Best Outdoor Toys Kids Will Love

45 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

“Go play outside!”

How many times did we hear this as kids? And now we get the joy of shouting to the next generation every time the sun comes out. (And even when it doesn’t. Puddle splashing is fun.)

No screens here! Only a super good time, brought to you by fresh air and the great outdoors. Get a few of these outdoor toy ideas, then “just add children” for an incredible, memory-making experience your kids will never forget.

45 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

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1. AeroDisk Max

A mini trampoline as a tennis racket?! Um, yes please. Count this fun sport, the AeroDisk Max, as something we didn’t even know we wanted until right this minute. Bounce the rubber ball as high as possible and watch your kiddos laugh.

They can make up their own rules for a riff on normal tennis, invent their own game, or even play one at a time. How long can I keep this ball bouncing before it hits the ground?

2. Swivel Seesaw

Where did all the seesaws go, anyway? Did they go the way of metal slides (ouch), and those merry-go-rounds of death that we all grew up with?

Well, we managed to find one for you – a seesaw that is – and not to worry, it’s not exactly death-defying. More like a lot of fun!

With cheery primary colors and comfy handles and seats, this is going to be a neighborhood favorite for sure.

3. Big Dig & Roll

There’s something so fun and weirdly soothing about digging in the dirt or sand, right? I mean, whether the Rugrats want to dig to China, find some buried pirate treasure, or even plant a time capsule, they want to do it in style.

That’s where this amazing Big Dig and Roll comes in!

They’ll feel like a big-time operator as they excavate the whole backyard, or keep it parked and handy near the sandbox.

4. Backyard Box of Activities

There’s nothing worse than hearing “I’m bored!” from the children, when they have a whole big world at their fingertips.

Give them absolutely no excuse to pout or moan, when you get them this backyard kit of nature activities! It’s like a scavenger hunt, combined with a grab bag. (Remember those? Man, grab bags were so cool. We need to bring those back.)

You can even hide these wooden disks outside first, adding another element of fun to their afternoon.

5. Noughts and Cross

Whether you call it Noughts and Crosses or Tic-Tac-Toe, you’re sure to have a blast with this oversized, outdoor set.

Let the competition begin! Fun for the whole family and best of all, easy to clean up.

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6. Golf Toy Set

Get the Littles off on the “green,” (that is, your backyard) with this adorable golf toy set. They can learn the basics and practice their hand/eye coordination, all while feeling like a mini Tiger Woods.

7. Ring Toss

This colorful ring toss with bean bags is perfect for a lazy weeknight in the summer, or even to pack along while camping.

The skill needed can totally be adjusted, depending on far away you stand and toss! This means as the kiddos get older and better practiced, they can really use their imaginations to make the game even more fun: toss from the tree trunk, toss while standing one leg, toss blindfolded, toss backwards, toss mid-cartwheel… this is sure to bring a lot of laughs and memories!

8. Swing a Ring

What’s better than a swing on a breezy day? Nothing much! This large swing ring is just the thing. It comes from Fat Brain Toys (we love the name), and is going to be a hit in your yard.

They can lazily swing alone with a good book, or pile up with their siblings and friends while they take turns pumping. It’s sturdy and secure and strong enough to hold you too, grown adult (because you know you’ll have to try it out).

9. Personalized Corn Hole Game

Corn hole is getting a resurgence in families across the globe, and for good reason: it’s competitive, easy enough for the youngsters, and engaging for the elders, all at once!

Get your own set of personalized corn hole games and watch your neighbors be green with envy.

These are also great for Nanna and Pop Pop’s house, or as a house warming gift for your favorite family.

10. Slackers Ninja Line

Ninja courses are an amazing way to stay in shape and get the wiggles out! Test their skills (we bet you’ll be blown away by what your kids can do with a little practice), and give them a course like this one: with everything from rings to swings to grip-strength testers and balance obstacles.

It’s easy to attach and re-attach (so you can take it with you if you’re on the road a lot or want to show off at Gramma’s house), and the obstacles can be moved further and further away from one another, ensuring that as your child grows and the course gets too easy, it can be adjusted to challenge them again.

Top 5 Outdoor Water Toys

Here’s some outdoor water fun for those long, hot, sunny summer days!

