55 Best Stocking Stuffers for Girls Christmas 2023

Today we’re taking a look at the 55 best stocking stuffers for girls.

If you ask me, the best presents come in stocking form each Christmas! There’s something about stuffing the oversized socks with the most fun little treasures that just makes the whole family happy.

And these days the average Christmas stocking is decently large, leaving plenty of room for all sorts of goodies.

When it comes to girls, they tend to ADORE the tiny gifts the most. Read on for the 55 best stocking stuffer ideas for the little lady in your life.

Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Girls

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Stocking Stuffers for Girls Age 0-2

1. Monogrammed Bunny

These cute bunnies are just as soft as they look! The monogrammed ears are the perfect size and texture for some serious snuggling after a long day of learning and exploring. And the soothing fur makes for a great napping partner.

2. Crochet Baby Shoes

How darling are these crocheted baby shoes? Made to look like the world’s smallest Nike and other popular brands, these itty-bitty shoes will make her into a comfy fashionista. Too sweet for words honestly!

3. My First Mini Purse

When Baby is out shopping and running errands with Mom or Dad, she’d love to have her own purse! This soft, plush, mini purse comes with the most fun accessories: her own cell phone, credit card, and keys. 

4. Baby Toy Phone

Sing-alongs and ABCs will brighten up your toddler’s life with this darling toy phone! She can practice swiping and listen to different ring tones, all while absorbing the bright colors. Learning and honing her hand-eye coordination has never been so fun.

5. Personalized Baby Hairbrush

Made from wood and the softest goat’s hair, this baby brush is a treasure she’ll want to keep forever. Personalized with her name, it’s soft and gentle on the even the tangliest of hair. Has an old-fashioned appeal, as well!

6. Montessori Pull String Toy

Montessori toys are always just the best, aren’t they? This pull string toy is no exception to that rule! With smooth beads and exciting colors, your baby girl will be entranced and entertained by this learning tool. Get all of her senses involved with this one.

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7. Engraved Baby Teether

This silicone teether is the answer for all of the teething questions! She’ll love gumming this cute teether, while encouraging those teeth to finally pop through and give her some relief. We love the sweet sun and moon. 

8. Tiny Princess Crown Earrings

These pretty princess crown earrings will make your little girl sparkle and shine! Perfect for your very own princess, they are sized just right for her little ears. She’ll never want to change them out for any other earrings.

9. Soft Terry Robe

This gingham, seersucker and terry robe is so soft and is perfect for getting out of the tub and into pajamas. Also, how cute are the Christmas morning photos going to be if she’s in this adorable ensemble? Too cute, that’s how cute! Fits up to 6 months. 

10. Light Up Car Keys

You know toddlers: always obsessed with keys! Give her own set, like these light up car keys. She’ll feel like a big girl and will want to hang her keys next to your own. Or consider keeping them in the diaper bag for some instant entertainment while out running errands.

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Stocking Stuffers for Girls Age 3-6

11. Personalized Christmas Bracelets

White and gold beads with the loveliest of Christmas charms make these bracelets winners! Your daughter or niece or little sister will love finding these “jewels” in their stocking. Personalized so they’re as special as she is, and they’re sized to fit her little wrists just so.

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12. Christmas Oranges Surprise Ball

Start a new tradition with these charming Christmas oranges surprise balls. What’s inside the yummy smelling handmade balls? Only Santa Claus knows! But we’ve heard a rumor that there can be anything inside: from trinkets and charms to magic toys and fortunes.

13. Peel-Off Nail Polish

Who wants that stinky acetone nail polish remover when you want to change your manicure? Not your little girl! This peel-off nail polish is so much easier and less messy, too.

It’s non-toxic, comes in 18 different exciting colors (!!!), and is Minnie Mouse approved! Open the box and share these neat polishes with all the girl’s stockings this year. 

14. Snowman Playdough Kit

There aren’t too many things out there in the big, wide world that are more fun to play with than good old-fashioned playdough! This snowman playdough kit is too cute for words. We love all of the accessories and bet the adults will want to make some snow families, too. 

15. Marcella The Ballerina Bunny

This precious little bunny ballerina is named Marcella, and she will be the most favorite thing in your little girl’s stocking! She’s just too adorable — from her floppy ears to her pink tutu. Marcella is sure to be your sweet girl’s constant companion for a long time to come. 

16. Yarn Princess Crowns

These adorable princess crowns are made of yarn and will not only let everyone know who is in charge, but they’ll keep her royal ears warm too!

Playing outside is always a wonderful option for your little princess, and there are so many colors to choose from to keep her coordinated with her winter coats.

17. Embroidered Apron

Her very own name is embroidered right on this great apron! Whether she’s a buddy chef, an artist, or loves to bake some good old mud pies on the playground, she’ll love looking cute in this apron. Keep her clothes clean and tidy with all of those messy projects.

