100 Personalized Christmas Card Templates and Printables

Ready to make your Christmas card this year?

Yeah… I’m not either. But not to worry! With our list of the 100 best personalized Christmas card templates, you’ll be printing off your holiday cards in no time.

Whether you need something for your annual mass mailing, or are looking for a special card to go to a specific recipient, we have it all. Browse on for the ultimate holiday card collection!

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10 Best Personalized Photo Christmas Cards

1. Foil-Pressed Full Photo Card

These gorgeous, luxe foil-pressed cards (exclusively from Minted) will really make your card stand out from the rest this Christmas season.

2. Tidings of Comfort and Joy Christmas Card

“Tidings of comfort and joy.” Wish the season’s greetings from your family.

3. Christmas Blessings

Pretty, classic and wonderfully budget friendly, these quality postcard-style greetings can be personalized with a holiday message of your choice!

4. Let’s Make Memorials Confetti Trio

These fun, foiled confetti cards are so cute and you can add up to three of your favorite family photos to the front.

5. 12 Days of Christmas Photo Card

This sweet Christmas greeting card is so unique, pretty, and whimsical! You can pick your favorite family photo for the center, and the border is filled with fun illustrations of the classic holiday song “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

A perfect pick to send off to all of your friends and relatives.

6. Merry Christmas Photo Card – Instant Download Template

Simple yet pleasant, this card shows the focus where it belongs – on family.

7. Wishing You the Best

Simple and sweet are the words that come to mind with these festive holiday greeting cards!

8. Plastic Card Photo & Message

Let them take your Christmas card wherever they go with this unique idea.

9. Christmas Foliage Card

Beautiful and classy, these modern Christmas greeting cards include lovely matching envelopes and free recipient addressing.

10. Digital Download – Gingerbread Cookies

Who doesn’t love a clever Christmas photo card? Oh snap, we do!

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Top 10 Personalized Christmas Cards

11. For Nanny and Grandad

How sweet is this?! A “Happy 1st Christmas” card for grandparents everywhere! If you’ve welcomed a new addition to your family this year, thereby creating new grandparents as well, then this is the perfect card to show your love and appreciation.

12. Season of Happiness Holiday Card

Personalize these fun, rustic themed greeting cards with a warm holiday sentiment of your choosing!

13. Classic Truck Hauling Christmas Tree Card

Modern artwork meets a traditional design. This truck hauling a Christmas tree is perfect for anyone that loves a classic Christmas card!

14. Woodland Animals Christmas Wishes

Here’s a cute card with woodland creatures sending their wish list to the north pole. Featuring a personalized merry Christmas message on the front, this card is sure to spread a joyful glee this Christmas season.

15. Cocoa, Cookies, and Carols

Super fun, super modern, and super customizable, these cute cards will have everyone asking where you found them!

16. Disney Christmas Socks

For the Disney-loving families out there – this card is for you!

17. Berries & Foliage Christmas Card

With a sweet touch of berries and foliage, this is a beautiful card to give anyone this holiday season.

18. For Auntie & Uncle

Merry Christmas Auntie & Uncle!

19. Poinsettia Motif Christmas Card

Cute and classic, these adorable season’s greetings cards will deliver your sentiments with all the warmth of the season.

20. Grinch Quote Christmas Card

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch feet ice-cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling. How could it be so? It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags! And he puzzled and puzzled, till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something, he hadn’t before. Maybe, Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

10 Funny Personalized Christmas Cards

21. Meowy Christmas

For all the Cat Dads out there… Merry Christmas.

22. Nothing Says Christmas…

“Nothing Says Merry Christmas Better Than a Piece of Folded Card.” Pretty much, amirite?

23. Personalized Giraffe Card

Because… nothing says Christmas like a giraffe poking its head out of a chimney. Or something like that.

24. Merry Slothmas

What is sweeter than a “Merry Slothmas”? ❤

25. Family Stocking Stuffers Holiday Card

Stuff yourselves into stockings and send yourselves into everyone’s mailbox with this super-dorky card!

26. Crazy Ginger Bread House

Gingerbread house making is now officially an art form and full-time hobby. For crazy people.

27. Bah Humbug

Don’t love the idea of sending cherry and gleeful holiday cards? Or maybe you know someone that doesn’t like to receive them! Either way, this hilarious card is a great way to say “Bah Humbug” this holiday season.

28. Excited to Annoy

“This Christmas I want you to know how much I have enjoyed annoying you for all this time and how excited I am to keep doing so next year!”

29. Blitzen

This funny card is perfect for all your friends that will be looking like Blitzen this year – cheers!

