55+ Greatest Gifts for Coffee Lovers and Baristas

…which is, like, most of us. Finding the perfect gifts for your favorite coffee lovers shouldn’t be that hard since we’re sorta everywhere, right? We certainly think so. There may be a few oddballs out there (possibly with a screw or two loose) who don’t like a rich cuppa Joe, but they are few and far between. 

We aren’t so sure they deserve gifts, either… Just kidding. Maybe. 

But for the jittery bunch of us who have caffeine running through our veins 24/7, here is our list of 55+ greatest gifts for coffee lovers and baristas!

20 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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1. The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee

Even if your favorite barista seems to know all he/she needs to whip up that cortado with half and half and cinnamon, there is always some continuing education to be had! 

They’ll love learning more and more about their favorite beverage, and maybe consider turning their side hustle/part time job into a full-fledged calling and career once you give them this amazing book!

2. Don’t Speak Coffee Mug

Remind your friends, family and coworkers that you actually ARE a morning person…but not before a full cup of coffee! This cute mug is sure to coax some smiles out of even the grumpiest of early birds. Perfect for yourself or get a few of them as gifts for all your favorite coffee lovers.

3. Arabica Coffee Scrub

Sure, you can drink it, but coffee is also great for exfoliating your dried out, thirsty skin! This yummy smelling scrub will have you longing for yet another hot shower at the end of your busy shift.

It’s organic and has ingredients like shea butter and almond oil, so you’ll be as soft as a baby’s backside in no time!

4. Triple Chocolate Espresso Beans

When you need a boost of energy FAST — like, faster than it would take to sip a hot brew — then these triple chocolate espresso beans are here for the rescue! They’re tri-colored and tri-flavored (milk, dark, and white) and so delicious you’d best buy a couple bags for sharing purposes! 

5. Caffeine Molecule Bracelet

True coffee lovers will be head over heels for this caffeine molecule bracelet! It’s combined with their birthstone as well, making it even more unique and unusual — in all the best ways. Pretty and dainty, it is sure to get a lot of compliments. 

If your barista or coffee loving friend loves all things caffeinated and quirky, this bracelet takes the cake for sure!

6. Neutral Espresso Set

This neutral espresso set is a minimalist’s dream! Crafted entirely by hand, it’s the perfect way to sip your fair trade, organic, pour over brew with a full heart and a happy belly. 

It will look just as gorgeous in your kitchen collection as it will cradled in your hands. A sophisticated gift for the true coffee lover. 

7. Coffee Mystery Box

Remember back in the day some stores would have brown paper bags stapled shut and labeled “girl” or “boy” for a dollar or two? I loved me some grab bags! The mystery was half the fun (the other half was getting to open it and see what I got). 

These coffee mystery boxes are like grown up grab bags and make fab gifts for coffee lovers! And instead of a lame eraser or hairbrush, you get COFFEE! Six bags to be exact, plus a yummy baked good. 

8. Birth Flower Mug

Keep your gift simple but still delightfully personalized with one of these birth flower mugs! The birth flower artwork, along with their very own moniker, will result in their new favorite mug.

They’ll want to take it with them wherever they go: work, on a walk, out to the porch — you get the idea! And the clear glass makes their coffee shine through.

9. The World Atlas of Coffee

Learn even more about your favorite hot beverage with this fabulous World Atlas of Coffee book! It makes for surprisingly addictive reading. You’ll learn answers to questions you’d never think to ask, and may just want to sign up for a coffee appreciation course next.

Travel the world from your armchair!

10. If You Can Read This…

Put your feet up and let these socks do the rest! Funny and witty, but also cozy and warm, these socks will make everyone laugh. And then go fetch you a coffee like the peasants they are (wink-wink.)

11. Escape Scented Candle

Coffee smells amazing, but you don’t always want to have it constantly filling up your nasal passages! For the barista, picker, or roaster in your life who never gets to appreciate any other scent, these luxurious candles will be a game changer!

12. Coffee Macarons

These coffee inspired and flavored macarons are heavenly. Your friend will adore munching on these delicious, handmade cookies that would put any old chocolate chip out to pasture! We suggest purchasing an extra box… for yourself, of course.

There are six different flavors — each one more delightful than the last. And what to sip on while you devour them? Well, isn’t it obvious?

