100 Magical Gift Ideas That Start with M

Maybe you’re looking to breathe some new life into your already awesome gift-giving habits? Then why not consider choosing all gift ideas that start with M? 

Or perhaps you want to throw a party with a fun theme? Or all of your siblings’ names start with my personal favorite letter: the humble M? 

It’s a clever way to weave some fresh enthusiasm into your old present-wielding ways. For any and all special occasions or celebrations, having a targeted theme is never a misstep.

Coming from Melyssa Marie, this list of 100 great gifts that start with the letter M couldn’t be more magical, marvelous, meaningful, magnificent, or memorable! 

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100 Magnificent Gifts That Start with the Letter M

To get us started, here is a numbered list of gift ideas that start with M.

Down a bit further, we will highlight some of our top picks, as well as some great gift ideas by occasion. Let’s go!

1. Music box (choose the tune, perfect for music lovers)

2. Milk Chocolate Candy (must-have for sweet tooth best friends)

3. Multi-tool keychain

4. M&M’s (and a custom dispenser)

5. Metal detector

6. Mini games (check out the fun list below)

7. Mixers (you can’t beat KitchenAid)

8. Manicure set

9. Makeup sets

10. Martini glasses

11. Mason jar recipe kits (we love this DIY recipe guide for the holiday season)

12. Messenger bag

13. Mirrors (follow this DIY to make a unique smart mirror)

14. Merlot-infused coffee

15. Massage guns (best for those with back pain, leg pain, arm pain …)

16. Microphones (what’s more fun than a karaoke microphone)

17. Magnets (we love these cute cat magnets)

18. Magazine subscriptions

19. Movie night gift box (candy, movies, popcorn, and everything else you need for a movie night)

20. Macaron tower (learn how to put together this fantastic treat here)

21. Mug tree

22. Manicure set

23. Mario Kart (Switch game code)

24. Monopoly board game (a gift for every family member)

25. Monogrammed gifts

26. Markers for artists (Copic is a big brand)

27. Mail stamp (we love this personalized option)

28. Mixtape (did you know you can still make these romantic gifts?)

29. Memory foam pillows (add in silk pillowcases for an extra touch)

30. Maternity clothes

31. Meditation cushion set

32. Monitors

33. Money soap (regular DIY soap, except this one has real money inside)

34. Mediterranean cooking classes (cooking skills are life skills)

35. Muffin tin (baker will loooove this high-quality one)

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36. Mouse Trap board game

37. Marbles

38. Mics (for streamers)

39. Mouse (intense gamers will appreciate this PC mouse with macro shortcuts)

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40. Multi-device charging stations

41. Mannequin (this is the perfect gift for a seamstress)

42. Mint plant

43. Motorcycle gear

44. MP3 player

45. Microscope (this one is great for little scientists)

46. Mortar and pestle

47. Moccasins

48. Matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls)

49. Music player (here are more gift ideas for all the retro lovers)

50. Masks (collagen, clay, vit-c, snail, etc.)

51. Matching cards for kids

52. Monocular

53. Mixed by Me kits (any little girl will love these)

54. Magnolia (wreaths, garland, etc)

55. Mallets

56. Motion sensor

57. Magnifying glass (these are great for older parents/grandparents)

58. Matcha tea (this starter set is fun for matcha tea lovers)

59. Monthly subscription box

60. Mosaic craft kit

61. Marine GPS (boaters will love these seaworthy gift ideas)

62. Magic bullet blender

63. Maple syrup (make it homemade)

64. Matches (for your avid camper, we recommend getting stormproof like these)

65. Magnifying Makeup Mirror

66. Marquee lights

67. Marshmallows (like this nothing but marshmallow cereal!)

68. Mr & Mrs gifts for newlyweds

69. Miniature figurines

70. Mobile dog gear

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71. Moisture-wicking workout clothes