30. Hiding Santa and Rudolph

It’s just cute!

10 Best Religious Personalized Christmas Cards

31. Thrill of Hope Christmas Card

“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.” A favorite line from a favorite Christmas carol.

32. Joy to the World

“Joy to the World.” That’s what it’s all about! Plus it’s a gorgeous card with a modern, minimalist vibe.

33. Peace Dove Holiday Card

How pretty are these tri-fold cards? Unique and festive they are sure to stand out from the rest of the stack.

34. Christ Our Savior is Born

The good news alongside your family photo makes a cute and meaningful card.

35. Gloria! Christmas Card

Let these beautifully elegant cards deliver the true message of the season along with your warmest Christmas greetings!

36. Isaiah 9:6 Christmas Tree Card

“And his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” All in a lovely script font, stylized in the shape of a Christmas tree.

37. Joyful Blessings Foil-Pressed Card

These lovely cards are oh-so pretty, and perfect for showing off this year’s handsome family photo.

38. Pop Up Nativity Scene Card

This is a unique card! This pop-up Christmas card transforms into a nativity scene. So not only will they receive a beautiful card, but a beautiful Christmas decoration as well, one they can display year after year.

39. Christmas Carol Photo Card

“Yet in thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light. May your hopes and fears be met in him this year!” A lovely line from the classic Christmas carol.

40. Hope Christmas Card with Photo

This card has it all in the simplest form: Your family photo, a cross, the message of hope, and your Christmas wishes.

10 Best Personalized Christmas Party Invites

41. Ugly Sweater Party Invite

Planning to go the extra mile for this year’s ugly sweater party? Then these cute invites are just for you!

42. A Christmas Party

Everyone will want to come to your Christmas party after they see this invite!

43. Grinch Text Invite Downloads

Why send a physical card when you can just send a text? This Grinch party text invite makes it all too easy!

44. Nightfall Holiday Party Invite

We adore this vintage inspired party invite for its classic design and festive vibes!

45. Christmas Movie Night Invites

Christmas movies are the best, so invite one and all to a holiday film festival!

46. Holidays are Brewing

With the watercolor wreath and phrase “Holidays are Brewing,” your guests will already be feeling cozy before they come to your Christmas party!

47. Holiday Party

If you want an elegant holiday party, this customizable invitation is perfect. With a royal blue and silver snowflake design, your guests will know what to expect.

48. Holiday Party Royal Blue Invite

Set the mood for this year’s festive gathering with this elegant, royal blue invite. So Pretty!

49. Holiday Ornament Party Invite

Invites don’t get much cuter or more festive than these adorable ornament adorned beauties!

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50. Christmas Cocktail Party Invitation

These cocktail party invites just scream classy and elegant, don’t you think?

10 Custom Illustrated Christmas Cards

51. Girls Group Christmas Card

Perfect card for the perfect group – Girls Group!

52. Winter Family Holiday Card

Transform your family into adorable little helpers for Santa this year with these cute, illustrated cards!

53. Personalized Family & Dog Christmas Card

Your family, illustrated. Yes, the dogs and cats count too.

54. Best Holiday Wishes

Don’t worry if you didn’t take a great family photo together this year! With an illustrated portrait of your family, you will still be able to share your family and best holiday wishes in a stylish way.

55. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

From girl to girl, this is a glamorous way to say “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

56. Merry Christmas Family & Pet Portrait

Your fam, illustrated to perfection. Give a creative take on the traditional family photo with this custom holiday artwork!

57. To My Sister

The best customizable Christmas card for all the sisters out there!

58. Snow Globe Family Portrait

How canty is this personalized Christmas greeting card? Your significant other will love to receive this card of the two of you in a snow globe!

59. Family & Pet Tree Farm Portrait

There is nothing like picking your very own tree for Christmas. With this illustrated greeting card, your family will be able to capture this joyful experience!

60. Ice Skating Family Holiday Card

How precious are these?! Customized illustrations of each family member (including Fido and Fluffy!) will makes this year’s holiday greeting that much more special!

10 Best Personalized Christmas Cards for Coworkers

61. Laser Cut Christmas Cards

The dual layers of laser cut paper create a delightful effect for a memorable card.

62. Personalized Bauble Family Name Christmas Card

Everyone’s name on a silver bauble? Now that is adorbs!

63. Nordic Christmas Card Set

Nothing is cuter than foxes, y’all.

64. Warm Christmas Wishes

Full of Christmas spirit and warm wishes, your coworkers will delight in receiving something so pleasant.

