50 Weird Gift Ideas To Delight Your Quirky Friends

The only thing better than your quirkiest, most lovably weird friend is giving them equally quirky, hilarious and weird gifts!

When your oddball crony is into the fabulously odd, seriously eccentric, and/or funky way of life, here are 50 perfect gift ideas for you to start with.

And if you’re the quirkiest in your friend group, feel free to shop for yourself! 

Best Weird Gifts

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1. Snail Soap Dispenser

This snail soap dispenser is delightfully wacky and we are here for it! A wonderful gift idea for a housewarming party or a wedding present, this fun and funny dispenser is sure to get a good laugh from their house guests. 

2. Ministry of Silly Walks Wrist Watch

This great Ministry of Silly Walks wrist watch (whew! Say that five times fast!) is so delightful! We love everything about it and know your quirky friend will, too. 

Great for Monty Python fans, or for just adding a pop of eccentricity into an everyday, business casual look. 

3. Puffin Drinkware

Get your drinks a jacket! These great koozies are a great choice for the pal who loves a good beer or soda in the afternoon. They’ll keep his/her beverage just right and are a fun conversation piece to boot. 

4. Emotional Support Tumbler

Have this wonderful tumbler engraved however you like best! Something witty and silly will be just the ticket for your best friend. 

They are vacuum sealed and will keep their coffee hot for hours and hours, or their iced water or tea as frosty as ever. They come in a variety of colors, too, so you can their favorite as well 

5. Stupid Deaths

Tired of boring board games? Or bored games? This one is here to rescue your game night! Like they say, it’s frightfully funny…

 Good for parties, as an ice breaker, or hey, a really super weird first date.

6. This is Fine Mug

We all relate to this great meme and now it’s a fabulously funny mug! Sit home and sip your favorite beverage from this quirky cup, or take it to the office and show it off. 

Is it coffee or is it vodka? Only your hairdresser knows… 

7. Bob Ross Chia Pet

They can grow some wonderful Bob Ross hair with this cute chia pet! We all remember having a chia pet back in the day, but having it look like everyone’s favorite painter is icing on the cake. 

Or snow on the mountains. Or leaves on the trees… You get it. A perfect present for your artsy friends, amiright?

8. Fun Regal Painting

Need a great gift idea for an eccentric family member? They’ll adore this delightfully ridiculous regal painting! All of their house guests will get a kick out of it, too. Seeing themselves as royalty? Priceless.

9. Funny Group Shirts

For your oddly out there friend group, why not consider some great shirts like these? Practically perfect in every way, these fun shirts will be your go-to uniform and a great addition to all those Girl’s Nights. 

10. Crafting with Cat Hair

We bet your fellow animal lovers or cat owners have always wanted to transform their kitty’s shedded hair into something fabulous! I mean, don’t you? No? Well, this fun DIY book is for them, not you, so quit making it weird…er. 

11. Pyro Mini Fireshooter

Shoot some flames and get some aggression out at the same time! With this pyro mini fire shooter, your friend can feel totally badass once again. A great way to win friends, and terrify enemies. 

Or just, ya know, weird them out. 

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12. Spaghetti Monster Pasta Strainer

Need a practical gift? Well you’ve come to the right place! How about this spaghetti monster pasta strainer? It’s everything you (and your friend) never knew they needed in their life. Life is way too short to use a boring colander after all.

13. Smallest Shop Vac

Need to shop vac your doll house?Your keyboard? Maybe your belly button (all that lint…)? This smallest shop vac is here to help! A silly gift idea that is actually pretty great for your silliest office coworker. 

14. Drinking Wine Plant Holder

Love a good bottle of wine but also love your plant babies? This drinking wine plant holder does it all, including looking absolutely adorable. 

These little planters are simply quirky and whimsical, making them a great housewarming gift for your favorite weird people. As far as weird gifts go, these may just be the cutest.

15. Pizza Blanket

Ever wanted to curl up under some hot cheese and salty pepperoni? Want to feel the embrace of some hot carbs? 

Us, too. Now you can with this warm pizza blanket! Movie nights are going to be so much more epic now. 

