50 Fun Vintage Gifts for a Retro Aesthetic

Vintage gifts are just the thing for the person in your life who lives and breathes a countercultural retro aesthetic. But giving something that is old-school is a little… different.

After all, it’s traditional to give a gift that is new, contemporary in style, and still in the shrink wrap. But some of us just simply adore all things old-fashioned.

For this type, the idea of getting Target’s latest home accent just doesn’t make any sense – after walking through the beaded curtain into their kitchen, that farmhouse cake display is going to go where, exactly? 

Nowhere, that’s where. Less Joanna Gaines and more geometric wallpaper, please.

If the words trendy, modern, or of-the-moment definitely do NOT apply to your friend’s retro aesthetic beauty, you know it can be tricky to find the perfect vintage gift.

Fret not, we have done the legwork for you! When it comes to all things throwback and groovy, we’ve compiled a list to make their old-fashioned heart smile. Here are our favorite gifts that hearken back to the 60s all the way up to the early aughts.

Best Vintage Gifts for Her

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1. Flower Power Earrings

These acrylic flower power earrings are so mod and delightful. She’ll love the dangly aesthetic and the “mood” these earrings inspire. Perfect for some swingin’ sixties vibes! 

2. Keep on Keepin’ On

This adorable cotton tee has the ‘80s vibe written all over it! With its cute happy face and soft feel, this will be a go-to shirt for all of her acid wash jeans (they’re back in style, don’tcha know?).

3. Jelly Bags

Raise your hand if you remember the “jelly” shoes of the 1980s?! Well, we’ve found something even better – and this rad purse won’t leave those nasty imprints of the plastic weaving on your poor feet!

4. 1960’s Groovy Dress

It’s shagadelic, baby! When she’s wearing a sixties inspired groovy frock, she can totally take over the world… and look smashing and “switched on” to boot.

5. Spice Girls Keychains

Is she Scary, Baby, Sporty, Posh, or Ginger? She’ll go crazy over this Spice Girls keychain and so will all her friends. Girl power!!

And PS: You can’t own this keychain without hearing their best song “Wannabe

Best Vintage Gifts for Him

6. Vote for Pedro

If you know, you know. Ain’t nobody gonna vote for Summer! For all the Napoleon Dynamite fans out there with a love for vintage 2000s culture, this tee is flatout perfect.

It is identical to the one in the movie, so be prepared to hear all the best quotes from strangers and friends when wearing it!

Pair with tots for the perfect gift. 

7. Vintage Golfer’s Society Plaque

For the golfer in your life, may we suggest this absolutely delightful Vintage Golfer’s Society Plaque? It has an old-fashioned look, making it perfect for his office, den, or living room. 

8. Limelight Yo-Yo

When it comes to yo-yos, Duncan always had the best (and I say this as a daughter of a former yo-yo champ). This orange and clear vintage yo-yo is made even better with the addition of LED lights, making it one to light up the night! 

9. Fast & Furious Cars Poster

How iconic is this super rad poster featuring Dodge Charger R/T (Dominic Toretto), Mitsubishi Eclipse and 1994 Toyota Supra Mark IV (Brian O’Conner)? If your guy is a car lover at heart, he’ll love framing this bad boy.

BTW, “vintage” typically refers to something that is between 20 and 100 years old (over 100 and it becomes “antique”). And yes, this means that the original Fast & Furious flick (from 2001) is now vintage.

10. Proraso Gino Tin Set

This shaving kit gives his face a barbershop inspired pampering! He’ll be left with baby soft skin that begs for kisses. And the tin will be great for decorating the bathroom once all his products run out. 

Retro Aesthetic Gifts

11. Floral Print Cups

No peeling off decals in these charming floral print cups! Whether you’re sipping a 70s-inspired cocktail or your favorite go-juice, you can’t help but be cheered when you see these adorable glasses that look like they came straight out of your grandmother’s cupboard. 

12. Postcard Puzzles

These postcard puzzles are the perfect vintage gift for a rainy day! Pick out whichever state holds their heart, or get a few that signify the places you’ve lived. At only 144 pieces, they aren’t too much of a commitment and can be put together in a single evening. 

13. Happy Flowers Bookmarks

These cute little laminated bookmarks seem straight outta your own childhood with their cheery faces and happy flowers! You’ll love marking your place in your TBR pile with some of these. And bookmarks are a great gift to tuck inside a birthday card when mailing – just add an extra stamp! 

