60+ Fun Bridal Shower Ideas (Themes, Games & More)

Planning a bridal shower for the bride-to-be can be daunting, confusing, and somewhat stressful, to say the least. You’re going to need all the bridal shower ideas you can get your hands on!

Don’t worry – we’ve done some leg work for you. All you have to do is scroll through to come up with some great shower themes, activities, and games to get you inspired and enthused by your bridal party duties! 

10 Best Bridal Shower Party Ideas

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1. Destination Shower

Decorate based on the place their destination wedding will be! This is so much fun when they are having a tropical or beach wedding, but it can easily be adapted for a mountain nuptial or a Las Vegas drive-thru ceremony.

Have your guests dress accordingly, and make sure your games and snacks match the destination theme.

2. Pamper-to-Be


Get the bride ready for her big day with a spa-filled “treat yo self” kind of day! It will be relaxing and benefits not only her, but the whole bridal party! It’s easy enough to make appointments at your/her favorite salon and spa, but you could easily replicate all the services at your own house. Simply hire a hairstylist, or practice up-dos on one another. Don’t forget the mani/pedis!

3. Surprise Bridal Shower

Take the bride-to-be by surprise in all the best ways! She’ll be thinking the two of you are off to run a boring errand, but she’ll love where this errand ends: At a great shower where she’s pampered and loved. The best surprise parties have all the guests hiding and jumping out to yell, “SURPRISE!” don’t you think? It’s classic for a reason. 

4. Glamping Shower Party

Whether you spend the whole night or not (but we think you should), having a glamping party with the girls is so much fun. String up fairy lights and lanterns, provide plenty of comfy blankets and pillows, lots of fun finger foods, and don’t forget to light a fire to tell stories around! 

5. Count-Down

Decorate the party with the number of days left until they tie the knot. Then the rest is easy: use that number for decor, snacks, treats, and everything else you can think of. 

6. Easy Picnic Shower

For small groups, get together at a nice park or by a lake for a beautiful picnic. Pack old-fashioned baskets with the tell-tale picnic grub: lemonade and champagne, sandwiches, cookies, pickles and olives, and red and white checked tablecloths.

7. Slumber Party

This party is just for the girls, their pjs, some wine, and their favorite games. We’re talking about the retro “Date Night” board game, manicures and pedis, face masks, and good old-fashioned “Truth or Dare.” Don’t forget a movie selection, too!   

8. Dinner at Their Favorite Restaurant

A night out where someone else does the dishes and cooking? Um, yes, please! This idea benefits everyone. Simply choose their favorite restaurant and make a reservation for all her friends. Whether you pay or everyone pays their own tab is up to you (just be super clear on the invites so no one is surprised).

9. Flower Bar

Flower Bar

Allow guests to build their own bouquets with a flower bar! This is a fun and low-key way to make something beautiful together and keep the conversations going too. At the end you have some gorgeous centerpieces for the wedding! 

10. Virtual Bridal Shower

Sometimes you all live too far away to get together in person, which is where technology steps in to save the day! Simply send the link ahead of time and make sure everyone knows what they’re doing once they log on. Then, chat it up! You can even play some games online if you plan ahead and are organized. 

Creative Bridal Shower Themes

Center your shower’s décor, games, food, and invitations around a creative theme. Here are some meaningful favorites.

11. Enchanted Garden

Tea party meets Alice in Wonderland! Enjoy this sweet and simple party by decorating in classic tea party style with a hint of magic. You can pack it up picnic style and head to a botanical garden, or use your own backyard that you’ve transformed into a lovely oasis. We recommend glitter cocktails.

12. Boots & Bubbly

A rustic themed party ideal for cowgirls! Brush up those boots and pour some bubbly. They’ll love sitting on hay bales, being outside in the sun, and having an outdoor scavenger hunt. Send out cowgirl themed invites, and decorate with party lights in the trees. 

This “Pop the Bubbly She’s Getting a Hubby” would be a great decoration for this theme!