72. Musical toilet paper roll holder (this one plays Christmas tunes)

73. Mittens

74. Medieval weapons, clothes, and other props

75. Monkey Bread (homemade Monkey Bread is the best Monkey Bread)

76. Morning Glory flowers

77. Morse code bracelet

78. Mistletoe decor

79. Monster or Mummy Halloween costumes

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80. Magnetic thinking putty

81. Mulberry silk sleeping eye masks, pillowcases, etc

82. Massage gift certificate

83. Memory book (this company makes it so easy to make)

84. Maxi skirts or dresses

85. Memorial gifts (like this custom bird feeder)

86. Macbook

87. Mahogany furniture

88. Mugs (we love these personalized floral mugs)

89. Mantelmount MM (just the thing for new flatscreen TV owners to get the perfect viewing angle)

90. Meals (sympathy, for college kids, the list goes on for this kind gesture)

91. Mountain bike

92. Magic kit (this one does the best magic tricks)

93. Metronome

94. Mr. Potato Head toy

95. Molds for ice cubes

96. Mystery boxes (you’ll never know what you get with this service!)

97. Musical instrument

98. Magic 8 Ball

99. Movie tickets

100. Magic: The Gathering card holders, dice, sleeves, etc.

Best Gift Ideas That Start with M

And here they are! Our top picks of aMazing gift ideas that start with M.

We’ve got practical gifts, funny gifts, cool gifts, and more, so don’t go anywhere just yet.

Mobile Phone for Kids

For kids of all ages, this mobile phone comes with zero worries! That’s because there’s no internet and no social media. Umm, maybe I want one…? 

You can customize your new phone (or watch) so you feel really great about gifting this to your little one (and we’ve never been able to say that about a cell phone before!). 

A great way to keep them safe and connected without all of the extra worry. 

Moscow Mule Crate

This Moscow Mule Crate features the cutest of copper mugs, and we are just a bit obsessed. 

It comes with the most delightful of ginger beers, a cocktail shaker, a silicone ice tray (Why does the shape of the ice matter? We don’t know, but it does), and a jigger. 

Girl’s Night with your best friend, Guy’s Night, Date Night, or just a tough Wednesday afternoon, ManCrates is here to rescue you! 

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Because who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? Toss your hair back in the ocean breeze and start singing like Ariel, because with this fun mermaid tail blanket, you will be in your glory moment! 

Super fun for mermaids (or mermen) of all ages, this is a great idea for the young at heart.

Mix ‘n Match Stuffed Animals

Plush toys like these ones are always a hit, even for the adults in your life. Mix ‘n Match these adorable animals and watch your gift recipient begin a collection for a lifetime. 

It’s so fun to swap out body parts all in order to create your own wildly inventive new species! How about a Girrafeagus? Or a Platyphant? A Tigerpotomus? 

Moonstone Jewelry

This moonstone jewelry collection is a show-stopper! Get ready to constantly be asked where you found such a treasure when you have these adorning your earlobes. 

Totally appropriate for work wear, and just as fitting at home for a date night with your significant other, if you’re looking for a magnificent gift that aims to please, look no further.

Mini Fridges

Have a small space? Maybe a dorm room, or a studio apartment? 

Don’t fret about a lack of space: there is plenty of room for this adorable and oh-so-functional mini fridge! Stock it up with snacks, drinks in the Game Room, or even your makeup collection. 

Who knew a thermoelectric cooler could be so much fun to have? Nothing beats well-thought gifts and these little beauties fit the bill.

Milk Frother

There’s something about some hot frothy milk that just makes your coffee taste that much better, right? And don’t get us started on London Fogs or the creamiest of hot cocoas! 

This milk frother will make your homemade brews taste like a professional barista prepared them for you. Best thing is that it didn’t get your name wrong and charge you an arm and a leg. 

Marble Decor

This marble trivet has such a smooth surface and looks like it belongs in a Hollywood mansion somewhere! If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that packs a punch of sophistication and taste, this one is a no-brainer. 

A completely timeless and modern gift that is perfect for a wedding, anniversary, or housewarming. In fact, any pretty marble items would make perfect letter M gifts.

Minimalist Wallets

These minimalist wallets are so stealthily small and organized, you’ll be shocked at how much you can fit inside! It’s a bit like Dr. Who’s Tardis, right? 

They are made with super high-quality materials and are designed to fit seamlessly into your pocket (even if you’re wearing those ultra-tight leather ones, you high-fashionista, you).