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14. Star Child Patch

This embroidered “Star Child” patch is just the thing to add onto your denim jacket or backpack! If she’s a Stevie Nicks at heart, a flower child, or into all things boho, she’ll love this patch. 

15. Depression Style Salt & Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers are a throwback to the Depression era. If Grapes of Wrath and American Gothic are right up their alley, you know the recipient will love it. Heck, we love the timeless green hue of the glass and know they’ll look oh-so-adorable on any dinner table. 

Vintage Room Decor Gifts

16. Friends Peephole Door Frame

Friends is old enough to be new again! We know, we can’t believe it either. The iconic yellow frame is straight outta Monica’s apartment and it will bring a charming and bright pop of color to your front door as well. 

17. Food Tin Flower Pots

These vintage inspired and totally retro flower pots will instantly brighten up any room and mood! The food tin look will take you back in time to a simpler way of life. Pot up some herbs or flowers, or use them to hold cotton balls, makeup brushes, or kitchen utensils. 

18. Wavy Mirror

These retro mirrors are wavy and funky and we are here for them! Pick pink or white – either are adorable and will be a functional and practical way to decorate the bedroom or hallway. 

19. Plant Kindness & Gather Love

This retro print is straight up 1970s and it is so charming and sweet! The colors are vibrant and fun and the little kitty cat and mushroom remind you to plant kindness and gather love.

20. Coffee House Barrel Sign

This retro and vintage inspired sign is perfect for coffee lovers! They’ll love hanging this timeless plaque above their at-home coffee station or in the kitchen. Don’t we all wish a fresh cup was still 10 cents?!

Old-Fashioned Gifts

21. Vintage Hankies

Vintage hankies are just the thing for him or her! They can be tucked into a pocket square, tied up in her hair, as a belt for a wrap dress, tied around a purse handle, or knotted just so around the neck! The possibilities are endless, and with so many great patterns and colors to choose from, they are totally one-of-a-kind. 

22. “Sports Bar” Personalized Mirror Sign

We don’t know what we love more: the vintage vibe or the personalization of the recipient’s name! They will go bananas over this sports bar mirror sign. Get ready to answer, “Where in the world did you get this?!”

23. Hot & Fresh Hot Dogs Sign

This hilarious print with its happy little hot dog is going to warm their old-fashioned heart. They’ll love finding the perfect spot to hang this cute sign, whether in the kitchen, the back porch, or in the movie room with the popcorn and sodas! 

24. Tin Popcorn & Seasoning Set

Speaking of popcorn, these quirky and vintage seasoning sets are just the ticket for movie night! So adorable, you can’t possibly hide them away in the cupboard when not in use, these sweet tins are made to be admired. 

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25. Rosewood Pocket Knife

For the old-fashioned cowboy (or cowgirl), a pocket knife is a must-have item! They’ll love this antique-style Rosewood version, with its shiny metal blade, and the addition of their very own name engraved on the handle.

Best Retro Gifts

26. Westclox 22690 Retro Wood Alarm Clock

The original and still the best! Wake up refreshed and ready for the day with this retro wood alarm clock by Westclox. It’ll remind you of your childhood in all the best ways, except you don’t have to worry about that final you forgot to study for. 

27. Romantic Cassette Mixtape

Back in our day, a homemade cassette mixtape was all the rage and for good reason! What else can croon in your ears about how he will always love you? Plan out every second of this real cassette’s playlist and watch your honey melt. 

28. Have a Nice Day Tote Bag

Keep it simple with this sweet canvas tote! Perfect for school books, a quick picnic, or in place of a diaper bag, this adorable bag is just the thing for when you’re on the go. The cheery sunflower will elicit smiles all around. 

29. Handmade Granny Square Cardigan

So hippie in all the right ways! She’ll love this cozy handmade granny square cardigan and it’s sure to become her new favorite on chilly autumn fire pit dates, and rainy spring afternoons. The vibrant colors mean it will match any outfit. 

30. Lisa Frank Vibes

All 80s babies loved Lisa Frank, with her bright and popping artwork of all things pop culture, animals, and our yummiest snacks! She’s back with this rad tee shirt that has all your 80s-loving friends jealous. 

Best 70’s Nostalgia Gifts

31. 1970s Candy

For his sweet tooth, this 70s inspired retro candy collection will make him delighted! He’ll love remembering all his old favorites and maybe finding some new ones he didn’t have access to back in the day. Chalk up a win as the recipient chomps up their gift. Maybe they’ll share but, you know, maybe not.