13. Tropical Party

It’s a beach party, ladies! Being poolside or beach side is in itself a party. Provide sunscreen, frosty cold beverages, flip-flops for everyone, and lots of fresh fruit and charcuterie. Oh, and any drink, even the virgin ones, taste better with little umbrellas! 

14. Vineyard Theme

Wine tasting, charcuterie boards, and class! Everyone will enjoy rating wine together, decorating wine bottle stickers, and handing out keepsake wine corks to the guests. Find your new favorite vino and the bride-to-be’s as well (this is handy information for one year from now when it’s time to find an anniversary gift). Lots of vineyards have live music too, so plan accordingly.  

15. Disney Bridal Shower

Nostalgic shower idea that can be romantic for any adult Disney fans! Guests can dress as their favorite Disney princess or character, play a Disney playlist (easily downloaded on Spotify), and order a cake with a Disney theme.

Decorations are always easy too: the dollar store nearly always has Disney paper goods and balloons, so you can stay under budget. For the rest of the decor, Disney characters appear on just about everything else you can imagine. Click Here for Disney themed bridal shower games and decorations!

16. Donut Mind If I Do

For a brunch shower, donuts are where it’s at! The fresh sugary goodness of donuts piled high really is the best centerpiece – who needs flowers?!? Make sure you have lots of different kinds for all taste buds, and plenty of piping hot coffee and tea for dunking. 

Click Here for the “Donut Mind if I Do” printable decoration!

17. Traveling From Miss to Mrs.

Decorate everything with a traveling theme, such as: luggage, luggage tags, passports, airplanes, tickets, boats, cars, and more! This is a sweet little idea that is fun to run with. Guests can go home with their own little cosmetic bags filled with travel size accessories and toiletries.  

18. Main Squeeze

Having a lemon-themed shower is so fun for a summer wedding! Decorate in yellow and green for limes and lemons, and serve lemon chiffon cake, key lime pie, lemonade, citrus spritzers, and bowls of lemon candy. 

Check out more Main-Squeezed ideas right here.

19. Taco ’bout Love

This fun bridal shower theme mainly revolves around Cinco de Mayo, or just anyone that really loves tacos… so, like, anybody and everybody? Put out all your hot sauces, tortillas, cheeses, meats, and olives. Everyone builds their own tacos and everyone’s tummies are happy. 

Click here to check out more Cinco de Mayo party ideas!

20. Rom-Com Bridal Shower

Decorate based on their favorite romance movie! Play the movie in the background on a loop, and the soundtrack in the backyard. Have a trivia game at the end with prizes for the winners.  

Can’t decide on a favorite? Here are a few of ours:

Fun Bridal Shower Games

No bridal shower can be complete without some fun games. Here are classics that will have your party rolling with laughter.

21. Guess the Age

Bridal Shower Party Ideas - Guess Her Age

Hang up photos of the bride and groom that span across their life. Guests must try to guess their age in each photo. Winners get a prize! Not only is this a fun way to celebrate, but it’s also a sweet way to decorate. Don’t forget those embarrassing high school yearbook photos, and half-naked toddler pics! 

22. Bridal Bingo

This downloadable bridal bingo game is a great way to break the ice and get everyone laughing. It’s easy to print and pass around – just don’t forget to provide the pencils! Make it even more exciting by offering a prize to the bingo winner. Fun for all ages, this one is great for Gramma and little sister too. 

23. Beach Blue Printable Bundle Set

These colorful little printables are just the thing to get the party started! Guests will love guessing the answers to all the fun questions to see who knows the bride and groom the best. Having matching invitations and thank you cards is just a bonus!

24. Who Has the Ring

Looking for a quick and easy activity? This scratch-and-win shower game will have guests belly laughing in no time! It’s simple: Hand out the cards, scratch-off to reveal, and the one who shouts “I do!” is the winner. So simple to play, with no confusing rules, and fun too. 

