gifts for nursing home residents.

26. Self-Heating Ceramic Mug

Anybody would adore this one! This amazing self-heating, ceramic mug not only keeps her tea, coffee or soup at the perfect temperature (no matter how slow of a sipper she is), but it also charges her phone.

We’ll take one in each color, please and thank you! 

They’ll even throw in tea strainer, too. And no worries: it’s smart enough to know to shut off automatically if she doesn’t pick up her mug in an hour. 

27. Loving You Willow Tree Figure

She’ll love sprucing up her room and redecorating when she has this lovely Loving You Willow Tree figurine as inspiration.

Great for mothers and grandmothers, sisters, or just your best friend for life, this pretty piece of art will be much loved and much appreciated. 

28. Sunflower Window Suncatcher 

Keep her window sunny and bright with this fun sunflower suncatcher!

Even if she can’t go outside due to ill health or being bedridden, she’ll love having a cheerful and bright bit of nature to look at from her window. It will really lift her spirits and make her room her favorite place. 

29. Themed Large Print Word Searches 

Keep her mind as sharp and witty as ever with some themed, large print word searches! She can keep the boredom at bay with a simple pencil and her own brainiac powers.

It’s so important for all of us to keep our minds bright and alert in a fun way. Don’t you agree?

30. Wonderful Wishes Bouquet

Gorgeous flowers are much appreciated and this bouquet is a honey! Smelling like a garden in full bloom, this batch will make her smile and clap her hands.

It will really brighten up her room, but don’t be surprised if she wants to share it with the other residents and put it in a common room for all to enjoy. 

Helpful Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

31. Self Heating Lunch Box

How wonderful is this self heating lunch box? We’d say pretty darn wonderful! And useful, too.

Your loved one can keep it in their room for whenever a bowl of rice, Ramen, oatmeal, or soup beckons. If they’re anything like me, those things beckon pretty often! 

32. No Rinse Bathing Wipes

Now they can stay clean and fresh as a daisy in between baths and showers! These no rinse bathing wipes live up to the hype, and they’ll be indispensable in no time.

Quick and simple to use, they’ll keep your loved one feeling healthy, hygienic, and better about themselves; even when it’s hard to get out of bed. 

33. Caregiver Pager

Now they can move freely about the nursing home and the grounds knowing that help — should they need it — is only a button away!

This caregiver pager is so useful and practical, and is as simple as can be. It really provides a lot of security and confidence to someone who needs it, but still values their freedom. 

34. Skil-Care Heel Protectors

These Skil-Care heel protectors are made from high-quality sheepskin and will provide relief and comfort to an area that really takes a beating — your heels!

Soft and airy, they will instantly help tired and worn out feet, and will quickly become a “why didn’t I get these sooner?” kind of gift. 

35. Curefaster Wound Care

Bedsores, diabetes care, pressure sores — you name it — the Curefaster wound care is here to help!

They’ll get back on their feet in a quicker fashion when their wounds dry and heal in record time. It’s even great for sensitive skin or someone with burns or eczema. 

36. Medline Shower Chair

Help them enjoy a hot shower (which is so rejuvenating) without the risk of falls and slips, with this Medline shower chair!

Now they can scrub up, get clean, and feel totally ready for the day all while safely sitting. This will definitely be their favorite fixture in the whole bathroom. 

37. Eucalyptus Handmade Walking Cane

Help them look completely dapper and chic with this eucalyptus handmade walking cane! Who says you can’t be sophisticated with a walking aid?

Not us. This one is so gorgeous they’ll forget they need it for assistance and will love it simply for the style.

38. Gooseneck Electric Kettle

A cuppa tea or pour-over coffee? Instant oatmeal or a soothing bowl of Ramen noodles? The possibilities are endless when you have this gooseneck electric kettle!

It’ll be so nice for them to brew (or cook!) at their own convenience instead of waiting for approved mealtimes in the cafeteria. 

39. Burt’s Bees Body Care Set

Keep their hands and feet all smooth as a baby’s bum with this great set from Burt’s Bees! And it’s so much more than your average body lotion

Made with natural, high-quality ingredients, everything in this nursing home care package is like food for your skin. Just enough scent to feel like you’re at a spa, but not enough to overwhelm delicate senses.

40. Compression Socks

They’ll love having a new pair of compression socks like these. Practical and useful, these socks are great for day and night, and they’re so stylish, too! Extra long for happy legs and feet.

Nursing Home Care Package Ideas

41. Homemade Cookies, Treats, or Meals

Homemade Cookies, Treats, or Meals

Try to deduce what their favorite is. Do they have a sweet tooth? Or is savory their (bacon) jam?