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18. Cute Animal Sock

Six pairs of the cutest animal socks you’ve ever seen! Picking out her daily socks has never been so fun. Your little animal lover will adore these charming socks and will want to show them off on the daily. 

19. Educational Bath Fizzies

I’d like to time travel back to my childhood and add in these fun and educational bath fizzies, please! As if bath bombs weren’t just the best thing already, now they’re even better when a surprise toy is added in with them.

Made with super high quality natural ingredients, these really do make bath time magical. They’re the bath bomb dot com!

20. 3D Cartoon Watches

Teach her to tell time and stay on track with her chores or homework with these bright and vibrant 3D cartoon watches! She’ll want to wear it every day and will proudly tell you the time anytime you ask.

They come in super peppy and bright colors so you can customize it just the way she likes it. 

Stocking Stuffers for Girls Age 7-10

21. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Turn your living room into her very own The Voice or American Idol audition room with this fun Bluetooth, karaoke microphone. She’ll get all the chairs to turn when she sings her heart out to you. Such an awesome addition to sleepovers and slumber parties, too!

22. Ice Cream Cone Scribblers

These sweet little scribblers are stacked up high to look like a cute ice cream cone! They’re even scented as well, so all of her senses can get involved when she’s coloring, drawing, or working on her homework. All her friends will want a scoop.

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23. Personalized Satin Pj’s

These silky satin pjs are just way too adorable, and they would be great for gifting to all of the granddaughters! They come in several different, deep jewel toned colors, and are personalized with their very own names. They’ll never want to get dressed when they own pjs like these.

24. Christmas Themed Hair Ties

Great for stockings, so grab a few! These Christmas themed hair ties will keep her locks looking tidy and out of her face, and will match all of her winter outfits. Plus, they’re cute enough to wear as bracelets, too.

25. Twizzlers Lip Gloss

Lip gloss that looks just like a Twizzler? We’ll take a couple, please! Shiny and moisturizing, these are perfect for the tweens in your life. She’ll love finding one or two in the toe of her stocking. They have a delicious strawberry scent, as well. 

26. Boho Bracelets

These boho bracelets are just the thing for the nature lover and little gypsy-in-the-making! A little bit feminine, a little bit tomboy, they will make her feel a bit more grown up while still maintaining her youthful style. 

27. Scratch Art Mini Notes

Scratch art is so fun, and these mini notes make it even more entertaining! She’ll be leaving notes for everyone everywhere. For the doodler, the artist, the letter writer, the list maker… Well, it goes on and on. You can just do so much with this neat set!

28. Personalized Phone Stand

These sweet phone stands are so grown up and sophisticated looking, making them perfect for your Mini Me! Your tween can keep her phone organized and looking great while it charges, or while she takes a break from screen time. She’ll love adding this to her desk or homework station.

29. Smallest Magic 8 Ball

This teeny-tiny, magic 8 ball is so entertaining! She’ll love asking it the really important questions and cracking up at the answers. These are totally perfect for sticking in the toe of her Christmas stocking, and all of her friends will want their own.

30. Mini Creature 3D Kits

These fun, mini creature 3D kits are great for the animal lovers and the arts ‘n crafts fanatics! Like a tiny puzzle, the end result is the cutest little narwhal, sloth, or llama (how’d they pick my three favorite animals, anyway?). 

Stocking Stuffers for Girls Age 11-14

31. North Pole Hot Chocolate Jar

If most of your mother or father/daughter bonding has been done over some rich chocolate, then this darling (& personalized) little North Pole hot chocolate jar is just the thing!

A rich, creamy cocoa is a must during the holiday season, and we can’t get enough of those adorable mini marshmallows. 

32. Essential Oil Therapy Dough

This yummy scented therapy dough is filled with delightful essential oils. It’s like art therapy and aromatherapy all in one! It’s a grown up version of the classic playdough, and it’s great for resolving stress and anxiety. And those colors??? So pretty. 

33. Christmas Bath Bombs

These Christmas bath bombs are great for relaxing after a long holiday party! So cute with their festive shapes and colors — she’ll feel like one of Santa’s elves. The scents are subtle and lovely, with fragrances like peppermint, gingerbread, and Christmas tree. 

34. Infinity Heart Hoop Earrings

These infinity heart hoop earrings are just right for that lovely lady who is still a child, but is nearly as tall as you are! They’re a beautiful shade of rose gold that will go with every outfit, from jeans and a tee shirt, to her best holiday dress. 

35. Pocket Scrunchie

These hidden pocket scrunchies — well, we can’t get enough! The suede is great for securing all those fun hairstyles without pulling or tangling up her hair while the secret pockets let her not lose important things like house keys!

From buns to braids to ponytails, these stylish scrunchies are a lifesaver for any girl. 

36. Reusable Hand Warmers

If her sweet little hands are always cold, she’ll adore these cute reusable hand warmers! They have the most festive of holiday patterns to choose from, and they heat up quickly in the microwave.