13. Coffee Journal

This handsome coffee journal is for serious brew lovers only. They can mark down each brew according to taste, where it is grown, how it is brewed, etc. Keeping track of the serious business of coffee has never been so much fun (or looked so organized)!

14. Home Cold Brew Maker

I admit to being late to the party when it comes to cold brew, but I am onboard the train now — better late than never! The only thing is, it can get so expensive to treat yourself everyday at the coffee shop.

Enter in this amazing home cold brew maker! You and your friends will love staying caffeinated and full of energy with each delightful sip. 

15. Keurig Reusable K-Cup

Even the inventor of the Keurig style of coffee brewing regrets it! Though they may be convenient, those little pods are so bad for the planet. But don’t toss the whole machine just yet! Buy these Keurig reusable K-cups and fill them with your favorite beans.

You — and the earth — will be so happy you did!

16. Vietnamese Coffee Brew Filter

For the true coffee aficionado, try this Vietnamese coffee brew filter! It’s made of stainless steel and will brew a truly delectable cup of Vietnamese coffee. For someone for whom coffee brewing is a whole ritual and not just a mindless morning activity, this is a real winner. 

17. London Sip Espresso Maker

This copper pot is sooooo pretty! Outfit your kitchen in style and sophistication, all while enjoying a wonderful cup of espresso. You’ll never want to make a boring drip pot of coffee again with this beauty around. You’ll seriously feel like a real barista.

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18. Marble Pour Over Coffee Stand 

Handmade of marble, this pour over coffee stand puts all other coffee makers to shame! It’s practically a work of art, from its brass stand to its marble and quartz base.

If the kitchen is the heart of their home and coffee sipping is their “happy place,” this amazing gift will fit the bill. 

19. Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser

Just like you see on all those cooking shows, this classic whipped cream dispenser will delight and feed your desire for whipped creamy goodness! Perfect for topping your hot mochas and lattes, or just for adding a bit of creaminess to your regular coffee, this makes the whole experience fun.

20. Coffee Brew Methods Art

Perfect for your coffee loving friends or self, this coffee brew methods art is educational and good looking, too. Hung near your coffee machine or kitchen, it’s a whimsical way to honor your favorite beverage. Such a fun gift for coffee lovers! 

10 Best Gifts for Baristas

21. Barista Apron

A good apron is worth its weight in gold! This one is fabulous for hard working baristas. It’s durable and will stand up to frothed milk gone awry, spilt coffee, and greasy pastries! They’ll love having their name or logo right on the front, and the pockets are so handy for holding cash tips, their phone, wallet, and the like.

22. Will Work for Coffee Badge Reel

This cute “Will Work for Coffee” badge reel is the best way to display your nametag! It will catch everyone’s attention and bring a smile to their faces. “Me too!” will be a constant response to this fun gift.

23. Best. Barista. Ever.

Leave no doubt who the best barista ever is with one of these classic tumblers! It isn’t just cute, it’s totally durable and will keep their beverage either piping hot or icy cold during their long work shifts. You can pick the color, too!

24. Chemex Classic

This classic Chemex is so lovely to look at, you’ll never want to banish it to a cupboard! Plus, the coffee it makes is so delicious you won’t want to ever brew another way again. Timeless design meets brewing simplicity! That makes this gift a shoe-in. 

25. Walnut Tamper Stand

For a gift that will wow your barista or home coffee connoisseur, look no further than this walnut tamper stand!

Espresso lovers will beam with pride over this beautiful piece. When the someone you love is difficult to shop for (and the last thing they need is yet another mug) this gorgeous and functional gift aims to please even the pickiest. 

26. Barista Enamel Pin

This darling little pin is just the thing for dressing up a work outfit or apron! They’ll love and appreciate your thoughtfulness each and every time they wear it. A fun and sweet way to show you appreciate your hard working barista! 

27. Customized Coffee Bar Towel

These great and handsome coffee bar towels are so absorbent and durable, you’ll want to get several! Customize them with your barista’s name or coffee shop logo for an extra boost of thoughtfulness. So cute!

28. Coffee Pendants

These quaint and pretty pendants come in silver or gold, and are just right for adding to any style or outfit. If your day revolves around coffee, this is the necklace for you. You can even select the length of the chain! 

