50 Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers (According to Them)

Okay, so what DO you get for a gamer for Christmas?

You know they buy the latest version of that favorite game the second it drops (or even before in some cases.) Most — if not all — of their spare time is spent in front of their console, so opting for a new hobby or activity suggestion is kind of out of the question…

Gift shopping for your gamer can be an understandably hair-pulling situation you find yourself in. Sometimes buying gifts for hobbies outside of our own niche can be so difficult, but that’s why we’re here to help!

We’ve compiled this list of the top 50 best Christmas gifts for gamers — according to them! The freshest water comes from the source, right? So that’s where we went, and this is what we came up with. Keep scrolling, fam. We’ve got you.

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Top 10 Video Game Christmas Gifts for All Gamers

1. Personalized Controller Stand

Every stand is uniquely made of birchwood to hold any kind of controller and a curved plexiglass mount acts as a headphone holder. Can also be personalized with a name, or an online handle to make it a one-of-a-kind accessory! It keeps controllers in a special place where they can be safe and look cool.

2. Gamer Nutrition Facts T-Shirt

This humorous shirt covers all the basic ingredients that make up the modern gamer. A simple shirt with references that any gamer would be proud to show off as a gag. Available in all sizes, several styles and many colors so it can be combined fashionably with other apparel.

3. Best. Gamer. Ever. Tumbler

A custom tumbler to be awarded to the Best. Gamer. Ever. Available in a number of fun colors, it goes great on any gamer’s desk to keep hydration always within arm’s reach between games. They keep cold drinks icy cold, like that ever so popular gaming choice — energy drinks.

4. Replica Props – Devil May Cry Katana

For gamers who are more… devoted than the rest. This ornamental katana is styled and designed to mimic the appearance of Vergil’s sword from the famous game series Devil May Cry. This devil-slaying keepsake is perfect for the hardcore SSS rank gamers who want to show off their power level in a big way.

5. DIY Poké Ball Candle

YouTube video

Bring some Pokémon spirit and scents to any room with a Poké ball candle. This is something you can actually make — maybe even together! It looks like the real thing and provides soft candle light to play games together by in the evening.

6. Playable Video Game Phone Case

This is a whole new spin on “mobile gaming.” A phone case which acts as a protector for a smartphone and also an independently powered, game playing device. The back of the phone case becomes a Gameboy with 36 installed, retro-style games so your gamer can game on one side of their phone, flip it over, and game some more.

7. Personalized Player 1/Player 2 Blanket for Couples

Couples who game together stay together. This cozy blanket can be personalized with your names and is big enough to fit two people underneath. First names and last names can be added in addition to a date of when this dynamic gaming duo was first established.

8. DIY Fan Art Christmas Card

DIY Christmas Cards - Video Gamer Fan Art

If you happen to have the gift of art, you can make your own Christmas card decorated with the recipient’s character or choice from their favorite game. A handmade gift is always the most thoughtful one, and showing how well you know their favorite game will say a lot more than a simple Happy Holidays.

‘Tis the season to be gaming!

9. It’s What Moves Me – PC Video Gamer Shirt

A gamer’s version of a popular design, this shirt sends a very simple message that only other PC gamers will understand. Comes in a number of versatile colors, a cotton/polyester blend, and in all sizes for gamers young and old, small and big.

10. Custom Pet Pokémon Card

We can’t collect Pokémon in real life, but what we do have are faithful animal companions whom we love and cherish. So why not turn their pet into a Pokémon trading card? A one-of-a-kind, custom-made card with its own abilities and artwork based on their fluffy friend.

10 Gifts Gamers Need (to make gaming better)

11. The Consoles Themselves

Gaming nowadays comes in many forms. The market is constantly changing, technology is always updating, and gamers have more options now than ever. Choose from the latest technology to keep someone in the game:

  • PS5 – Sony’s newest flagship console for exclusives from first-party developers. 
  • XBOX Series X – The newest all-in-one entertainment console from Microsoft, with live streaming capabilities and access to the XBOX Game Pass service.
  • Nintendo Switch – Choose between gray, animal crossing edition, Mario edition, or neon blue and red
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – Choose between colors like blue, coral, black, turquoise, & yellow
  • PC Made for Gaming – Don’t mess with having to build a gaming PC yourself, SkyTech Archangel is a great gaming PC without breaking the bank too much (or your time bank). Plus, it’s RGB, every gamers must-have. They’ll be able to upgrade this PC with ease in a few years, appreciating the start you gave them.
  • Best Laptop for Gaming For gamers on the go, or ones with less space to work with, gaming laptops are always at the cutting edge of power to run the latest games for years to come.