32. Roller Derby Skate Earrings

These are just about the most vintage and “throw back” things we’ve seen all day! We’re in love with these roller derby skate earrings. There was such freedom in racing around the rink, wasn’t there? And the good news is, these earrings are so much lighter in weight than those old skates were! 

33. Vinyl Record Player

This turntable looks amazingly old-fashioned, but rest assured it comes with all the latest in gadgets and technology! For the music lovers out there, especially the ones who were teens in the 70s, this is a great gift that will have them rockin’ in the free world! 

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34. Floral Wallpaper

You can’t watch the HGTV network for more than a few minutes to know that wallpaper is back, baby! This vintage and trippy wallpaper will totally transform your walls from boring hohum beige to something that makes you smile each time you walk into the room. 

35. Huuuuge Bell Bottom Jeans

According to my 1970s mother – to make these real 1970s jeans you would rip open the sides and sew on fabric to make the bells even bigger! No need to go to that effort with these huuuuuge bell bottom jeans! Whether you wear them to a party or wear them every day, they make a statement about peace, love, and happiness! #nomoreskinnyjeans 

Best 80’s Nostalgia Gifts

36. Girl Talk

We all remember the original 80s Hasbro game, right? I know I had my own set, bought by my super-cool grandmother to my eye-rolling mom’s chagrin. Play it again with your preteen or teen daughter and let the bonding begin! 

37. I Want My MTV

Don’t we all?! Want our MTV, I mean? Back when you could spend hours watching Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Guns and Roses, and Def Leppard music videos and munching on TV dinner, washed down with Tang! Ahhhh … the good old days. Grab this tee

38. Nintendo Super Mario Bros ’85 Shirt

The kids these days just don’t know what the best video game feels like! Remind your 80s-loving pals what fun was with this soft cotton tee featuring Mario in all his vintage glory. 

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39. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

These cute stemless wine glasses are just the thing for a girl’s weekend trip away or as bridesmaid’s gifts! We all know the lyrics and will happily sing them all at karaoke next week! Cheers! 

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40. D.A.R.E. Fanny Pack

The addition of the neon green and the D.A.R.E. logo make this fanny pack absolutely perfect! Sure, fanny packs are back in style and the kids call them belt bags, but we refuse to change. Fanny packs forever! 

Best 90’s Nostalgia Gifts

41. 90’s Mystery Box

Talk about a blast from the past! She’ll be nuts over this caboodle-d set of nostalgic 90s items, from Pop Rocks to Bubble Yum to slap bracelets. We’re pretty certain we’ve done the math and the 90s were only a decade ago though, right?!

42. Tamagotchi

The original toy that drove you crazy but still filled you with love and maternal feelings! It’s the original digital pet and you can own (and neglect) it once again! 

43. Inflatable Furniture

It was just more fun playing video games, reading Bridget Jones’ Diary, or munching on Snackwells when you were seated in one of these babies! This inflatable furniture is a total throwback and we love it! 

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44. VHS Lamps

Who misses their VHS player and regrets giving it to Goodwill in the DVD craze?! I know I do! These rad VHS tapes made with your favorite 90s movie label are actually lamps, and they are going to look gnarly in your living room or bedroom! 

45. Rimless Rectangle Sunglasses

Make a fashion statement with a pair of these great rimless rectangle sunglasses! You’ll be saying things like “as if!”, “all that and a bag of chips!” and “eat my shorts!” in record time. 

Best 2000’s Aesthetic Gifts

46. Velvet Tracksuits

You know you had one or wanted one! These throwback 2000s inspired velvet tracksuits are way comfy – maybe that’s why you had one in every color back in the day! And of course, you need one with Juicy on the backside … because … well, you just do. 

47. Apple iPod Classic

These Apple iPod classics were all the rage! Play all your 2000s favorites like Hollowback Girl, Hips Don’t Lie, and Bye Bye Bye the way they were meant to be heard. 

48. Y2K Coloring Book

Sure, it never really came to fruition the way our mamas panicked it would (remember the water jugs in the basement and the lifetime supply of toothpaste she was hoarding?) but we all fondly remember Y2K. So, color about it with this hilarious coloring book that is filled with all things 90/2000s.  

49. Doorway Beaded String Curtain

Beaded curtains are pretty much always “in”! This one is pretty in pink and will totally transform a ho-hum doorway into something fun and stylish. 

50. Retro Phone Aesthetics

A flip phone was everything rad in the 2000s! These fun stickers will totally take you back in time to when texting took freakin’ forever but we still did it anyway! 

Who else remembers these weird Moto Razr commercials?

Here are some more great ideas for your old-school phone vibe:

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