1. Water Blaster

Perfect for pools, but even great with a bucket and hose, these water blasters are so fun! It’s a six-pack, meaning the neighbors can join in on the action too. Stay cool and refreshed out in the sun, all while getting some fun exercise and practicing your aim.

2. 4-in-1 Ultimate Water Obstacles Set

It’s like a slip and slide but with obstacles! Whether you place it in the backyard on the lawn with a sprinkler, or actually put it in the pool, the kids will have a total blast as they stay cool in the heat and learn some fun new tricks and skills.

Who knows, the family doggo might like this one as well.

3. Water Slide

Keep them outside for hours, while you, Mom and Dad, get to put your feet up in the shade and sip on a frosty beverage.

Oh who are we kidding; you’re definitely going to want to join in on the fun with this awesome lawn water slide!

Back in our day we used trash bags, a barely working hose, and some dish soap. We’ve come a long way, baby.

4. Trampoline Water Sprinkler

The only thing that makes a trampoline more fun is adding water! They can stay healthy and active, even in the heat when you get this trampoline sprinkler.

But, a warning: Everywhere is a splash zone now.

5. Giant Dinosaur Yard Sprinkler

You can’t put this one in the backyard, oh no! It simply MUST go in the front for all the neighbors and friends to appreciate and enjoy.

Haven’t you always wanted to be known as the Dinosaur House? We know you. We see you.

Top 5 Outdoor Winter Toys

But… what about when it’s winter time?

Them: It’s too cold to go out and play, we gotta stay in and play video games!
You: (Squelches their commentary on the weather with a withering look)

But don’t leave them with only that withering, soul-crushing look – here are some fun outdoor toys for the winter season.

1. Inflatable Snowmobile Sled

Sure, you can slide down the snowy hillside on anything from an innertube to a trashcan lid, but why would you, when you can get this inflatable snowmobile sled?

It’s always good to have handles when you’re ricocheting off a mountainside (JK), and your gorgeous offspring are going to look so amazing on this that you just might get the cover of Family Snowmobilers Magazine.

If there were such a thing.

Hey, maybe now there will be…

2. Rocket Launcher

Run, jump, and stomp your way to outer space with this super fun Stomp Rocket Launcher! See who can get the glow-in-the-dark rocket up the highest (hopefully they’ll let you have a turn eventually).

Oh, and it comes with four rockets just in case one lands on your roof or gets caught in a tree. Ahem.

3. Scooter Board

This LED-lit-scooter-and-snowboard-in-one is amazing! It can be used on a snowy mountain, in the front yard, icy cul-de-sacs, and even in grass or sand dunes – Anywhere there’s snow.

The LED light adds an element of safety and means they can stay out a bit later during those darker winter months.

And yep, adults can try it out too (as long as you’re under 220 lbs). Handle folds down for convenient storage or transporting.

4. Snowball Maker

Look, little hands get cold, even in mittens! Allow them to make some epic snowballs without getting frostbite in the process, with this snowball maker. Get ready for some crazy snowball fights in the ‘hood, y’all!

Plus, you can put one perfectly shaped snowball in the freezer for July, when they least expect it.

5. Snow Art Kit

You’ve heard of chalk art, now how about some snow art! Just because the sidewalks are snowed over doesn’t mean artistic expression is buried too.

With this snow art kit, they’ll be entertained for hours. They can draw and paint an obstacle course, a hopscotch route, directions to a buried treasure, or a giant Christmas card tableau. They can even leave messages for their Besties, or Grampa, or the mailman.

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5 Best Outdoor Toys for 3 & Under

Here are some creative outdoor toys for the toddler crowd.

1. First Slide

Little Tikes First Slide is the perfect… well, first slide! Sturdy and smooth, you can easily transport it from the yard to the living room to the babysitter’s house.

With two little steps, Junior can learn climbing and balancing, all before he swoops down on his cute little diapered tushy.

2. Tricycle

This Breeze Baby Tricycle is practically space-age in its look and development! They little guy or gal can peddle themselves along as you stroll to the park, or when they get tired, you can push them from behind like you would a stroller.

It comes with a safety harness/seatbelt, comfy pedals and handlebars for little hands and feet, and a sweet basket in the back to put your keys, wallet, and snacks.

And it has three configurations so it will grow with your child, from 15 months to 3 years.

3. Rainbow Hand Kite

The best toys are the ones that let their owners use their imaginations!