16. Dino Nugget Pillow

We all went through a Dino nugget phase, don’t lie! These ultra plush little pillows make wonderfully strange gifts and will delight your foody fans, or your aspiring paleontologists. 

17. Cat Butt Magnets

For the cat lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with these hilarious cat butt magnets! They’ll hold everything on the fridge in style, from photos to lists to hand-drawn works of art from the kindergartener. 

Funny Weird Gifts

18. Mama Llama Engraved Bar Necklace

This mama llama engraved bar necklace is made of stainless steel, and it’s a totally cute way to breathe some life back into your everyday outfits!

Depending on your mood, you can flip the bar to say whichever engraving best suits your day. Does it necessarily fall into the “weird gifts” category? Maybe not. But it is funny.

19. Rock Climbing Handles Mug

These cute rock climbing grip mugs are one of a kind and totally unique to the rock climbing addicts of the world. T

hey’ll love sipping some fresh brews out of these funny mugs. A set would be even better. Don’t spill!

20. BFF Face Socks

You know you’ve arrived when you have your ugly mug on a sock! These BFF face socks are just the right pick of weird gifts for when your bestie doesn’t think of you often enough. 

Now they’ll think of you each and every time they look down at their ankles! Definitely pair with shorts. 

21. Rubber Chicken Purse

Who wants a boring old purse that looks like everyone else’s? Not your weirdo friend, that’s for sure! What she really craves and desires is a rubber chicken purse. 

Trust us. We know. We are that friend. One of our most unusual gifts on the weird gifts list for sure…

22. Yoga Joes

G.I. Joes are so passé! Try these yoga Joes instead! For wacky gifts that won’t break the bank, these guys are here to delight you. So cute and clever, we can’t get enough. 

23. It’s Beer O’Clock Somewhere

This bottle opener tells it like it is! This great opener is made with super high quality and equally high standards. It will stand the test of time and will open approximately 23,497,832,649,847,509.9 bottles. #math. 

24. Look At This Photograph

Make Nickelback cool again! Do your part with this hilarious Look at this Photograph frame. Your friends will roll their eyes and everyone will get a kick and a good laugh out of this truly unique gift idea.

25. Cocaine Sugar Bowl

You have to admit, you laughed! This sugar bowl sports some delightfully wicked humor. Tea lovers, coffee drinkers, and bakers will especially love this gift. Now here’s hoping you never have to experience a police raid.

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26. I Saw That Jesus Door Sign

Keep your family members on their toes and on their best behavior with this funny sign of Jesus watching them! Such a cute addition to a dorm room, too. A great unique gift for someone with a witty sense of humor. 

27. Bar Sign Humor Coasters

Got a college student in your life who needs a gift? 

These bar sign humor coasters will jazz up their space and keep their drinks from leaving water rings on their coffee table (or box or milk crate — whatever they’re currently using as a table). 

Gag Gifts

28. Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

If you’re looking for a funny book, these Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes will fit the bill! Your friend will make you all groan and beg for mercy as he learns the best of the worst jokes a few bucks can buy. 

29. Nicholas Cage Sequin Pillow

Coming from someone who already owns a Nic Cage pillow (yes, sir, you read that right), I have to say this is one gift that will just keep on giving, long after it’s unwrapped. 

Cuddle with Nic whether he likes it or not with this hysterical pillow! 

30. Stinky Bath Bombs

If you need an easy gift for a delightfully weird preteen, have we got an idea for you! These stinky bath bombs have clever names, but actually smell pretty sweet. Also just fun to put in your guest bathroom. 

31. Bob Ross Energy Drink

After watching a few Bob Ross specials, you’re feeling as calm, cool, and collected as a happy little tree! But now you need some energy… 

These Bob Ross energy drinks are a great go-to. 

32. Gourmet Pickle Cotton Candy

This list wouldn’t be complete without some unusual food gifts. Got weird taste buds to go with the rest of weird little you? Then you need some gourmet pickle cotton candy in your life! Put some tang in your already salty life with this fun gift. 

33. Cry on Cue

Need to get out of a speeding ticket? Have a hankering to make your boyfriend feel guilty about missing your anniversary? Then you need some Cry on Cue! 

