50 Most Hilariously Funny Graduation Gifts

When you’re hunting down the perfect graduation gift, sure, you can go the sappy and sentimental route. (Cheesy.) Or useful and practical. (Boring.)

But graduation is a time to let loose and laugh after all that studying, right?

While those other types of graduation gifts have their place, a goofy and hilarious one will be even more spot on. Read on for some knee-slapping, guffaw-inducing suggestions for your grad!

10 Funniest Graduation Gifts

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1. Easiest Part of Life Candle

Remind them it’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns out here in the real world! Keep it real, by telling them their life is about to get even harder, but make them laugh at the same time. This hand poured soy candle will help them get through the toughest spots (like paying for your own internet, and taking on a mortgage).

2. I Wined A Lot Tumbler

It’s funny because it’s likely true! This wine tumbler (what a great invention, can we get an amen?) is perfect for that hard-working graduate.

And of course, with its insulation being what it is, they can keep anything from (yes) wine, to iced water, to smoothies, to a gin and tonic, nice and frosty!

3. Assume the Worst – Book

They’ll be in stitches after reading this hilariously accurate graduation speech. This is definitely one you’ll want to have shipped to your house first so you can read it before sending it along to your graduate! It’s everything they wanted to know about the “real world,” but were afraid to ask.

4. That Hat Tho

With lovely notes of cashmere and vanilla, plus a dash of adulting and tears, this is the perfect candle for your graduate! They’ll be laughing every time they light it with this clever gift. Plus, it smells legitimately delicious.

5. Money Tree Stand

What’s not to love about this one? Whether you fill this tree with cash, gift cards, or even photographs, this is one that will make them smile for sure. It even lights up!! Which makes it a little corny… which means we love it even harder.

Of course, to make it funny you’ll have to add your own humor. Pin up some fake cash (ok, that’s not that funny) or some hilarious graduation cards (see below for ideas and quotes), whatever you know tickles their humerus.

6. One Degree Hotter Wine Bottle Label

Get it?! A degree?! Ha! Wittiness abounds and only gets funnier after the second glass. This yummy white wine label is adorable with its clever pun, and pairs well with adulting, paying bills, and getting a job.

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7. Photo Mug

Even better with the world’s worst photo of them, like that one on Spring Break 2019, or a baby photo from before they shed the… ummm, baby fat, this funny mug is one they’ll be keeping for years and years!

8. You May Call Me Master

Perfect for that special someone who made it through a whole master’s program, this cozy, black tee is just the ticket. They’ll be wearing this often, and why not? They literally did earn the right!!

9. One Eternity Later – Card

The perfect card is hard to find. Oh wait. Here it is.

Squidward passes beautifully for a college graduate, don’t you think?! It has been approximately an eternity since they took that first class, and now look at them: graduated with only a few gray hairs and wrinkles!

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10. Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Always a classic graduation gift, Dr. Seuss knows his stuff! With its clever rhymes and tongue-in-cheek humor, plus the sweet illustrations, the only thing that will make this gift even more perfect is you inscribing the book with your own sentiments and well-wishes!

Funny Graduation Gifts for Him

11. Trust Me

It’s notoriously difficult to get through vet school, so get him something that really celebrates his accomplishment: the perfect veterinarian mug! He’ll be bringing this to work with him everyday for sure.

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12. Call Your Mom! High School Graduation Gift

It’s not a bad idea to remind him even more often than you do: stay safe and make good choices! Sure, he’s a legal adult now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need his mommy’s words of wisdom to accompany him as he travels through life!

13. World’s Best Lawyer Socks

Sure, these are fun socks to wear at home on his day off, but they’re even better hidden underneath his power suit in the courtroom! These clever and cute socks will make him smile and live up to his reputation as best lawyer around.

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14. I Paused My Game

For the gamer who actually managed to go to class sometimes, this is the perfect gift! It celebrates his accomplishments all while being tongue-in-cheek and oh-so honest at the same time.

All the other kids in their mom’s basements are going to be inspired to go to college now, right? Just so they can get a cool tee like this? You know it.

15. Bobble Head Graduation Gift

Anybody can be a superhero, a philanthropist, or the class clown. But it takes real skill to become a bobble head!

Your grad will go nuts over their own mini-me, dressed head to toe in graduation gear. This is one they’ll keep forever.

16. Pillows for Pharmacist Graduation Gift

It’s perfectly legal to be the kind of drug dealer we’re talking about here! These throw pillows for those who work in the pharmacist industry are just hilarious. Made from linen and stitched in black, the neutral palette looks awesome anywhere they choose to toss it.

17. Funny Graduation Card

Sometimes the perfect card is better than the gift! Case in point, this funny one that will make them laugh. Whether you pair it with a gift, or just tuck some spending money inside, he will love this card.

18. Tassel Was Worth the Hassle

Inspire them to keep on stretching in life, because that darn tassel was worth every bit of hassle! A good keychain is always an appreciated gift, and this one really takes the cake.

Mm. Cake.

19. Back to Bed Shirt

Now that he has weekends off in his new career path, he’s going to need something to relax in. Enter: this funny and comfy tee. It will make him laugh and nod in agreement, and he’s sure to get a lot of compliments and queries on where he got it.

You. He got it from you, you amazing gift giver, you.

20. That’s Doctor to You

Personalized with his own last or first name, this cute mug is just the thing for when he graduates medical school! It’s going to look great either at home with his morning cup of coffee, or at his desk in between patients. We bet he’ll want to show it off, so the office it is!