This bright and cheery hand-kite set is no exception. Waldorf inspired in its simplicity, the rainbow streamers can be used while dancing, playacting, or simply running through the yard/field/meadow.

Mermaids, fairies, pixies, princes and princesses alike will love this set.

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4. Tumble Town Foam Blocks

Whether they want to build a skyscraper, a bridge, a tower for their dolls, or just love making something fun in order to knock it down again (hello, moms of two year olds, we see you), this set of Radio Flyer Tumble Town Blocks is just the thing.

Plus, they’re soft as a pillow so you won’t have to stop them from the occasional toss or tumble (or impromptu game of catch).

5. Adorable Chalk

This adorable chalk set is just that: adorable. Shaped like unicorn horns, cars, and even popsicles, these bright and pastel hues will instantly transform your sidewalk or driveway into a work of art. (A washable work of art.)

How fun is racing racecars as they literally leave behind their own track?!

5 Best Outdoor Toys for Ages 4-7

Moving on to the next stage, here are our favorite toys for littles that have graduated from toddlerdom but can’t yet be counted with the “big kids.”

1. Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

These stomp rocket stunt planes are going to be the hit of any birthday party, backyard BBQ, or family reunion! Who needs an expensive, bulky bounce house when you have this?

From the littlest to the biggest, girls and boys will get a kick out of watching these stunt planes lift and take off when they stomp and jump on the trigger.

2. Giant Parachute

Fun from anything to organizing a group of toddlers, to a picnic in the grass, to quiet time with books, to holding onto the handles and making it fly, this rainbow parachute is perfect.

Kids can learn their shapes and colors, and it’s fully washable too. Once folded, it takes up almost no space in the toy cupboard. Also makes a great addition to any fort, indoors or out.

3. Sky Nook

This Sky Nook is like swinging gently in a cocoon! Imagine being cradled softly as you revisit your favorite book, or even take a little nap. They’ll never want to be anywhere else, and we don’t blame them.

Sky Nook comes with a comfy pillow seat, curtains, reinforced stitching for safety, and is available in two color combinations.

4. Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are back, guys! Encourage those little monkeys you gave birth to with this geometric shaped climber. They can practice coordination, climbing, flips, and balancing all in the safety and comfort of your own backyard or playroom.

Add a sheet or two on top and they have an instant fort on sunny days when they need some privacy and some shade.

5. Plasma Car

Vroom vroom! How many little boys especially said that as one of their first words? Some kids have a need for speed, and they’ll love this amazing plasma car from Fat Brain Toys.

They can zoom along in a zippy fashion, steering this way and that, learning motor skills (get it? Motor? Ha!). Add some traffic cones in the driveway and you have a race car track, or simply use it as an alternative to the stroller when they get too old to be pushed but too young to walk all the way.

5 Best Outdoor Toys for Ages 8-10

This is the age where you want to let kids be kids. No need for screens with these amazing outdoor gift ideas!

1. Giant Bubble Wand

Any old kit of bubbles from the dollar store just won’t do anymore once their eyes see this fabulous giant bubble want set! They’ll be transfixed and amazed by the enormous bubbles that come out of this truly wonderful wand.

Great for outdoor parties, your teenage daughter who babysits frequently, Grandma’s house, or a 4th of July block party. Or for any random Tuesday afternoon…

2. Ribbon Ninja

A bit like Tag meets Ninja Warrior, these ribbon ninjas are easy to understand, but hard to collect. Each player gets three colorful ninja ribbons, and tries to steal away the remainders from their competitors.

Sounds easy, but once you learn to dodge and leap, tumble and strike, the game is afoot!

3. Giant Tic Tac Toe & Chess

Great for large decks or flat backyards, this set of giant vintage-style checkers and tic-tac-toe games will bring about a lot of strategy and fun.

The 4X4 mat simply flips over to change games from Tic-Tac-Toe to Checkers, and it’s 100% machine washable too.

4. The Swurfer

It’s surfing meets swinging with this totally rad Swurfer. Your kids can work on their balance skills and stay safe with this fun surfboard shaped swing.

The boards has grips for bare feet, and the ropes have adjustable handles for extra safety and security. Whether you hang from a tree or from the porch, they’re going to love this addition to the great outdoors.