From waiting at the bus stop, to walkin’ in a winter wonderland, these will be oh-so appreciated. 

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37. Book Inspired Candles

These book-inspired candles will elicit squeals of delight from your little bibliophile! Pick her favorite novel (if that’s even possible!) and watch her smile as she finds it in her stocking. Such a great gift for the bookworm in your life. I’ll take one of each while you’re ordering… 

38. Weighted Sleep Mask

It’s like a hug for her noggin! Block out that pesky light when she’s getting her much needed forty winks, and add a little bit of soothing and calming weight as well. Available in a bunch of colors so you can choose her favorite.

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39. Squishy Gummy Bear Light

She’s definitely NOT too grown up for some adorable, squishy, gummy bear LED lights, surely? We think not. We love this throw back to her favorite candy and think she will too. With a squeeze of their round little bellies she’ll have a bit of light in the darkness!

40. Personalized Tumblers

A great tumbler is a great gift! These ones are available in a bunch of cool colors and you can personalize it however you like! “Favorite Daughter,” “Emily Rose,” “Santa’s Best Helper”… The list goes on!

Now she can stay hydrated and as adorable as ever all throughout the school day. 

Funny Stocking Stuffers for Girls

41. 165 Christmas Jokes for Kids

Everyone loves a good joke! Get her funny bone a-crackin’ with this hilarious Christmas joke book. She’ll be reading this aloud all day and the whole family will get the giggles! Santa would be proud of this compilation. 

42. Bubble Gum Stress Ball

It smells like sweet bubble gum! Help her relieve her stress and anxiety the right way — by squeezing and manipulating this fun bubble gum stress ball. It’s everything she never knew she needed! Maybe she’ll let you borrow it.

43. Party at My Crib Baby Socks

Is there anything in the whole wide world cuter than baby socks? The answer is NOPE. And these adorably funny ones take the cake. Your baby will get all the smiles when she sports these punny socks. 

44. Alice’s Tiny Hand Soap

For the Alice in Wonderland fan, these tiny soaps will be a delight. The box is too adorable to toss away, so keep it handy for storing other tiny treasures. This is a great little stocking stuffer that she will love. It’s curiouser and curiouser! 

45. Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

Parents of daughters know that it isn’t just the sons who love a good fart joke! The girls will get the giggles with this hilarious bag of reindeer farts cotton candy. They’re tasty and delicious, not to mention, clever and witty.

46. Slug Light

Ok, no, she didn’t ASK for a slug light, but that’s just because she didn’t know they existed! She’s going to love this adorable and squishy-looking slug. All you have to do to turn him on is tap his googly eyes together. How cute is he?

47. Socks Eating Your Feet

Her feet will be warm and cozy — even as they’re being devoured by the cutest animal socks ever! These knitted socks are thick and snuggly, and everyone who sees them will smile at the sight of her being snacked upon by a crocodile, a unicorn, or some sharks.

48. Pet Chicken Nugget

This friendly little “nug” will be the delight of your fast food addict! Such a happy little guy to be her pet — how can she not love him? Such a funny and goofy little gift to slip inside her Christmas stocking. 

49. Sour Flush Candy

Eat your dessert right out of the what now? The toilet? Well, okay! She’ll crack up over this silly gift, but you can bet your Santa boots she’ll happily eat the whole thing. 

50. Mister Rogers’ Encouragemints

After a long, hard day at school or sports practice, she’ll love slipping into her cardigan and thinking/snacking on a few of Mister Rogers’ encouragemints! And the minty fresh breath is a bonus.

DIY Stocking Stuffers for Girls

Printable Coupon Book

Printable Coupon Book
Photo Credit: Mom Hacks 101

Make it a little more personal and true to her life with a booklet of homemade printable coupons! She can redeem them whenever she needs some Mom or Dad time.

DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cones

DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cones
Photo Credit: By Deze

These DIY reindeer hot chocolate cones are almost too adorable to eat! Well, almost. Filled with yummy cocoa and totally cute mini marshmallows, they’re an easy way to bond together over a sweet treat. Just add conversation! 

Adorable DIY Crochet Snowman Ornament Patterns

Adorable DIY Crochet Snowman Ornament Patterns
Photo Credit: Hooked Patterns

Decorate the tree together with these super precious DIY crochet snowmen! It’s always a great idea to gift your kiddos ornaments so that when they grow up and leave (whaaaaa!) they will already have a collection for their own tree. 

DIY Tassel Earrings

DIY Tassel earrings
Photo Credit: Charleston Crafted

These tassel earrings are so pretty and posh! They’re easy to make and will really make your daughter or granddaughter smile. They’re swingy and sassy, and we think she’ll love a couple of pairs. 

DIY Earbud Zipper Pouch

DIY Earbud Zipper Pouch
Photo Credit: Happiest Camper

If she’s always losing or tangling up her earbuds (because who isn’t?) she’ll love the thought and work that went into this DIY pouch! And she doesn’t need to know how easy it was for you to make.

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