65. No Place Like Home

Cute and classic, these customized greetings are just what you’re looking for this season!

66. Pack of Robins Custom Card

We all have that one coworker that would love to see your family as robins on your next Christmas card. This is so fetching!

67. Enchanted Snow Holiday Card

These custom watercolor-esque cards are so cute and cozy! Can’t you just picture the warm fire roaring inside?

68. Minimalistic Green Christmas Card

A simple design goes a long way… Merry Christmas.

69. Love, Peace, and Joy

This delicate card will spread joy, peace, and love through it’s pleasant design of garland and baubles. Include your names and you are ready to ship.

70. Front Door Merry Christmas Card

A welcoming way to say Merry Christmas to your coworkers. This front-door, winter filled illustration will get them into the Christmas spirit right away and, with your name on the hanging sign, they’ll know right away who’s home this is from.

10 Best Personalized Christmas Cards for Her

71. Yoda Only One I Want

If your girl is head over heels for Baby Yoda, she will fall even more head over heels for you when you give her this Christmas card!

72. Simple Holiday Foliage Christmas Card

Oh-so pretty and hand customized, these dainty cards will add a touch of elegance to your Christmas well-wishes.

73. Merry Christmas Beautiful

Merry Christmas Beautiful ❤

74. To a Special Granddaughter

Modern and chic, this personalized Christmas card will be your granddaughter’s favorite!

75. To My Wife

Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Celebrate the special occasion with this gorgeous card!

76. Merry Ribbons

These fashion illustrated Christmas cards are nothing but fancy! With space to write your personal Christmas wishes and the options to customize her so she looks like you, you’ll be sharing “Merry Ribbons” to every fashionista you know!

77. With Love At Christmas

What gal doesn’t love bedazzled things? Between the jewels and the message, it’s needless to say – she will be feeling the love at Christmas this year.

78. Glitter Effect Initial

Every girl loves glitter. So mix that with some personalization as well as a Christmas touch and you just got yourself the best card for your nieces!

79. To My Otter Half

How cute are these?! Perfect for that special someone that you hope to meet under the mistletoe.

80. To The One I Love

These take the cake for classic photo cards! Pop in your favorite photo from the past year and you are all set!

10 Best Personalized Christmas Cards for Him

81. LED Christmas Card

Festive and fun are what come to mind for these cute, LED wreath cards!

82. I’m S-mitten With You

“I’m S-Mitten With You.” Get it?!?!

83. Purrfect Christmas

For the men that love his kittens, this card is the purrfect way to wish him a purrfect Christmas.

84. Too Cute for the Naught List

Okay, so maybe not me, but the cards are definitely too cute!

85. Little Santa Hat Christmas Card

Simple elegance is written all over these sweet cards for your sweetheart.

86. Wallet Keepsake Card

“When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit or to make conversation. I say to remind you that you the best thing that ever happened to me.”

87. All I Want is You

All I want for Christmas is you…

88. For My Husband

“Husband. The best gift at Christmas is easy to see… it’s not wrapped in paper or under tree… ‘cos the best gift at Christmas and all the year through is having a husband as special as you.”

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89. Red Panda Christmas

This is just plain loveable. Pandas in Santa hats. Yup. A cute Christmas card perfect for a cute boyfriend.

90. Line Art Christmas Tree Card

Simple lines create a message of holiday cheer. Merry Christmas!

10 Best Personalized Christmas Cards for Kids

91. May the Force Be With You! Christmas Card

Any kid that just loves Star Wars is going to love getting this Christmas card from you. “May the Force Be With You”

92. Snow Rabbit Merry Christmas

Playful and sweet, your child is going to light up when this bunny frolic in the snow! Her name across the bottom just adds that special touch.

93. Dr. Seuss Holiday Card

“Christmas day will always be just as long as we have we.” – Dr. Seuss

94. Australian Animals Christmas Cards

These Australian critter Christmas cards are perfect for any age!

95. Magical Christmas Wishes

Send magical Christmas wishes to a special granddaughter… with unicorns and lots of pink. It’s the best way to let her know you mean business.

96. Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Christmas Card

They’ll have a jolly soul when they see these adorable, santa-themed greetings from you and the fam.

97. Roar-Some Christmas Card

Some kids just love dinosaurs this much! This Christmas card will for sure give them a roar-some time this holiday season.

98. For Cousins

Best Christmas card for cousins anywhere!

99. Gaming Christmas Card

Let your gaming enthusiast kid know how much you love them this Christmas with a card they can relate to.

100. Lego Santa Card

A card and a collectible all in one! This one surely won’t be headed for the bin anytime soon.

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