These pretty gifts for coffee lovers will bring a sparkle to their eyes.

29. Smart Pour Milk Frothing Pitcher

Making coffee is a precise art. This smart pour milk frothing pitcher will make the process smoother and easier. The pitcher’s tapered spout means you can create the best of latte and foam art. Every artist needs the right tools!

30. Hand Moisturizers 

All that food service means a lot of washing of hands which means a lot of dry, flaky skin to deal with! Counterbalance that with a good, high quality moisturizer like one from Mrs. Meyers. They come in wonderful scents, or just plain unscented.

Your barista’s hands will thank you this winter!

10 Quirky Gifts for Coffee Lovers

31. Coffee People Planters

These cute coffee people planters are the best things we’ve seen all year! They’ll make everyone who sees them smile and ask where they got them. The answer of course is you, oh fabulous gift-giver! Functional and practical, they’re awfully darling too. 

32. Sorry I’m Late…

It’s funny because it’s true! Being late is one thing, being late without a coffee in your hand? Well, it doesn’t bear thinking about! At least we can laugh at ourselves, right? This cute keychain says it all.

33. Dapper Coffee Cufflinks

Put some whimsy in your style with these dapper coffee cufflinks! If your friend is hard to shop for, these are a no-brainer. He’ll feel manly and positively studly sporting these fun and clever cufflinks. 

34. Coffee Maker Ornament 

Every coffee lover’s tree needs one of these! This totally cute ornament will stand out amongst the, mmm, shall we say dull and predictable candy canes, Santas, elves, and balls. Such a neat gift for your whole book club, Mom’s Group, or as a token for your favorite barista. 

35. Cute Cuffed Coffee Beanie 

How cute will this cuffed coffee beanie look with a flannel shirt and some great boots? You’ll be making everyone around jealous with your laid-back, coffee style. There are six different colors to choose from, so consider these for your next family photo!

36. Death Before Decaf

Decaf? Never let it be said (or drunk)! This clever decal/sticker is perfect for slipping into a card and mailing to your bestie. It really says it all, doesn’t it? Or buy a bunch and pass them out at your next Halloween bash or coffee get-together.

37.My Blood Type is Coffee

Amen to that! We all bleed red…except for those of us that bleed French Roast. This fun print has a retro and vintage vibe, making it perfect for a waiting room, a lobby, your own coffee shop, or in your kitchen next to the coffee maker! We also love the green color and the friendly illustration. 

In my opinion, these posters would make such cute gifts for coffee lovers.

38. Coffee Pot Mug

This mug is one of those things that you never knew you needed until you saw it. With the ability to hold 16 oz, this carafe shaped mug will quickly become any coffee lover’s  favorite!

39. Coffee O’ Clock

Everyone has keys but not everyone has the most adorable keychain like this one! It’s a clever nod to our favorite addiction. It’s definitely caffeine-thirty, right? Made of wood and perfectly laser engraved, this is a sweet little gift.

40. That’s What I do

Handmade and with a sentiment that rings ever so true, this cute sign will make your friends laugh and nod in agreement. It will look adorable nestled in amongst your favorite beans, brews and mugs, or sitting on a shelf. Coffee guru, that’s you!

10 Best Gifts for Coffee Roasters & Home Baristas

41. Handheld Milk Frother

Sometimes the frothy, creamy milk is the best part! Okay, okay, the second best part. This handheld milk frother is an excellent gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Whether that’s your BFF, your spouse who brings it to you in bed, or you yourself. A fun little gift that will feel totally decadent and expensive!

42. Electric Coffee Bean Cooler

Mmmmmm, can’t you smell those delicious beans from here? We know we can. Keep those perfectly roasted little devils at just the right degree by cooling them down the second they’re perfect.

This amazing electric coffee bean cooler is the perfect gift for your favorite coffee roaster!

43. Burr Hand Grinder

There may be a million and one ways to brew coffee, but the one thing everyone can agree on? You must grind your own beans for the freshest and best flavor! This Burr hand grinder is the bee’s knees and all your friends will want one. 

44. Mueller Stainless French Press 

French presses are sooooo easy and make the most delicious brews! You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a cafe in Paris, with a croissant, painting the sunset, and feeling the summer breeze in your hair once you have this Mueller stainless French press.