12. CouchMaster Gaming Desk

Put away the old office chair and pull up a couch. PC gamers have a huge variety of options when it comes to how they enjoy their games. Now, they can enjoy gaming from the comfort of their couch with this keyboard and mouse pad lap-desk.

With this cool portable desk, they can display their screen on the TV and immerse themselves in comfort.

13. Upgraded Tv

Gaming is a highly visual medium, and gamers need the best monitors they can get. For all-in-one packages, a TV works best. Consoles and now PCs can connect to TVs with ease, even wirelessly. It’s time to upgrade from that old monitor and get a great TV with gaming-specific features:

14. Personalized Gaming Snacks Jar

Gamers can play games all day — it’s part of the skillset. But everyone has to eat. If there’s no time for a long, sit-down meal between heated sessions, gamers can always reach for a quick snack from this custom-engraved glass jar.

Don’t forget to fill it up with snacks! Have fun new snacks delivered to them every month with Universal Yums.

15. Comfortable Chair for Hours of Gaming

Comfort is key when it comes to sitting at a computer for a long time. But one of the worst things that can throw an important game is back or neck pain. Get your favorite gamer a good chair and they’ll use it forever. The Secret Lab Titan Evo Gaming Chair is perfect for back support, butt support, and peak-comfort gaming for hours.

For those that don’t need a “gaming chair” but instead are looking for an ultimate comfort chair — we recommend the La-Z-Boy Executive chair for the ultimate cushion support.

16. Electric Air Duster for Electronics

Cleaning up dust is a chore. Cleaning it off of delicate electronics which can break at the slightest static discharge is a terrifying chore. That’s why gamers rely on neutral compressed air to get dust off their essential components, and this reusable compressed air duster will replace all the one-use cans to keep computers and consoles dust free.

17. Everyday Headphones for the Everyday Gamer

Games can get loud and pretty hectic. Sensible gamers use headphones to keep their noises to themselves, but bad headphones can ruin the experience.

These noise-cancelling headphones by Sony provide the special environment gamers need far better than earbuds. Encompassing everything from depth to direction, proper audio can help a moderate gamer take their skills to the next level.

Prefer the wired option? Check these out!

18. HDMI Switch

For the true hardcore gamers, it’s not a question of which console they own, but how many they can connect to their TV at a time.

For the gamer who has everything, what they may lack is the space to fit them all. This HDMI splitter switch expands the number of HDMI slots for a TV so everything can stay plugged in without needing to manage wires whenever it’s time for a new game to start.

19. Extra Back Support

Help a gamer get rid of their Gamer Hunch (Gunch?) with this portable lumbar support pillow. It can be used in car seats, in the office, and most importantly, in a gaming chair for an extra layer of lumbar support to keep the back straight and the body pain free.

20. Ergonomic Controller for the Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a runaway success in bridging home console power and portability. However, for people with larger hands the revolutionary JoyCon controllers are a little hard to use. Emphasis on ‘little’.

This ergonomic replacement largens the buttons, spaces them apart and makes it easier to use in handheld mode for gamers with big hands.

5 Best Gaming Ornaments

21. Game On! Personalized Ornament

Give some gaming cheer to a Christmas tree with a custom ornament. Add the name and favorite game of whoever hangs it so they can add their own favorite game to the holiday spread.

22. Personalized Gamer Ornament

This ceramic pendant style ornament depicts a gamer in the natural habitat — in front of a screen with a headset on, playing games as the seasons change. Customize with their name on the chair back and a custom description.

23. Hallmark Nintendo Super NES Console

Enjoy a game-filled Christmas with this super-miniature version of the Super Nintendo console, just big enough to fit on a tree branch. The details are perfect, down to the plug ports on the back and the art on the Super Mario World cartridge where the chain hangs from.

