Weird Gift Ideas To Delight Your Quirky Friends

Looking for truly weird gifts? The type of item that would make an ideal gift for your odd friend or family member? 

Congrats. You’ve landed on a gift guide to the unconventionally weird, curated by a genuine oddball (me). This isn’t your run-of-the-mill slightly silly stuff, folks. But it is a list that will help you choose a great gift for your favorite weirdo.

When your oddball crony is into the fabulously odd, seriously eccentric, and funky way of life, here are some perfect gift ideas to start with.

And if you’re the quirkiest in your friend group, feel free to add a strange gift to your shopping cart for yourself! 

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Weirdest Gifts Guide

Squonk of Pennsylvania
  • So ugly he's adorable
  • Perfect for Pennsylvanians
  • Handmade Artisan Sculpture
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It’s the same feeling I get when I look at a pug. I know he’s ugly, but he’s so adorable at the same time! 

Perfect for the Pennsylvania native, this little Squonk art sculpture brings the region’s mythological creature to life. A perfect way to support your weird friend in their love for the unusual, Squonk would make the cutest desk buddy or decor accessory.

Don’t think Squonk would appeal to your friend? That’s okay! This artist’s shop is home to a whole host of wonderfully bizarre creatures that might be a little bit more of their style.

Dwayne the Rocktopus Fidget Toy
  • Functional fidget toy
  • 3D printed design
  • Available in a variety of colors
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I’ll take two. Make one rainbow colored. 

A perfect example of the “funny weird gifts” category, you can’t help but giggle when you look at The Rocktupus. He’s a fully functional fidget toy to help calm their nerves, too!

The big bonus for me is the variety of different color options available. 

Snail Soap Dispenser
  • Unexpectedly adorable
  • Easily fillable
  • Great for kids
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03/27/2024 09:05 pm GMT

This snail soap dispenser is delightfully wacky and we are here for it!

A wonderful gift idea for a housewarming party or a wedding present, this fun and funny dispenser is sure to get a good laugh from their house guests. 

Ministry of Silly Walks Watch
  • Perfect for Monty Python fans
  • Subtle nerd merch
  • Not for use during The Fish Slapping Dance.
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This great Ministry of Silly Walks wrist watch (whew! Say that five times fast!) is so delightful! We love everything about it and know your quirky friend will, too. 

Great for Monty Python fans, or for just adding a pop of eccentricity into an everyday, business casual look. 

Taxidermy Pufferfish With Hat
  • No two identical specimens
  • Wonderfully festive little guy
  • Always looks surprised
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What’s not to love? Creative entrepreneurs have outdone themselves with this weird, party-ready puffer fish. Like, who would think of something this delightfully ridiculous?

We’re glad they did, though. And apparently, plenty of other people are, too, because he’s a bestseller.

Puffin Drinkware

Puffin Drinkware
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Get your drinks a jacket! These koozies are a great choice for the pal who loves a good beer or soda in the afternoon. They’ll keep his/her beverage just right and are a fun conversation piece to boot. 

Stupid Deaths

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Tired of boring board games? Or bored games? This one is here to rescue your game night! Like they say, it’s frightfully funny…

 Good for parties, as an ice breaker, or hey, a super weird first date.

Bob Ross Chia Pet

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They can grow some wonderful Bob Ross hair with this cute chia pet! We all remember having a chia pet back in the day, but having it look like everyone’s favorite painter is icing on the cake. 

Or snow on the mountains. Or leaves on the trees… You get it. A perfect present for your artsy friends, amiright?

Crafting with Cat Hair

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We bet your fellow cat lover has always secretly wanted to transform their kitty’s shed hair into something fabulous! I mean, don’t you? No?

Well, this fun DIY book is for them, not you, so quit making it weird…er. Cat owners are in their own category anyway, don’t you know? This will be right up their alley.

Pyro Mini Fire Shooter

Pyro Mini Fireshooter
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Shoot some flames and get some aggression out at the same time! This pyro mini fire shooter is the ideal accessory for your favorite pyromaniac. A great way to win friends, and terrify enemies. 

Or just, ya know, weird them out. 

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Spaghetti Monster Pasta Strainer

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Need a practical gift? Well, you’ve come to the right place! How about this spaghetti monster pasta strainer? It’s everything you (and your best friend) never knew they needed in their life.

Life is too short to use a boring colander, so appeal to their inner child and let the monsters into the kitchen.

Smallest Shop Vac

Smallest Shop Vac
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Do they have a dollhouse that could seriously use some vacuuming? A keyboard? Maybe their belly button (all that lint…)?

This smallest shop vac is here to help! A silly and unique gift idea that is perfect for your silliest office coworker (and beats a gift card or a water bottle any day).

Wine Drinking Plant Holder

Drinking Wine Plant Holder
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Do they love a good bottle of wine but also love their plant babies? These wine-drinking plant holders are a funny nod to their passions and would make the best gifts.

These little planters are quirky and whimsical, making them a great housewarming gift for your favorite weird people. As far as weird gifts go, these may just be the cutest. Now I just need one that’s holding a coffee cup…

Dino Nugget Pillow

Dino Nugget Pillow
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We all went through a Dino nugget phase, don’t lie! Now we said the goal of this article was weird gifts rather than funny gifts, but we think this little dinosaur fits both categories well.

These ultra-plush little pillows would make a strange and unconventional gift and will delight your foody fans or aspiring paleontologists. 

Rubber Chicken Purse

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Who wants a boring old purse that looks like everyone else’s? Not your weirdo friend, that’s for sure! What she craves and desires is a rubber chicken purse. 

Trust us. We know. We are that friend. One of the most hilarious gifts on the weird gifts list for sure…

Yoga Joes

Yoga Joes- weird gifts
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G.I. Joes are so passé! But good news, you can try these yoga Joes instead! For wacky gifts that won’t break the bank, these unusual action figures are here to delight you.

So cute and clever, we can’t get enough. 

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Nicholas Cage Sequin Pillow

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Coming from someone who already owns a Nic Cage pillow (yes, you read that right), I have to say this is one gift that will keep on giving, long after it’s unwrapped. We give this pillow 5-star reviews across the board.

They can cuddle with Nic whether he likes it or not when they have this hysterical gift! 

Gourmet Pickle Cotton Candy

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This list wouldn’t be complete without some unusual food gifts. Have they got weird taste buds to go with the rest of their weird little self?

Then they need some gourmet pickle cotton candy in their life! What better way to put some tang in their already salty life than with this fun gift? 

Banana Vase

Banana Vase- weird gifts
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This goofy vase is shaped like a banana and we guarantee that, while your friends may have a house full of weird stuff, they don’t have anything like this! Totally silly and yet…avant-garde? 

Well, it’s something anyway, and would make an excellent addition to their coffee table! 

Lying Flat Duck Night Light

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Sleep in peace there, little ducky!

This goofy lying flat duck night light isn’t your ordinary, boring night light—heaven forbid! Instead, it’s a great pick of weird gifts and a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. Conversations like, “Why do you have a dead duck night light?”

He’s just too great for words, but we’ll let all the five-star reviews speak for themselves.

Farmhouse Cat Pillow

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To add an extra touch of whimsical weirdness to their decor, try this farmhouse cat pillow! He’s looking mighty fine riding his magnificent steed, is he not? And he has that “vintage treasures” air about him, too.

A perfect mix of strange, goofy, and silly, your friend will adore this pillow.

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