25. Where Were They

For the couple who loves to travel, guests will have a blast trying to decide where each photo was taken! Throw in one or two that are simply in their own backyard to trick the guests. Winner gets a prize, of course.

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26. Bride or Groom?

Get to know the bride and groom a little bit better with this fun game. You may think you know who snores the loudest, who takes the longest to get ready, etc, but you might be surprised at the answers!

27. Don’t Say Bride

Pass out a sparkly ring to each guest at the beginning of the shower. Whenever someone catches another person saying the taboo word “bride” (or another word of your choice), they get that person’s ring. By the end of the bridal party, whoever has the most bling wins! 

28. Guess the Dress

Guests get a chance to design the bride’s wedding gown with these fun cards. You can keep it more serious, with a prize to the one who gets the closest to the actual gown, or keep it silly by encouraging everyone to draw the most over the top gown yet!

29. Guess How Many Kisses

Guess how many “kisses” (chocolate ones, of course) are in the jar with this lovely printable. An easy way to decorate the table and keep the guests busy.

30. Ring Hunt

Bridal Shower Party Ideas - Ring Hunt

Spread out rings all over the entire party area for partygoers to find. It’s kind of like a wedding-themed Easter egg hunt! Whoever finds the most rings wins a prize.

Bridal Shower Game Prizes

What should you give out as prizes for these games? Here are some favorites:

More: 35+ Bridal Shower Game Prizes

Bridal Shower Ideas at Home

Simple ideas for you to pull off at home.

31. Date Jar

Leave a jar with some paper slips for guests to write down date night ideas for the couple-to-be to draw later. So invaluable for many weekends to come! Encourage them to really get creative, too: making a blanket fort and watching a movie inside, climbing trees at the park together, etc. 

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32. Coffee Bar

When you do it right, a coffee bar is practically a meal in itself! For the caffeine lovers, set out plenty of brew options, yummy homemade creamers, different sweeteners, and fun mugs. Go all out with your coffee theme, with coffee flavored ice cream, cake, candies, and scented candles. 

33. Bridal Photo Booth

If there aren’t any photos, did the party even happen?! We think not, so never fear: a fabulous photo booth is here! Guests will love primping and posing in front of this cute bridal shower backdrop. 

34. Fill a Recipe Box

Set out a cute recipe box and blank recipe cards for guests to leave their favorite recipes for the couple-to-be. Such a fun and practical way to set up house together. 

35. Home Videos

Set up a projector (or two) along with your TV and some laptops to play videos on a loop. These home videos of the bride and groom growing up will surely keep the guests entertained! It’s like America’s Funniest Home Videos, bride and groom style! 

Bridal Shower Ideas on a Budget

Throwing a bridal shower doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some subtle and classy ways to save while creating a memorable experience.

36. Schedule at a Budget-Friendly Time

Set the time of the shower between lunch and dinner so you only need to place out finger foods instead of full meals. Besides, appetizers are always tastier than the meal anyway, right? Plus, everyone gets home before dark and the host has plenty of time to clean up before a nightcap on the couch. 

37. Send an Evite

Instead of paying for postage, send an evite via text or email instead with a customizable invite like this one. Just make sure everyone RSVPs like they would with a paper invite!

38. Park Flower Decorations

Pick flowers at your local parks to use as decorations or ask your neighbors to contribute a bouquet from their gardens. Blooms can be expensive, but with this budget-friendly bridal shower idea, the wildflowers not only cost nothing but add a lovely boho touch. 

39. Keep Entertainment Simple

Keep the entertainment and games simple by DIY-ing a few games yourself, or printing off activities for cheap. Guests are there for the bride anyway – not the games! Simply recycle the cardstock when everyone goes home. 

40. Thrift Shops, Hand-Me-Downs, & Dollar Store

Re-use decorations (and save money) by finding decor items at stores like the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Big Lots, yard sales, and thrift shops. Or ask your friends who recently got married if they kept their overfill from their own showers. 