24. Custom Controller Ornaments

Custom controller-shaped ornaments come with the name of your favorite gamer printed in a pleasingly blocky, retro-style font. These are fun and stylish acrylic pressed material with black ribbon straps which can leave the Christmas tree and latch onto a backpack or desktop just as well.

25. Personalized Mario Ornament

Everyone’s favorite plumber can hang out on your Christmas tree for the holiday. A flat print on shaped wood that perfectly outlines the silhouette of Nintendo’s most famous — gaming’s most famous character, Mario.

5 Christmas Gifts for Gamer Boyfriends

26. I Promise to Love You – Video Gamer Mug

Get the gaming man in your life a reminder of your dedication, because gaming-like love can last a lifetime. This ceramic mug is an ideal reminder for morning tea or coffee, or an energy drink, and makes a great holder for small accessories as it can stay on his gaming desk all the time.

27. DIY Gaming Cookies

Everyone loves cookies, gamers included. What better way to add in some holiday cheer than with some sugar cookies that go well with any gaming session? Cutters for Pacman shapes, controllers, and Super Mario characters give you a crunchy base to work with, and frosting and dye work together to make a perfect gaming snack.

28. Video Game Plushie

There are as many plushies as there are characters from any game. If a character exists, you can find it stuffed or stitched or crocheted in some form by someone online. And having that companion sit at his side while he’s gaming will be like a good luck charm, so the games are always in his favor.

29. Perler Beads Super Mario

If you’re into handmade gifts, this DIY Perler set comes with a pegboard and all the pegs you’ll need to iron out real-life pixel art straight from the game screen.

These are pixel-accurate model sheets for sprites from Super Mario Bros. 3, and Perler’s are great at giving them that old school CRT TV style look for a true retro gaming fan!

30. Custom Pixel Art

This custom stat sheet looks straight out of an old-school RPG and is custom made, turning any photo of him or of you together into a pixel art portrait. It can be framed and shown off to friends and family so they can see what he’d look like straight out of a DOS game.

5 Christmas Gifts for Gamer Girlfriends

31. Pikachu Wine Glass

Curl up by the fire and enjoy a nice mixed drink out of this ergonomically shaped and adorably detailed stemless wine glass. Works best with yellow drinks to compliment the adorable Pikachu face!

A great gift for gamer girls who like a little drink with their Pokémon training.

32. Kirby Earrings

Everyone loves Kirby, the super-powered pink puffball, but he’s especially popular with girls. Get her a pair of Kirby earrings, and mix them or match them up.

Flat acrylic or round and squishy pieces hang down and float around to show off a gamer’s love for the little puffball.

33. Gamer Room Wall Art

Give an empty wall some decorative treatment with some hot pink gamer art. Super cute with a pixel art heart and a glossy controller, it fits on any wall to add some bright and cheerful color that mixes well with complimentary designs.

34. Super Cute Mousepads

Everyone knows that gamers need the best mousepads to get the most performance out of each click.

Add some cute charm to a mousepad, including a full-length pad that can fit a whole keyboard with cute gamer designs — you can even plug it in, and LED lights surround the rim!

35. Personalized 8bit Game Cartridge Board

Modeled after the iconic, unique look of the NES Game Cartridges, and complete with ridge marks and cuts in all the right places. These cutting boards can be customized with your favorite characters, graphics and names to show who owns them and what it’s like when gamers cook together.

5 Toys that Gamers Will Love

36. Nintendo Lab

Have you ever played with cardboard boxes to make new, fun shapes out of them? What if you could make a working piano, motorbike handlebars or a working wheel and pedal for a racing game?

Nintendo brings you the world’s first cardboard gaming system: The Labo! Comes with its own Switch game.

37. Tamagotchi Originals

Before Pokémon took over the world, there was a craze just as popular in the keychain, handheld gaming system of Tamagotchi. And they’re still around today! Raise a Digital Pet of your own, feed it and play with it for hours and hours anywhere and anytime.

Click Here for more retro gift ideas!

38. Amiibo (Cards or Figurines)

Nintendo launched the Amiibo figures to be used with their popular systems such as the Wii, 3DS, and (more recently) the Switch! Have fun tracking down your favorite character’s Amiibo and seeing how it reacts with your games!

Even without a game, each figure is high quality and comes in great condition. Fun for collectors or gamers who want to combine real life with virtual power!

