30 Hottest Gifts for Weather Lovers & Meteorologists

Whether you have a pal who is a professional meteorologist, or just a good friend who loves checking the weather forecast, we’ve got some of the best gifts for weather lovers for any and all special occasions. 

You know, like a good tornado chasing, forecasted hurricane, or a major blizzard that is absolutely curling their toes… 

Sure, weather geeks are a special breed, but we love them and we know you do too, so here are 30 HOT gifts for weather lovers that they will adore. 

Gifts for Weather Lovers

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1. Teddy Cloud Cushions

These plush cloud cushions are the perfect gift for weather lovers! They’re so comfy to sit back on, snuggle with, nap on, or just for looking cute on the sofa. 

Sure, they look adorable in a nursery, but your budding meteorologist will love having a few front and center in the living room. 

2. Fresh Rain Candle

Mmm, is there anything better than the smell of fresh rain? We think not. This lovely candle will bring their favorite weather inside on even the sunniest of days. 

It’s made of hand poured soy wax and has plenty of burn time to give them hours and hours of enjoyment. A sweet and thoughtful gift for your favorite outdoor enthusiasts.

3. This Is My Storm Tracking Tumbler

Keep them hydrated while they’re out chasing storms with this super useful stainless steel tumbler. Personalize this great thermos for them however you like best. 

Know that it is vacuum sealed, too, so their coffee of hot cocoa will stay hot for hours (even in the coldest conditions), and pick your favorite color for an ideal gift.

4. Dripping Rain Cloud

This clever little dripping rain cloud is such a delight! Such a whimsical design, but it’s practical, too. Keep their plants watered with a cute piece of art that will get everyone talking. 

A great pick of gifts for weather lovers and a great conversation piece for the office as well.

5. Rain Artwork

This pretty print will have them swooning! They’ll get lost in this art print, even if they live in the driest of deserts. 

The moody atmosphere and soft color palette will delight your favorite meteorologist and remind them of just how much they enjoy a good storm. Such a lovely piece that will look great in any living room.

6. LED Floating Cloud Light

Modern and chic, this LED floating cloud light is a must-have. Has your favorite weather nerd just had a baby? 

Then their nursery needs this! They can change the colors, moods, and mode with the remote control or with their phone. You can even make a rain storm — how cool is that?

7. Steel Snow Measure Stake

If their favorite way to update their social media feed is with how much snowfall they’ve received in a given day, then they need this steel snow measure stake. 

They’ll love not having to guess how much white delight has fallen — all they need to do is look out the window and find out! A special gift like this is perfect for your resident snow lover.

8. Weather Science Lab

Perfect for kids who love the weather and all the excitement it brings, this weather science kit is the absolute perfect thing to do on a rainy day. 

They’ll have so much fun they won’t even realize how much they’re learning, and we think that’s a win-win! Who knew monitoring backyard weather conditions could be so thrilling?

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9. Cloud Key Tray

You can choose from tons of colors with this cute cloud key tray. When your resident weather watcher comes home after a long day of work, a playfully practical place to put their keys is so handy-dandy.

 Also great for rings, trinkets, and that special rock they just found (you know they have one). 

10. Farmers Almanac

This classic is a great weather gift idea for meteorology lovers. They’ll eat up everything in it — from full-moon dates, to harvest times, to eclipse predictions, weather patterns and so much more.

The Farmer’s Almanac is the OG meteorological tool (and still one of the best), and it’s a blast to read and flip through. Great for road trips, camping trips, coffee tables, and tub time reading material.

Gifts for Meteorologists

11. Weather Cloud Cube

Crafted by hand, this weather cloud cube is made of crystal and has so much aesthetic appeal. It’s great to use as a paper weight, or just as a little piece of art for the office. 

So cute and unusual, we know they’ll love this unique weather-related gift. 

12. Best Meteorologists Ever Bottle Opener

Leave no doubt as to who your favorite is with this great bottle opener! It’s so sturdy and well made, they can hang it outside so it’s on hand for the next bout of extreme weather or the next big storm. 

Cuz you know they’ll be out there watching it, right? These make such great gift ideas for all sorts of occasions. 

13. Partly Cloudy Tie

We don’t know what the question was, but the answer is…a partly cloudy tie! Perfect for men and women alike, it’s a cute way to gussy up an everyday outfit. 

We think they’ll want at least one, and their friends will want to know where they got it. 

14. Rainy Day Earrings

Chic and sophisticated with just a touch of the whimsy, these rainy day earrings are stunners. They will light up her face (as if she needed any help). 

They’ll go with everything, too, from her everyday suits at work, to a date night out. These sweet little earrings will make the best gifts.

15. I Look At Clouds & Know Things

It’s their super power! This cute mug will definitely be their new go-to to take to the office, running errands, or for sipping coffee on the porch while storm watching. 

The size is “just right,” and you can personalize it with their name to make it extra special. 

Weather-Related Gifts

16. Weather Stone

Hey, it’s science. This weather gauge has my dad-in-law’s favorite joke inscribed on one handy rock. It’s 100% fun, 100% hilarious, and it will be their favorite gift of all as they proudly display it in their garden or on the porch.

 Five gold stars for accuracy.

17. Handheld Anemometer – Wind Speed Meter

This wind speed meter is conveniently handheld, and will also let you know the barometric pressure along with a wide range of other “weathery” things like relative humidity and dew points. 

They’ll love this newfangled technology, and will be obsessed with their personal weather station in no time at all. 