Put together a nice basket or box with homemade treats. Bring enough for them to share with their roommate or nursing home friends! 

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42. Fruit Care Package

Check Latest Price

Fresh fruit may be hard to get depending on the nursing home, so bring them a fruit care package!

Go for their favorites, or maybe put in some new exciting ones that they might not have tried before like dragon fruit, papayas, figs, and starfruit. 

43. Their Favorite Things Package

Their Favorite Things Package

Well, what do they love most? Reading? Then go for books! Tea? Package some in a new mug. Games? That’s an easy one — just remember to stay and play with them!

Do they love scrapbooking or knitting? Just do what Julie Andrews says and, “simply remember your favorite things, and then you won’t feel so sad.”

44. Comfort Care Package

Give them comfort in a box! Ideas can include: 

  • A throw blanket
  • A mug
  • Hand cream
  • Lip balms
  • A heated blanket
  • Satin pillowcases

45. Practical Items Box

gifts for nursing home residents - practical items box

Sometimes they run out of practical things, but the necessities are just that — necessary! Boxes like these will come together to create much appreciated gifts for nursing home residents. Items can include:

  • A new pair of gloves
  • Fingernail clippers
  • A water bottle or tumbler
  • A new hair brush or comb set
  • Body wash
  • Grippy socks 
  • Deodorant 
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

46. Teas, Coffees & Cocoas

Teas, Coffees & Cocoas - gifts for nursing home residents

Keep them cozy from the inside out with a box or basket full of yummy teas, coffees, and cocoas.

Add in a new mug, some marshmallows, maybe even a cute set of spoons to round out your beverage care package. 

47. Healing Collection Spa Set

This set is organic and oh-so pampering and luscious! Anyone would love such a thoughtful and useful gift.

You can also use this idea to DIY your own similar one, using locally sourced items or ones you’ve made yourself.

48. First Aid Essentials Basket

First Aid Essentials Basket - gifts for nursing home residents

Know they’re safe, healthy, and well cared for when you give them a first aid essentials basket. We hate to consider having to use these types of items, but practical gifts for nursing home residents like this are necessities.

From band-aids, cotton balls, and gauze, to Neosporin, a thermometer, and anti-itch cream — it all comes in handy for those bumps, scrapes and bruises.

49. Sloth Hugs Package 

Care packages don’t get much cuter than this. This little, snuggly sloth (or llama if you so choose), carries with him a candle, some matches, and a sweet handwritten note from you.

They will love having a new little friend to keep them company when you’re away. Sweet and thoughtful gifts for nursing home residents like this are always loved and appreciated.

50. Activities Basket 

gifts for nursing home residents - activities basket - gifts for nursing home residents

Start with a box or basket, then simply add in their favorite games! You could include adult coloring books, activity books, a deck of cards, large print crossword puzzles… The list goes on and on! 

They’ll always have something fun to do at their fingertips, and won’t feel the need to reach for the remote control so often. Add in a small notebook and pencil set for keeping score when they challenge their friends (or you!)

Visiting Etiquette

What do you say when you visit someone in a nursing home?

Always be upbeat and cheerful! Nursing homes aren’t always the most upbeat places, so bringing cheer, smiles, and laughter is a must.

And don’t just stay to visit your loved one — use the opportunity to get to know someone who maybe doesn’t get many visitors. They’ll bless you as much as you are blessing them, we guarantee it. 

How do you cheer up a nursing home resident?

Bringing flowers or a cute stuffed animal is always a good idea, as is homemade food (call ahead and ask the people in charge however, in case of allergies or foods to avoid).

Plan to stay as long as you can — a quick and rushed visit could potentially bum them out more than they were before. 

Consider bringing photo books that they would enjoy looking at with you, or puzzle books.

For ladies, you could also bring a collection of nail polish and spend a little time pampering them. They’ll love admiring your handiwork after you leave.

What should you bring when visiting a nursing home?

Bring yourself, of course! Kids or grandkids if you have them — nothing brightens someone’s day as much as children, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to teach your young ones to serve, love, and honor their elders.

How about a musical instrument? Music therapy is a beautiful and powerful thing. You could go through a photo album together, or bring a journal to write down their memories. 

Food is nice, too! Maybe some snacks they haven’t indulged in a long time, or a fresh box of donuts picked up on the way.

Flowers are always lovely, and you could also bring something sunny or sentimental to brighten up their room — think hand drawn pictures from your children, or a framed photo. 

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