Cutest Bridal Shower Décor Ideas

Decoration is key for the best shower, so be inspired by these popular and beautiful décor ideas!

41. Wedding Veil Door Wreath

YouTube video

This pretty wreath leaves no doubt where the shower is located! It’s an adorable way to welcome your guests in for a night of celebrating the bride. 

42. Flower Walls for Photos

This flower wall is made of silky blush-colored hydrangea petals and provides the perfect backdrop for plenty of photos for your guests! It will definitely contribute to an evening to remember, and is just the right amount of “girly” to add to your decor. 

43. Create a Cupcake Tower

Who doesn’t want a cupcake tower? Just look at the picture… Now I want a cupcake. Whether you create your own tower, or purchase the light-up option, a cupcake tower is surely a must-have item for your shower! 

44. Personalized Welcome Signs

Make your guests and your bride-to-be feel as special as you know they are with this pretty personalized welcome sign! It’s also a fabulous backdrop for your selfies and pictures with the bride. 

45. Bride to Be Chair Decorations

This cute bride to be chair decorations are just the thing for “dressing up” your furniture! They add a bit of whimsy and delight to the evening and will make everyone who poses in the chairs smile a bit wider. 

46. DIY Donut Wall

YouTube video

Sure, some brides-to-be like flowers and jewels and sparkles, but let’s face it: some (the best kind) love donuts! Make this adorable donut wall and watch the bride beam! 

47. Large Lawn Banners

For an outdoor shower, this super large lawn banner is just the thing! Guests will love knowing they have arrived at party central, and the bride will feel so special. 

48. Decorate with Photos

Bridal Shower Party Ideas - Decorate Wall With Photos

Designate a wall or table to be decorated with photos of the bride and groom from childhood until proposal. Another fun idea is to hang photos from floating balloons around the room. Either way, prep your guests ahead of time to bring plenty of photos to contribute. 

49. Fairy Lights

These fairy lights make any ho-hum party into a magical and enchanting evening! They add a touch of whimsical magic and fairytale appeal. And since they aren’t bridal shower specific, you can use them again later for a birthday party, or backyard dinner, or any reason to celebrate!

50. Custom Balloons

These cute custom balloons will make the guests ooh and ahh! Customized with her name, they really add a special touch to your event. 

Bridal Shower Invitations

Now that you have some ideas for the party, get the invitations send! Here are some of our favorites.

51. Spring Breeze Invites & Thank You Cards

Getting mail is old-fashioned and fun! Guests will love receiving these cute invites in the mail, and the thank-you cards are great to have at hand when needed. 

52. Rose & Gown Bridal Shower Invitations

This classy option is a bit vintage, making it perfect for a classic bride. 

53. Lavender & Rosemary Invites

A bit more boho in style, this lavender and rosemary invite is a pretty option for a laid-back nature wedding. 

54. Brunch & Bubbly Invites

Leave no doubt: there will be yummy breakfast treats and champagne at this bridal shower! 

55. Rose Gold Invites & Thank You Cards

If your theme is rose and gold, this invite and thank you card are perfect.

56. Boho Bridal Shower Invitations

Minimalist yet so pretty. A gorgeous font means love is in the air.

57. Eucalyptus Greenery Wedding Shower Invites

If she’s getting married barefoot or having an eco-friendly wedding, this pretty eucalyptus and greenery invite is just the thing!

58. Blue Floral Framed Printable Invites

These printable invites are oh-so simple and oh-so cute.

59. Rustic Bridal Shower Invite

Vintage and rustic, these invites are perfect for a farm wedding, or a barn shower! 

60. Simple Floral Shower Invites

Keep it simple and classic with these floral invites. 

Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Consider what to serve, both regarding how it looks and how it tastes. These recipes will have your guests coming back for more, refilling plates and glasses with scrumptious delicacies.