18. Weather Predicting Black Swan

Talk about chic and gorgeous! This weather predicting black swan will bring utter sophistication to their kitchen table, living room, or office space. 

This beautiful, high quality barometer follows a historic design that allows the liquid level to drop when atmospheric pressure is high, and rise when it’s low. 

A truly unique gift that will blow them out of the water, and makes such a good choice of gift items. So tasteful and pretty, but still so useful. 

19. Ankor Power Station & Solar Panel Charger

This Ankor power station has a built-in solar panel, charger, and built-in flashlight, making it a great tool to have on hand for those big storms and freezes that hit us all every so often. 

Power up your heater, your mini fridge, and all the basic necessities of life with no problem and no stress. Bring on the storm! 

20. Storm Cloud

When the atmospheric pressure changes, this little delightful work of art will change, too! So innovative and simple, yet seriously addicting to watch. 

A cute little desktop accessory that will instantly brighten up their space and give them the weather data they need. Who knew a rain cloud could do that?

21. Emergency Crank Weather Radio

It’s just like the Boy Scouts said: be prepared. This great emergency radio is just the ticket for keeping them informed and up-to-date during those times when their mobile device may have died or is out of range. 

They’ll love knowing they have this in case of emergencies. 

22. Storm Chaser: A Photographer’s Journey

When it comes to coffee table books, this one takes the cake. Your storm chasing friends will be in awe and so inspired while they’re flipping through this gorgeous and lushly illustrated book. 

Great for inspiring the next generation, too! 

23. Pocket Weather Meter

This pocket weather meter is the bee’s knees! It can go absolutely anywhere with you: from the highest mountain peaks, to the driest desert, to the wettest monsoon season yet. 

Nearly indestructible and super useful, it’s an essential tool for any meteorology lover and is perfect for having everything you need at your fingertips. 

24. Portable Lightning Detector

This portable lightning detector is just the thing for your weather loving friend. It can send texts and alert them when lightning is close and a storm is approaching. 

Great for experienced storm chasers and newbies alike. Don’t we just love technology? So cool!

25. Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared

As Ryan Hall, Y’all says — “Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared!”

Gifts for weather lovers can be just as practical as they are fun! Follow this advice for your loved ones and put together an emergency survival kit for severe weather.

They may never need it but, if worse comes to worst, they will be happy they have it. Keep these in your safe room (basement or a windowless room), and maybe put together one for your car while you are at it.

Here are some things to consider adding:

Neat Weather Tip Alert: You can follow Ryan Hall, Y’all on social media (and many other YouTube meteorologists) to stay up-to-date on current weather events, including live severe weather coverage. I know I always appreciate knowing if there is a tornado heading my way…

Gifts for Weather Enthusiasts

26. White Cloud Sun Catcher

Awww, we’re in love with this magical looking white cloud sun catcher. It is so lovely and sweet, and is a great way to brighten up your favorite window. 

An easy gift for a meteorologist or weather lover (especially the ones who love a good rainy day). 

27. Glass Rain Gauge

With a sturdy metal stake so it doesn’t go airborne during that next storm, this glass rain gauge is so cute yet so functional. 

More old-fashioned but just as accurate as the “latest and greatest” in rain gauge technology, it will look great in the garden or yard. 

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28. Bake Them a “Thunder Cake”

Remember the childhood book “Thunder Cake”? If not, then you should know that this delicious cake gift idea is based off the fun book!

Whether your weather fan knows the book or not, this yummy gift will sure be a delight for them. Simply follow this amazing recipe, bake the chocolate thunder cake, and present it with the classic book.

Or, you can bring the ingredients over to them the next time a thunderstorm is rumbling and bake the cake together just as they do in the book! Either way it’s a win-win choice of gifts for weather lovers.

29. Cloudspotting Notebook

This cute weather journal is so informational, you may find yourself flipping through it and learning some things before you decide to wrap it up.

 Don’t forget the cloud wrapping paper… 

30. SensorPush Wireless Barometer

This SensorPush wireless barometer is weather-resistant, so whether indoors or out, they can stay on top of climate change like a pro. 

Practical and useful, this is one pick of gifts for weather lovers that they’ll be using day after day for years to come. 

31. Wireless Weather Station

This ambient weather ws-2902c is wifi smart and will be their new favorite home weather station. They’ll wonder how they ever lived without this little jewel. 

What will they think of next? Great for gardens with its outdoor temperature settings. 

32. Storm Chaser Decal

This cute storm chaser decal is great for putting inside a weather lover’s birthday card. 

A simple gift that will make them smile, it will let everyone behind them know not to follow them during a good thunderstorm! 

33. STEM Meteorology Activity Book

Great for budding meteorologists, this fun STEM activity book will keep them busy and on their toes for hours. 

Super awesome for road trips or for when “screen time” has been all used up. They’ll be inspired to be on the Weather Channel in no time! 

34. Glass Galileo Thermometer

Such a classic! This glass Galileo thermometer (named after famed astronomer and scientist Galileo Galilei) is everything they’ve ever wanted. 

Colorful and eccentric in all the right ways, it brings some old-fashioned yet chic vibes to their office or home. 

35. Midland Weather Alert Radio

This NOAA weather radio with midland weather alerts comes with backup emergency batteries (which is SO helpful). 

Totally a “I can’t live without one” kind of gift, it really packs all the right punches. It’s like a hundred and one different tools you didn’t know you needed! 

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