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Funny Graduation Gifts for Her

21. For Nurses

With this amazing bundle you don’t have to choose! You get them all: the clever tumbler, the saucy candle, the cozy socks, and the pink straw and cleansing brush. She’s going to have a hard time picking her favorite, so it’s a good thing she doesn’t have to!

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22. Educated AF

Witty and amusing, this cozy and soft tee will be her new favorite uniform! It matches everything from jeans to a skirt, and the charcoal color is fabulous!

23. You Did It! Graduation Card

She’s sure to get the humor in the drawing in this one, and feel like it’s very accurately drawn. Whether you pair it with a gift card, or an actual boxed gift, she might like the card best!

24. It’s Dr. Actually

These sweet and clever stemless wine glasses are perfect for the graduating doctor! She’s going to need a nice relaxing glass of vino after a hard day of rounds and patients. Why not pair this cute and personalized goblet with a favorite bottle of her choice?

25. Adulting To-Do List

Funny, but also extremely accurate and useful! This hilarious memo pad has blocks to write in things like People to Contact Reluctantly, and Errands I Can’t Ignore Anymore, plus cute mood indicators and check off lists.

26. Allegedly

It’s the word lawyers love best: allegedly! Give it to them on a tee shirt and watch them crack up and then wear it proudly. If you know, you know, and lawyers know.

27. Psycho Path

For the graduate who graduated with a Psychology Major, this throw pillow is just the thing! It will make them laugh and smile and look great on their grown-up furniture.

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28. Graduation Towel

Complete with their own personalized photo of them (we suggest the sillier, the better), this towel is going to be their favorite ever. Who doesn’t want to dry their hair with a million selfies of themselves?! Right?!

29. Just to Go Back to School Card

You know it’s true: Graduating high school is just the beginning of their college journey! Remind them in a not so subtle way with this funny card.

30. First the Makeup Lawyer Graduation Gift

She’s got to look amazing in the courtroom after all, so give her this totally useful and adorable cosmetic bag and compact mirror! She will love the sentiment and have a great time keeping all her makeup emergency supplies at hand.

Funny DIY Graduation Gifts

31. Smart Pills

Funny DIY Graduation Gifts

Sure, they may be eye-rolling, but they’re laughing too! This funny gag gift is just the thing to lighten the mood. And it will only cost you a few pennies and a ziplock!

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32. Bright Future

Because everyone loves a good dad joke! Besides, when you’re an adult you have to buy your own light bulbs now, so in a way, he’s going to be glad he has that pack you gave him.

33. Have Loads of Fun in College!

Put together the ultimate laundry kit with their favorite detergent, laundromat coins, and a much needed laundry bag.

Don’t forget your “Have Loads of Fun in College!” note.

34. Energy Booster

All you need is a jar or box filled with energy boosting treats. They just graduated, they need it!

35. College Survival Kit

This is perfect for high school graduates- give them everything they need to survive college such as: treats, tide to go, post it notes, medical kit, tools, notebooks, pins/pencils, flashlights, snacks, you name it!

Gag Graduation Gifts

36. In Case of Emergency

Help them start a savings (they’ll need it with all the student debt they’ll be in). Start one up for them with this In Case of Emergency bank!

At some point they’re going to need to buy toilet paper at the dollar store, right?

37. Just Got Real! Toilet Paper

Speaking of toilet paper… ! They’re going to LOL for sure with this hilarious prank toilet paper.

38. Decision Maker

For important decisions only, of course! This decision maker takes all the headache out of pesky life choices like when to pay rent, which flavor of Ramen to eat, and whether or not to pay those parking tickets asap.

39. Money Soap

If they want to spend it, they’re going to have to shower! Real cash inside a soap… where was this when we were raising teenage boys?!

40. Adulting

Ain’t that the truth?! They’ll be laughing as they light up this witty candle… laughing because they don’t want to cry, of course. Might want to include a box of matches. You KNOW they’re broke as a joke after graduating!

Just Plain Fun Gifts for Grads

41. The One Where They Graduate

For the ultimate Friends fan, this mug is a winner! It will definitely take the place of honor on their shelves.

42. Pairs Well With Graduation Wine Label

Doesn’t it though? This fun wine label just takes the cake with its oh-so true sentiment. They’ll be sure to keep the bottle even long after the wine is sipped.

43. You’ve Been Served

This bamboo personalized wooden cutting board is perfect for the graduating lawyer! (You can personalize it with a joke for any profession, too.)

44. Adulthood for Beginners

The book they never knew they needed until now! Funny and surprisingly insightful, all the life secrets nobody ever bothered to tell you, is a great gift.

45. You Got Skills – Card

Let’s hope so! We don’t want them moving back in your basement, right?! Perfect graduating cards are hard to come by, so you’re welcome!

Funny Graduation Wishes

46. As you graduate today, don’t forget to thank those who got you here: Google, Wikipedia, Red Bull, and Copy/Paste.

As You Graduate Today

47. Happy Graduation and welcome to the real world!

Graduation Quotes About the Real World

48. The unfortunate, yet truly exciting things about your life, is that there is no core curriculum. The entire place is an elective! – Jon Stewart

Best Graduation Quotes for Newly Grads

49. I always knew you would barely graduate – well done!

Best Hilarious Graduation Quotes

50. My deepest condolences on the end of your university life.

Funny Graduation Quotes

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Bonus: Our Most Popular Graduation Gift

It’s not a joke, but it’s a popular graduation gift, pinky promise! If anyone deserves to crack open a cold one, it’s your graduate!

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Best & Hilariously Funny Graduation Gifts
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