61. Mimosas & Donuts

YouTube video

Nothing is more iconic for a modern bridal shower than mimosas and donuts! You can purchase champagne flutes all mixed and matched at thrift shops (and let the guests take theirs home), or you can buy the disposal kind at a party store. 

BTW, this printable decoration is the perfect thing to place next to your mimosas bar!

62. Veggie Garden Tray

Veggie Garden Tray by Somewhat Simple
Photo Credit: Some What Simple

Everyone wants to be able to fit into their bridesmaid’s dresses, right?! Provide lots of rainbow-colored veggies and dips, and everyone will be satisfied and healthy. Check out this great veggie garden tray guide by Some What Simple!

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63. Waffle Bar

Waffle Bar

No matter what time of day it is, it’s waffle-thirty! Have an open waffle bar with borrowed waffle irons, and lots of yummy toppings. Don’t forget a few savory options too, like bacon and sausage and eggs. 

64. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Photo Credit: Lemon Tree Dwelling

Lift a pinky and sip on tea, while you munch on cucumber sandwiches. These are easy to make ahead of time and stacked up in a pretty pile of goodness. 

65. Sherbet Punch

YouTube video

A great non-alcoholic shower drink is a fun and colorful sherbert punch! Served in a big punch bowl, you could pass out crazy straws, or serve them in fancy champagne flutes. 

66. Strawberry Shortcake Trifles

These strawberry shortcake trifles give an air of sophistication to your party, but they’re surprisingly easy to make and assemble. Guests will find themselves putting one after another on their plates, especially on a warm summer day.

67. Mini Quiches

Mini Quiches
Photo Credit: RecipeTin Eats

Many quiches are perfect for the brunch crowd! The clean up is a breeze, and the dainty sizes mean guests can sample several different flavors. Try this amazing mini quiche recipe by RecipeTin Eats!

68. Chocolate Covered Treats

YouTube video

Pretzels, rice krispie treats, biscottis, bananas, marshmallows, cheesecake squares, strawberries, etc. You can pre-make or set up a station to allow guests to dip and decorate their own delectable chocolate covered treats

69. Tuscan Chicken Pinwheels

Easily made and assembled the morning of, these Tuscan chicken pinwheels look impressive and taste even better! They’re an easy finger food that isn’t too messy and won’t require flatware. 

70. Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

Make your own, or order a few to pass around. Delicious local cheeses, hard meats like salami and prosciutto, an assortment of crackers and olives, grapes… the sky’s the limit! 

Here are some more delicious charcuterie board ideas:

  • Berries
  • Ham
  • Cheese Cubes
  • Nuts
  • Cream Cheese Dip
  • Oranges
  • Toast
  • Chocolate
  • Pepperoni
  • Honey Dip

Bridal Shower Etiquette & FAQ

What Happens at a Bridal Shower?

Depending on whether it’s a more traditional shower (lingerie and nighties as gifts), or a kitchen shower (gifts from their registry), you can expect lots of games, socializing, and food. 

Who Pays for a Bridal Shower?

Oftentimes, the maid of honor is in charge of the bridal shower, but it’s not unusual for the wedding party and the mother of the bride to chip in with the cost.

Who Throws the Bridal Shower?

Traditionally, it’s the maid of honor. However, sometimes that person lives out of town and will barely make it in time for the wedding! In that case, another BFF, or the mother of the bride or groom will step up. 

Who Gets Invited to a Bridal Shower?

Always be sure to invite the wedding party, close girlfriends, and family members. Ask the bride if there is anyone else she wants or needs there, then make it happen!

When is the Bridal Shower Held?

Usually the bridal shower is in the week before the nuptials, giving a chance for the out-of-town guests to attend. The night before can be an option, but make sure it doesn’t clash with the wedding rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party!

Can Both the Groom & Bride Be at the Bridal Shower?

As with baby showers, it’s becoming more typical than ever before for showers to be attended by both men and women. But most often the groom only shows up at the end of the bridal shower to help load up the car with the gifts and say hello (and goodbye) to the party-goers!

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