39. Nintendo Game & Watch

The first true handheld console, the Game & Watch is what started portable gaming at a wide level. Now, new technology lets us take even more games in an even smaller package. Play Super Mario and other classic 8-bit retro games on the go with this pocket-sized player!

40. Tetris Micro Arcade

The classic game of Tetris in the palm of your hand — or even smaller than that! This handheld micro-gaming system is the size of a credit card but carries enough power to let you play every level of Tetris that you can clear!

5 Cool Gifts for Child Gamers

41. Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar

Turn December into a Gaming month for a Pokémon fan you know with this advent calendar. Every day they’ll reveal a new ornament or toy figure of the most popular Pokémon monsters. They’ll be eager to collect them all up until Christmas day.

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42. Mario Bullet LED Sign

A bright LED wall decoration in the shape of Bullet Bill, the iconic enemy from the Super Mario games. The lights shine bright like neon around the character and outline his eyes and arms. Looks good on or off but keeps a gamer’s room looking bright even at night.

43. Video Game Themed Monopoly Boards

The family favorite game of Monopoly has been remade from nearly every franchise or movie in history, and that includes video games as well! Fun for gamers of all ages who can spot the references from their favorite games transposed onto a Monopoly board, so they can play an old game in a new way.

44. Create Your Own Video Game Set

Now even the youngest gamers can experience what it’s like to make a video game! This handheld set comes with a Gameboy like exterior, pluggable parts and an integrated online guide which teaches basic programming with a visual aid to help young hands learn how their favorite games work.

45. Minecraft Legos

Perfect for those kiddos that love Lego and Minecraft! BTW, Minecraft is basically Lego for gamers, huh? Well now gamers can play Minecraft with Lego itself using the many available Minecraft Lego play sets! Collect them, mix them, and build them for fun.

Want to check out the complete list of every architectural Lego set ever made? Check out our list here!

5 Christmas Gifts for Gamers under $10

46. Evolution of Video Game Controllers – Wall Art

Gaming is an expensive hobby, but celebrating it for the holidays doesn’t have to be. Give a gamer this wall art commemorating the evolution of game controllers up to the present day. See how many they’ve held and used before, or how many they have never seen yet.

47. Breath of the Wild Heart Container Necklace

Wear your heart around your neck with this heart container necklace, styled after the iconic gem-like items from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. Available with gold chain, silver or leather straps.

48. Choose Your Weapon – Gaming Shirt

A great shirt for young gamers who want to show off their love of gaming! Comes in eight different colors to match your kid’s personality.

49. Gaming Console Keychains

Holographic keychains of classic, retro or brand-new consoles can help show off their fondest memories as a gamer, or just help them rep for their favorite consoles. Made of acrylic, by hand, each and every time.

50. Holographic Gamer Stickers

They will love to stick these pastel-colored, holographic stickers to a favorite console, a PC or just anywhere to add tons of sparkle and bright color! It’ll make it so easy to accessorize their gaming gear the way they want it.

Best Christmas Cards for Gamers

Pixelated T-Rex Christmas Card

The perfect offline greeting. In an age of emails and text messages, a greeting card is always a nice way to show you’re thinking a little extra about someone. This one features a classic gaming character: the Dino from the offline page of Google Chrome with a little Santa hat.

Nintendo Christmas Card

Unfolding these Christmas cards will make you hear the noise of a 3DS booting up in your head.

Styled after the handheld bestseller, these cards feature cute art of their favorite Nintendo characters and offer season’s greetings with space on the bottom screen for your own written message.

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8-Bit Retro Holiday Card

These cards are just adorable! A simple, retro themed Christmas card featuring a pixel art tree, you can’t help but recognize that familiar star straight out of Mario. Sure to bring plenty of gamer joy to all of its recipients.

Illustrated Character’s Christmas Cards

Unique and fun illustrations of everyone’s favorite gaming characters having a cheerful holiday time! The illustrations feel authentic, like they could be right out of a Nintendo catalog.

Great to send or receive from one gamer’s hands to another’s, with space inside for holiday greetings.

Personalized Controller Merry Christmas Card

This adorable card is absolute perfection for all your favorite gamers! The controller on the front is completely decked out for the holidays with cute antlers and festive beads. Personalize each card with your top holiday greeting and spread the cheer!

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