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts That Start with M

Alrighty. It’s time to attend Marguerite and Matthew’s nuptials, and you need a magnificent gift for the day’s main couple. 

Or perhaps Mark and Maddie are celebrating five fabulous years together? We’ve got a masterful selection of gifts they’d love.

Matching Outfits

Sure, it’s cheesy but that’s why we love a good matching outfit

Nothing says you love your honey bunny (and want the world to know it) like a set of tees or a head-to-toe matching ensemble like these. So cute and just imagine the photo ops…

Message in a Bottle

For a special occasion like an anniversary or a wedding, you need the type of gift that just can’t be found at any box store! These messages in a bottle are so romantic. 

A handwritten love letter simply cannot be beat when it comes to confessing your undying love and affection. He or she will surely treasure this forever. 

Moon Lamps

Is there nothing that the two of you adore more than staring lovingly into each other’s eyes in the moonlight? Then you need this uber-romantic moon lamp. 

Talk about ambiance! This lovely piece will be right at home in your living room, bedroom, office, or den. Every time one of you sees it, you’ll think of your other half.

Map Art

You can pick 2-8 locations for this ultra-romantic and unique gift of map art! Personalize it until it is just right for your sweetie. Unwrapping this gift will be the highlight of your year (and theirs, too). 

We love the color palate and the sweet sentiment behind this lovely piece of art. Great for weddings, anniversaries, and even Valentine’s Day! 

White Elephant Gifts That Begin with M

For that ever-present white elephant gift exchange, here are some interesting and unique Christmas gifts that will inspire plenty of holiday cheers — and jealous swapping/stealing!

Metallic Fire Extinguisher

For a great White Elephant gift that is good-looking, functional, and totally practical, this metallic fire extinguisher is one excellent choice! 

Handsome enough to keep out in the open instead of banishing it to a cupboard somewhere (like we usually do with our fire extinguishers), it’s a must-have for every household. 

Mouse Pads

A great White Elephant gift is a practical one. Like…a mouse pad! These ones are so cheery-looking, and you can choose from a practically endless variation of patterns. 

You can have them personalized or just enjoy the vibrant designs and the way they make your office space pop. 

Meme Card Game

It doesn’t matter what generation you are, we all love a good meme! This fun board game will be the talk of the town or the neighborhood and especially your next game night. 

Full of belly laughs and smothered giggles, this gift will be the one everyone wants at the White Elephant party. 

Marshmallow Shooter

Want a cool gift? Have a White Elephant party with the kiddos involved? Then you definitely want one of these marshmallow shooters. Why do the best toys always involve food in some way? 

Anyway, talk about a fun time with painless “violence!” We can all get behind a marshmallow war, right? Kids ages 2-102, will love this funny and clever gift. Totally cool for Christmas, too.

Stocking Stuffers That Start with M

Top off that stocking (or fill it toe to brim) with any one of these marvelous gifts this holiday season, and you’ll have a house full of happy campers.

Magic Fire Shooting Wands

Let’s face it, we had you at the words “magic fire shooting wand,” huh? We don’t blame you! 

Potterheads will be delighted and enthralled with this magical gift that is perfect for stuffing their stocking. It’s made with very high-quality materials and talent so your little Hermione Granger can be over the moon. 

Magic Milk Straws

Stay hydrated in a fun way with these clever and fun magic milk straws

Whether you are a cow’s milk, almond milk, oat milk, or hemp milk household, getting your milk intake has never been this fun and delicious. 

Awesome for breakfasts, snacks, or any time you need a quick flavor fix. 

Mood Rings

We all remember the magic of mood rings. Give your kids that kind of nostalgic delight by putting one in the toe of their stocking! 

These ones are so pretty no matter which color they turn. You can select the size and the finish so each child can get their own unique ring. 

Magnatab Magnetic Tablet

Artists, rejoice! Now you can draw with 483 magnetic spheres, even if you didn’t know you wanted to until, well, now. This fun tablet is a clever and unique way to get some art into your children’s lives. 

Easily erasable and totally perfect for traveling, this tablet can help with everything from learning their ABCs to spelling to doodling.

Fandom Gift Ideas That Start with the Letter M

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