Every morning will feel special when you have this in your life. 

45. Kona Coffee for Roasting

Yummers! Kona coffee is arguably the best coffee out there. These extra fancy green beans are all ready for your special touches in the roasting process. Talk about fresh and smooth — you’ve never had a cup of coffee this good.

46. Coffee Makers Handbook

Read all about your addiction — um, we mean, hobby — while you’re sipping on some! This Coffee Makers Handbook will answer all your burning questions about everyone’s favorite bean.

It’s a real page-turner and you may just be inspired to turn your “hobby” into a career once you’ve read it cover to cover. 

47. Burr Automatic Coffee Grinder

Grind your own beans and be transported to another world. A world of the best coffee, that is. This Burr automatic coffee grinder only takes a few extra seconds in the morning, and voila! You will treasure each and every sip. 

48. De’ Longhi Espresso Machine 

Drinking an espresso midday is a must for so many people. But the price? Aye-yai-yai. Those $5 mochas and $7 cold brews really hurt your pocketbook. Welp, you don’t have to reverse mortgage your house just yet. You can just invest in a De’ Longhi espresso machine!

It will pay for itself in no time. (Don’t forget to set up a tip jar for the rest of the family.)

49. Espresso Shot Measuring Glasses

These neat shot glasses are as dreamy looking as they are handy! Whether you use them for cocktails, a shot of coffee flavored vodka, or just use them as a decoration, they will instantly transform the drinks station. 

50. Barista Station Home Lab

Organize your coffee nook with this clever, barista station home lab! Whether you keep it for yourself (cuz you’re worth it) or gift it to a friend, this will totally change the way you make your coffee!

Learn to make your espresso “just so” and stay organized and clean too. Plus, it just looks so appealing! This definitely makes the cut for most useful gifts for coffee lovers.

DIY Gifts for Coffee Lovers

DIY Upcycled Marbled Coffee Mug

DIY Upcycled Marbled Coffee Mug
Photo Credit: Upcycle My Stuff

Do you have tons of leftover nail polish cluttering up your space? Use those useless bottles to make a gorgeous marbled coffee mug with this easy DIY. It’s the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life!

DIY Exfoliating Coffee Soap

Real brewed coffee and exfoliating coffee grounds make this soap recipe a great way to wake in the morning!

DIY Starbucks Latte Ornament

DIY Starbucks Latte Ornament
Photo Credit: Homemade Heather

This DIY Starbucks latte ornament is super fun and festive for the holidays! It’s a simple, creative craft for anyone with a love for Starbucks coffee.

DIY White Chocolate Coffee Bombs

DIY White Chocolate Coffee Bombs
Photo Credit: The Helpful GF

These homemade coffee bombs are a wonderfully edible gift for a coffee lover! Simply add them to a hot cup of coffee and you have a white chocolate mocha copycat drink.

DIY Coffee Extract

DIY Coffee Extract
Photo Credit: Simply Beyond Herbs

Just a few drops of this aromatic and full of flavor coffee extract add specific coffee flavor and medicinal properties to your baking, cooking, and even your skincare beauty products.

DIY Coffee Kisses Biscuits

DIY Coffee Kisses Biscuits
Photo Credit: My Morning Mocha

Incredibly tasty coffee-flavored biscuits with a homemade coffee buttercream. These biscuits are soft, rich and smell as good as they taste! Bake your way into your coffee lover’s heart with these beauties. Definitely one of my personal favs for DIY gifts for coffee lovers.

DIY Coffee Macarons

gifts for coffee lovers - DIY Coffee Macarons
Photo Credit: Partylicious

These coffee macarons use instant coffee plus coffee buttercream frosting with a chocolate drizzle to make a deliciously sweet (and giftable!) treat.

Printable Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

gifts for coffee lovers - Printable Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder
Photo Credit: Leap Of Faith Crafting

If you’re giving your coffee loving friend a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, then this gift card holder is a must to include with it! Super cute, this coffee cup template is easy to make and more fun to receive.

Printable Coffee Gift Tag

gifts for coffee lovers - Printable Coffee Gift Tag
Photo Credit: A Hundred Affections

Coffee is always a welcome gift! Here are free printable coffee themed gift tags you can attach to any coffee gift – a mug, fresh ground coffee, coffee gift card – and more!

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