5. Bow and Arrows

Little Katnisses and Robin Hoods can master their archery skills with this great bow and arrow set! As they get better and better with practice, you can move their targets (included, of course) further away.

Soon they’ll be impressing everyone around with their newfound favorite hobby (and who knows, maybe career down the road).

The draw weight is 14-20 lbs. and the set comes with 9 arrows.

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5 Best Outdoor Toys for Ages 11-13

In the preteen years, kids start wanting to act like older teens and get engulfed in phones and FaceChat or whatever is popular.

But still…. There’s that yearning to play and pure enjoyment of childhood that you want to encourage and cultivate. Here are some outdoor toys that do just that!

1. Butterfly Kites

“Let’s go fly a kite! Up to the highest height! Let’s go fly a kite, and send it soaring!”

This beautiful blue butterfly kite will turn everyone’s eyes up to the sky as it soars and dips along. There’s nothing better than a great kite on a windy day, and this one really takes the cake in terms of beauty and color.

2. Yardzee Game Set

The only thing more fun than boards games with the family is playing board games outside with the family!

This entertaining Yardzee/Farkle set will provide hours of laughs and memories. With giant score cards and huge foam dice, this will be a total kick in the pants at your next grill fest, tailgating party, or birthday bash.

3. Watermelon Ball

Sinks to the bottom, then slowly rises to the top… just like a real watermelon… well, we’ll have to take their word for it as we haven’t tossed a real melon in the pool lately.

This Watermelon Jr ball is super fun in the pool and can have all sorts of games played around and with it: from keep away to diving practice to helping learn to swim.

Extremely durable, Watermelon Jr comes with a hose adaptor and two filling needles.

4. Scooters

There’s nothing much cuter than a group of pintsized cuties out in a posse on a weeknight. Especially if they’re on their bikes or riding one of these great looking scooters.

They’ll learn to ride them quickly and they are bound to become their favorite mode of transportation. Need to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbor, or the dog desperately wants a little exercise? The scooter team is on it!

It’s available in a variety of cool colors and the fold-unfold mechanism requires no tools at all, making this perfect for just about any kid.

5. 4 Legged Race Band

The giggles are going to be out of control with this one! Who doesn’t love a four-legged race, after all?

Make it easier (well, sorta) to accomplish with this four-legged race band. Little kids to teens to grandparents are going to want to get in on the action and competition with this fun set. May the most coordinated win!

And the rest can just, you know, laugh it up.

5 Best Outdoor Toys for Teens

Teens still have plenty of child-like fun left in them. They’re just bigger and older, but after all, fun is fun, and with the right gift you can get them outside and enjoying the sunshine. Here are some great outdoor gifts for teens.

1. Personalized Large Connect Four

Connect Four just got better by growing to a ginormous size and being personalized with your names. Kids and adults alike will love playing this timeless game, while lounging on the back deck, or picnicking at the park.

2. Giant Tower

Eco-friendly, with 100% sustainably sourced wood from New Zealand, this tower of stacking blocks can get as high as six feet!

The wooden storage box keeps your teen’s tower as straight as possible, and there are hours of fun to be had. Whether they’re playing Jenga or building structures for their toys and cars, this set is not to be missed.

3. Beach Cruiser Biker

The wind in their hair, their feet happily pedaling, snacks in the basket, gosh, the world is their oyster with one of these Huffy Panama Cruiser bikes!

Beach combing, exploring, racing, or simply zipping up and down the sidewalk has never been so fun. When they’re ready to move from a trike to a bike, there’s nothing better than a Huffy.

Cork style grips on the handlebars and tropical flowers painted on the frame (not to mention the oh-so cute basket) give this bike its sweet beachy flair.

4. Solar Balloon

Talk about a gift they never even knew they wanted until you bought it for them, this amazing 50 foot (that’s right, 50 foot!) long balloon is just astounding.

Simply fill it up with air and then let it sit on the warm grass for a moment. As the sun does its work, the balloon starts to take flight, and the fun begins.

Use it to teach the Bernoullis Principle and the Pascals Principle. They’re learning AND having a blast.

5. Wooden Ladder Ball Game

Another outdoor game that takes the cake! This wooden ladder ball game is so great for family reunions, big birthday bashes, weddings receptions, BBQs, or at the lake house. Made from sturdy wood, they can adhere to the original rules or make up their own version!.

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