Used by actors for years, this funny gift could actually be quite useful… Just don’t get caught, hehe.

34. Personalized Funny Golf Balls

For the golfer in your life, these personalized funny balls are a hoot! You can be as witty, scathing, silly, or as competitive as you like with the engraving. They’re going to be a real hit at the course. 

35. Banana Vase

This goofy vase is shaped like a banana and we guarantee that, while your friends may have a house full of weird stuff, they don’t have anything like this! Totally silly and yet…avant-garde? 

Well, it’s something anyway! 

36. Ugly Sweater

If it’s the holiday season you’re shopping for, you can’t go wrong with some ugly sweaters for your most beautiful or handsome friends! We need to even the playing ground a bit, right? 

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37. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Dad bods are in, you know! These hilariously disgusting beer belly fanny packs will be a hit at the park, on hikes, or at the next tailgate. All his friends are going to want one of their own (their wives, maybe not so much). 

Just Plain Odd Gifts

38. Mister Rogers Bath Soap

Mister Rogers made a great neighbor to all of us, but did you know he’s also a great pusher of health as well as happiness? Scrub-a-dub-dub those dirty paws before you reach for your hand puppets, friends.

39. Onion Ring Earrings

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, why not wear your favorite side dish on your ears? These hysterically funny onion ring earrings are going to get all the compliments. 

We can see them with a little black dress on date night — oh yeah! These are definitely a personal favorite.

40. Animal Head Masks

Feel like creeping out your neighbors? Got beef with your godfather? These weirdly awesome animal head masks are here to play a role in your life! We never knew we needed one until now. 

Who wants to give a normal gift when you could give one of these?

41. Shave & Play Barbie Doll

This Shave and Play Barbie Doll is so weird and odd, but we are ready to play! She’s hairy and definitely needs a spa day. An out of the norm gag gift that will be a hit at a party. 

42. Plush Banana Man

You need a plush banana man in your life! This fun plushie doll is squeezable, cuddly, and able to pose in all sorts of quirky positions. Who needs a teddy bear when you have a banana man?

43. Creepy Doll Head Lamp

Want to scare your houseguests so badly they’ll never return? Got a mother-in-law who keeps overstaying her welcome at the holidays? Well, have we got a solution for you! 

These creepy doll head lamps are freaky enough to scare the tuna salad out of anyone. As far as weird gifts go, this may just be our creepiest.

44. Magical Mullets Coloring Book

Soothe the savage beast inside with some adult coloring books! This one features the most magical and gorgeous of all men’s hairstyles: the marvelous mullet. A great gift for anyone who loves their tresses.

45. Lactose Intolerant Shirt

Who said being lactose intolerant was nerdy? Not with this fun shirt!

It makes it look freakin’ cool to not be able to digest milk products. All your dairy intolerant pals are going to want one, so make sure to bookmark this site! 

46. Lying Flat Duck Night Light

Sleep in peace there, little ducky!

This goofy lying flat duck night light isn’t your ordinary, boring night light — heaven forbid! Instead, it’s a great pick of weird gifts and a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. Conversations like, “Why do you have a dead duck night light?” 

47. Hot Dog Soap

It really does look real, doesn’t it? This weirdly fantastic hot dog soap is a great gift for the guy or gal who has everything already. Because we pretty much guarantee they don’t have hot dog soap! 

Maybe keep it out of reach of the kids though…

48. Hair Pulling Keychain

Hey, it’s a thing. Some people love popping pimples, some people love tweezing hair.

For the latter group, here is a hair plucking keychain that will keep them entertained for hours! So weird you gotta love it. 

49. Pop It Pal

Speaking of popping pimples! This odd, yet strangely satisfying toy will keep you coming back for more grossness! So gratifying. (And you’ll leave your face alone).

50. Farmhouse Cat Pillow

To add an extra touch of weirdness to your decor, try this farmhouse cat pillow! He’s looking mighty fine riding his magnificent steed, is he not? Goofy and silly, your friend will adore this pillow.

List of Weird Gifts

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